table 2d video

I'm trying to implement video table 2d. The vi is included for reference, but I'm having a problem with the conversion. 2d table shows only value of garbage and not the converted value. Can anyone please review the code and guide me how to solve this problem.

Thank you very much


Hello Bob

I am able to solve the problem. The vi is attached for your reference. It generates output in table 2D.

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  • Photo Story 3 / manufacturer of window film

    I really enjoy Windows Photo Story 3.  I started to turn around window Movie Maker.  In any case, I tried to encooperate my history projects 3 photo filled in window movie maker projects but I noticed that the images of photo story 3 was very nervous.  Is there anyway that Windows can merge the movements of the transitions of photo story 3 in movie maker window.  The effect would be great.

    Hello John:

    I have completed the tasks you recommended.

    1. I saved the slide show in the slideshow-1024x768WMV9
    2. I then did a test.  I took various slideshows of my Photostory and emailed
    the collection file to start a new project with the Window Movie Maker.
    3. I dragged four projects on the table of video storyboard and proceeded to add a few
    transition/video effects.  I then I proceeded to save the Window Movie Maker project.
    4. I did - video file File/Save / my computer / gave the title of the project / other settings / high quality
    video (NTSC) / next / finish - to view the project.
    5. the project then played on Windows media Player.

    I must say, I was very impressed by the results.  There is no jerky, nervous or hesitant movements with the projects of Photojournalism when transferred to WMM.  Pans and zooms of the Photostory remain smooth and fluid.   Also, when I've embedded the video transitions and effects of the WMM on photojournalism projects featured on the storyboard WMM table the results were pretty good.  Video transitions and effects were perfect.  The commitment / transitions were flawless.

    Thank you very much for your help and guidance in this regard.

    You are welcome.

    And thank you for that thoughtful and detailed: o)

    The following links may be worth a visit:


    PhotoStory 3 Forums

    Movie Maker and PhotoStory John Inzer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

  • FLVPlayback stop/play

    Hey, I have a little problem with a FLVPlayback component and the play(), stop() method. Here is the code for my class, videoPlayer is a component FLVPlayback instance on the stage. The table contains videos in the format [videos/s1.flv,videos/s2.flv,videos/s3.flv] when I call the function stopVideo() while the first video always plays it will stop and rewind to frame 1 of the video (works as expected) but then when I call the playVideo() method it does not play the video again. It works when I stop the FLVPlayback instance in its reading of the 2nd or 3rd video. I know that the READY event is not called in the 1st video because it was invoked at the beginning. What I am doing wrong?

    public class Intro extends MovieClip {
                        private var intros:XML;
                        private var currentVideo:uint = 0;
                        private var _data:XML;
                        private var videos:Array;
                        public function Intro(data:XML) {
                                  _data = data;
                                  videoPlayer.addEventListener(VideoEvent.COMPLETE, completeHandler);
                                  videoPlayer.addEventListener(VideoEvent.READY, videoReady);
                                  videoPlayer.opaqueBackground = 0x000000;
                                  videoPlayer.autoRewind = true;
                        function completeHandler(evt:Event):void {
                                  trace("video complete");
                                  if (currentVideo < videos.length) {
                                            videoPlayer.source = videos[currentVideo];
                                  } else {
                                            currentVideo = 0;
                        public function playVideo():void {
                                  if (currentVideo == 0) {
                                  } else {
                                            videoPlayer.source = videos[currentVideo];
                        public function prepareVideos(introVideos:XML):void {
                                  intros = introVideos;
                                  var list:XMLList = intros.entry;
                                  var entry:XML;
                                  var len:int = list.length();
                                  videos = new Array();
                                  for (var i:int = 0; i < len; i++) {
                                            entry = list[i];
                                  dispatchEvent(new Event(Event.COMPLETE));
                        public function stopVideo():void {
                                  if (videoPlayer.playing) {
                                            trace("video stopped");
                                            currentVideo = 0;
                        private function resetVideo(e:VideoEvent):void {
                        private function videoReady(e:VideoEvent):void {
                                  trace("video ready");

    you want only to specify how the name in the method of video playback during playback first video.  After that (IE, after applying a stop()) just use the parameterless play() method.

