upgrade paviliion a1440n xp to vista or windows7

Windows XP 32-bit, Media center Version 2005. How to upgrade XP to vista or windows7 with the least amount of pain?  Anyway, there will be a job and I have to get the software on the secondary market. Thanks for any help.


I have not tried. The edition of Linux Mint Mate looks the most like the old windows and works well on older systems. Ubuntu has released its new LTS (long term support) Ubuntu LTS of 14.04 version which will be supported until April 2019. Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, so they must have their LTS soon.
The only drawback to the Mint is the search plugin they use in order to avoid searching google, but that can be removed and a google search added to Firefox.

That's why I always install products Google like the Chrome, etc. from the official sources of Google Earth. Use installers for Debian-based systems.

Debian builds the excellent base OS, adding, Ubuntu and makes it friendlier desktop, Linux Mint adds different front-ends.

I have not yet tried, but Ubuntu is supposed to support the Office Mate itself now, that if she would may be the best solution.

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  • Upgrade from Vista to Windows7.

    Can I upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista even if the Vista is corrupted and does not start?  Vista was preinstalled and I never created a rescue disk.  I have the product key and through BACK I can see that the windows files are still on the hard drive.  I heard that you can not pass actually no, I just want to know if the version of Windows 7 upgrade will recognize that I don't have a genuine version of Windows Vista.


    Difficulty your 1 Vista as well, not sure if your computer is running Windows 7.

    There is no Windows Vista downloads available from Microsoft.

    You can contact your computer manufacturer and ask them to send you a set of recovery disks.

    They should do this for a small fee.

    And if you have never received a recovery disk when you bought your computer, there should be a recovery Partition on the hard drive to reinstall Vista on how you purchased your computer.

    The recovery process can be started by pressing a particular combination of the key or keys at startup. (Power on / start)

    Maybe it's F10, F11, Alt + F10, etc., depending on the manufacturer.

    Ask them to the proper key sequence.

    Some manufacturers have more available Vista recovery disks.

    If this happens, you may need to try this instead:

    You can also borrow and use a Microsoft Vista DVD, which contains the files for the different editions of Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate) must be installed. The product key on your computer / Laptop box determines what Edition is installed.

    Other manufacturers recovery DVDs are should not be used for this purpose.

    And you need to know the version of 'bit' for Vista, as 32-bit and 64-bit editions come on different DVDs

    Here's how to do a clean install of Vista using a DVD of Vista from Microsoft:

    "How to do a clean install and configure with a full Version of Vista '


    And once the operating system is installed, go to your computer manufacturer's website and get the latest drivers for your particular model or laptop computer.

    And phone Activation may be necessary when you use the above installation method.

    "How to activate Vista normally and by Activation of the phone '



    Once you have Vista running:

    Go to your computer / computer laptop manufacturer Web site and see if Windows 7 drivers are available for your make and model computer / laptop.

    If this is not available, Windows 7 will not properly work for you.

    Run the "Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.


    Check if your specifications are compatible for Windows 7:

    "Windows 7 system requirements"


    "Windows 7 Compatibility Center" for software and hardware:


    Windows 7 upgrade paths:

    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd772579 (v = ws.10) .aspx

    «Installation and reinstallation of Windows 7»


    See you soon.

  • I don't like to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7, because I'm blue screen/crash during the upgrade but the upgrade Windows XP to Windows Vista does not crash during the upgrade!

    I have my computer to another, here my specs:

    Intel Core 2 Duo
    Hard drive 500 GB
    2 GB OF RAM
    DVD player
    Floppy Disk
    The operating system that is running Genuine Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 and just upgraded Windows 7 (but I know before upgrading Windows 7) and keep the blue screen / Crash when upgrading to Windows 7. but the upgrade Windows XP to Windows Vista is not blue screen/crash during the upgrade.
    Is anyone to upgrade from earlier version of Windows to Windows 7 without crashing and spending fortune?


    1 did you change on your computer before this problem?

    2. What is the blue stop screen error message?

    3. When you receive a blue screen during the upgrade?

    You can follow the suggestions and then check.

    Method 1

    Disconnect external devices connected to the computer?

    Method 2

    You can read the article and then check.

    Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7


    See also:

    Windows 7 Upgrade and Migration Guide

    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd446674 (v = ws.10) .aspx

  • If I upgrade to Windows 7, Windows Vista, which will lose if anything, and I'll always be able to run all my programs for Windows Vista?

    If I upgrade to Windows 7, Windows Vista, which will lose if anything, and I'll always be able to run all my programs for Windows Vista?

    Whether if you lose data/programs, it depends on the upgrade path you choose.


    Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.

    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd772579 (WS.10) .aspx

    Railways upgrade to Windows 7 at the link above.

    For any other question of Windows 7:


    Link above is Windows 7 forum for questions on windows 7.

    Windows 7 questions should be directed to the it.

    You are in the Vista Forums.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • I want to upgrade to Windows 7 or Vista (HELP!)

    Hey I have a Latitude D620 (old laptop) with Windows XP Home Edition I think. I want to be upgrading to windows 7 or Vista for free or at low cost. Can someone give me a tutorial how to do step by step? Im getting enough good old Windows Xp-. -.

