When I change the main mxml file in the project and then export the swf file does not change, why?

I have an existing project, years ago that I need to change, I am using Flash Builder 4. When I export the project, it creates a SWF in bin-release, then when I change the code in the mxml project file or files of any format and export the swf file needs to change, but it's not. You have an idea why this might happen?

Thank you

I found the problem, there was a SWF into the html-template folder within the project. This has led to substitute the swf of the new generation.

Tags: Flash Builder

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    I'll tell you below what I want to accomplish, then I'll tell you what I did (which did not). I hope someone here can tell me where I was wrong and also how to fix and remove what I'm trying to do. Thank you!...

    WHAT I want TO DO:
    I want to have a Captivate SWF loaded in the bottom half of a main SWF Flash "shell", and then when the Captivate SWF is done playing, a text field on the "shell" SWF hand puts the word "DONE!" inside.

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    I then did another SWF is just 10x10px and what is on it's ActionScript on the first frame that says:

    _root.doneText_txt. Text = "FINISHED!"

    Then, I went on the last slide/image in my Captivate project (in Captivate) and did a "Insert-> Animation" to insert this little SWF of 10 x 10 on the last slide.

    When I load that main "shell" and then the Captivate project load down and finished, nothing is displayed in the text box "doneText_txt".

    THINGS I noticed:
    When I import the SWF file in Captivate, it was transparent (has not appeared). I adjusted the transparency on this (in Captivate) to 0% and 100%, and it has not yet posted. I thought it might just be because it had nothing on it (just the default white background), so I went back in Flash and re-exported the SWF 10 x 10 fill with black. I have re-imported in Captivate, and yet it does not appear. Like, I thought you'd see a black square on the slide. He was on the timeline and I could move around the slide, but it was just a transparent box. This made me think that the reason that the text "DONE!" was not get past was because there was a problem with the same SWF file being on the slide in the first place.

    Any ideas? Or, if there is another way to remove what I try to do, it would be fine with me as well. Thank you!!!


    Instead use:

    _root.doneText_txt. Text = "FINISHED!"

    I added a bunch more "_root" s in it like this:

    _root._root._root._root._root._root._root.doneText_txt. Text = "FINISHED!"

    And it worked!

    I guess that the SWFs you load into Captivate actually (backstage) loaded into Captivate swf themselves, so there are one bunch of other levels of _root that needs to be reached. To be sure, just to throw a bunch in there!

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    The problem is probably in the Actionscript in the SWF part.  HTML and javascript are not part of this picture.  I would say that you have a problem in the way you created the button.

    Just so that you know, Flash elements are best used only non critics, mainly cosmetic.

  • Length overflow - the line but does not see why!

    Hi all

    I have a script, plsql, I'm working on the script RMAN to copy image to the data files, controlfiles and archive recovery logs.

    When I run the script, I get an error (see below), but I don't see where the lines in the output are greater than 255 characters.

    If I divide the script into two separate loops they don't work very well, but together, no chance.

    Error message:

    ERROR on line 1:
    ORA-20000: ORU-10028: line length overflow, the limit of 255 characters per line
    ORA-06512: at "SYS." DBMS_OUTPUT", line 35
    ORA-06512: at "SYS." DBMS_OUTPUT", line 84
    ORA-06512: at line 61 level


    Set serveroutput on encapsulated format
    Set feedback off
    set linesize 115

    coil arch_copy.rcv


    BOOLEAN firsttime;

    cursor df is
    file No.,
    substr(Name,29,50) name
    v$ datafile;
    CF cursor is
    substr(Name,27,50) name
    v$ controlfile;
    Al cursor is
    substr(a.Name,32,50) name,
    B.SID road,
    v$ archived_log a,.
    v$ database d
    a.dest_id = 1
    a.Archived = 'YES '.
    a.completion_time > sysdate-1
    B.SID not like '% imagecopy % '.
    a.activation # d.activation = #.
    a.Status = "A";

