trying to jquery mobile (alpha2) working in a Blackberry widget

Sorry, I'm rather new with widget development.

I try to get mobile jquery working in a widget on a blackberry 9780.
If anyone has tried it, please let me know if it is worth.

My first question was that jquery uses dashes in filenames, which seems
be banned in Blackberry widgets, so I had to change all the dashes to emphasize.

Today's question is Packer message: "Invalid widget archive - reserved found directoy.
No error number. Y at - it a packager error messages published index. Are there rules

on the directory names? They have to be reported in the xml file?

bbwp version -

mobile jQuery - 1.0a2


resolved - Packer Widget was to launch "/ bin" directory. I guess "/ bin" is a reserved directory name.

Tags: BlackBerry Developers

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  • Blackberry JQuery Mobile demo works in which devices?

    Blackberry JQuery Mobile demo works in which devices?

    jQuery Mobile works on all BlackBerry platforms. It has better support on BB10 however, due to much better browser HTML5.

  • jQuery Mobile app does not work on OS5 telephone, but works in Simulator


    I'm trying to run a simple jQuery Mobile (beta2) app on my phone and its does not work.

    Had been a working app and it worked on the Simulator, but didn't have a screen on the phone Curve8900.

    Then I created a simple jQuery Mobile app that displays a header, content (with listview) and the foot.

    When I insert in the Simulator, it looks fine, but when I charge the phone it loads and displays a white screen with a small gray square at the top left of the screen... (perhaps 30 x 30 pixels or less)

    (the rest of the screen is green, because I put the bottom in the config.xml file to green)

    I've specified:


    and also I tried using:

            addEventListener('load', doLoad, false);
            function doLoad() {
       = screen.height + 'px';
                alert('initPage 3');

    but makes no difference.

    (Before I added jQuery to app it worked fine)-very tedious debug because I need to sign the code every time I have test and restart the phone after the installation

    Any help appreciated.

    Maybe someone has a skeleton jQueryMobile app that works on OS5?

    Hi Heiko,

    According to this example JQuery 1.5.2 seems to work on 5.0. Do you need a feature of 1.6.2 otherwise maybe try this library instead.

  • JQuery Mobile theme - Dreamweaver is working but not online

    I created a new JQuery Mobile theme in Fireworks CS6: orders - JQuery Mobile Theme - create new theme. Then exported the theme in a folder where I design a new mobile application (export theme - JQuery Mobile Theme - orders).

    "I open index.html in Dreamweaver CS6 and changed < link href="jquery-mobile/ "rel ="stylesheet"type =" text/css"/ > to the new *.css file. I used find / replace to change all instances of data-theme = 'e' to data-theme = 'y '. I saved index.html and clicked on Live View, where it looked perfect. I used FileZilla to move all the files to the server that hosts my site. But when I view in Firefox or on my Samsung phone, index.html doesn't include any CSS formatting. (He had worked in line with the CSS formatting when I had edited just manually color codes in some places in jquery-mobile/

    If I find index.html as a file on my computer in Firefox, css works perfectly. But when I download the contents of the folder on the server that hosts my site, it's not.

    I would be grateful for any input on what I'm doing wrong.

    Thank you

    Fixed it myself. I realized that I had to leave index.html and add a new line

  • jQuery Mobile + BB 9780 (V 6.0) affects exhaust and the text entry

    Hi all

    I'm new here and for BB Dev. So I don't know if it's good for me to post the questions here, but I think it's worth a try, at least.

    I use jQuery Mobile, 1.1.1 to develop an application of BB.

    At this point, I make the user interfaces and obtained the following:

    1 ESC:

    When in the keyboard ESC is enabled, rather than go back to the previous pagew within the app, the app is exited. I tried the codes. as:

    But it does not work.


    Just like in the region of inputable, text field, text box or search, to get the focus they are blakced, means, users can't really see what they type in. Moreover, the 9790 (V 7.0), I don't deal with the same issue.

    So I was wondering if somebody here has got the same problems, and I'd want to share their solutions.

    Thank you.


    WRE use according to api.

  • Look in the theme of BB10 JQuery Mobile

    After watching the videos of BlackBerry Jam through the UI (and any other guidelines
    "I can find documentation), I'm trying to implement the Peek function in jQuery Mobile BB10

    Everything works fine when I click on the back button on a page. (Page slides to the right for)
    reveal the next level in the hierarchy).

    If the user is supposed to be able to control the Peek with their finger, should I code back
    button to switch somehow that the user moves his finger? So I guess that once a threshold
    reached the continuous page to move to the right to reveal the underlying page?

    In addition, an area touch active also set on the left side of the window that allows the
    user drag across the page in a way that is not accurate (as suggested in the videos)? This active area will interfere with a gesture of the bezel, such as switching to another app on the PlayBook?

