7.5 Skype has become transparent in Win7 Ultimate. I can't find any relevant info "ease of access Center ' to change the 'aero' effects." What are the options I have to completely opaque Skype?

My question has lost its "emergency", because without my intervention, Skype looks opaque like normal again. It MAY have been affected by a change in the video card - in this case, it was my speech after all.

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  • Overview unwantedly convert a color to transparent (!)


    I use a snippet to open png files and save them to gif format (to reduce the size of the file).

    The files are a book cover, including an orange background, with red, white and dark gray text and graphics (curves).

    Yesterday, it worked well.

    Today when I save as gif red color in the image disappears. I guess that it is transformed into Transparent. I see where the red text and graphic lines were is the background orange.

    Preview was not doing this yesterday.

    Today it is the same on the png files that I created yesterday, so I'm sure that change is in the preview, not Inkscape (which I used to create the PNG).

    I do not use the lasso or other tool to select all areas of the picture and enable transparency.

    I open the image, choose the export file to gif format and with the box checked and checked alpha, the color red is disappearing and I don't want it.

    Any suggestions much appreciated.

    Overview 8.1 (877.7)

    10.11.6 OSX

    Thank you.

    Do not use the gif. It is an older format, limited to 256 colors. It is quite insufficient for most uses (with the exception perhaps of dubious of these short "animations").

    One of the unique features of gif should have 'transparency' - but which has been achieved by stipulating a particular table as color being transparent (and not, as in modern formats, by adding a fourth channel, called "alpha channel" to the series of red, green and blue).

    Somehow the red in your translation got to be designated 'transparent color '.

    If you want to reduce the size of the file, try saving to jpeg and quality change to achieve a good balance between size and quality.

  • Transparent BG involved Keynote

    When I have the BG in Keynote, assign the value 0% fill of a color some transitions are acting strangely. (I do this for export sequences from Keynote to QT with a transparent BG). Specifically, during a 'dissolution' images of the next slide just appear without any fading in, yet the images of the current slide fade off the coast. Past magic, when exported, do not have the BG as transparent at all until the transition is complete and the BG is so transparent.

    I know this might be an esoteric use of the Keynote, but anyone who has ever run into this issue?

    Retina MBP (mid-2012)

    10.11.6 OS

    Thank you


    during a "dissolve" the images of the next slide just appear without any discoloration, but the images of the current slide fade off the coast.

    To achieve a transition between two slides with a transparent background requires a technique called luminance combining, Keynote does not use these effects.

    The work around is to add images parading on slide 2 slide 1, remove slide 2, and then adds a build to dissolve images now in slide 1.

  • iOS 10 dock bar transparency hurt?

    I therefore had no problem, download and install iOS 10 right after being available. Has been one of the fastest and easiest for me so far. My problem is really minor, but I still feel like it happens something here c ELA is not quite right. I noticed after I moved my "dock" of low rank bar was much more sensitive and non transparent white background. I thought that maybe it just how it was supposed to be for iOS 10 but I then looked for the screenshots of others and even install it on my old iPhone 5 that seems correct and as he did in iOS 9. I also notice that when I click on an icon that has a folder of other apps my background is really very dark where before it lets just blur the background wallpaper and it darkens slightly. Again, works as I think should be on the old iPhone 5. Can just wait for the next small update and maybe it gets fixed or is it possible to reinstall iOS 10 that isn't a pain where I would have to reset everything?

    I rebooted, changed screen and clicked around on any setting I thought that maybe something to do with it, but no luck.

    Thank you


    mine look the same with ios10 on iphone6s

  • Weird glitch transparent on my apps

    Hello community,

    I met a bit of an oddity. I got my dads, computer laptop, it's a Macbook Pro 10.1 mid 2012 with screen retina, the latest version of OS X El Capitan 10.11.6, i7 2.6 with a SSD of SD512 Apple and 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3. Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 1024Mo of 650 M.

