What are the best practices framework OA customizations autour?


We make many customizations in our case.

What are the best practices around customizations.

How to document?

What is a good practice to make all the customizations by using functional Adimistrator?

Kind regards



Best place for this question would be OA Framework

What are the best practices around customizations.

What do you mean by that? There is one way you can do customization. But the functionality can be achieved differently, in this case, it will be very specific in what you want to achieve.

If you reference how to do customization, such as aid of the functional administrator or go to the page and clicking in the Customize link in the page or by using the xml file and using XMLImporter, it is not really important.

If ask you questions about the migration of customization, you can either export to leave an instance and import them into another instance using functional administrator or XML importer. Or do it manually again.

The XML importer is usually easy and need less documentation from the point of view of migration.

How to document?

If you migrate manually, could better document the steps with screenshots.

If not, document changes in the screen as well as the reference to the downloaded file customization.

What is a good practice to make all the customizations by using functional Adimistrator?

This is one of the option.   I don't see anything wrong with that.

By accessing the page could be more easily test the change.

See you soon


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    If you are going to combine with DATEs or timestamps from a other source, then an INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND or NUMBER may be better.

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    Create a smart collection - published in X days. Select it and export as catalog, including negatives. Keep to the other computer and import the catalog to enter the catalog of another computer (or just open it directly). Reverse the process to bring things back.


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    For a PC, you have to download the Quicktime Player... Although I found that the best work, go ahead and get the Qt Pro license (bit less $ 30) seem to make the best out of my 1080 p mov files. Many users pc found here as soon as they have downloaded Qt, their mov worked well. So... you should be able to use fine as-is in mov codec after d - l QuickTime or at worst, Qt Pro license number is entered in your Qt player.


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    Normally you can just update the drivers without uninstalling existing, unless the installation instructions will tell you to do.

    Some driver packages will automatically uninstall the old drivers before installing new.

    More simply install on the current criteria. I rarely uninstall drivers before updating them.

    After you update a driver, you must always check the tab driver in the Device Manager for the device that you updated to ensure that the new driver installed. You can check this tab before update and then after you updated to note the date/version of the pilot before and the driver date and version later.

    If for some reason, there was no change, then I uninstall the current driver and try reinstalling the newest one.

    Others may have different opinions.


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    Our file server currently uses the measure with a total area of 4 to DS. The virtual machine contains 11 vDisks with sizes ranging from 50 GB to 1.35 to totaling 3.8 TB of data. each vDisk belongs to a division within the company. We are running out of space on the DS, and we need to make changes.

    I did read something positive on the use of measurement other than for a short fix.

    Question: What are the best practices to go forward get rid us of the widespread use, it has been suggested, we look at DFS or perhaps a new virtual machine intended only for the major divisions.

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    See you soon


    If you need a file server, that SFR might be a solution.

    You can use vmdk as well on the same VM, or more file servers.

    For other purposes, you can use the junction to mount a drive in a folder.


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    Enjoying inputs.

    Quick and dirty answer is that "it depends."

    serioulsy, it depends really two things budget and IO.  If you had the money for two without then buy two and don't have to host your server environment and the other for VDI desktop, their IO profiles are completely different.

    If this is not the case, try to keep each type of use for their own dedicated LUN.

  • What is the best practice to roll production ApEx?


    My first ApEx application :) What is the best practice to deploy an ApEx application to production?

    Also, I created end users account and use accountsto, connect from the end-user to ApEx via a URL (http://xxx.xxx.xxx:8080/apex/f? p = 111:1). However, how is it sometimes it is still in development mode (ie: Home |) Request # | Change Page # | Create | Session |...) Tool bar appear at the bottom, but sometimes not?

    Thanks a lot :)

    When you set up your users, make sure that the radio button for the area of admin work and developer is set to no. Cela should make them an "end user", and they should not see links. Only developers and administrators of the workspace can be seen.

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    Hi all

    I need to create calculated columns that are based on columns in different logical Tables (Fact).

    What is the best practice on where I should put these new columns calculated?

    Should I create a new logical table? or just add it to one of those that exist?


    I guess it would make sense to create a new that's logical sources will be the 2 facts you need to calculate this measure. If you need to add to the existing logical facts the source of them is changed and the other fact that may not be wanted that she could be confusing will be shown.

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    Yes -PowerPhotos is a better way to move images


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    Thank you for your time to write a post.

    We are very sorry for the late reply.

    Change the picture or the sound settings of your TV depends on your preferences and on what you watch/listen to.

    You can use the settings preset for image and sound.

    In addition, to better enjoy your viewing experience, follow these steps:

    Thank you
    ^ Ron

    If my post answered your question, please mark it as "accept as a Solution.

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