Whenever I start my computer, I see the message, "C:\Windows1\Kjoralir.dll" is missing.

Whenever I start my computer, I see the message, "C:\Windows1\Kjoralir.dll" is missing.  This happened for several months, but I just ignored him.  Don't know if it's related, but a user cannot disconnect without pressing the Windows key and the "L" key at the same time.

Tonight I ran a registry repair program, and it fixed a lot of errors.  But, always, the message came after a reboot.  I don't know what it is, what it does or how to remedy the situation. Can anyone help?

Thank you!


You may have damaged even more by running a registry cleaner for Windows. The best registry cleaners are snake oil, and at worst they will damage MS Office and sometimes Windows itself. Details:


For the problem, Googling for this file appears your post. When you get no hits for a filename on Google, chances are high that it is a malicious program file. Either you have uninstalled the malware program or your antivirus/antispyware program did. In all cases, a reference has been left in the boot file. You can remove the reference by managing your startup.

Because you had a piece of malware, the chances are too high you had others. It would be a good idea to scan. I recommend to download and install MalwareBytes' anti-malware (MBAM) from http://www.malwarebytes.org . The program is free. (There is a paid version, but you don't need to buy it to remove the malware).

Manage startup:

(for XP) Start > run > msconfig [Enter]

This will open the System Configuration utility. Look under the Startup tab and find the likely culprit. Uncheck the box next to its name, apply and OK out. You don't need to restart immediately, but next time you do, you will get a dialog box saying that you have used the utility. Just check the box that says in effect, "don't mind to this subject again".

How to troubleshoot by using the Msconfig in Windows XP utility - http://support.microsoft.com/?id=310560

The free Autoruns program is very useful for managing your Startup - http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/default.mspx
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