Two files of games do not work and are displayed as 'no '. How to reactivate their?

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Games menu in windows 7

Message; 2 games not specified

How can they be reactivated?

  • You have problems with programs
  • Error messages
  • Recent changes to your computer
  • What you have already tried to solve the problem

Hi EternallyConfused,

Please provide us with the information below:

·         What are the games that gives this error message?

·         These games installed manually or is - this built-in game?

·         It worked before?

·         Do you remember all the recent software or hardware changes made on your computer then you are facing this problem?

If it is built in game:

Enable or disable the functionality of Windows for games

i. Click Start, in the search box type in turn windows features turn on or off

II. uncheck the option of game, and then restart the computer.

III. make game characteristic back follow the same procedure and check the option game and make sure that you restart the computer again.

If it has been manually installed, you can uninstall and reinstall the game program and features. Link: Uninstall-or-change-a program

Thank you, and in what concerns:

Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Windows media Center and games does not work, and does not work error message d3d8thk.dll

    my media library does not work and message d3d8thk.dll isn't continuous work to come.  How should I do?

    D3d8.dll error message could apply to any program that uses Microsoft DirectX, most video games.  I suggest following the steps below to solve the problem.

    1 restart your computer if you have not yet.

    D3d8.dll error could be a stroke of luck and a simple restart could clear up completely.

    2. install the latest version of Microsoft DirectX.  Chances are, the upgrade to the latest version of DirectX will fix the d3d8.dll not found error.

    Note: Microsoft frequently publishes updates of DirectX without updating the version number or letter, so don't forget to install the latest version even if your version is technically identical.

    Note: The latest version of DirectX should be installed no matter if you are running Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP.  Installation can include DirectX9 and DirectX10 files but they run side-by-side without problem on all these operating systems.

    3. assuming that the latest version of Microsoft DirectX does not correct the error of d3d8.dll you receive, search for an installer of DirectX on your game or application CD or DVD.  Usually, if a game or other program uses DirectX, software developers includes a copy of DirectX on the installation disc.

    Sometimes, but not often, the DirectX version, included on the disc is a better fit for the program than the last version available online.

    4 uninstall the game or software program and then reinstall it again.  Something could have happened to the files in the program work with d3d8.dll and a reinstall might do the trick.

    5. restore the file d3d8.dll since the latest DirectX software package.  If the troubleshooting steps above have not worked to resolve your error d3d8.dll, try to extract the d3d8.dll individually from the downloadable package of DirectX.

    I hope the information is useful.

    Kind regards

  • Delete a file called "wre.exe", now two of my virus scanners will not work and nor does internet Explorer, how to fix?

    I took my computer to the shop twice to fix the same virus, and then I got it again. This time, I decided to try to fix myself because obviously they couldn't do it, despite having taken $200 from me.

    my mother gave me Norton antivirus, and its history has shown me where the file kept showing in taskmanager, so I went there and deleted. the virus seems to have disappeared and to a large extent, my computer seems to work but I can't run microsoft security essentials or antimalware bytes. haven't tried my other programs yet, but I know that I can still read PDF files, and I can see my photos. the icon of internet explore doesn't work, I got in line to say things to try to find the file online. whenever I try to go online, or use one of my two antivirus, it tells me to choose a program to use to open it.

    is there anyway that I can fix this? really get rid of the virus? I can't afford to have this fixed thing again, and of course, they are unable to him anyway.

    If you like not what it was, I think it was called xp antivirus 2012 or something similar.

    in fact, its virus programs not only blocking, his block anything that does not use another program to run, like adobe or realplayer. I am sure that it changed something. I'll try this thing to scan in any case, just to see if it finds anything. If it isn't, I have no choice but to do a complete reinstall of windows.

    is there a risk to the installation of an operating system from an obsolete drive severely? as in will be my computer be infected again until he finally update all the way?

    First of all, you can not delete a file by using the Task Manager. You can choose to terminate a process but cannot remove a file that you have indicated above in your initial post.

    Second, you can't have the two Microsoft Security Essentials and Norton installed on the same machine. Conflict reducing your coverage and possibly even cause a blue screen.

    Thirdly, you are unable to open due to the malware programs change you file associations of executable files.

    Fourthly, you have problems to connect to the internet most likely because the malicious software modified your internet connection settings.

