What is the default font for Flex on Mac?


What is the name of the default font in Flex? I use a mac with os x 10.4.

Thank you.


I think it is Verdana


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    Thank you very much

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to set the default font for the tool add text beneath the editing of content in Acrobat XI Panel, but it would be a great feature request.

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    Need default font and size for each Option below
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    Thank you

    Hi Scott,.

    If you change the settings in display properties, you can change it to default by selecting the Windows XP default theme. This will change all default Windows fonts and their sizes.

    To do this, follow these steps.

    a. right click on an empty space on the desktop and then click Properties.

    b. on the themes tab, click Windows XP in the theme box.

    c. click OK.

  • What is the default font in Windows 7?

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    I know how to change things, but knowing the value default for each could help me decide. I try with ClearType on and outside, but I continue to turn in the same text hard to read which is either crushed or seems smeared. It is not the same experience good all over as it was with XP, although I'd rather not have the pixelated look on text.


    Segoe UI is the default font in Windows 7. Segoe UI is a humanist typeface family that is best known for its use by Microsoft. Microsoft uses Segoe UI in their marketing materials online and print, including recent logos for a number of products. In addition, the Segoe UI font family is used by many Microsoft applications. This is the default font in Windows Vista and Windows 7. The font is also used for Outlook.com, e-mail service from Microsoft which has replaced the previous Hotmail.

    Thank you.

  • Change the default font for Illy to something else

    Hey gang,

    How do you Illustrator CS5 default font other than Myriad Pro. Say, like maybe Arial? It is the wish of a student in a classroom.

    Best for you,

    Mike Witherell in Alexandria, GOES

    The default font is controlled by the "Normal Character Style. To change this, you must open the character Style Panel (window > Type > character Styles). Double-click the Normal Character Style and you will have a myriad (pun intended) of choice for the police. This will outline the Normal character for the current document Style.

    If you want the police to resort to be different for new documents, you must define the character style for the new profile of the specific Document. On a mac, these files are saved in users / [user] / Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Illustrator CS5.1 [in my case] / profiles of new Document. You can open and change the character styles on any of the pre built of new document profiles or create your own.

    Alternatively, you can set the style of your character and then save the document as a template (ACI), then when you need to create a new document, open this file HAS rather than make a new document.

  • Change the default font for LabVIEW front style

    For some reason, my IDE did my front italicized by default policy. When I add a new indicator of control /, / add a stand-alone commentary, I have italics.

    I don't know how it happened, or how to cancel it. Help, please? (With the help of LabVIEW 2013 SP1)

    Gah, as soon as I make a forum post, I found the answer:

    If I open the font dialog (Ctrl + 0) without any selected text, I get a dialog box "Panel by default are". Which allows me to set the default value. I must have accidentally used it when trying to format a front panel.

  • How can I change the default font for some a keyboard?

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    However, I would like to change the default Cambodian police who switches to. Where is this setting stored? Maybe in the keyboard

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    Thank you very much

    Hi Stephan,

    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    According to your request, I wish to inform you that there is no specific settings of default font to installation for different keyboards.

    However, you can change the preferences on your keyboard by pressing Windows + space on your keyboard.

    For more information about the issue, please follow the link below:


    For any question related to the Windows operating system, feel free to post on Microsoft Community.

  • What decides the default calendar for events?

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    Thank you

    Personally I use only 1 calendar so I don't have any experience with this...

    But the iPad User Guide says that you should check the settings > Mail, Contacts, calendars.  I suggest you do scroll to the area of calendars to see if there is a setting there to change the default.


  • What is the default password for the new user accounts?

    I added a new administrator to my computer and changed the old standard user account, but now he asks me a password for administrator to manage accounts and I have not set up a password for the administrator. Y at - it an I can use it because I don't have the CD to reset to the default password?

    There is no default password; If you set one, it is empty.  Simply press when he asked.

  • What is the default location for the cache?

    I made the mistake to change my default location for the cache for Adobe Bridge and now I want to change it back... but I can not find the folder or know the path.

    Hi lorenkahle

    • Navigate to C:\Users\"Your user name' \AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Bridge CC\Cache (Windows)

    / User/Library/Caches/Adobe Bridge CC/Cache / (MAC)

    Bridge Cache in the Cache folder.

    You can set it to this place

    • If this does not help, you can reset bridge default preferences that will change the location of the cache.

    For so press and hold the CTRL, ALT, Shift (Windows) / Cmd + Option + Shift (MAC) during the start-up of bridge and make check reset preferences, and then click Ok



  • What is the default homepage for safari

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    It's http://livepage.apple.com/ .


  • What is the default setting for the homepage of the new tab in firefox?