    DBMS_OUTPUT. Put_line ('run');
    for dfbkup in df
    dbms_output.put_line (' DATAFILE ' | dfbkup.file #|)
    ' TO ''' || ' / u20/oraflash/ORCL1/imagecopy/datafile /' | dfbkup.name | " «, ») ;
    end loop;
    for cfbkup in CF
    dbms_output.put (' CURRENT CONTROLFILE ' |) ' TO ''' || ' / u20/oraflash/ORCL1/imagecopy/controlfile /' |
    cfbkup.name | " ') ;
    end loop;
    Firsttime: = true;
    for albkup in al
    in case contrary firsttime
    end if;
    dbms_output.put (' ARCHIVELOG "' | albkup.path |) ''' TO ''' ||
    ' / u20/oraflash/ORCL1/imagecopy/archivelog /' |
    albkup.name | " ') ;
    Firsttime: = false;
    end loop;

    spool off

    set linesize 80
    Set of feedback on
    Set serveroutput off

    What is

    SQL> declare
      2     cursor al
      3     is
      4     select 'x' path
      5          , 'y' name
      6          , count(*) over () cnt
      7       from all_objects
      8      where rownum <= 10;
      9  begin
     10     for albkup in al
     11     loop
     12        dbms_output.put_line(' ARCHIVELOG ''' || albkup.path || ''' TO ''' ||
     13           '/u20/oraflash/ORCL1/imagecopy/archivelog/' ||
     14           albkup.name ||''''||case when al%rowcount = albkup.cnt then ';' else ',' end );
     15     end loop;
     16  end;
     17  /
     ARCHIVELOG 'x' TO '/u20/oraflash/ORCL1/imagecopy/archivelog/y',
     ARCHIVELOG 'x' TO '/u20/oraflash/ORCL1/imagecopy/archivelog/y',
     ARCHIVELOG 'x' TO '/u20/oraflash/ORCL1/imagecopy/archivelog/y',
     ARCHIVELOG 'x' TO '/u20/oraflash/ORCL1/imagecopy/archivelog/y',
     ARCHIVELOG 'x' TO '/u20/oraflash/ORCL1/imagecopy/archivelog/y',
     ARCHIVELOG 'x' TO '/u20/oraflash/ORCL1/imagecopy/archivelog/y',
     ARCHIVELOG 'x' TO '/u20/oraflash/ORCL1/imagecopy/archivelog/y',
     ARCHIVELOG 'x' TO '/u20/oraflash/ORCL1/imagecopy/archivelog/y',
     ARCHIVELOG 'x' TO '/u20/oraflash/ORCL1/imagecopy/archivelog/y',
     ARCHIVELOG 'x' TO '/u20/oraflash/ORCL1/imagecopy/archivelog/y';
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
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    Open your my pictures location, click on organize in the upper left corner, click folder and search options, click the view tab and uncheck the top option, always display icons and never thumbnails, select apply and save.

    Return to your location of my pictures, change the display of the page on the top of the right side next to the question mark symbol, there is another symbol with a menu drop-down symbol, click it and select the medium or large icons options specified.

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    Based on other posts, this seems to be an unusual problem.  I've seen a lot of posts on how to get the tray open.

    What I've not seen, that is WHY this problem occurs and that will set to put in place to prevent it from happening again.

    Any help in identifying a cure is greatly appreciated.

    Don't know... all I can do is to suggest a few things and hope that works... Try first, is a cleaning disc with brushes integrated in the drive or a good breath of air. If you have a Mac Pro Tower, you can remove the optical drive and open it, the laser inside lens may be dirty, if it does not, a Q-Tip and windex could. I don't know how old is your drive, but if it is one of the original Optiarc ones, they do and can go wrong sometimes, but are easy to replace. According to the age/model of your Mac pro, you can use virtually any SATA optical drive or a SATA optical drive with an ATAPI/IDE bridge Board connected to the rear. Make sure the jumpers on the back (if there are any) are set to CSEL, expected your drive must be replaced, too, zap the pram (well, it's worth a try, anyway) I... .is the commercial cd or it is home made?

    Let us know how that turns out

    Good luck

    John B

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    I'm having problems creating a panel using the Extension Builder SDK. It seems that all the examples explain how a CS5 document using a control panel, but I found no examples of how to control the items in the Panel via ActionScript code.   Furthermore, we use CS Extension Builder SDK with Flash Builder 4.  Here's a simple example of were I'm stuck.