    It will be easy to fix if you follow my instructions carefully.

    With the help of a good working computer and flash drive you mentioned above download the four files below save them on the flash drive.




    Malwarebytes< it="" doesn't="" matter="" that="" you="" may="" already="" have="" malwarebytes="" downloaded.="" use="" the="" one="" on="" the="" link="" i="" provided.="" it="" has="" been="" renamed="" to="" allow="" it="" to="" run="" on="" infected="">

    Now take the flash drive for infected patients. Open the flash drive. Right-click on XpExeFix.reg and choose merge. Confirm the prompt. You should receive a message that the information has been added to the registry.

    Then, double-click RemoveProxy and run it. Once the operation is completed, you should be able to access the internet. If you are unable to run the file go to the step below and run RKill and then return to this step.

    Then, from the flash drive double click on RKill and choose to run it. It may take a while to complete but, just let it run. You will get a window similar to that of the command prompt and must be informed when the process is complete.

    Once the RKill completed, double-click Malwarebytes and choose to install it. Update to update the installation, then run a full scan. Remove any detected object. If you are unable to update just for some reason any run it.

    Post when you have completed these steps for additional instructions.

  • Page Forward and Reverse buttons do not work and are "grayed out" after upgrading to, as it is the elements of main Menu like file-Edit-view etc...

    After the upgrade to Firefox 3.6.12 features appear to be intact. Then, after a few days he lost the ability "page forward" or "back" and are "grayed out". In addition, the elements of main menu like File, Edit, View, history, Favorites, tools, and assistance are also grayed out and non-functional.

    In addition, the "search engine" does not search, search the Web should be made since then in the URL window instead, for some reason any crazy. If the URL window is empty when I enter a search in the search window, the following text appears in the URL window, "bookmarks and search history", which makes no sense.

    In the past, I've noticed similar complaints in this Forum, but I have not seen any resolution posted these questions. Is there a solution?

    Create a new profile as a test to see if your profile is the source of the problems.

    See basic troubleshooting: a new profile

    There may be extensions and plugins installed by default in a new profile, so check that in "tools > Modules > Extensions & Plugins»

    If this new profile works then you can transfer files from the old profile to the new profile (be careful not to copy corrupted files)


  • My sound on my computer worked but lately it seems to stop working unless I beat type of speaker and now the sound does not work and I don't know how to fix it.

    When I plug in head phones work. and when he came out I had just hit my speakers really hard until she is back now he used no matter what I do.

    Hello Christina,

    Well tell what is obvious, you may well have damaged your material in a certain way - probably 'hit' a wide wire that has already been lost. It's a hardware problem; This site deals with software, for example, windows.

    The kind of help that I could give would be if you have problems with your audio drivers, or if it is a virus or malware that was the cause. But shots on your speakers 'really hard' it makes it seem as if its associated hardware.

    Assistance with the material, I suggest you two sites: Tom Hardware (; and Computing.Net (

    Best I can do, sorry. Let me know how you fare.

    Kind regards


  • all my icons that were normally at the bottom of the screen have migrated to the right side and are all bundled together how to place their return to the bott

    I recently bought a HP 15 laptop with 8.1. I use mainly desktop with latest Mozilla. All my icons that is usually found at the bottom of the screen have migrated to the right side of the screen and boots, to the top, I can't do your choice. I tried to customize without result. I am 75 but strive to keep abreast, but it baffled me.

    Sorry, it's a question of support of Windows, the Windows taskbar does not part of Firefox. I do not use Windows 8.1 myself, and I don't know if the process is the same as on my Windows XP - but maybe click and hold and drag this bar down might work like on Windows XP.

    If you do not understand what I said, or it does not work, here is a popular Windows 8 support forum that should be able to help you.

  • After completing the download of a file on my computer, Firefox zip active Microsoft Excel to extract the zip file (which obviously does not work) - and I can't "debug" the problem because the download folder has been created by Firefox

    When I download ANY files on my computer (Windows XP), Firefox opens its ' own record (with Firefox icon); and displays the file name and a progress bar when file downloads - end with no zipped files NOT, as in no .zip or .7z, Firefox just stops (unless there is a process of "autonomous activation" in the file, such as an installation wizard)-it runs correctly.

