There's the iPhone battery chargers 5 that use no electricity.  For use in a power failure.

There's the iPhone battery chargers 5 that use no electricity.  For use during a power failure.


Your best bet is an accumulator.  I have one I got on Amazon by EC Tech.  It is a brick, but it will charge my iPhone and the iPad, if the current is cut off.  You just need to load the brick and keep it in an emergency.

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  • Make iPhone battery damaged by constant use of the iPhone

    The iPhone battery damaged constant using the iPhone

    Means of constant use you need to charge the camera most of the time

    TO load the device often increases number of battery load Cycles & it reduce the accuracy of battery

    So finally he device battery life seriously reduced

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  • Is it possible to play music from the iPhone speaker bluetooth while that paired with a Apple Watch?

    without the synchronization of music at the shows?

    I have music on my iPhone. My iPhone is paired with the bluetooth speaker and Apple Watch. I can hear clicks of typing etc arrived via bluetooth speaker, but the music does not work. Is the only way that this is possible by disconnecting him my watch or sync the music to the watch and then play from there?


    Go to ibooks download Apple Watch user's guide it's free

    Do this on the iPhone.

    See you soon


  • the iPhone screen is not responding and only works for short periods of time when I use siri for an indefinite period.

    Then my phone 3 days ago started having a screen is unresponsive. I just found someone else who has the same problems as me. My screen is white and gray, flickering vertical lines at the top of my screen, sometimes extending to the bottom of the screen. My iPhone 6 s more screen shows only these lines when I use Siri for what it is, which is a little strange. To make things even more bizarre my screen becomes sensitive occasionally, but only when I'm talking about Siri for an indefinite period. One of the things I had in common with a question that someone asked who had similar problems that me was that, when these lines flickering, vertical, white and gray, the iPhone will eventually type things randomly on its own. Such as random apps or opening of the things randomly without my intervention. A unfortunate thing is that when this happens it selects things like that to end a call or facetime. I already know that the cost is $329 remedy since its considered as "other" in the apple repair options and I am also out of warranty, so I wanted to know if there is any other explanation for this. It made my phone very difficult to use these days now...

    Im going to guess that your phone is actually a 6 + and not a s 6 +, which means that your phone is suffering from simple plu epidemic of iPhones of all time - to the epidemic ic touch.  It is unrelated to Siri and tricks of the 'home', the lack of contact button that gets worse with time and flashing bars gray is the presentation of the default signature.  It's a failure level Council of integrated circuit chips that control touch and it is a design flaw in the jury of 6 + that Apple does not recognize.  You can send for microsoldering of the Board of Directors to resolve the underlying anomaly for half of the cost of your options at Apple--assuming that you are not interested in protecting your out of warranty at Apple options.

  • The default value and after that use it as control

    Currently I'm doing engine of labview, and I am facing a problem.
    When I connect to my Board of Directors through labview, it will relay last position to the global variable. After that, I have to go to loop, where I can refer change position to my narcotics control engine
    In short, I must control number, but this default value must be written by another function when I run vi.

    no idea how to do it?

    Let me know if any clarification is needed

  • On the iPhone battery indicator 6 always 100%

    I have an iPhone 6 who bought on the release date last year. Recently, he posted only the battery to 100% charge. Once or twice I saw a type of load/buffer circle beside him, but low, it goes to 98% but still lasts the usual number of hours. It has never opened upward, without spare parts always and never stumbled on what anyone other that a pillow or bed. Tried to restart and re parameter ram. In addition, I don't live in a country where more than one Apple store is more than 8 hours now.

    The battery has a gas online that provides data to the logic board on the percentage of charge of the battery.  This line is independent of the positive and negative real lines to charge to the battery charging/supply.   You could spend a lot of time trying to troubleshoot or re - calibrate the indicator of gas, or you could exchange the battery for a new one and your phone would be probably solved.  Unlike a permutation of the screen, a battery on an iPhone Exchange 6 is a simple repair.  There are different levels of quality in batteries of alternatives out there, so make sure you that you will find a source with an excellent warranty.

    Apple offer mail in service repair, so you have that option as well.

    Good luck!

  • Not the iPhone 6 s - 128 gig use more battery than the concert of 64 and if so, how?

    My wife has an iPhone 5 s, but she wants more memory, then she is considering buying an iPhone 6s, either 64 GB or 128 GB.  But we are worried if the concert 128 will use more battery of the 64 gig and require therefore be recharged frequently.  The 128 gig use a lot of battery?  Is there data on the life of the battery for each of them?



    iPhone storage capacity (memory) will not make a difference regarding the battery life.

  • Apple Watch drains the iPhone battery

    Why Apple Watch drains battery iPhone 6 so fast?

    If you have not already done so, it can help to upgrade your iPhone and Apple Watch to the latest version of the software:

    - Update the iOS on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support software

    - Update the software on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

    Otherwise, the following steps have contributed to the problems of the battery life for some users:

    • Restart your iPhone and your watch. Close the two devices together, and then restart your iPhone first.
      • To turn off your watch: press and hold the button side until you see the cursor off the power; slide it to turn off;
      • To turn it on: press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.

    For optimal performance of your watch, keep the Wi - Fi or Bluetooth enabled at all times on your iPhone.

