The moon shape on iPhone camera front Gold 6 16 GB

That means or what happened to cause a moon shape starts on the right side on the front camera

Gold 6 16 GB iPhone


This means that you have the option not to disturb is enabled. You can disable dragging to display the control panel and press the small Crescent Moon icon in the top row. Here is a support article that explains how it works:

Use of do not disturb on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

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  • How turn you the flash on an iPhone camera 6

    Ive got a new iPhone 6 and I'm trying to master the controls of the camera. I can not find control from the camera flash.

    Open the camera to take a shot and he is at the top left of the screen.

  • After the replacement of my iPhone screen 6, front facing camera does not work.

    After the replacement of my iPhone screen 6, front facing camera does not work. The rear camera works fine, but when I switch to selfie cam I saw a still image of what was on the camera back; and on snapchat it simply refuses to move to selfie cam. I check to make sure that all connectors are deep-set. Any suggestions?

    If someone else that Apple will replace your screen they screwed up. If Apple has replaced your take screen back to the store.

  • The iPhone camera 6 (front and rear) and flashlight not working not

    Hello world

    I am a user of the Iphone 6 (128 GB) - purchased in December 2015. Version 9.2.1

    For two days my camera (front and back) as well as the flashlight will not work.

    • I see a black screen at the opening of the camera - can make changes to the, front/rear, HDR mode (power), etc. - but nothing happens
    • When I try to open the flashlight, it crashes (the button on our extension of the home screen is simply not lit)

    I tried to restart my phone several times, but the problem persists. Please note that nothing happened 2 days back - I have not dropped my phone, in any case I don't see that can cause damage to the camera. All of a sudden it stopped working.

    Please suggest what to do.

    To exclude a software problem, set it back to factory settings, do not use a backup, manually installed personal data and test the camera feature.

    Use iTunes to restore your device to factory settings - Support Apple iOS

    If the device works, restore the backup of the data. If the device still does not work, you will need to get the phone checked by Apple a Service provider authorized Apple to air:

    Apple iPhone - contact Support - support

  • iPhone 4 front camera does not

    So I have an iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2... The front facing camera not work for months now, if not a year. When I go to open the camera app, rear camera works fine, but when I hit the power button, the application crashes. If I try to force quit the app and re - open, the screen is just black and still frozen. After that I have the app closes and wait a long time, then the rear camera is working again. I dropped my phone a couple of times. There is a small crack on the front screen. Everything works fine however. I tried many things to get the camera to work, but none of them solved the problem. There is no store Apple by me. If I took it in a phone shop, they could solve this problem?

    Here are the things I've tried:

    -downloaded a picture of third party app

    -Reset all settings

    -restart the phone

    -remove applications using the camera

    -hard reset

    -Photo App that was held down while holding the power button down / stop and off

    -Press firmly around the camera lens

    I don't want to save everything and reset the phone. If anyone knows how I can get this to work, please let me know. Thank you.

    It looks like a hardware problem. Given that you have deleted the phone, which probably also damaged equipment inside the phone and not just the screen.

    If you visit an Apple authorized Service provider and show them your device, they can tell you more about your service options. Get the replaced phone cost you $149, Apple does not repair screen for iPhone 4. See this article for more details:

    price of Service - Support Apple iPhone

    The response service center - iPhone

    Get the fixed phone by a 3rd party repair shop might be less expansive, but you will always have your old device and not refurbished, and Apple will not replace or repair the device after that more.

  • How to sign out of the application of the shape on iphone?

    How to sign out of the application of the shape on iphone?

    rolandomarazzi Here's how you disconnect (disconnect) the form of Adobe on iPhone application:

    • Out again the form of Adobe, then launch Adobe application forms app.
    • Press 'x' in the lower left corner to move the camera view of the library.
    • In the library view tap the icon in the upper left corner of the screen. The settings screen is displayed.
    • On the settings screen, tap my account. The account appears.
    • Tap Adobe ID email address listed below.
    • On the shortcut menu that appears, press disconnect.
  • How to change the iPhone camera shutter sound 7

    How to change the iPhone camera shutter sound 7?


    To adjust the volume of the sound of the camera shutter:

    • Use the settings ringer and alerts:
      • On iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 more, go to: settings > sounds and haptic.
      • (Other models, go to settings > sounds).
    • Or turn mute off / on using the switch on the side of your iPhone's ring/silent.
      • (The mute function is disabled in some countries).
  • IPhone camera on the launch 7 - gel

    The native iphone camera app 7 takes 5 to 20 seconds to launch.

    To reproduce the problem:

    (1) open the native camera application.

    (2) close the app native camera by pressing a button at home (important: do not remove the camera app from applications recently used in multitasking).

    (3) make 5 calls or more, each call 10 seconds or more. For example to call your voice mailbox to simulate a day calls.

    (4) after the calls, open the native camera of the lockscreen app.

    The video below demonstrates the problem:

    In this video, it's 5 seconds freeze on iphone 7 (seen at 01:42 from the video). The freezing of the camera is linked to the amount and duration of the calls, more appeals - more it takes to launch camera. The gel may go up to 20 seconds.

    I encounter this problem on iphone 7 (ios 10.0.1) as well as on the iphone 6 s (from 8 IOS iOS 10).

    I have to very good reason to believe, that all 7-6 s iphones are affected by this bug and it can be fixed by restarting, reset, DFU, replacement of new apple id or by phone: I tried to do all these steps several times with my iphone 6 s and it did not help. This issue can be resolved only by Apple developers.

