Try to reinstall my original Adobe CS after a hard disk crash need help, download again doesn't accept serial number CS?

Hi, I'm late to the game here, I am trying to reinstall my original Adobe CS after a hard disk crash.  I know that the activation server has been stopped, so I went and downloaded the CS2 version that doesn't require activation.  The problem is my serial number CS is displayed as invalid on the CS2 download, can someone help?  I saw not just a download CS anywhere and their cat had is shown to be completely useless as agent just brutally told me time and again «we don't support that more»

CS2, Acrobat 7 + Audition 3 (AND PREVIOUS) activation server has disappeared, then read below



You MUST use the special version and the serial number on the page, not your original drive or serial number


NOTE that CS2 will not install on a "modern" with an Intel Mac

When you install the special version of CS2 on a Win7 or Win8 or Win10 computer, you may need to right click on the program icon and select compatibility Windows XP in the popup of option

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