What happened to the insertion function. It was on the same line as file

What happened to the insertion function? It was on the same line as the files, tools, etc. He's gone. If you want to insert a jpg you sent as an attachment. I have read through the help files and that you can't find the answer. I want my old Thunderbird back! Newer is not always better.

I suspect that you have lost the Mail composition toolbar. Open an entry window, press and hold the < alt > key, type v and check the box for the mail toolbar. I would also allow the Menu bar while you are there.

Another possibility, if the Insert option is missing in the mail toolbar, is that it is spent in composition in plain text mode. Open the settings page of the account assigned by right-clicking on the account in the left pane, select Composition & addressing and tick the box labelled "Dial using the HTML format".

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