    However, when it is a zip file, MS Excel is enabled - Excel says 'unrecognizable format' - I have plenty of "-cancellation).
    It has been produced for at least weeks - it just me is appeared that this started when I upgraded to firefox 8.0 (but not positive) - yesterday, I've upgraded to Firefox 9.0

    View > toolbars-> Uncheck Menu bar

  • I don't know what is happening, I did a system restore and it did not work, and all my icons and files I had on my monitor have gone

    I don't know what is happening, I did a system restore and it did not work, and all my icons and files I had on my monitor have gone

    Try this to rebuild icons: -.

    Open the command prompt as administrator and copy and paste each command and press ENTER after each command:-

    • Taskkill /IM explorer.exe/f
    • CD /d %userprofile%\AppData\Local
    • DEL /a IconCache.db
    • Shutdown /r
  • My Phlinxtogo game does not work correctly

    Original title: "C:\Program Files (x 86) \Pogo Games\Phlinx Go\PhlinxToGo.exe" __My Phlinxtogo game does not work correctly ".

    \Pogo Games\Phlinx to Go\PhlinxToGo.exe

    1. what operating system is installed on your computer?
    2. What is the exact error message you get?
    3. what happens when you try to run the game?
    4. has been the work of game much earlier?
    There is currently no information on the compatibility of Phlinxtogo with Windows 7.
    However, you can perform two or three steps and check if it helps.
    Step 1:
    Once the Phlinxtogo game is downloaded, right click on the .exe file and run as administrator.
    Step 2:
    If this does not help, run the game in Windows compatibility mode and check.
    If none of the suggestions work, I'm afraid you must contact the manufacturer of game for a better support.

    Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft

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  • Diablo 1 does not at all, 12 years old game does not work on the new computer

    Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite P200 with Windows Vista 32-bit, it has an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 video card. I also have 10 installed Direct x which, according to the manufacturers of my video card is compatible. I ran a test game that was included with the CD and it said that everything is okay. But it is still coming up with this error. "Diablo could not correctly initialize your video card using directX" then it tells me to update my directx which I did. check and update my driver for my graphics card and make sure its compatiable which I did and it's. I've been to Blizzard games, and they said that can not help me and I have to go to the manufacturer of the video card. I went to them and they said because it was a laptop they cannot help me with this and told me to goto, the manufacturer of my laptop that I do at the moment, but if someone had this problem and have any ideas how I can get this race please tell me thanks.

    This game was designed for Windows 95. Of many old games do not work under NT (on XP and Vista) kernel unless you use the emulation such as DOSBox.

    You can try setting the game to run in Windows 98 compatibility mode (click with the right button on the games EXE file, select Properties-> Compatibility tab).

    Otherwise, you will need to install Win95/98 and possibly to use a video card more old since display drivers change so rapidly and drop the old features not more used.

  • Start button does not work and turns off all the icons

    Hi there, I try to open my Start menu does not work, and all my turns off desktop icons. I don't know what to do and I really have a hard time with these two problems. Any help would be great.

    I try this method and none of them work

    I have AVG Antivirus, I run it twice but nothing found

    I also run sfc/scannow in cmd promt twice, but it is 100%, nothing wrong here

    Any other comment, please help

    Much Apprecciate

    Do not have access to Safe Mode if you ignore the system restore and click on the button on the Start Menu?  Your initial problems are repeated in this case?

    If you can access Safe Mode things, see if it will help you create another user, and it will allow to test this new user in Normal Mode of loading.

    Also, if you can in Mode safe, download and run this program in mode safe mode and let it scan your computer for malware.

    Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

    Try this mode safe too.  Try running ChkDsk to check your drive for errors. Right click on your drive icon / properties / tools / error checking.  Try first by checking do not each box (that it will run in read-only mode) to see if it reports any problems file or hard drive.  If so, restart it by checking both boxes and restart to allow him to attempt to fix any problems found.

    If Safe Mode is not an option for you, see if you can access options of startup repair (be it to start any Windows Vista DVD or the Safe Mode screen options).

    Startup Repair.

    Startup Repair is a Windows Recovery tool that can fix certain problems, such as missing system files or damaged, that might be preventing Windows to start.

    Startup Repair: frequently asked questions

    See if you have any DVD installation or another way to run the Startup Repair tool.

