Use to download files from the repository on a T110 II


I'm new on the Dell Poweredge server from HP Proliant, I see that I have something that are similar.

I downloaded and installed the Dell Repository Manager. Created the repository folder and filled with the files I need for my PE T110 II. But I don't want to install them one by one, and I don't want to search if I need or not this because one version I have installed is outdated.

I have the Version Control Repository Manager, which is similar to Dell Repository Manager, HP, and I have the Version Control Agent which compares the version of each driver, software and firmware installed on the server in the repository. If I have a difference I can mark each one and click on install.

How can I do this on Dell?

Kind regards


Hello Edgar

Repositories are just that they are custodians of file with a catalog. They are intended to be used in conjunction with another OpenManage product as a system Build and update utility or update of the Server utility. It can be used with many other products, OpenManage and controllers of life cycle. All products which work together with repositories should have the characteristics that you are curious about.

When you create a repository, you can do a SUU. This will create an ISO that can be run in Windows. It will give a day and available interface, and it will allow you to choose what to update. There is also an option for an update of Linux bootable. This will create an ISO that you can start to update BIOS and firmware.

Created the repository folder and filled with the files I need for my PE T110 II.

This installation type is simply a repository location. When you use a utility like the SBUU or the controller of the lifecycle, you can direct it to this folder location if you have set up as an FTP site. It will use the catalog and the files to this location as a repository to pull updates from.

Thank you

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    You solved this very strange problem?
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    Tauseef Ahmed

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    What security software you have on the laptop?

    Open windows control panel, open Internet Options, click the Advanced tab, click the "Reset" button, then click apply and then click OK.  Restart the computer and see if that helped.

    If it is not, on another PC, download the FirefoxInstaller, this transfer to your laptop and install it. -you still have the same problems to download using this browser?

    Another option to try is the following.

    Judgment of the laptop. Tap here to f8 start you toward the top access to the Windows Recovery Console.  Use the arrow keys to select "Safe Mode with network" and press ENTER.  Let windows fully load in this mode and see if you can now access the internet and download - only choosing a site known 'safe' such as Microsoft and HP that your security software will not work in this mode.  To exit Safe Mode, just restart the laptop in the usual way and Windows does not start normally.

    Let me know the result.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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            //Prepare the header for the GET command        header = conn.createHeaderSet();        header.setHeader(HeaderSet.NAME, file);        header.setHeader(HeaderSet.TYPE, type);        op = conn.get(header);        //The selected file will be send to the operation's input stream        inputStream = op.openInputStream();        return inputStream;    }

    And the call:

    InputStream in = getFileInputStream(conn, op, "text.txt", "text/plain");

    The same call that works perfectly for the list of files (in BlackBerry too):

    InputStream in = getFileInputStream(conn, op, "", "x-obex/folder-listing");

    This call produces an xml file which can be read perfectly by any phone.

    Any help is very appreciated!


    Solved. The problem is to use >-1 instead of ! =-1

  • Download file from the database server, through application server.

    Nice day

    I use Jdeveloper

    I have a requirement to download a file that already exists on the database server Directory. Now my current scenario is that user is connected to the application server, and the user has no direct access to the database server.  I drew a diagram of my requirement as:


    I get a way to do this. Please suggest.

    Best regards,


    The session does not expire if you are streaming data from the application to the client. However, you will need to manage the data sent over the network, because it can make the very slow network if you send this amount of data at high speeds on the network and then to the customer. This connection between client and server is the biggest problem, because bandwidth is usually small. Think about downloading software by one side oracle (for example 1 GB), this takes time and is prone to errors.

    We did something similar by transferring the data from the database (in our case, it has been stored in a BLOB) on a dedicated server with a server web apache on it. Then, we send a link to the client, which then uses the link to get the special file server data.

    The advantage is that you don't have to code the transfer of huge files in the application of the adf but can already use ready to use of software (balancing bandwidth and the recovery of a broken download).


Maybe you are looking for