    It is immaculate and works perfectly apart from a glitch whenever I start an application while having another open on the same office space in these odd remnants of it, faded but noticeable. I have enabled transparency 'reduce' turning on and off to see if it is the question, but it changed nothing. I'm an advanced user, but I have no idea what this might be. The strange this is, when I wanted to do a screenshot to post here, it does not appear, that's why I resorted to cracks the screen with my phone and the display of those below (I can do more if the issue is not clearly visible for some).

    If anyone knows anything, please any suggestions are welcome. This is the first time I ever had to start my own thread, since normally any problem can be solved with browsing a bit, but this time I even found the corresponding number. I have this feeling, due to the screenshot not having is not the weird glitch on it, maybe it's a hardware problem with the screen, but I'm stumped.

    Thank you in advance.



    sounds like the GPU and it had reported problems with the retina 2012

    the repair program ends in a few months, so if your computer qualifies do it as soon as POSSIBLE.

  • With 43 on Mac version in the title bar transparency disappeared, what happened?

    Before the upgrade to version 43, the title bar/app window was transparent to match Yosemite/El Capitan, and now it's over...

    I'm not using a theme, and I'm not in private browsing mode.

    By help on Reddit:

    This bug deleted dynamism (blur effect) in 44: the patch has been raised and then to 43.
    You should be able to bring back vitality by using a custom stylesheet:

    1. TitleBar {}
     -moz-appearance: -moz-mac-vibrancy-light

    You can also get dark shine using - moz-mac-dynamism-black

    Here is a similar workaround:

  • Make my transparent .png file?

    Can what iMac software I use to make my transparent .png file?

    Personally, I use Adobe Fireworks, but I believe that Photoshop will work as well. Alternatively, you can use a snippet.

  • Right click menu contextual displayed as transparent

    I'm on FF35 and I started noticing this problem for last few versions 6 or 7.

    When I right click anywhere on the page to display the context menu, this is shown as transparent (only the Panel on the left side and lower shadows are displayed).
    This problem occurs usually about 4 times out of 10 (see picture): in this case, it usually takes just a few clicks right most repeated to finally the menu appears correctly.

    I already tried without success the following:
    (1) change of theme window: problem also happens with the default theme
    (2) turn off the hardware acceleration of the reduction

    Any other suggestions?
    Thank you



    Try Firefox Safe mode to see if the problem goes away. Firefox Safe mode is a troubleshooting mode that temporarily disables hardware acceleration, restores some settings and disables add-ons (extensions and themes).

    If Firefox is open, you can restart Firefox Safe mode in the Help menu:

    • Click the menu button

      click Help

      then select restart with disabled modules.

    If Firefox does not work, you can start Firefox in Mode safe as follows:

    • On Windows: Hold down the SHIFT key when you open the desktop Firefox or shortcut in the start menu.
    • On Mac: Hold the option key during the startup of Firefox.
    • On Linux: Exit Firefox, go to your Terminal and run firefox-safe-mode
      (you may need to specify the installation path of Firefox for example/usr/lib/firefox)

    When the Firefox Safe Mode window appears, select "start mode safe."

    If the problem is not present in Firefox Safe Mode, your problem is probably caused by an extension, theme or hardware acceleration. Please follow the steps described in the section Troubleshooting extensions, themes and problems of hardware acceleration to resolve common Firefox problems to find the cause.

    To exit safe mode of Firefox, simply close Firefox and wait a few seconds before you open Firefox for normal use again.

    When find you what is causing your problems, please let us know. This might help others with the same problem.

  • Why the context menu appears as a transparent framework?

    Conext menu appears as a transparent framework Center. It's only a problem with thunderbird, rest programms (eg. Firefox) do not have this problem.

    try changing your windows theme and see if it helps. much of the

    Background and font colors of the user interface are captured in the settings window uses. Unfortunately some parameters only picks it up just to make little sense to me.

  • Text appears on sites like Google Spreadsheets, as well as all documents in PDF format is transparent, even in safe mode.

    Recently, I noticed a very strange phenomenon in Firefox. I first noticed in Google Spreadsheets; text does not appear in the cells, but if I bring you a specific cell for editing. I thought that this limitation the new Google Spreadsheets, since the former Google Spreadsheets work again normally. It's just new with this behavior.