    Windows Vista download Recovery Disc

    If you still have problems after all that you can post back and we'll consider a data restore and reinstall options.

  • I want to burn files to a cd, there are two files, one is 8.1 GB and the other is 3.5 GB, what capacity of CD should I buy to take account of these files, or is there any method I can use?

    I want to burn files to a cd, there are two files, one is 8.1 GB and the other is 3.5 GB, what capacity of CD should I buy to take account of these files, or is there any method I can use?

    First of all, you cannot use a CD for each file - they do not provide enough space (and I'm pretty sure same compression help not enough).

    You can burn the 3.5 GB on DVD or DVD-R DVD - RW file, as long as it's a guy with enough space

    8.1 GB file CAN be turned into a DVD, but you need a very special type (and maybe special software - I'm not sure about this).  An article on the different types of DVDs and their abilities of here:

    There are a few 3rd party software products that allow you to split a large file inot several pieces to fit on a game sequenced CD, but I couldn't find one that was free.  To do this, you can check on,, Bing, and Google.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • The Godfather 2 game does not work in windows 8, it is not even start. can anyone help? pls?

    pls... can someone help me to play the Godfather 2 in windows 8? Thanks in advanse.

    Hi Hugh,.

    Thank you for joining Microsoft Community!

    According to the description, it seems that the Godfather 2 game does not work in Windows 8.

    We have no information about the game in the Compatibility Center.

    I'll have to install the game in the Compatibility Center and check out:

    Visit this link to learn more about the compatibility.

    What is program compatibility?

    Right click on the Setup file and install the game in compatibility mode. Visit this link for steps to install the game in compatibility mode.

    Make the programs more compatible with this version of Windows

    Using the windows-related issues feel free to post on Microsoft Community.

  • Pdf in the browser form is not working and look weird

    On the next page, I have a pdf form and it does not work and it looks weird (logo has changed color, button missing, strange looks heading):

    I have checked and it is not only a form of pdf, its forms of pdf that behave strange.

    It's something that started to happened recently and it works fine in IE and Chrome.
    I don't see that the design of the pdf viewer has changed, so I think it might have something to do with the fact that there has been some sort of update of the viewer of pdf in firefox or something?

    Hello, firefox 19 introduced its own Viewer integrated pdf - if you want to switch it to the plugin you used before displaying a PDF file just go to the firefox options > applications and scroll down and set the default action for the portable document (pdf) format.

    View PDF files in Firefox

  • Whenever my google instant not working, and I type something,... something called * research * starts to download using my download manager! English help

    Whenever my google instant not working, and I type something,... something called * research * starts to download using my download manager! help

    See also:

    Create a new profile as a test to see if your profile is the source of the problems.

    See "basic troubleshooting: a new profile:

    There may be extensions and plugins installed by default in a new profile, so check that in "tools > Modules > Extensions & Plugins" in case there are still problems.

    If this new profile works then you can transfer files from the old profile to the new profile, but make sure not to copy corrupted files.


Maybe you are looking for

  • Encrypting data by connecting to tdms files

    Hello The project I'm working on that saves its data in tdms files. But it is necessary to protect the intellectual property of the data, so that the client wants the encrypted data. Does anyone have a suggestion regarding best practices for encrypti

  • Faulty motherboard? (M2N78 - LA)

    System specs Hey everyone, I was on the forums a few months back looking for advice on buying a new video card for my system.  Display feedback has been "I'd be more worried that you have the jury M2

  • Said Microsoft product code is not true

    I bought a new Compaq laptop a few months previously, in a box of big name store. When I go to register my Microsoft software it says that the 25-digit product code is wrong. I'm pulling this number immediately sticker windows on the laptop that says

  • What should I do to be re - authenticate my Windows 7? I have a valid key, but he won't be re - authenticate.

    What does uninstalling and reinstalling kb971033, repair damaged files, which is what causes your problem not authentic. It will not fix a fraudulent installation. You can try the WGA forums for your question, because there are more people with exper

  • ASA NAT 9.1 as object under standalone vs NAT command command

    Hey guys,. I'm setting up a few new 5515 X ASAs. Are there major differences between the two methods of syntax NAT?  They both seem to work in a lab environment.  I find that the first method mentioned in the Cisco documentation for one-to-one NAT st