Unsubscribe to our monthly subscription of Adobe service Muse, but every month always deducted subscription fees.


I contacted the Adobe Customer Service (via chat) on 20 Sep about my attempt to unsubscribe from the monthly subscription of Adobe Muse (order No. 13389165429). The operator said that my subscription has been cancelled... But what intrigued me was that adobe kept deducting monthly subscription price of my far debit card.

Why is still cool my debit card subscription deduction - I thought that the subscription has been cancelled? It's strange how it is easy to subscribe, but the opposite when it comes to unsubscribe. Anyone?

Thank you.

I would recommend the Adobe call. This is a Community Forum. There are a few staff members in the community, but I don't think one of them might help you with this question. The Adobe phone number is pasted below. I hope this helps solve your problem!

Adobe customer support: 800-833-6687

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