Upgrade CPU on Satellite Pro A10


I have a PSA15E A10-IN running a celeron 2.0 chip. Anyone know if it is possible to upgrade the processor and if what chips it would take? Thanks in advance.


In most cases, the upgrade of the CPU is not possible because of the BIOS and chipset restrictions.
But sometimes it is possible to use a different CPU, which is supported by the chipset.
I have no idea what chipset supports your laptop, but you can check this in the Device Manager or you could install some hardware diagnostic such as Sisoft SANDRA or Everest Home Edition software.

Then, you can view properties chipset Intel ARK on page for a list of compatible processors.

However, Satellite Pro A10 is very old and I doubt its value to upgrade the processor because you won't see a great performance.

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  • Upgrade memory on Satellite Pro A10

    Can anyone advise me on the correct type of RAM to upgrade my Satellite Pro A10. Its a standard of 256 MB at the minute and I think to mortise in additional 512 MB next to her - but I am confused by the array of the types of memories and classifications - DDR - SODIMM etc!

    Practice with the screwdriver, but not so hot with the acronyms. A big thank you to you all out there who know the score!


    I understand you very well and sometimes I also a bit confused because of the entire rating in the world of computing of m.

    The Sat Pro A10 supports 200-pin PC2700 (333 Mhz) DDR SODIMM modules and you can upgrade the memory on this laptop up to 1024 MB (2 x 512 MB)

    You can check this page of the memory module:

  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite Pro A10

    I want to upgrade the RAM on my Satellite Pro A10 - currently only 256 MB. I have a model A10-PS15E-02VPC-EN, which is P4 1.9 G - any advice on what the right extension configuration should be - I understand that I can go to 1 GB - if it was in a slot or should I get 2 modules of 512 MB and what model numbers should I expect?


    According to the specifications of the laptop you can be upgraded to 1 GB Ram max. The compatible memory modules are:
    PC2100 256 MB (PA3127U - 1 M 25) and
    PC2100 512 MB (PA3164U - 1 M 51).

    In my opinion, you can get a 512 MB module and it will be enough for Windows XP Home edition operating system. You will see that this phone works much better and faster.

  • Upgrade memory of satellite Pro A10


    I have a portable satellite Pro A10. I would like to add 512 MB to my memory. Can you please tell me what type of memory should I use?

    Thank you



    I studied a little more on the pages of Toshiba and I found a brief information:
    This device supports memory DDR PC2100 modules. In this case, you can use this Toshiba recommended memory modules:
    PC2100 128 MB (PA3126U - 1 M 12)
    PC2100 256 MB (PA3127U - 1 M 25)
    PC2100 512 MB (PA3164U - 1 M 51)


  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite Pro M50?

    Is it possible to upgrade the processor on a Satellite Pro M50 to say an Intel Pentium M 755 SL7EM Socket 479 (mPGA479M) or is the BIOS locked to accept only Celeron M 350J, 360J, 370, 380?

    You should first check chipset compatibility.
    IIN case the chipset would support the new processor, you have a good chance to get the laptop works properly.

    I think the old series M50 Intel 915 PM/915GM/910GML chipset support.
    So, theoretically the
    -Intel Pentium-M Dothan (725/730/740/750/760/770) 1.6 GHz, 1.73 GHz, 1.86 GHz, 2.0 GHz, 2.13 GHz
    -Intel Celeron-M Dothan (350J, 360J, 370) 1.3 GHz, 1.4 GHz and 1.5 GHz
    should be compatible.

    But be aware that portable upgrades from manufacturers don t support the CPU.
    So no one can tell which device is supported by the BIOS.

    Also, the Pentium CPU would create and produce more heat and this may affect the functionality of the laptop. In the worst case system and the RAM would be crashes due to the higher temperature.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite Pro C660-219


    I wonder just to upgrade CPU on my laptop to get some perfomance.
    I did the upgrade of RAM to 8 gb and 64 bit Win7.
    Now, it's processor i3 - 370 M (3 m cache, 2.40 GHz).

    I'm sure I can go to i3 - 390 M (3 m Cache, 2.66 GHz) processor, but it will be useless IMO.
    It has same Cache and just a little bit faster CPU count:
    http://Ark.Intel.com/PL/compare/52955, 49020

    I need someone to answer the question: can I ride this laptop an i5 or i7 without problem with compatibility with the motherboard?