    I create a project Extension generator for a panel of PS named: 'CSExtensionTest '.  In the main.mxml file create a button with id = "btnPSCode".

    ****************************************************************************************** *****************************************


    hand. MXML

    ****************************************************************************************** *****************************************

    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"? >

    < mx:Application

    ' xmlns:mx = ' http://www.Adobe.com/2006/MXML " " layout ="absolute" historyManagementEnabled = "false""">

    < mx:Script >

    <! [CDATA]


    Bindable ]

    private var hostName:String = HostObject.mainExtension;

    []] >

    < / mx:Script >

    "" < mx:VBox height = "100%" width ="100%" verticalAlign = "middle" horizontalAlign ="center">

    " < mx:Button id ="btnPSCode"label ="PS code run"click ="CSExtensionTestPhotoshop.run ()"enabled =" hostName.indexOf{('photoshop') >-1}"/ >

    " < mx:Button id ="btnJSXCode"label ="code JSX run"click ="CSExtensionTestJSX.run ()"/ > "

    < / mx:VBox >

    < / mx:Application >

    ****************************************************************************************** *****************************************

    How can I access the properties of this element in the CSExtensionTesJSX.as file?

    ****************************************************************************************** *****************************************



    ****************************************************************************************** *****************************************



    Import com.adobe.csxs.core.CSXSInterface;

    Import com.adobe.csxs.core.csxs_internal;

    Import com.adobe.csxs.types.SyncRequestResult;

    Import mx.binding.utils.BindingUtils;

    Import mx.core.ButtonAsset;

    Import mx.core.mx_internal;

    Import MX.utils.object_proxy;

    public class CSExtensionTestJSX


    public static function run():Sub


    var myCSXS:CSXSInterface = CSXSInterface.getInstance ();

    var result: SyncRequestResult = CSXSInterface.instance.evalScript ('jsxFunction');

    btnPSCode.enabled = false;




    ****************************************************************************************** *****************************************

    I get this error:


    I had initially written a panel using a Flex project and was able to access the properties of the items in the file main.mxml directly.  It seems that I can't do that.  Did I miss something in the code?  Am I missing some kind of library?  I'm sorry, I'm not very experienced in the development of Adobe, but we are trying to become more involved in the development of plugins and extensions for CS5.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    You must pass a reference to your object main mxml in the run method. For example:

    hand. MXML:

    http://www.Adobe.com/2006/mxml"layout ="absolute"historyManagementEnabled ="false">

    private var hostName:String = HostObject.mainExtension;


    import com.adobe.csxs.core.CSXSInterface;
    import com.adobe.csxs.types.SyncRequestResult;
    Import mx.controls.Button;

    public class testJSX
    public static void run(m:main):void
    var result: SyncRequestResult = CSXSInterface.instance.evalScript ("jsxFunction");
    var b:Button = m.myButton;


  • How to access the main .mxml file component control?

    I have a .mxml main while in which I imported custom "popUpWindow" component using the statement "import components.popUpWindow". In main .mxml file, I show more later this component in the form of pop-up window using the Popup Manager class:

    var popUpWin:IFlexDisplayObject;
    popUpWin = PopUpManager.createPopUp (Thi, popUpWindow, true);

    Once the component is displayed, how can I access using the actionscript component TextInput control (specifically the .text property) my main .mxml file?

    Thank you

    bdeen I think you have it bad: P I think he wants to access a property in the main application window.

    Give the textInput id and then on your main application you can do this for example:

    var test: String = popUpWin.textInputName.text;

    Please note that it is recommended to do a casting for the popup window:
    popUpWin = popUpWindow (PopUpManager.createPopUp (Thi, popUpWindow, true));

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    Not accessible games

    I haven't had any changes consciously, and the games do not work in any user account.  When I've done sfc/scannow (command prompt) he said that I was not the administrator.  I could learn from another source to solve this problem - in the start menu, right click on the command prompt icon, and then click Run as administrator.  Hope everybody help with this problem.  If you do not have command prompt in your Start menu, any type of command prompt in your search box and it should appear.

    Anyway, my games work now.  Thank you

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