This HD for 2nd HD Pro A200 PSAE7E Satatellite mounting kit

I have a Sat "Pro A200 PSAE7E and want to add a 2nd HD to your laptop, but it came without a 2nd HD mounting kit.

Can anyone advise on what kit, I need to buy?

As a matter of interest, I tried to mount the current HD in the second port and he won't, so I think that the mount is different?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


Are you sure that there is a SATA connector in the Bay of 2nd?
Check this first.

If you have a second SATA connector, you can get a kit of mounting an ASP (certified partner).
You can search on Toshiba Europe site:

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  • Satellite Pro A200 PSAE7: Where to find the driver for Win XP ATI


    Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 PSAE7, I bought and it is with Vista on early. I decided to upgrade (/ downgrade) it to XP, but there is problem with the driver for graphics (Radeon HD 2600 Series).

    I can't find anywhere ati drivers (in fact I found it on the site, but on this forum that I read that Toshiba drivers are changed so that the Radeon is overheating) and I am wonderig if Vista that works under XP (I downloaded all the drivers but ati one)?

    .. and is possible to downgrade my Vista to XP Pro through Miscrosoft website (or something like that) or do I have to reinstall using my old copy (provided with the old Toshiba)?

    Sory for my English

    Is it so important to install the drivers in good condition?

    What do you mean by; There is a problem with the driver ATI XO?

    The European driver Toshiba page provides all the necessary XP drivers and tools.
    The ATI GPU driver came out too!

    An important note; If you want to install XP on this Vista machine, you must update the BIOS to the XP compatible version!

    Regarding your question about the downgrade from Vista to XP Pro via Microsoft site;

    Short answer; No this is not possible!

  • Satellite Pro A200/PSAE7 - turn volume change without end, not smooth Volume control


    On my newly purchased Pro A200/PSAE7 control (hardware) volume - front, as soon as speaker - turns without end and when you use the volume does not change "smooth" - more "brutal". For this reason, there is no possible to 'fine tuning '.

    Q: is - that someone else has the same side material (without end of turn) and the software side (without smooth volume change) situation?

    Thanks a lot for any response in advance!

    Best regards


    'problem' of the abrupt volume changes when turn the volume control has disappeared. I don't know if it's based on disable "TDispVol.exe" as startup service or another reason.

    Best regards

  • Ulead DVD Movie Writer was not preinstalled on Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7E)

    Ulead DVD MovieWriter for TOSHIBA was not preinstalled in my Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7E) as it was stated in the technical data.
    Where can I get (download) a copy of this program.

    You are right, I found a few pages on the Satellite Pro A200 model nr. : PSAE7E and Ulead DVD MovieWriter for TOSHIBA must be preinstalled.

    Did you check all folders on the HARD drive for this application?
    Have you tried to reinstall the OS from the recovery CD Toshiba delivered?

    Please do because the restore CD contains the Win OS, drivers and additional software like Ulead DVD MovieWriter.


  • Windows 7 & Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7)


    I have a Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7). I recently upgraded my laptop to
    Windows 7. Where can I download the drivers compatible with Windows 7?
    I already have the Web site check toshiba and I do not find anything.

    Thanks in advance

    I agree with sascha.
    I think that Win 7 drivers must be released in the near future, because Windows 7 drivers have been published for other series
    You can also visit the Toshiba page we obtain some drivers Win 7 for Sat A205 series.
    The A205 is very similar to A200.

    See you soon

  • My Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7E) touchpad no longer works

    Dear Sir.

    My problem is my touchpad does not work, I usually enable it or disable it in a tab to hide automatic at the top of my desk (which was disappeared after I updated to Vista SP1), after that and accidentally stopped the pointing device driver,

    I tried to re - install again but I could not find out who the good driver for my laptop is (ALPS Synaptics pointing device or pointing device)?

    I tried to press FN + F9 key but I had no change that the touchpad is not working, so I have to use a USB mouse...

    Can you help me please

    Note that I'm using Windows Vista Business SP1, Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7E)

    Thank you very much


    Have you checked the Device Manager? Normally, you should see what touchpad you have exactly.
    So the latest driver, you can download the Toshiba site: support & downloads-download drivers online

    Check it!

  • Satellite Pro A200-PSAE7: error on blue screen - ati2dvag infitive loop

    I've got Satellite Pro A200-PSAE7 with ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600. I downgraded to XP SP2. I get a blue screen saying that ati2dvag went infitive enough loop constantly. Any solution to this?

    OFFTOPIC: Why standart drivers from to display does not work? (while on my laptop of friends with also hd2600 mobilty radeon works fine).


    > I've got Satellite Pro A200-PSAE7 with ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600. I downgraded to XP SP2. I get a blue screen saying that ati2dvag went infitive enough loop constantly. Any solution to this?

    The BSOD appears usually due to software malfunction serious matter or material.
    I think it s a software problem (driver).

    I presume that the BSOD appears why play games in most of the cases the graphics driver must be updated.
    If the XP driver from the Toshiba page will not help, you can try the graphics drivers on the site. 3rd third party drivers must run on your laptop. But note; 3 third-party drivers can be used only at your own risk!

    > Why standard display drivers do not work? (While on my laptop of friends with also hd2600 mobility radeon works fine).
    Cannot install the original ATI drivers on an easy path because this drivers don t support protection against overheating. Toshiba GPU drivers are slightly modified and support a protection against overheating. This protection is necessary and important as mobile graphics cards do not have large module of cooling as the GPU on to desktop computers.
    Temperature increases on the much faster laptops and so the driver graphic control performance of the GPU to reduce the internal temperature.