  • Gamma: 1.8 or 2.2, etc.

    I have a Mac G5 (1995), OS 10.5.8, Radeon 9600 and a LaCie electron 22 CRT, with PS CS4 b, processing camera raw and adobe RGB. I need a calibrator monitor (use an old Spyder, but unhappy with it) and get a LCD LaCie die. My questions are:

    (1) can I use the same brand/system calibrator for CRT and LCD monitors? (The LCD would likely be a NEC PA 271 or similar). If 'yes' for some systems of calibration, do you have a preference? At the same time, Monaco Optix XR Pro has been recommended for the LaCie crt, but x-rite redeemed than the competition. Other recommended (some years ago) for the LaCie are x-rite i1D2 and Coloreyes Display Pro 3.10. But this last Web site ( does not inspire confidence. LaCie Blue Eye Pro is just an x - rite (?) renamed. And the sensor must be a DTP-94, right?

    NEC Spectraview II - offers us its own highly respected custom calibration system - but that probably wouldn't work with the old LaCie.

    (2) I've seen both 1.8 and 2.2 gamma preferred for Mac systems. This setting depends on the operating system and hardware? For my current installation, is 1.8 the correct number? What about Lightroom 3 on a Mac?

    (3) is ColorMunki, no good for the calibration of printer (Epson R2400), being made by an amateur of rank?

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Many of the older calibrators monitor have been optimized to the General range of the monitors of the period - sRGB or surroundings and often perform well with wide range LCD screens. You should be fine with the new models. X-Rite seems to be the preferred device. If I were to buy one today, it's what I'd buy.

    "I saw the 1.8 and 2.2 gamma preferred for Mac systems. This setting depends on the operating system and hardware? For my current installation, is 1.8 the correct number? What about Lightroom 3 on a Mac? »

    He has long gamma 1.8 was recommended, and even then, it was usually for the wrong reasons. Who really comes a time before hardware calibration and applications that support the profile where gamma 1.8 gave a closer match with black and white laser printers and CMYK default configurations before Ps 5.0.

    The native gamma of most monitors is of the order of 2.2 to 2.4, so calibrate to the 2.2 standard generally results in less than a correction applied in lookup tables of video card, lessoning the potential of Posterization screen too dry for 8-bit monitor data. In addition, the most popular working color spaces are already gamma 2.2 or one of its derivatives and keep your monitor using 2.2 to displaying color unmanaged web images.

    So, the key is that you must use gamma 2.2 on Mac or PC, old or new. ColorMunki is fine for your printer profiles.

  • Load FLV into the FLVPlayback component?

    I have a table of videos coming from an XML doc. Get the name of my video in the correct trace statement, I'm don't know how to load the FLV video in the player. I have an FLVPlayback component on the interface named "video". The video, I'll load will be ("' video / ' + videoArray [0]")). What is the right way in AS 3 to load this video?

    You can set the source property of the component:

    myPlayer.source = ' video / ' + videoArray [0];

  • Video image in table display

    My purpose is to display the video stream from my webcam so much as a real image, but also a table to a controllable framerate. I do not know how to control it, and one didn't work as well.

    My VI can be seen here:

    I tried to turn it into a series of elements, and then in a table. Which can be seen here:

    However, this works also.

    I want to display the image and the table. Table a changing numbers very quickly, because of course it's video (given that the webcam is not completely stationary on a surface).

    I want to do this so that I can 'push' this picture through my algorithm which then gives me a whole new range.

    I tried a lot of things that are also not shown here, but I couldn't get it displays a table with all pixels values and which are changing very rapidly.

    How can I do this?

