What is the safest way to get back to Windows 7 from Windows 10?

Windows 7 Edition Home Premium.  Open windows yesterday and it is automatically upgraded to Windows 10. To my dismay, some of the files just disappeared. I do have Windows 10!   What is the safest way to get back to Windows 7?   Restore help?


first go to your c drive and find the folder called windows, old.

In this folder, you can find all your documents, photo ect. who are on your windows operating system 7.

I suggest to first make a backup of the files you want to keep on an external drive or a drive of Pentecost copy paste, to be sure of not lost.

to return to your old windows 7:

go to settings - updated and security - recovery - get back into windows 7

more information:




But what I said before its good to first make a backup of all your important files.

Ty edje

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    The most important thing you can have right now are backups of your important data.   Which is often using an external USB drive and a tool called Time Machine to back up your Mac and using the service cloud either Apple or iTunes for backup of your iPhone and iPad devices.  (There are other ways to make backups, but Time Machine is a common choice).

    To learn more...  Apple puts at your disposal a web site the basics of the Mac who could help with this (and similar sites for learning iPhone and iPad), there are electronic books available for iPhone and iPad too and most Apple stores have workshops for Mac, iPhone and iPad which may help.   There are also a few books available if you prefer.  Suits you depends on how you prefer to learn.

    Apple has built into recent versions of OS X called FileVault 2disc encryption.  There is no need of software add-on for that.

    If you are not sure what version of the OS X software you use or which specific Mac you use, then you can use  > about this Mac.   That will show you the General information on your Mac, and - as you become more familiar with this and need of more details, you can ask for more details here.

    Yes, there is a huge amount that you can choose to learn and use with any one of these products, if you want, or you can choose to learn enough to get what you want to do.   It is entirely your decision.

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    In addition, if you are only working in Flash, you can create projects that work on mobile devices and use HTML 5 instead of the traditional Flash Player. And in my never humble opinion the SWF format is dead.

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    Hi DavidStirling7777,

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    Also, make sure that you have the latest update of the software antivirus installed on your computer, so that it works correctly.

    (b) If you don't have any software antivirus installed, you can download & install Microsoft Security Essentials on your machine.

    Hope the helps of information.

    Please post back and we do know.

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    You receive errors related to updates?

    1. Open Windows Update by clicking the Start button, all programs and then click Windows Update.
    2. In the left pane, click view update history.
    3. Find an update for Windows that has failed to install, and then double-click the update to view more information.
      Updates that have failed to install will display failed under status, next to the name of update.
    4. In the Windows Update dialog box, next to the details of the error, review the error code for the update has failed.
    5. Follow the links in the Windows Update dialog box under more information or help and Support to resolve the problem, then try to reinstall updates by using Windows Update in Control Panel or by mail with the error code and maybe someone may be able to help others.

    Windows update General troubleshooting


    How to reset the Windows Update settings?

    Diagnose and automatically fix common problems with Windows Update

    Cannot install updates in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2

    Or try to install the updates in a clean boot state, and run Windows Update: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929135

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    You need to talk to your bank.

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    I just bought a laptop in two days, which is the Inspiron 5000 15 series. The quick price was 649.99 CAD with 6 GB of memory. Today (June 13,2014), I found that the price is low for 629,99 with 8 GB of memory.

    http://www.Dell.com/ca/p/Inspiron-15-5547-laptop/PD.aspx?c=CA&CS=cadhs1&l=en&s=DHS& ~ CK = mn

    I do not have the package again. What is the best way to obtain the price adjustment, or replace with the new laptop with 8 GB?

    Please notify.

    Thank you

    Only a sales Dell Canada agent service may solve the problem.

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    We are currently working on Oracle Applications: 12.1.1

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    Please see this thread and documents referenced in it.


    Kind regards

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    Right now, I think adding the quarter, example 1 Q 13 on the DCUI message, then help PowerCLI, vCenter to retrieve the message DCUI, crawled and paste the quarter in the field host Annotations on vCenter.

    Kind of ugly, but I cannot find a cool way to get data like this outside of the host.  I don't want to rely on my user manually set to nothing, for example the field of Annotations on vCenter that is also subject to errors.

    I really want something that can also be seen on the VI Client, too, as the annotations are only on vCenter.

    I have ideas about the best approach to tackle this problem.

    Thank you

    Not sure if this is the best way, but that's what I ended up doing.   It feels like there should be a better way.

    I've updated my quarterly script to add the version number at the bottom of the file, / etc/vmware/welcome, whenever it is run on an ESXi host (e.g. myScript version: v1.0 Date: 04June2013).  This file appears under the banner DCUI.

    Then, I wrote a script powerCLI to roughly the following:

    foreach ($vmHostObj in Get-VMHost-name *) {}

    # Get the full message of DCUI in/etc/vmware/welcome

    $msgObj = echo $vmHostObj | Get-VMHostAdvancedConfiguration-name Annotations.WelcomeMessage

    # Convert a hash of a string table welcome message

    $msgTxt = echo $msgObj.Item ("Annotations.WelcomeMessage")

    # find the clue for the string containing my script information, which is at the end of the welcome message.

    # This is important because the substring below function will extract everything after the index.

    $idx = $msgTxt.IndexOf ("version myScript :")

    If ($idx - gt 0) {}

    $label = $msgTxt.Substring ($idx)

    Set Annotation - remarks on the entity $vmHostObj - CustomAttribute - value $label



    This replaces the Notes field for each host, one day I can go back and make it more user-friendly where it replaces the version leaving the rest of the field notes intact.

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    However, there are "chapters, in this 'book'. A 'chapter' actually starts on the right page. But I want the left page to participate in the design of the spread of the beginning 'chapter '. This means that left before the start page real "chapter" is reserved in control of layout and all "chapter" before that would end on a left page, needs a right-hand page empty inserted, after which the left page of the early-'chapter' spread follows.

    Now, I can do the pages on the left of the start "chapter" start a section and to correct even a page number. That it is positioned on the left side. But when I add pages from the previous section, this means I have to change the page numbers of the beginning of all the sections that follow hand.

    Are there not a better way to do this? Somehow I don't have to worry about the numbering of the pages myself while still getting the page before the "chapter" included in the section of this "chapter"?

    (I write "chapter" because these aren't chpaters Id in an Id book, but a few sections in a single document Id).

    If the previous "chapter ends with a page of pairs (left hand), you add two pages, if it ends on the right add you a..

    Another way to do this automatically is to set an Option to keep on the paragraph style that you use for the first paragraph on the page at beginning of chapter, then it will start the section on the next odd-numbered page.

Maybe you are looking for

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