    My browser has been hijacked, I need to reset and I don't know which is the default setting. I would use the new firefox tab layout.


    The URL of the new tab page is on: newtab

    The build-in home page URL is on: home.

    If there is a problem with the build-in on: home page and then try to reset the search engine used on the subject: homepage.

    Reset the pref browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone through the context menu by default on the topic: config page and close and restart Firefox to restore the on: default home page.

    1. Open the topic: config page through the address bar
    2. Type in the filter bar: mstone
    3. Right-click on the browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone line, and then select: Reset
    4. Close and restart Firefox

    If this did not help, then remove the button Delete the chromeappsstore.sqlite file in the Firefox profile folder and repeat the foregoing.

  • What is the ideal configuration for a new Mac

    Hi all

    First: the reason for this post

    For awhile, I'm faced with a problem on the Adobe software could not be resolved by all the good people at Adobe.

    The problem is that I can't use CC libraries to its full potential. All I can do is save the shades of colors to a library, but no matter what other assets (chart, type specifications etc.).

    Whenever I try to add an asset in a CC library of in Illustrator, I get an error saying "the file may be read-only or another user can open. Please save the document under a different name or in a different folder. Well, there is no one else and saving to a different location or with a different name does nothing. I got the Adobe employee watching my iMac (remotely) to find out what goes wrong. But despite all good intentions, no one was able to solve this problem. And I left it this way for almost a year. OK, so far, for the reason...

    But today, I created a new user on my iMac with the same admin privileges as account when I first set up my iMac, I created. And guess what? Connect with newly created account and using Illustrator on it to add assets to a CC library works without any problem.

    Why? What is the difference in these accounts, I wondered. And after watching the activity monitor in both accounts, I think I know why, but I do not understand.

    My new account is the user name 'Test', and my old account first (first) when I created my iMac is "Letsgo.

    On the account of 'Test' in the activity monitor all the I see is the user 'Test' for all running processes.

    But 'Letsgo' account I see, of course, a lot of process for "Letsgo" but I also see other users as 'root' or '_spotlight' or '_appleevents '. The way I see it, these additional users are very similar to "default" OSX system accounting.

    Press 'CMD + S' to soon... Sorry... This should be added...

    And now the question:

    It is advisable to set up a Mac with the account of user by default when you first set up the Mac and keep this for purposes of administration and create a new account for day-to-day work? I want to upgrade to El captain in the coming weeks and want to do a clean install, if the implementation of different accounts is the best way.

  • Change the default font for my choice of police

    I want to change all my web pages, and all to Calibri fonts. I tried the setting options and uncheck everything that is there. Change fonts in Web Pages, but not for all web pages. Some pages even with force download and use their own fonts. How do I stop this and use my fonts. I use Chrome as well and there is an extension that can do it on the fly. Is there an extension in Firefox as well? I use Firefox 31 (the most recent)

    What you defined in the options?

    When you are in the dialog box font (Options > content > 'Advanced' button), you will notice a control top that usually reads "Western" or "Other languages" (the latter is used for Unicode pages). Be sure to make your choices for these two and if you work with pages that use other character sets, set those as well. And finally, uncheck the box that allows page choose their own fonts.

    Does it work?

  • Can someone tell me what is the default program for opening files in Microsoft Vista zip

    For some reason, my computer insists on trying to open files zip with Internet Explorer, and every time I create a zip folder it attributes it to Internet Explorer. I looked in the 'Open with' after a right click menu and cannot find all programs that work, my wifes on win7 notebook using windows Explorer, but this option doesn't seem to be available to me. Y at - it options available or I'm looking for to import of winzip or winrar. Thanks for your help


    Make a Restore Point to use in case you make a mistake:

    How to create a Vista System Restore Point

    If you need later:

    How to make a Vista system restore


    Click the start Orb - type in the area of search-> regedit - continue click on user account control

    Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.zip

    Click on the drop down arrow to the left of the file .zip

    Right-click on OpenWithList

    Click on delete
    Click Yes
    Right-click UserChoice
    Click on delete
    Click Yes
    Exit regedit

    Your .zip files should now open with the native compression/decompression system that comes with Windows Vista.


    If necessary:

    How to restore Vista built-in ZIP files Support

    How to enable or disable the files compressed in Vista

    Restore the Type Associations by default Vista file extensions


    How Unassociate a Type of Extension file in Vista - and a utility to help

    Restore and return the file Association in Windows Vista if Original

    Reset and Fix Broken Windows Vista file Ext and Type Associations (include EXE, COM, SYS, ZIP, LNK,
    Folder, drive)

    For Windows Vista file association problems

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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