    You use a U32 RGB data Type for your image.  None of the outputs of the IMAQ will not work.  You must change the type of image to something else or use IMAQ  It is located in

    Vision and Motion > Vision Utiilties > color utilities

  • Movie Maker plays audio / video in the preview window, no audio on the table of storyboard / timeline

    Never had this problem before - I have downloaded the clip from digital camera to PC, then imported into Movie Maker.  He plays in the screen preview with audio and video, but when I add it to the editing view or the storyboard table, there is no audio despite the visibly populated audio track.  Volume settings show no inhibition and no adjustment of the volume level will bring the sound up. A lot of gel on, too.

    Something to try...

    In Movie Maker... try to go to... Tools / Options / compatibility... tab and uncheck all filters / OK.

    If no improvement... go to... Tools / Options / Compatibility tab... left click on the "All default settings" button / OK.

    If this does not work... it may be worth trying to convert the video clip of the. Before importing WMV format.

  • video clips freezing when played in the table of Storyboard

    I use windows 2.6 Director. I converted my files .mov in avi files and imported into movie maker. They play very well until I drag them onto the table of Storyboard and while they freeze when they should play (audio seems to continue even though). I tried to download the windows codecs. What should I do to make a film to work?

    I use windows 2.6 Director. I converted my files .mov in avi files and imported into movie maker. They play very well until I drag them onto the table of Storyboard and while they freeze when they should play (audio seems to continue even though). I tried to download the windows codecs. What should I do to make a film to work?

    First, there is a version of Vista Movie Maker 6 which
    runs on Windows 7... It's a better program for 2.6.

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    Vista Windows Movie Maker Installer for Windows 7

    Regarding the. MOV files, convert the. WMV format
    should produce a better result in Movie Maker.

    There are many converters to retail and freeware
    available on the net... some are better than others.

    The following freeware converter is an example.

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    Freemake Free Video Converter (freeware)
    (Windows XP / Vista / 7)
    (* Read * all * the installation screens... it)
    may be a few items you want to unmark *)

  • Video size in the table of contents by using insert video slide

    Hello is it possible to increase the size of the video in the table of contents, it automatically resizes it to 144 of the height and width 196 and I wish it was larger than the original size is greater. Or I can't do and I need to use another method?

    Thank you


    Hello and welcome to the forum,

    No, I'm sorry, you won't be able to increase the size of this table of contents video.

    You could insert the video on each slide or, if you do not use Captivate 5, insert it on a master slide that you apply to all slides?


  • use a table to assign videos to buttons

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

    I have 5 buttons clip from movie.  When a user hovers over a button, I want a video clip to play. When a user clicks this button, a spare film clip plays. I'm trying to use an array to assign some video clips for some buttons and actions, but I'm not doing something absolutely right. I can get a button works fine, but then problems get the other buttons work.

    Here is the code I have:

    var currentPage:MovieClip;

    var currentScreen:MovieClip;

    var prevPage:MovieClip;

    var currentButton:MovieClip;

    var arrNavigation:Array = [{button: m1_mcButton, page: m1_mc, screen: s1_mc},]

    [{button: m2_mcButton, page: m2_mc, screen: s2_mc}]

    for (var i = 0; i < arrNavigation.length; i ++) {}

    . button.buttonMode arrNavigation [i] = true;

    . button.addEventListener [i] arrNavigation (MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, onButtonOver);

    arrNavigation [i].button.addEventListener (MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, onButtonOut);

    arrNavigation [i].button.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, onButtonClick);


    function onButtonOver(e:MouseEvent):void


    for (i = 0; i < arrNavigation.length; i ++) {}

    if (arrNavigation [i] key == e.currentTarget)

    currentPage = .page arrNavigation [i];

    currentPage.gotoAndStop ("over");



    function onButtonOut(e:MouseEvent):void {}

    currentPage.gotoAndStop ("out");


    function onButtonClick(e:MouseEvent):void {}

    for (i = 0; i < arrNavigation.length; i ++) {}

    if (arrNavigation [i] key == e.currentTarget)

    currentScreen .screen = arrNavigation [i];

    arrNavigation [i].screen.gotoAndPlay ("over");