    Sorry for my poor English, but I think you will have a point of my case.
    I do not want to play games, but need more power for hd video editing when I'm outside my home office

    Tomasz Kowalski

    > I need someone to answer the question: can I ride this laptop an i5 or i7 without problem with compatibility with the motherboard?
    You should know that upgrades of processors are not supported by any laptop manufacturer. This means that no one can tell if a CPU would be fully compatible and cause no worries. These upgrades are own risk.

    You could read this statement from Toshiba about upgrades.
    [Is it possible to upgrade the CPU or GPU of a Toshiba laptop computer? | http://APS2.Toshiba-tro.de/KB0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm]

    The point is that even the chipset which is part of the motherboard would support the new processor, BIOS would not fully compatible and the combination of BIOS and the new processor may cause new troubles.

    The camera seems to supports the INTEL HM55 chipset and to my knowledge, the Toshiba Satellite C660/C665/Pro C660 series is based on a Dual Core/Quad Core Processor (* Intel Arrandale processors *)

    So if you want to find a compatible CPU, you should check the processors owned by the family of processors Intel Arrandale.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite Pro series - Impossible?


    I have a Satellite Pro with a deleted warranty and I'm always happy with the speed of my CPU. Again a year from now I know I won't and I'm anticipating a CPU upgrade (after the upgrade of RAM and HARD drive) at this time. Some would say "sell & buy new", this approach will be more expensive because nobody wants to buy a laptop obsolete, but new compatible spare parts will become much cheaper...

    After saying that & after reading a lot of 'IMPOSSIBLE' in this forum discussion, I'm almost certain this type of upgrade because my laptop has big brothers with the CPU, I would like to upgrade. There are also many sellers of "repair" off market where I can learn exactly what to do or what not to do. I'm not inexperienced because I deal with several desktop PC repairs & etc. of mine & my friends...

    Having said all that, I wonder if it is STILL IMPOSSIBLE to upgrade a processor in my laptop? I know the risks, but I wasn't expecting that it would be a lot harder from examples of PC desktop. I don't think that incompatibility of CPU (pine, heat etc.) will be a problem since there bro as I said & I also manually checked all other requirements, such as the dissipation of heat, chipset compat. & etc...

    Yet, I read something about "microcode" and the incompatibility of the BIOS. Here's the same thing? Given the new processor in its series does not guarantee BIOS compat. ?

    That's all from me. All comments and suggestions are welcome as long as they came with an explanation. (written 'No you can't' without cause will not help at all)

    Thank you...

    > I know the risks, but I wasn't expecting that it would be a lot harder from examples of PC desktop.
    Of course, the CPU upgrade is much trickier as an upgrade of CPU on the desktop PC.

    If you want to upgrade the CPU, you should know...

    -How to disassemble the laptop and remove all the covers and parts without damaging other laptop parts
    -If the CPU is not soldered onto the motherboard and can be removed on a simple passerby
    -If the BIOS can handle the new processor and fan table that stored in the BIOS would provide consistent settings for cooling the CPU properly.
    -If the chipset is compatible and supports the new processor
    -If the firmware needs to be updated (only by an ASP) because the wrong info of the DMI will not allow UC to perform with maximum efficiency.
    -If the laptop will run stable after the CPU upgrade for the new processor is pleased to produce more heat.

    As you can see the upgrade is not easy and certainly not possible.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite Pro C650-10Z


    I was wondering if I could upgrade the processor in the Satellite Pro C650 10Z for better performance in games. Is it possible to change the processor of this laptop?
    And if it is possible, will require computer support the AMD Phenom II X 4 840?


    Hey Buddy,

    > I was wondering if I could upgrade the processor
    This not s official in charge, and if you do that, you lose the warranty. In your case I wouldn t this becaue she s too risky. In the worst case you damage something and then you have to buy a new laptop.

    > for better performance in games
    Game performance is mainly based on graphics card and no CPU, but updated graphics card is also not possible on laptop. On laptops there is no easy CPU or updates of graphics as on desktop computers.

    > it will support the AMD Phenom II X 4 840
    Just for your information: the Phenom II X 4 840 is a desktop processor and not for laptops. ;)

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite Pro 2100

    Hello world!

    This time my question belongs to the CPU in my Satellite Pro 2100. Currently under construction in an Intel Pentium 4-M GH 1.9, my question is, wether I could built in a processor (more powerful sense) "superior". Have seen CPU type Intel Pentium 4 M up to above 3.0 GH. Of course, this is related to the FSB, and due to the fact that I don't know what kind of motherboard I have, I just want to know if anyone here knows the maximum.