  • half of my use of the iPhone battery 6 is a music in the background, how can I turn it off?

    How to turn off the background music which uses half my battery usage?

    Go to settings > music > disable Mobile Data use

    Then settings > general > background App update > turn off

  • I bought a flat monthly rate for the images of the reserve, but it looks that I signed up for a year by mistake. I really wanted to plan for a month. Is there a way I can get out of this?

    When I was going through the purchase plan options, it seemed that I buy a monthly. I had no idea I have would be linked a year. We really didn't have in this regard. Is it possible that I can get out of it. I really wanted a plan for a month not year whole.

    I will organize the plan must be cancelled, so it is not renew next month.  You can use the images for the first month.

    Kind regards


  • I have the Iphone 3Gs and you are using Windows XP. I can't add APPs on my phone, it fails when I have Windows 2000 to insert disk. I have XP Home 2002, so I don't have a disc of 2000.

    IPhone 3gs and Windows XP

    Hi JenniferNevada,

    Thanks for posting. Have you tried to reinstall I-Tunes? Also can you give me more details on the Windows 2000 disk and exactly when you insert in your XP machine for I-Tunes work properly? In addition, you can check with the Apple community because they may have ideas with this app that we don't have.

    I hope this helps! Shawn - Support Engineer - MCP, MCDST
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • The list of all interfaces that use a certain option on the KM

    Hi all

    I'm trying to (using the tables of working repository) a list of all interfaces using has one or more "lit" for the relevant knowledge module. For example, we have IKM Oracle incremental update used in 200 + interfaces. This KM has a FLOW_CONTROL option that is set to True for some of these interfaces and False for the rest. Is there a query on the repository tables for us the list of interfaces/tables with the option is set to True, we can write?

    Any information would be really useful. Thank you.


    You can try with something like this:

    SELECT proj.project_name, folder.folder_name, int.POP_NAME interface_name, km.trt_name ikm, opt.ue_name option_name, int_opt.short_value, int_opt.i_txt_value
      FROM DEV_ODI_REPO.SNP_PROJECT proj, DEV_ODI_REPO.SNP_FOLDER folder, DEV_ODI_REPO.SNP_POP int, DEV_ODI_REPO.snp_trt km, DEV_ODI_REPO.snp_user_exit opt, DEV_ODI_REPO.snp_ue_used int_opt
      WHERE proj.i_project = folder.i_project
        AND folder.i_folder = int.i_folder
        AND km.i_trt = int.i_trt_kim
        AND km.i_trt = opt.i_trt
        AND int.i_pop = int_opt.i_instance
        AND opt.i_user_exit = int_opt.i_user_exit
        AND opt.ue_name = 'FLOW_CONTROL'
      ORDER BY km.trt_name;

    This will display the project, folder, the name of the interface, the used IKM, option and its values (boolean or text).

    As you can see, I did join on the ikm (km.i_trt = int.i_trt_kim). You might need a table over if you want to do on LKMs.

    It will be useful.

    Kind regards

    Post edited by: JeromeFr
    I forgot a join condition between snp_user_exit and snp_ue_used on columns of i_user_exit

  • How to stop the connectivity between two computers that use the same IP address... ?

    Today, I managed to connect two computers with the same IP address. But now it is to be feared. for example, a person can access my computers using my IP and MAC address. So now, how can I stop the connectivity between these two computers. should what setting I use to stop.



    1 have. what measures you taken to connect 2 computers with the same IP address?

    2. How are the 2 computers connected?

    3. how exactly you want to stop the connectivity between 2 computers?

    I want to tell you that 2 computers on the same network cannot have the same address. Each machine must have a unique address to identify it. A private network, as a home network connected to the internet, can be connected to a router to connect to the network, will have only 1 address, public IP address.

    In addition, if we know the IP address of a computer along the user ID and password, we can access the computer/shared files.

    If you are referring to the change of the IP address of the two computers, you can follow these steps and check.
    a. network connections open. Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel. In the search box, type 'adapter' and then, under center network and sharing, click view network connections.
    b. right click on the connection you want to change. Click on properties. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    c. click on the network tab. Under this connection uses the following items, click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) or Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6), and then click the properties button. To specify your IP for IPv4, click on use the following IP address, and then, at the address IP, subnet mask, and gateway boxes by default, type IP address settings.
    A typical IPv4 address looks like; a typical subnet mask is The default gateway is usually the address of your router.
    For example, IP address: by (for computers)
    Subnet mask:
    I hope this helps. If you have any other queries/issues related to Windows, write us and we will be happy to help you further.
  • the list of all forms that have some Member for example "Q1".

    Is it possible to list all forms that have a certain example "Q1" Member who was hard coded in the FORM?
    If you can give only general ideas, which will be appreciated too... it will give me a head start.
    My guess is that I have query in a combination of these tables:


    If you connect to a Hyperion Planning as an administrator and select , , you can select a member and then press the button "show its use." This will show you that forms the reference member 'directly '. This works even if you are using EPMA. If a member "indirectly" appears in a form (because you used a member function and this member was returned), it will not help, but if you specify a member name when creating the form, it will appear.

    I hope it's a little easier to dig through tables.

    Take care

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