    If your buttons are movieclips, use:

    var currentPage:MovieClip;

    var currentScreen:MovieClip;

    var prevPage:MovieClip;

    var currentButton:MovieClip;

    var arrNavigation:Array = [{button: m1_mcButton, page: m1_mc, screen: s1_mc},]

    [{button: m2_mcButton, page: m2_mc, screen: s2_mc}]

    for (var i = 0; i)<>

    arrNavigation [i].button.buttonMode = true;

    arrNavigation [i].button.addEventListener (MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, onButtonOver);

    arrNavigation [i].button.addEventListener (MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, onButtonOut);

    arrNavigation [i].button.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, onButtonClick);

    . button.ivar arrNavigation [i] = i;


    function onButtonOver(e:MouseEvent):void


    currentPage = arrNavigation [e.currentTarget.ivar] .page.

    currentPage.gotoAndStop ("over");


    function onButtonOut(e:MouseEvent):void {}

    currentPage.gotoAndStop ("out");


    function onButtonClick(e:MouseEvent):void {}

    currentScreen = arrNavigation [e.currentTarget.ivar] .screen;

    currentScreen.gotoAndPlay ("over");


  • 4K Canon EOS5D Mark iv and EOS1DX Mark II video


    I can't play or correctly modify videos 4K of the EOS - 1DX Mark ii on my Mac. The images are wiped out as if it were 5 fps.

    I have OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 with 2.6 Ghz processor Intel Core i5, 16 GB of RAM, Intel Iris 1536 MB graphics card.

    I usually play and edit 4 K Panasonic video with no problems.

    Here, I tried the Canon 4 K MJPEG with Final Cut Pro X, Quicktime, VLC, video player Rocket and EOS Utility film without success.

    The EOS - 1DX Mark ii as well as the EOS - 5 d Mark iv btw are not on cameras for Final Cut Pro X.

    I also tried to play videos 4K 1DX - EOS Mark II on 5 different Mac and it has always failed. I tried on a Windows PC, and it worked.

    Apple support told me that Canon codec is missing to play videos 4 K 1DX - EOS Mark II.

    Can you confirm?

    What can I do without losing the quality 4K

    You can search this forum for the camera model, but I think that you will get a faster response by visiting the Canon support forums, if they exist. If there is no available for Quicktime codec, you go through a conversion software, upstream of FCPX. The camera came with a way to move the motionjpg files to a Macintosh? Should have. first-impressions. /.

    The X II 1 d produces very nice video 4 K, but there's a catch: capture 4 K is limited to Motion JPEG. Motion JPEG is a relatively inefficient compression method, especially compared to the codecs of H.264 - based, such as Canon XF - STROKE (which is still on the compact Canon XC10). It requires broadband which produce large files. As you can see in the table below, 4 K/30 p of record runs nearly 500 Mbps and 4 K/60 p manages nearly 800 Mbps. By comparison, Sony a7S II captures 4 K/p 30 to 50-100 Mbps and the Panasonic GH4 is 100-200 Mbit/s.

    But what about the 4 K?

    The biggest upgrade in spec video camera is the addition of 4K film but, curiously, this can only be captured by using Motion JPEG format and the greater-than-16:9 DCI 4 K (4096 x 2160 pixel) aspect ratio. Two of these choices seem odd: all - I have H.264 compression, the camera uses to its 1080 images would be a more effective choice of codec and UHD 4K 16:9 flavor is better suited to certain applications.

    However, with the capture of 4 K, the 1 d X II includes tools to capture 8.8MP frameworks of its 4 K files: how the decision to save each image as an individual JPEG is a bit more logical. Wedding shooters could even use this feature for document receptions in complete silence: despite the 1 D X II wins a continuous silent drive like the 5 d/R mode, it isn't all that silent.

    The 1 d X II also won a headphone jack, which is important for the monitoring of noise levels during video recording.

  • Where are my music videos on my iPhone?