    If Peek is supposed to be a central element in the new BB10 experience, I have a feeling developers will be everywhere with this if it is not included as part of development. (Just a thought...)

    Simply put upward

  • Samsung Tablet android jQuery Mobile Smartphone app


    I have an application that I created for mobile devices. I created the application as a "jQuery Mobile Smartphone" instead of a desktop application and I used the theme of "jQuery Mobile Smartphone» The application is a simple application of APEX 4.2.5 report form. My problem is that my request of application link cannot open on a smartphone. These applications work fine on my iPhone. It seems that android devices cannot run the APEX. Is there a reason for this? Do I need to install something to be able to run APEX on android devices? I tried it on two different Android tablets, a Samsung and an Asus. Any suggestions?

    Thank you


    Hi Baonerges,

    Baonerges wrote:

    I have an application that I created for mobile devices. I created the application as a "jQuery Mobile Smartphone" instead of a desktop application and I used the theme of "jQuery" Mobile Smartphone The application is a simple application of APEX 4.2.5 report form. My problem is that my request of application link cannot open on a smartphone. These applications work fine on my iPhone. It seems that android devices cannot run the APEX. Is there a reason for this? Do I need to install something to be able to run APEX on android devices? I tried it on two different Android tablets, a Samsung and an Asus. Any suggestions?

    Where you have installed Oracle APEX? I guess on your desktop computer.

    Oracle APEX application is a web application and you have access to devices through who to support internet and a browser.

    Connect your android device with your Oracle APEX web server and you can run the application by using URL APEX.

    Otherwise import your application to, and then run Internet on your android device.

    The brand of Samsung/Asus android device had to do anything with access to your mobile app of the APEX.

    Kind regards


  • Anchor using JQuery Mobile issues

    I'm having a lot of problems with getting the anchors to work properly all using JQuery Mobile Starter/Page template. My instructor gave me a javascript to use, but that also does not work correctly. I tried a lot of different options to acquire to work and correctly and I had no chance. It is a project that is due next week and right now, it's the only thing that holds back me. So, basically, what I'm trying to do is is when you click on reference points that it'll bring you to a new page with various of the city, and when you click on a city, it brings you to the anchor so you can start reading my information.

    The first anchor controlled by javascript works correctly, but when I add my second anchor and test it, it will go to the first position of anchors, but a few paragraphs down. If I add a third it will only go down the page a little bit as if he were not moved at all.

    A lot of help is greatly appreciated



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    Explore Ohio © 2015 MU

    Just to clarify some terms. An anchor point is what we all call a hyperlink. You refer to the name attribute of the anchor tag.  Named anchors are deprecated, but whether you use them or element ID that they work the same.  Not really sure that you posted after your question - can you just after the code?

    > The first anchor controlled by javascript working correctly.

    > but when I add my second anchor and test it, it will go to the

    > anchors first position, but a few paragraphs down. If I add a third

    > It will only go down the page a little bit as if he were not moved at all.

    Is there enough room for the page scroll? Links to specific locations in a page works by scrolling through the page. If there is not enough left on the page height, it can not scroll and may give the impression that it doesn't. Is this what is happening? If this isn't the case, then you will need to view the code.

  • jQuery Mobile - Popup doesn't open after F5, but not on the first page load

    Greetings guys,

    Unfortunately, there is very little documentation on how to combine the APEX 4.2 with jquery mobile components, so I hope that some geniuses here can help me.

    On a single page with a bunch of hole components, there is also a popup div
    <div id="myPopup" data-role="popup">
       <!-- close button, safe button, input field and short list... -->
    He gets open with js:
      $( "#myPopup" ).popup( "open" );
    This all works well, not to mention that the face that it works as after you refresh the page!
    The page loads via js:
        $.mobile.changePage('f?p='+ $v('pFlowId') +':20:' + $v('pInstance') 
                           , { transition:"slide", reloadPage:true });
    ... who also works very well so far. Same problem, I had before when I was using a dialog instead of the pop-up box. -only show after refreshing the page.

    This must surely have something to do with how JQM loads and makes the page (outside the APEX-job) - a simple enough question. I also tried different ways of calling the page, without any difference to this problem. Unfortunately I'm quite new to work with JQM, so maybe someone here can help me.

    Thank you very much in advance,
    Best regards

    When you think the loading multiple pages is the issue that you can fix that by using the variable apex.gPageContext$ .

    In order to get the popup in the use of the last page / current / real: $("#myPopup",_apex.gPageContext$).popup ("open")

    Documentation says (not more and not less then):
    apex.gPageContext$-used to limit the jQuery to the active desktop or Mobile current page jQuery selectors.

  • Loading animation with jquery mobile click

    Hi all!

    I have a mobile Web page that I'm working on.  The page is done using Dreamweaver CS6 and jQuery Mobile.

    I added some external edge animations to the project as well.