    However, I quickly noticed that PDF files open in Firefox exhibit the same behavior. The text is not white; It is completely transparent, as it is not at all made.
    HOWEVER, if Firefox is not the point, AND a text is selected, the text renders in the selection. Posted:
    ClearType in Windows does not seem to affect it, nor appears to be of my addons. even in safe mode, the problem persists.
    This problem is not present in Windows Internet Explorer, so it doesn't seem to be my system.
    I would be grateful to solve this problem, as I make frequent use of Google docs.

    That's the answer, cor - el, but it does not solve the problem.

    The problem had been solved, but I was not sure what he did. It reoccured recently and I decided to investigate a little more. He seems to have had a problem with my GPU (AMD Radeon HD 6950). Update the drivers (even once, since they had been cancelled for some reason any) has fixed this problem. The previous version of the driver that had this problem was 14.4

  • How to disable the bar transparent under bookmarks?

    Today, I opened Mozilla Firefox and I saw a transparent bar between the site and my bookmarks bar. I can't add anything, or turn it off. It's pretty frustrating, so I'll be looking forward to your reply as soon as POSSIBLE.

    Hello kateb90, please try to reset firefox and see if that can solve the problem...

  • How can I fix the address bar "transparent"?

    Before I got the new update of firefox, I used to be able to see which site I tried to go from either the drop down or type in, it is now almost as transparent as I don't see her, now I am forced to use chrome, because it doesn't have this problem. I don't know if it's the background of the bar of address or something, but I really want it to be opaque, so I can continue to use firefox.


    The reset Firefox feature can solve a lot of problems in restaurant Firefox to its factory default condition while saving your vital information.

    Note: This will make you lose all the Extensions and preferences.

    • Sites Web open is not recorded in less than 25 versions of Firefox.

    To reset Firefox, perform the following steps:

    For Firefox versions prior to 29,0:

    1. Go to Firefox > help > troubleshooting information.
    2. Click on the "Reset Firefox" line


    3. Firefox will close and reset. After Firefox is finished, it will display a window with the imported information. Click Finish.
    4. Firefox opens with all the default settings applied.

    For Firefox 29,0 and above:

    1. Click the menu button

      click Help

      and select troubleshooting information. Now, should open a new tab containing your troubleshooting information.

    2. At the top right of the page, you should see a button that says "Reset Firefox"

      . Click on it.

    3. Firefox will close and reset. After Firefox is finished, it will display a window with the imported information. Click Finish.
    4. Firefox opens with all the default settings applied.

    Information can be found in the article Firefox Refresh - reset the settings and Add-ons .

    This solve your problems? Please report to us!

    Thank you.

  • The top of my Firefox window is transparent: how to change that?

    I just returned from a trip and the top of my Firefox window is now transparent. I looked online for a solution, but none of the answers worked. I went to customize as many of the suggestions offered, but none of it options here after work. I have Windows 7.

    You can use one of the following to remove the transparency of the background of the inactive tabs.

  • Too much transparency on the inactive tabs

    In the latest version of Firefox, I'll have too much transparency on the inactive tabs. It seems to me so badly designed like a bug... What is someone having the same problem?

    There are several ways to get rid of transparency.

  • The part 'From' the display of Thunderbird should not be transparent.

    Transparent bar mail, it is difficult to locate the gap between the header of the e-mail message and mail lists above the header of the e-mail message. The part 'From' should not be transparent. This is a recent problem, does not appear in the old version

    32 version was released and the issue is resolved, so it was a bug in Thunderbird. Thanks for your help. I'll mark this as resolved.

  • Why FF doesn't display the subtleties of my javscript website menus, IE fading and transparency?

    On every page of my site , I have a menu designed using Sothink DHTML Menu 9.10 javascript

    Using IE and other browsers the subtleties that I integrated display perfectly but in FF, they are lost.

    I'm talking specifically a slow fade from top to bottom and transparency of background that fits perfectly in every page.

    Any ideas on how to fix it?

    Thank you very much


    For the record, I checked the site in IE 11, which is not fully compatible with IE 8.

Maybe you are looking for

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