Transfer works of Mac iOS but not iOS for Mac

I get the transfer icon on my screen lock and the bottom of multitasking on my iPhone 6 and first generation iPad look so I have a compatible application Handoff open on my new Macbook or other iOS devices, but I never see a transfer icon on the dock of my Macbook one of my iOS devices. My Macbook is my only Mac, so these are the only devices with that I can test.

My MacBook is OS x 10.11.2 and my iPhone and iPad are both running iOS 9.2 (at this time as I write this, here are the latest updates). They all are signed on the same iCould account, on the same WiFi network and have bluetooth switched on.

Apple offers signature in and out of the iCloud, just to see if that fixes it. Given the way depends on OS X is on iCloud, which seems to be a very drastic step to take just to see if maybe he could do something. I think live without transfer would be preferable to redownloading my library of Photos to iCloud together and spend days trying to figure what functions had off and cross the two factor authentications endless to reactivate them.

So, just to be clear, my problem is that my iOS devices receive transfers from my Macbook, but my Macbook is not receive transfers of my iOS devices.

Yes, me too. Transfer works between handheld and portable handheld computer devices, but not the direction of one I really need, Pocket for your laptop. It works for my husband from his iPhone to the iMac, however.

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    iowaoma wrote:

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    Apps are tied to apple id and password that was used to download/purchase it.

    Try your old password and see if you can update or not.

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    Try this document! A "no computer has detected" or "Connection error" message when scanning for HP Officejet 6600 e-all-in-one and 6700 Premium e-All-in-One Printer Series (H711)

    Have a great day!

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    Hi srfpala,

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    Hi again,



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    What... do not know any solution.


    Please try to post your query in communities:

    General discussion of Photoshop


    Premiere Pro

    Kind regards


  • Why the HDR toning work with some pictures, but not for others?  I have CS6.

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    HDR toning does not work with CMYK images. Change the RGB color mode, and then you will be able to use HDR toning. It also works with the color to grayscale mode.

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    The reason is that the data store is not presented to all hosts in a cluster. When you create the VM in vCenter Server, only warehouses of data visible to the host on which the virtual machine is created are displayed.

    Make sure the presentation on your storage system is correct and rescan your hosts.

    To check the above, take a look at the Configuration-> Storage for guests.


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    Here's the scenario.

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    The iPad print two printers simply by specifying the IP address.

    The Android device prints to the 8600, but give an "Oops!" -The printer does not exist or you do not have access to this "message after the IP specification.

    The printer firmware is updated to the most recent and all protocols are enabled. There is no set of security.

    I'm trying to print at 4015 returns the same error opps in the Galaxy.

    There must be a difference in application between Apple and Google, or I forget something.


    The Laserjet 4250 is not supported by the HP ePrint app, although it can run on iOS to make it work for any printer that is not officially suipported by the app there is no guarantees.

    The application is completely different and work differently on iOS compating Android app.

    You can find any printer supported below:

    If you have a Kitkat or a later version, you can try to use the Android build in solution, install the Plugin from HP Service of the store and check whether that can allow printing to the 4250:

    Hope that helps,


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    Hello people. Did some research on Google, but not came with something useful.

    I use a TV regular ole plugged into the HDMI port on my graphics card to production and to see my work on a larger screen, thanks to pass mercury. 2014 CC gave me no problem. Make the same settings in CC 2015 and first works like a pro, but After Effects is a no-go. I tried to ensure that the window cross the edges of the screen, try it with or without first opened, with or without "disable in the background."

    Loss - of ideas? Of qualifying questions that can help to provide more information?

    System specs

    Mac OSX 10.10.4 (early 2009 MacPro)

    2 x Quad-core 2.26
    680 2 GB GTX

    20 GB of ram

    With the help of AE in the last update

    Hi DG;

    Have you tried measures to solve the issue that helped you? If so, mention the steps you tried this number shouldn't, t come on CC 2014 or 15 on 10.10.5 and below.

    Have you tried to calibrate the seconday monitor or rename the Adobe folder in the Documents and MAC hd library > Application Support > Adobe? or tried any other HDMI and redefinition of workspaces?


  • Why disable Flash Player addon allow videos work on one site but not another?

    I am running Firefox 37.02, Windows 7. I also have flash shockwave V17.0.0.134 & V18.0.0.95 addons. The V18 version is beta and downloaded from Adobe to try to resolve this ongoing problem. He has not solved it. By trial and error, I have established that when I disable the addons above mentioned (notice, disabling seems to disable the other) I am able to get videos from Web site to play (for example: video on but not another (example: Conversely, if the addons are enabled, the videos on the site work but those of the are not. By 'not' I mean that commercial video games earlier but the video of the main object that is to run thereafter is not. I get a black screen and the commercial video recycled again and again. I contacted the support group who said that they were not aware of all the problems. They suggested that I use the Chrome browser, which is what they use without problem.