    Thank you!

    Hi, Dalton_733,

    Sorry for the delay in answering your question but you are in the wrong forum.

    Before you do anything, run these advisers upgrade

    Windows Vista


    Windows 7


    Upgrade Windows XP to Windows Vista


    Are you aware that you might be able to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro - $39.99


    Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7


  • I try the installation key OEM Office or upgrade to another version of Vista

    Hi, I had the same problem here.

    until someone shows me at the door, shouting that I have tried the vista OEM key to install office or upgrade to another version of vista, here are the facts:

    -C' is my work laptop.
    -It was installed with a volume work XP pro license.
    -J' changed jobs, negotiated to keep my laptop in the process.
    -I'm legitimate, I don't want the volume from my previous job license.
    -I am reloading the preinstalled version of vista from the CD supplied with the notebook microsoft (not the CD before installing, I wanted a windows clean and neat)
    -L' label on the back of the PC say "vista home premium OEMAct".
    -I am running windows vista Home premium
    -J' I updated my bios to the latest version
    -vista will not activate automatically.
    -J' tried to call microsoft for manual activation. the IDS are recognized (if you try to enter a wrong number, it is said that there is a mistake), but when I hit "next" after having typed the ID told me on the phone, I get an error indicating that the code is wrong.

    a now I get the Activation Assistant 0xC004E002 error when I try to run it.

    I don't see what I did wrong... someone has a lead what to do next, other than reinstalling windows?
    I don't want to bother to reinstall all drivers and applications (openoffice, java, firefox, xnview, avira antivir...) that I just installed.
    And I want a working solution, as I am not really convinced that reinstall windows don't lead me to the same problem on new.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards

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    First of all-> you have a Toshiba laptop?
    If so,-> to the Vista preinstalled on your laptop is already activated!

    The key at the bottom of the device belongs to the OEM of Vista version and it is just a confirmation that you are using a legal Vista operating system.
    The key cannot be used with MS Office and other versions of Vista!

    If you want to upgrade the Vista then you will probably get a new key from Microsoft.

  • Updates Windows 7 has won 13 59 while finalizing the upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista. I shut down the computer?

    Updates Windows 7 has won 13 59 while finalizing the upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista.  I shut down the computer?

    Yes. Close and restart, the updates will catch up.

  • I just got my computer from Vista to Windows7... Problems with the sites game requiring shockwave remains... Get knocked off line every few minutes... What can I do to stop this? __

    I have problems since I changed my computer from vista to windows7... Sites game requiring shockwave remains... I get knocked off line every few minutes... Why? How can I stop this?

    The first thing I would say (if you have not already done) is to ensure that you have the latest version of Shockwave installed.  If you have still a problem, I would like to run IE without Add-ons and then put only the module Shockwave Player and the test.  Also, follow the other steps listed here and post back with the results.
    Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • try to determine the upgrade? XP pro to vista Home premium


    my questions is can I upgrade or custom install a vista Home premium disc (come again with my wives computer dell Inspiron 1501) on my windows xp pro

    I tried to launch the Upgrade Advisor and readings of error unable to connect?

    Thanks sam

    On Monday, March 3, 2014 16:51:57 + 0000, samy23244 wrote:


    my questions is can I upgrade or custom install a vista Home premium disc (come again with my wives computer dell Inspiron 1501) on my windows xp pro

    No, for two reasons:

    1. the rule is quite clear. It is a copy (or a license) for each

    There is nothing new here. This is exactly the same rule that has been in
    effect on all versions of Windows from at least with Windows 3.1.

    2. even if you have uninstalled it from your wife's computer, you might not
    Install it on your. If it came with the computer of your wife, it is an OEM
    copy and license to get an OEM copy permanently it binds to the first
    It is installed on the computer. It can never be moved to another.

  • I am running Windows XP Professional, can I upgrade to Windows 7 or Vista?

    The upgrade to Windows XP Professional edition

    I am running Windows XP Professional, can I upgrade to Windows 7 or Vista?  I want to run the iCloud but need a more recent version to do.  Thank you.

    The first thing to do is to download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor--> http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=20

    If your hardware and your applications are compatible with Windows 7 (and there are drivers available for your hardware devices) then you can buy a copy of Windows 7 and install it.  You will have to do what Microsoft calls a "custom installation" which is a facility clean Windows 7 in force and which is to format your hard drive.

    Thus, you must first save all your data (files, documents, music, photos, etc.) on another medium (the best is an external hard drive), and then import this into the computer after the installation of Windows 7.  Microsoft is a tool for this called Windows Easy Transfer, but you can use any method you like.

    Also, you must reinstall all of your applications from their original installation media.  If any of these applications has been downloaded, you'll need a copy of the downloaded installation package or a way to re - download.  You must also make sure that you have all your license keys.

    If you go ahead with this, one thing you need to do before your existing XP installation is more usable is to download and run Belarc Advisor (free).  Belarc is mainly intended to let you know if your security patches are up-to-date, it also gives you a list of license keys for a large part of your installed software.

    PS: Don't waste your time with Vista.  If you can not go to Windows 7, stick with XP.