    Please submit this bug to Apple directly under the following link (as it seems that they do not react to our discussion forums):

    This thread is designated for iphone 7 and 7 more.

    The same camera with the 6s iphone problems are discussed in the next big thread since October 2015: shift camera iphone 6s

    The purpose of this thread is to share and spread over the issue, as well as make Apple notice and respond to the concerns of its users in correcting this bug.

    I was part of the iPhone 6s camera gal as well original thread.  My new 7 256 GB iPhone did the same mentioned in your question/statement.  I also reported the bug with the link you provided.  This seems to happen only for the 6 s 6 s 7 and more.  I have restored my backup on a normal iPhone 6 and this problem did not repeat after over a month of use.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this problem!

  • My iphone camera 6 doesn't have an option to take direct pictures IE 3 small circles are missing. How can I reset the camera?

    My iphone camera 6 + doesn't have an option to take direct pictures IE 3 small circles are missing. How can I reset the camera?

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

  • The App Store icon (which came with my iPad) is completely absent from my iPad (but not my iPhone). How can I get that back?  I've already turned the camera market.

    The App Store icon (which came with my iPad) is completely absent from my iPad (but not my iPhone). How can I get that back?  I've already turned the camera market.

    Check yourself, if you have hidden it by setting parameters > General > Restrictions > Apps install 'off' - If you have, then again ' "should get the app to reappear

  • Download the pictures from the iPhone camera problems


    I am developing an app to take photos and then download...

    I have this methods to show the camera and get some pictures

    public function showCamera (): void {}

    If {(CameraUI.isSupported)

    camera = new CameraUI();

    camera.addEventListener (MediaEvent.COMPLETE, onComplete);

    Camera.Launch (MediaType.image);



    private void onComplete(event:MediaEvent):void {}

    var mp:MediaPromise =;

    This.image_url = mp.file.url;


    The problem is mp.file.url is null in the iPhone, much I read about it and found this solution, it is load the last image in the memory by using the context loader, I do this way:

    private function onCameraUIComplete(e:MediaEvent):void
      var cameraUI:CameraUI = as CameraUI;
      cameraUI.removeEventListener(MediaEvent.COMPLETE, onCameraUIComplete);
      cameraUI.removeEventListener(Event.CANCEL, onCameraUICanceled);
      cameraUI.removeEventListener(ErrorEvent.ERROR, onCameraError);
      mediaPromise =;
      this.mpLoader = new Loader();
      this.mpLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onMediaPromiseLoaded);
      this.mpLoader.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, onMediaPromiseLoadError);
    private function onMediaPromiseLoaded(e:Event):void
      var mpLoaderInfo:LoaderInfo = as LoaderInfo;
      mpLoaderInfo.removeEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onMediaPromiseLoaded);
      mpLoaderInfo.loader.removeEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, onMediaPromiseLoadError);
      this.imgPhoto.source = mpLoaderInfo.loader;         //adding photo to image display in the screen
    //adding photo to camera roll
      var bitmapData:BitmapData = Bitmap(;

    My question is, how to convert the LoaderInfo result as a file o o get FileReference, o how convert Bitmap or bitmapData into a file. I need a file or FileReference download a server.

    (Maybe a little late for the original poster) I wrote an article on download of images from the CameraRoll and CameraUI classes which addresses differences Android/iOS:

  • 6 s iPhone camera and flashlight does not work

    Help! My iPhone 6s camera and a flashlight do not work.

    I tried forcing him to leave the app, reboot, reset the phone using the home and power buttons, but nothing has worked. I just get a black screen. I can't use the camera front, no more.

    Other ways to solve the problems?

    Try below:

    Restore backup

    Restore like new

    If no joy, taking a go-bar genius with Apple for an assessment,

  • 5s iPhone camera problems


    My 5s iPhone camera does not seem to focus more. It is still used to work properly and there is not water damage or damage to my phone but it jut all stop suddenly focusing. No matter what picture I take now is fuzzy and its extremely irritating because the camera is a big reason, I have the phone. Is there a reason that this could happen? It might just not be the focus because I have tried auto focus and other things, but all my pictures are blurry just significantly. There are no scratches or anything on the lens of the camera because it can take clear pictures but if it's close enough as a foot or 2 later that it is not.


    Keep your software up to date on your iPhone iOS can help prevent the problems you describe.

    Tap Settings > general > software update

    Lates iOS version available for your 5s is 9.3.4.

  • How can I use my watch to snap the shutter on my iPhone?

    How can I use my watch to snap the shutter on my iPhone?

    Click here >

    Then click on: Remote Camera on the left.

    You'll see instructions.

  • On the purchase of an iphone unlocked in store.


    I read here that non-citizens of the United States cannot buy an iPhone Unlocked at the actual store. I'm confused because when the iPhone 4S came out, I was visiting the States and bought a unlocked right there in an Apple Store in a mall. Soon I will visit the United States once again, and I just wanted to confirm, because maybe things have changed, if I could always go to the store and buy an unlocked iPhone.

    One last thing, I have still that old 4S and I read that I can get credit for it in the store. Everyone knows how it works? Just pick up the phone?

    Thank you very much!


    Where is the 'here' as you read this? Yes, you can walk into an Apple Store and pay full price for an unlocked iPhone. It's only when iPhones came out as they are generally not available in Apple stores we.

    There is a recovery, bring the iPhone with you and they will evaluate it and make an offer, then give you a store gift card to use for the purchase of a new. There is not a lot of money.

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