    I know there is Toshiba Satellite Pro Notebooks with 2.2 GH Intel Pentium 4 M processors inside.

    happy to all boards


    I remember well the Satellite Pro 2100 was equipped with 5 different Intel Pentium 4 - M s CPU
    1.7 GHz, 1.8 GHz, 1.9 GHz, 2.0 GHz, 2.2 GHz

    So, theoretically, you can insert a 2.2 Ghz Intel Pentium 4 - M CPU.

    But please don't ask me if it is really possible because the CPU upgrade on laptops is different as an update on the desktop.
    On some older portable computers, the CPU has been fixed for the mobo and it was not easy to remove it.

    That's all I can say about this case.

    Good bye

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite Pro P300-1EX


    I'm looking to upgrade my Intel Pentium Dual Core T3200 2 GHz. (to 667 Mhz front side Bus)
    I have some difficulty to find CPU can be installed safely.

    Can someone direct me to some that can be installed and give a performance increase?

    Thanks in advance.


    You need to know a few facts about upgrading the CPU.
    First of all computer laptop manufacturers don t support these updates and that means gift of manufacturers of portable t provided no details on processors taken in charge.

    But in most cases a CPU upgrade depends on the BIOS and chipsets support.
    In your case, it is essential to know which chipset was built in Notepad.
    Knowing this, you can use the Intel ARK page to get information on chipsets and processors supported.

    But even if the chipset would support the new processor, it is still pending regarding BIOS support.
    In the worst cases, the BIOS won't be compatible with the new processor and finally, it would mean that the phone would not work properly.

    I mean from my point of view a CPU upgrade does not provide a significant performance gain. There will be a small increase of performance, but in my opinion upgrade anther as a switch of the SSD HARD drive would be much better.
    I did these updates in the past and I was quite satisfied.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite Pro S300-121

    Is it possible to upgrade the CPU in my laptop? If so what can we use to better speed?

    At first check it please this Toshiba document - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm

  • Upgrade of a Satellite Pro A10

    Can someone tell me if it is possible to update the graphics card in an A10 and if so what would you recommend for the games? See you soon.

    Hi alex

    As far as I know is not possible. The construction of the laptop is not so extensible and at the office.

    Sorry, but in my opinion there no way to improve the performance of the graphics card. The only thing you can try is to search for some real driver for him on the site of the producer. But you must be careful. It is not tested by Toshiba and there is no guarantee that it will be better or it will work correctly.

  • Can I upgrade or change the graphics card on my Satellite Pro A10

    All the spec on my machine goes on the system requirements to run most of the games.

    Currently its at 64 MB and has an Intel graphics card
    but I was wondering if this can be changed completaly or memory GPU upgraded on a satellite Pro A10?

    Any help and advice would be grateful.

    PS: Please forgive any spleeing stupid mistakes thanks: P


    Unfortunately, upgrading the graphics card is not possible.
    The GPU chip is fixed simply (I think that it welded s) on the motherboard and cannot be deleted.

    Best regards

  • Satellite Pro A10 CPU upgrade possible? Which processors?

    Is it possible to upgrade the Satellite Pro A10 CPU? What processors are supported?


    Usually the CPU upgrade is not possible on laptops because of several reasons.
    But as far as I know that this camera was supplied with three different processors:
    Intel Celeron P4 - M (Mobile) 2.0 GHz, 2.2 GHz and 2.4 GHz
    Well, I put t know if the CPU was only connected or soldered onto the motherboard.

    However, it s not advisable to change the CPU. It is possible that after CPU change the laptop overheating for example.

  • Satellite Pro A10: Question about upgrading video card

    Hi guys, I have a laptop Satellite Pro A10 and I was wondering if anyone of you could help me.

    I want to improve my Ram card memory and video. The video card now is an Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller and want a graphics card with at least 128 MB of memory on this subject.
    Any recommendation?
    Any help would be appreciated muchly.


    It of not possible to change the graphics card. The graphics card is a small chip that attaches to the motherboard.
    This graphics card supports up to 64 MB shared memory. The graphics card gets this value of main memory if it s needed.

    The possibility to upgrade the memory of this device is something different.
    You can upgrade the memory to max 1024 MB (2x512MB) and these modules should work.
    PC2100 128 MB (PA3126U - 1 M 12)
    PC2100 256 MB (PA3127U - 1 M 25)
    PC2100 512 MB (PA3164U - 1 M 51)

    Hope this will help a little.

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