What happened to the function "bookmark this group of tabs?

Firefox 6.0 is not a function "bookmark this group of tabs" in the bookmarks menu. What happened to him? Still, can it be done? How? This is progress?

Has been moved from the context menu of the tab. Right-click on a tab and you will see bookmark all tabs...

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  • What happened to the function "bookmark all tabs" in Firefox 4.0.1?

    I found the function "To bookmark all tabs" very useful when I went to close Firefox (for recovering the memory), but wanted to be able to remember the bookmarks. In the 4.0.1 Version that seems to have been supplanted by groups of tabs in Panorama, but this isn't the same thing. I want just a simple way to bookmark, or make a group of tabs of ALL open tabs.

    {Ctrl + Shift + D} to trigger bookmark all tabs or use the menu option bookmark all tabs... in the context menu for each tab.

  • What happened to the controls ' Bookmark this page '?

    I just got the latest update of Firefox. All I can find to mark a page's icon star in the toolbar.
    I used to be able to specify where, in my favorites (this file), the new bookmark has to go.
    Where are the controls?

    Double click on the star button, or use {Ctrl + D}.

  • I use the excellent Firefox 5.o. What happened to the feature "bookmark all tabs" which is located under the bookmarks? I love Mozilla Firefox! :-)

    I looked under bookmarks position as well as history. What happened to the "bookmark all tabs" extremely useful. Loved this feature of Firefox. Thank you!!!

    Click right on a tab to see this menu item or use {Ctrl + Shift + D}.

    In collaboration with the new button of Firefox in Firefox 4.0 and with the addition of some new features that adds a number of new items to the menu, many of the menu items older have been moved or appear only in certain conditions. It can be a bit confusing until you get used to the changes, but beyond the addition of new menu items for the new features in the future, I don't think that there will be major changes like this for awhile.

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    This feature is no longer available in PSE 13, or is it last?

    Thank you!

    Several things have been removed from PSEv.12

    What are the features of the previous versions are not available in Adobe Photoshop elements 12?

    I don't know if it can be restored to PSEv.13 as suggested here:

    Restoration of filters in Photoshop Elements 12 lighting effects

  • What happened to the function where you could ask Firefox to save all tabs open in one folder?

    Let's say I have six tabs open. It used to be that if I want to return to these six tabs at a later date, I could say 'save all those tabs open in a single folder.' then, later I could select this folder and say "open all tabs in this file. This way of defined the original of the tabs in the original order would be displayed again for me. I had to mess with each on its own tab. I can't find this feature in firefox, not more. is he past? is it replaced by some features new and different? He comes back? Thank you

    Click on a tab to display the menu item right bookmark all tabs... .

  • My laptop sometimes "out of Short" when you press the Start button, what happens in the repair of this anomaly.

    I use a laptop Acer Aspire 4540 (32 bit).  The problem started when the optical drive DvD - CD started to not start consistantly, gradually, the group became hotter than normal. Finally, which would not start up. I tried to follow the advice given on... disconnect the battery and by holding down the start 30 seconds button. But, to no success in remeding the problem.   Can you provice me with any advice that could help me solve this problem.

    Thank you.  gdb


    The computer probably has a hardware problem and you should contact a real computer store
    (who makes his own internal service and no leeks and displays a Best Buy or any other)
    Department stores) or system manufacturer support. You cannot fix the hardware with the software.

    Acer - USA - Service and Support - drivers

    Acer - worldwide

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Windows Live Movie Maker: What happened to the function "Capture Video Device" from the good old Windows Movie Maker?

    I am running Windows 7 (64 bit) and Windows Live Movie Maker 14.0.8091.0730. Good old Windows Movie Maker that came on Windows XP, I could add video capturing directly from the video device (my webcam). In this new version of Movie Maker extra in Windows 7, I can't.

    How can I add this feature in this new version? Why it was deleted?

    Hi romzap,

    The feature you found in Windows XP Movie maker to add video to your video device, such as webcam, who called such as Capture video device has been replaced by the name Windows Live Video acquire Wizard. For more information on how to import videos and work with Windows 7 Live Movie Maker things, please visit the link below.

    ·         http://windowslive.com/desktop/MovieMaker

    Hope this information helps you.


    Arona - Microsoft technical support engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • What happened to the Mindshare program for groups of users?

    He was interrupted? I can't find any information about it anywhere... I was the administrator for our MU and received no word on his status.

    Visit the website here http://www.ineta.org/UserGroups/FindUserGroups.aspx
    and see if there are groups of users in your area.

    Otherwise, the forums Microsoft Answers has no additional information on MindShare user groups.

    Thank you


  • What happened to the function of prediction address bar?

    In Firefox 3.6 so I typed something something in the address bar, like Firefox addons, it would take me straight to addons.mozilla.com, instead of just a search on Google, it's one of the features I really like about Firefox, but Firefox 4 beta does not work.

    You can restore it by changing a hidden preference.