    Each 'Page' (to go to an another placeholder, 'page' really just a ' # ' on the same page) includes an animation of edge at the top.

    What I'm trying to accomplish, is that when the user clicks a button on jQuery, I can auto start a new animation of edge of the 'page' (right now, they're all at pageload and you will see that on the homepage!).

    Does make sense?

    Is there a way to do this without making the whole site, an animation of edge?

    Thank you!


    Hi, James.

    Yes.  You must disable automatic execution for each Animation, then see the next model using multicomp situation and calling play() in your jQuery mobile click event.  There are a lot of posts on the forums on multicomposition pages, so I think it should be easy enough that getting up and running.

    Thank you


  • jQuery Mobile BB10 theme: the Application (kick-down) Menu

    I use the latest released version of the jQuery Mobile BB10 theme to develop my apps. I have some questions on how to implement the Application Menu (or sliding down):

    1. I understand the instructions for user interface while the Application Menu is no longer an overlay on top of the current screen (because we are used to seeing in the PlayBook OS 2 applications)? Is the Menu of the Application requires to press the entire page (or screen) down to display the menu buttons?

    2. the Application Menu included in jQuery Mobile BB10 theme, or do we need to implement the set up menu and keys by using a custom code? It is relatively easy to implement this function. I just want to make sure my code matches what is in the BB10 theme.

    Thank you.

    Hello ProLove360,

    I don't think JQuery UI BB10 theme includes a blow in the drop down menu, but the implementation of the menu to slide down to BB10 in WebWorks is not set in stone. In fact, it is very expensive (side performance) to go down the whole container to reveal the menu, therefore a superposition of the top does work better in my opinion.

    You can use the example below for a shot in the menu drop-down:

  • Cannot run the BlackBerry 10 jQuery Mobile theme kitchensink

    I downloaded the BlackBerry 10 jQuery Mobile theme and I wanted to try how it works on the Dev Alpha.

    I created this config.xml file ".
    "xmlns:RIM =""
    version = "" rim: header = "JQKS" >
    http://www.dandandin.NET/ ".
    RIM: copyright = "Copyright 2012" > ".

    JQ Kitchensink
    An application to test jquery

    and I put it on /kitchensink

    Then I packed /kitchensink and loaded on my dev alpha, but I get this:

    I can press OK, but the application is frozen.

    If I load on my local Web server and browse the dev Alpha it works, what's the problem?

    Make it work, you must upgrade to the latest SDK

    I had 1.0.2 and it did not work.

  • Popup in jQuery Mobile BB10 theme

    I am trying to implement a context Menu on the jQuery Mobile BB10 theme. I guess it's a
    special instance of the Action menu overflow.

    How to adjust the behavior of slide to reach the two States of the context Menu without messing around
    the standard definition of the Action Menu overflow?

    What is the user action that activates the close context Menu?

    What is the action of the user who causes the most broad context Menu to appear?

    Jason Scott on Github

    It gave me the following response to my question:

    I recommend using the contextual menu webworks for your application. It has everything you want.
    The documentation is available here.

  • jQuery Mobile BB10 theme: arrow on the display of the list

    In the jQuery Mobile BB10 theme, I'm having a time difficult trying to implement what should be a simple visual style on a listview that contains a href.

    My application has two types of lists. Normal list (without links) is ok.

    The list that contains a href is where my problem is. The two lists are the same and I have no way for the user to distinguish easily a link and a non.

    I tried several variants of setting [Data-icon = 'arrow-r'] and [Data-icon = "interface user-icon-arrow-r"] at the same time the

    • levels.

      I might add and manipulate [class = "UI-li-aside"] or [class = 'interface User-li-count'] fields to insert an image of the arrow?

      I know that there is an easy solution that I'm on.

      Thanks for your help.

      Jason Scott on GitHub

      provided me with the fix for jQuery Mobile BB10 theme code.

      Corrections: #9
      List items are by default to no icon, but can be overwritten using
      data-icon=arrow-ron the

      • or using
        $.mobile.listview.prototype.options.icon = "arrow-r";

        This resulted in an update to the GitHub repository. Please download the new files if you do not use a cloned branch that updates automatically.

    • Windows 8 support jQuery mobile app?

      I'm new to the windows application development 8. I develop application cross-platform for laptops or tablets. My app work very well on iOS and Android with jQuery-mobile, but for windows 8 app it does not work. So my question is Windows 8/8.1 app is not / not supported jQuery-mobile?

      Yes, taken mobile jQuery supported in windows 8 app, but you may need to make some changes in jQuery - mobile.js to operate (if necessary).

      To make mobile jQuery working at IBM polisher/polisher 6.1 for windows 8 brand app some changes in your page code and if function main commentary give 'msie error. " Comment "DELETE IF NOT SUPPORT IE6/7/8" (which is optional).

Maybe you are looking for