    PPS: You might be interested in reading this thread--> http://forums.tipb.com/icloud-forum/220359-icloud-can-not-used-windows-xp-computer-any-solution.html

  • I was wondering if I upgraded my computer to windows vista 8...

    I was wondering if I upgraded my computer to windows vista 8 my computer will work better because at the moment, I think that it is either a virus in it or its about to crash?


    Normally not correct you problems by upgrading; you take the problems with you.

    And you better not without seeing if the upgrade is possible on your computer.


    See you soon.

  • Upgrade XP Pro SP3 to Vista Home Premium?

    I have XP Pro SP3 and a Vista Home Premium Upgrade disk. When I start the upgade of the workstation xp disc and put in the product key it gives me the option to clean install. It leaves me to upgrade.

    What is the problem and I can around it?

    I'd appreciate advice civilized!


    There is no way of upgrading between XP Pro and Vista Home Premium.

    It must be done with a clean install.


    See you soon.

  • upgrade dell optiplex gx620 to vista need driver for onboard sound plz help

    dell optiplex gx620 to on-board sound card Vista upgrade is not compatible with Vista

    can anyone help with driver sound...

    The latest drivers that Dell has are for XP, they do not have Vista drivers:

    Vista - update drivers:
    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows-Vista/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly

    Vista - driver problem tips:

  • Can I upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista without having to install Vista Service Pack 1?

    Several years ago, I made the huge mistake of update Win XP Pro to Win Vista Ultimate. In doing so, I immediately fell on so many questions that I spent more time each day trying to solve problems, to do the calculation and in some cases it was practically impossible to calculate all. It took about a dozen days before I have just abandoned, thrown my Windows machine into the closet and balance to a Mac. I've not looked back since.

    Well, relatively recently I bought a new laptop from lenovo with the intentions of immediately wiping of Windows 7 and Linux installation, with the hope of avoiding the headaches that I had previously with Windows. However, just out of curiosity, I decided to try Windows 7 before cleaning off the coast of the laptop and I have not had any major problems with it. So, I'm now thinking that I can dust off that Vista machine (the one that was put in the closet), if I can only he move to Windows 7.
    Almost immediately after plugging the thing, the headaches have come back with a vengeance.  I ran the Win 7 Upgrade Advisor, which basically said that everything was fine and that all that I had to do was to install Service Pack 1. Well, there is no service pack 1 in Windows update so I just downloaded the standalone file.  However, after trying to run the stand alone file, he said something to the effect that I can't because it is for installations of Windows language English, French, German and Spanish. He said in English, you the spirit, and it does because I have an English version of Windows.
    I'm now thinking that there could be another language pack on my computer so I googled how to uninstall language packs. The only information I can find on how to uninstall the language packs is to insert the Windows installation disc. I don't have the installation disc. There are years I paid an arm and a leg for a software that was virtually unusable.
    Is that anyway to upgrade to Windows 7 without having to deal with Vista and still not the upgrade price? I'm certainly not going to pay for the full version, as the last time, I would have probably had a better experience if I would have just thrown money into the fire. I don't understand why we should stop both to upgrade the operating system.
    I paid for Windows Vista and now I'm ready to pay to upgrade to Windows 7 because Vista doesn't help, but I can't because the Windows Vista I paid for is once again, pretty useless.
    Is anyway to avoid to jump through all these hoops or get all these headaches to put Windows 7 on my computer - upgrade price since I already have a useless Vista license?
    For what it's worth, I don't want to be negative, because I'm just completely frustrated at a task that should be simple - not to mention that this is the second time I'll have to post because the first time he said the server was unavailable after all the effort to write this first. I am a disabled veteran, so I did not have money to be plopping down hundreds of dollars to check if the software works or not, then that cost when he is not eating. I am now looking to mitigate my loss of Vista upgrade to Windows 7 (at least a little), but still, Vista prevents me to do.

    To remove the headache you cleaning 7 via BIOs Setup. You must then install 7 Service Pack 1 (if not included on the DVD), then the system drivers.

    A complete guide to a Dell system is available here. It will take e slightly modified for a non-Dell system, but it will give you an idea. Note that I wrote each step out in its entirety with a lot if you do not have this or that to get here, so it's a much more long/more scary looking at first sight than it actually is.
    Note: Vista is very stable (~ as stable as 7) when it's done via a clean installation and its Service Pack 1 and 2 service are installed before the drivers in the system (also mentioned in the guide). Via an upgrade, it's a nightmare that you met.
  • Tried upgrading to SP2 for Windows Vista.

    Tried to upgrade your computer to windows vista service pack 2.  I don't think it worked, and now I can't use our printer... Help

    Free unlimited installation and compatibility support is available for issues related to Windows Vista Service Packs. Availability of support chat or messaging differs depending on your location. Some questions may require more support for which it has advanced a charge: http://support.microsoft.com/oas/default.aspx?prid=13014&gprid=582034

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    Why after I installed windows 7 new local disk appeared "system Reserved (H 'only 64.6 MB.). Can I remove the local drive because I need the local disk, and what is the function of this new local disk.I thank the of to help

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