    That's why it of always advised and recommended to use the Toshiba drivers ;)

  • Question about DVD drive on Satellite Pro A200 PSAE7

    Although the [Specification |] told my Sat - Pro A200 (PSAE7) comes with a drive DVD Toshiba, it is * NOT * installed in my machine. I tried to download what is called "dvdpl-20070807102909" (what is the program?) download from Toshiba site, but when I double-click on the "setup.exe" inside the application, Windows Vista says 'cannot install this application.

    I also watched inside the recovery disc that comes with the laptop, but nothing obvious to click to install the drive appears.

    Please what could someone help and tell me how to install this DVD player?

    It s a bit strange
    On the European driver Toshiba page, I could find the Toshiba DVD player software.
    It s version 1.10.06 DVD player
    So I assume it must be preinstalled on the Toshiba laptop.

    The restore CD that came with the laptop contains an image of Toshiba. This image should support Windows OS, all Toshiba driver, utility and software tools extra.
    Please insert the recovery CD into the CD/DVD drive and boot from this CD.

    This procedure will format the whole HARD drive and install the operating system again on the laptop.
    After a new installation, please check if the Toshiba DVD player is available!

  • Satellite Pro A200-PSAE7E is not grateful USB Sennheiser Headset

    Can someone let me know why my toshiba Satellite Pro A200 - PSAE7E is not auto recognition USB Sennheiser headphones?

    What do you mean with grateful self their? As far I know Sennheiser those with USB connection built into the sound card, and therefore, you will need to install the drivers.

    Sennheisers as well, but with normal stereo jack and not the USB ones. You may edit the specific model name.
    And to check if your system is your helmet in any case, go to control panel - system - device manager and see if something changes, when you plug in your headphones.

  • 2nd hard drive for the Satellite Pro A200


    I have the Satellite pro A200 (PSAE4E-03401FDU). The LT has an option for a 2nd hard drive, but it is not included a cable.
    Someone knows the reference to the 2nd hard drive cable?
    Thank you!

    Stand by.
    When you remove the HARD drive to the second HDD can see HDD SATA conector?

  • How to check if the 2nd HARD drive is possible on the Satellite Pro A200 PSAE7?


    My A200/PSAE7 has a 200 GB HARD drive. For backup reasons, I would like to know - or learn to know how check - if my A200 already have the hardware support for a 2nd HARD drive, next to the slot for a 2nd HARD drive.
    In the BIOS, I see 'Toshiba MKxxx - hard drive' and 'hard drive - None '. Is the last entry in the BIOS is a sign that a 2nd HARD drive is supported and has to be put in the second location of HARD drive?

    Thanks in advance for any answer!

    Best regards

    You can do the following:

    Open the cover when the 2nd drive HARD so-called must be installed and check for some SATA connectors or cables. If there is an unused SATA connection so you can upgrade, if no, then you will need to backup your data on USB - HDD or whatever.

    If in the BIOS is something now, he won't say that he is physically present.

    Welcome them

  • Drivers for Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7)


    I installed Windows XP instead of Windows Vista. Now miss me 3 drivers;

    -PCi - memorycontroller
    -Unknown unit, sound, video and game
    -Mass storage controller

    Can anyone help me find these drivers?

    Thank you

    Have you looked on the Toshiba site?
    You will find all the drivers. decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

  • Is this appropriate for a Satellite Pro 4600 memory?

    Hi all

    I wonder if this memory will be suitable for my brothers satellite pro 4600: 292ZXJ2aWV3 & product_uid = 24226

    I intend to get 2 sticks and replace the stick of 128 MB with them, so there are 512 in the machine altogether - which should make windows xp run a little faster!

    Thanks in advance!


    It seems that the module must be compatible.
    According to the description she s a 144-Pin PC133 SODIMM.

    I visited this site useful:

    You will also find the compatible module for Satellite Pro 4600
    The site recommends the use of the PC133 SODIMM 144 pin and you could improve it to max 512 MB (2x256MB)

  • Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7): failed to update the firmware Vista


    I tried tp update the firmware of my HD-DVD player with new firmware TO35 (SD-L802B), but it is not possible. The upgrade of this Winvup button is not selectable. I had the same problem with an older firmware, but I just thought that it was because the firmware is up-to-date (book is 1 month old).

    Winvup shows my drive as "TOSHIBA DVGW/HD SD-L802B TO01 (26/10/07). The discription of To35 said, he needs a version of TO33 or T034, that is the problem?

    I got this firmware update form [link firmware: nes & action = search & teddProduct = 737]
    so, it should be the right one.

    So what can I do to upgrade my drive? Watching a HD DVD is not possible :(


    It is not possible to update the firmware on your SD-L802B drive because the firmware released on the Toshiba page deigned for the TS-L802A drive.
    Do not mix these two discs! It is not the same thing!

    I found this site on the engraver of DVD Super-Multi SD-L802B

    But according to this page, the firmware is not available for this driver (at this time?  :|)

  • Re: Satellite Pro A200/PSAE7E - HD DVD not recognized

    I've demoted Biz from Vista to XP Pro. Everything works great, EXCEPT...
    the DVD/RW works well as a cd / dvd drive (writing not tested), but it will recognize all the data on the disc when an HD DVD is inserted, so not HD-DVD movies.

    And what application you are trying to use to watch movies HD-DVD Windows XP Home edition?

Maybe you are looking for