    1. Type of topic: config in the address bar and press on enter
    2. Accept the warning message that appears, you will be taken to a list of preferences
    3. Locate the preference keyword. URL, double-click it and change its value on the link below

    http://www.Google.com/search?ie=UTF-8 & oe = UTF - 8 & SourceId = navclient & gfns = 1 & q =

    It will start searching for the address of search bar "Search by name" Google of used in Firefox 3.6

  • What happened to the "bookmark this page" in my bookmarks drop down box? I need! I am not computer savy and want to just scroll through all the pa marked with a bookmark

    The toolbar previous at the top of the screen re: bookmarks had the easier and is more agreed for me (and I'm sure MANY OTHERS) to just click, scroll, stop and click and fact! I'm on page that I bookmarked. So now, no? and what happened to the "mark this page" option initially drop down list? It's so easy. I have to develop records, files, plugins, etc...
    What in is he developed a method for people who are geeks high tech click on something that will lead THEM to last orders?

    Add code to the file userChrome.css below default @namespace.

    @namespace url("http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul"); /* only needed once */
    /* move "Show All Bookmarks" to the top of the Bookmarks drop-down list */
    #BMB_bookmarksPopup #BMB_bookmarksShowAll {-moz-box-ordinal-group:0}
    /* move "Show All History" to the top of the History drop-down list */
    #PanelUI-history > * {-moz-box-ordinal-group:3!important}
    #PanelUI-history > label.panel-subview-header {-moz-box-ordinal-group:1!important}
    #PanelUI-history > #PanelUI-historyMore {-moz-box-ordinal-group:2!important}

    The file userChrome.css (UI) customization and userContent.css (Web sites) are located in the folder of chrome in the Firefox profile folder.

    • Create the folder chrome (lowercase) in the .default < xxxxxxxx > profile folder if the folder does not exist
    • Use a text editor such as Notepad to create a userChrome.css (new) file in this folder (the names are case-sensitive)
    • Paste the code in the userChrome.css file in the Editor window and make sure that the userChrome.css file starts with the default @namespace line
    • Make sure that you select "All files" and not "text files" when you save the file via "save file as" in the text editor as userChrome.css. Otherwise, Windows can add a hidden .txt file extension and you end up with one does not not userChrome.css.txt file

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder currently in use:

    • Help > troubleshooting information > profile directory: see file (Linux: open the directory;) Mac: View in the Finder)
  • What happened to the insertion function. It was on the same line as file

    What happened to the insertion function? It was on the same line as the files, tools, etc. He's gone. If you want to insert a jpg you sent as an attachment. I have read through the help files and that you can't find the answer. I want my old Thunderbird back! Newer is not always better.

    I suspect that you have lost the Mail composition toolbar. Open an entry window, press and hold the < alt > key, type v and check the box for the mail toolbar. I would also allow the Menu bar while you are there.

    Another possibility, if the Insert option is missing in the mail toolbar, is that it is spent in composition in plain text mode. Open the settings page of the account assigned by right-clicking on the account in the left pane, select Composition & addressing and tick the box labelled "Dial using the HTML format".

  • How to make the default visible bookmarks. response on Firefox Help "What happened to the bookmarks toolbar?" does not work.

    I want to have my favorites in the left pane of the default desktop, when I connect in firefox, as before. the solution proposed in the firefox help page "What happened to the bookmarks toolbar?", i.e. to check "bookmarks toolbar" in the drop-down display-toolbars menu, does not work.

    can you suggest an alternative?

    I use firefox on a macbookpro with os10.6.6 4.0b11

    The bookmarks toolbar has nothing to do with the Bookmarks Sidebar (on the left side of the browser window). {Ctrl + B} open/close the bookmarks bar. If you close Firefox with the open bookmarks bar, it should be open when you launch Firefox, next time. If it does not work like that in your profile file localstore.rdf file is probably damaged.

  • Windows XP: I have 448 MB of RAM available. What happened to the 64 MB of RAM lack and how can I solve this problem. Thank you

    I am trying to install application constant guard Internet Security of Comcast.  After trying to download and install the product, I get and RAM error message indicating I need 512 MB of RAM to install this product, and I only have 448 MB of RAM available.  What happened to the 64 MB of RAM lack and how can I solve this problem.  Thank you

    The only way to see more of RAM is to install a graphics card and disable the onboard graphics of your motherboard. If you do this, you should be able to see all the 512 MB of it.

    That being said, I will repeat what I said before...
    You can always buy more RAM and install it on your motherboard. Go to crucial.com for more information.
    In addition, you should review install 'Internet Security' application or suite. They are not necessary (you can easily configure Windows so that it is very safe) and they often ruin the performance of a PC.
    If you want advice in "hardening" your PC security, let know us.
  • What happens on the free space of disks defragmenting the disc.when I used it is reduced. is this real case for all systems?

    What happens on the free space of disks defragmenting the disc.when I used it is reduced. is this real case for all systems?

    Defragmenter free space but can free report incorrect running after the space.

    Run disk cleanup before defragmenting...

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