    At the same time, videos of music (such as the free that come with the purchase of an album via iTunes or purchased individual vids) used to load in the 'Vidéos' application and then, until recently, would load in the application of the music on the phone.  So I created playlists with videos that I wanted on my phone, so I could find them more easily.  Since the upgrade to iOS10, I can't find them anywhere? Someone knows something about it?  I added one of the playlists of videos that I have and it syncs, but when I look for the playlist, it is not found.

    Also, is - that someone has noticed with downloaded music, when you select music to be listed by the songs, it's not to list the songs in alphabetical but still ad songs by artist name?  This is a bug that should be fixed!

    Thank you

    Hi Bababababababa,

    In iOS 10, in the music app, your music videos are in a smart playlist called "Clips".

    Press library.  Choose the category of Playlists, and you'll see the smart playlists.

    To sort your library by the title of the song, press the application settings on your home screen.

    Tap music > sort the songs and Albums > by title

    Take a look at the section music update iPhone user Guide for iOS 10 for more information on the new features.
    (Click on the Table of contents, and then click Apps).


  • How to unblock Youtube videos and videos in general?

    I uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Flash and that did not help. I think there must be a setting I'm missing in Firefox, because I can visualize using other browsers. My settings for Shockwave are "always enable" and is not checked to activate Adobe Flash mode. I can't watch Youtube, MSN or any other videos. It just shows a black box with a clickable button of 'F' but clicking on it does nothing. I remember when Adobe has become a problem, he asked me to block or allow sites that I visited, but I do not think that I clicked on block on any of them. I've tried everything short of the United Nations and resettlement and seq. Help please?

    Hi Spuds13, could you do a right click, 'f', and if you get the context menu of Firefox (not the Flash Player menu), choose inspect element (Q). This will open the Inspector in the lower part of the tab and can help identify what is insertion as a layer in front of the video. Or maybe not, but that's what I would try.


    I don't have one of these - FlashBlock or control Flash. Everything is set not turn off and always turn.

    Could you provide a list of your extensions? You can copy and paste a list on the next page, either:

    • button "3-bar" menu > "?" button > troubleshooting information
    • (menu bar) Help > troubleshooting information
    • type or paste everything: in the address bar and press Enter

    Scroll down for location Extensions and you can select all of the following table and Ctrl c (or right-click > copy) and paste in a response. It may seem a bit messy, but we are used to it.

  • I use the FireFox browser, so what do I use it instead of Flash to be able to watch videos without going to Chrome, IE or another browser?

    Since Firefox is disable Adobe Flash, what do I use to watch videos or play games that require a Flash drive?

    Adobe released an update yesterday to solve critical problems, he admitted were in the version. You can get on this page:

    In the first table, find the row corresponding to "browser plugin", and you can use either the EXE or the MSI installer.

    No one can promise that this kind of block will never happen. If that happens, if you are not accustomed to using the "Request to activate" feature a plugin, here's what to expect:

    When you visit a site that wants to use the Flash, you should see a notification icon in the address bar and usually (but not always) one of the following values: a link in a black rectangle in the page or an information bar slides between the toolbar and in the page area.

    If you see a good reason to use Flash, and the site looks trustworthy, you can go ahead and click on the Lego-like icon in the address bar to allow Flash. You can trust the site for the time being or permanently.

    But some pages use Flash only for tracking or play ads, so if you do not see an immediate need for Flash, feel free to ignore the notification! It will just sit there in case you later want.

  • video mixer iPad video Roland V - 1HD


    I try to send video footage from my iPad 2 Air in a blender video Roland V - 1HD. I am looking for an app that will allow me to send live video of the iPad that feed to the mixer without sending the photo/video camera controls. Someone at - it ideas? Thank you!

    Hi tdoering,

    I'm not familiar with the mixer Roland V - 1HD... This mixing table she supported for wireless entries? If this isn't the case you will need to get an adapter, I would recommend the Apple lightning ( AV adapter, you can get HDMI out of this and in your mixer. You will need to ensure that your table of HDCP compatible mixer.

    I hope this helps!


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