Using CFHTTP to retrieve a Web site requiring browsers supporting JavaScript

How do you use CFHTTP to retrieve content from another site when that site is created to make sure that a userAgent has activate JavaScript? I use the userAgent attribute and I tried several different values for it, but each attempt returns only a "Sorry, you must have a JavaScript compatible browser to view our site" type of message.

How can I make my CFHTTP request appear as browser * with * support JavaScript?

I use CFMX7 and the URL I'm scratching is:

Well, it seems that when I use the Googlebot as the userAgent...

Googlebot/2.1 (+

.. .it works very well! I was only trying * browser * userAgent strings before. I guess the * bot * userAgents have more class and enter the clubs more :)

Tags: ColdFusion

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    Thank you


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