    It's weird. You can try using the Firefox Add-on FlashBlock to disable flash on some websites but not others:

  • EliteBook 8440p; DM1-3020us: 2x4gb 1600 MHz DDR3L works in Pavilion DM1 but not Elitebook 8440p? But both are supported than 1066 MHz RAM

    I have two Elitebook 8440p PCs that both run an Intel i5 520 m (although one of them has a discreet Nvidia NVS 3100 m, while the other does not and use the integrated graphics card Intel).

    I also have a Pavilion DM1-3020us with an AMD E-350 APU; It's the only other PC I own which takes SO-DIMM DDR3 modules.

    I just bought this Crucial DDR3L 1600 MHz 2x4gb hoping to use it with the 8440p without the graphics from Nvidia:

    However, it causes crashes and BSOD as soon as he tried to start under Win7 64 bit on both 8440 p PCs.  Also when trying to boot Linux Mint 18 I empty a kernel panic, and run Memtest86 + just leads to restarting the PC within seconds.  Yet, I can navigate through the BIOS throughout the day and it will continue to work very well...

    But here's where it gets really weird - the RAM works perfectly fine in my laptop DM1 Memtest86 + and Win7 64 bit (I use it as I type this).  What's curious?  Because both the AMD E-350 and the Intel i5 520 m only support up to 1066 MHz RAM!

    The only thing I can think is that there is something wacky where RAM is unable to operate at 1066 MHz at 1.5V or is not able to run at 1.5V to all E-350 1.35v support (and 1.5V RAM so that the i5 520 m only supports 1.5V) which itself would be really strange that Micron (which actually manufactured the RAM) States on their website that their 1.35v and 1.5V RAM have actually the same die (a bit like mobile i7s quad vs quad I5S Office) and that both can operate at 1, 5V, implying therefore that the 1.35v product is simply a higher binning:

    Crucial live chat support, however, closed several hours for the day, so I thought I would at least make this post in the meantime.


    Please see this thread, and the discussion that I posted in this thread... and you'll have your answer.

    6550 b has the same chipset as the 8440p.  I posted the link to the site from NewEgg for the memory, you need to buy if you live in the USA/Canada in the discussion that I've referenced to the other person who had the 8440p.

    There are several discussions on this issue if you want to find even more.  Everything is solved by specific G.Skill memory I posted.

    The extent of why it works in the dm1 and not the 8440p, the chipsets are different.  The Intel chipset in the 8440p doesn't support voltage DDR3L.  Comparison of AMD and Intel chipsets are like comparing apples and oranges.

    I also believe that the chipset amd in the dm1 is more recent than the chipset in the 8440p and promotes low-voltage memory.

    I have just return from memory and use the gift card on something else.

    I doubt that Best Buy has this specific memory.

  • Erk - 321 has keyboard: HP Envy wireless keyboard only works after a reboot, but not at initial startup. Envy all in one office.

    Hello, for some reason, my keyboard is not working whenever I'm doing a restart. Or turn on for the first time after a stop down. The only keys that work are the volume keys.

    But if I restart by connection or desktop screen, the keyboard works fine.

    The batteries are not dead, I replaced the.

    Any info would be great. Thank you.

    I have HP Envy Beats all-in-one.  Mouse worked, keyboard no longer works unless after withdrawal of the driver for keyboard then rebooted.  Would work for this next boot, solved by disabling fast-start-up in power options, the theory is computer starts jumped linking or simply crossed it faster that the keyboard can answer.  Hope this helps you.

  • Step VI works at the time, but not by operating normally

    I am very new to LabView and have created a simple VI to register a single measure of my multimeter HP 34401 via a RS 232 connection.

    The problem I encounter is that the VI works when I run one step at a time (clicking the button on the stage has ended).  When I try to run the whole thing well, I get the following error:

    1073807339 error occurred read visa in Untitled 2

    Possible reasons:

    VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF0015) timeout expired before the operation is complete.

    After reading the help page for this error, I tried to add a delay time, but that did not fix the problem.


    Trace of e/s NOR provided no answers for me, but I have attached a screenshot.  Lines 1-13 are the only step to run, the rest is to try to run the whole thing at a time.

    Can someone please help me understand what is happening here?  Thanks in advance!

    If anyone is interested:

    Windows 7

    LabVIEW 2009

    HP 34401 multimeter

    RS 232 connection is via a USB-serial adapter

    The only thing I can think is that you send the remote command and then do not wait long enough so that it complements.  The manual States:

    It is very important that you send the

    System: REMote command

    to put the multimeter in remote mode. Send or receive data

    via the interface RS - 232 when not configured for remote operation can

    give unpredictable results.

    And I think that we live unpredictable results.

    I don't know if you can change the command in a query using the * OPC? command, but use that could solve it - or we could run into the same issue due to the above caveat.  You may need a manual wait between the remote control and the "write" command.

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