Where are the fonts for FCPX located?


Where are the fonts for FCPX in my MacBook Pro to mid-2015?

There are 3 files for fonts: System/Library/Fonts, Library/Fonts, ~ Library/Fonts.

It seems to be Library/Fonts, but I see that some are not used in FCPX, so I want to be sure. If I'm right, why some is used in FCPX? Looking for don't not to add them, just curious.

The best



All fonts are system fonts, no specific applications.

Fonts can be of different Types of fonts.

FCPX uses only specific fonts Types, not all types, the system recognizes.

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    Plugins are normally found in the Plug-Ins folder, right next to the application itself.

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    You have the newer model so I guess that the drivers are not yet added, but it will happen for the next days.
    I hope that you created the recovery DVDs until you killed the factory settings, are you?

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    Unfortunately, the support pages do not work for most new PC HP.

    It has been like this for about a day now.

    Since I'm not employed by nor do I represent HP, I do not know when they will have pages working again.

    Come back again later.

    With the Independence Day holiday in the USA weekend, I wouldn't wait it to be taken care of immediately.

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    As noted in several places in this forum, Lenovo will display Win 7 drivers on the date of the announcement

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    Lenovo Windows 7 test Team

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    I'm talking about the icons of folders such as my pictures, My Documents, Contacts, Favorites, parts saved, etc. In other words, these folders under /(your name) users. Where can I find the icons for these folders? I want to know because I like these icons and I want to use them with other folders. :) Thank you!


    Most of these custom icons is stored in the C:\Windows\system32\imageres.dll file.


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    Hi Linda Kiss,

    As noted in step #2, when you click on create custom stamp, you will get a box. You must click on Browse...

    Then you get a window where you can search for and select the image file you want to use as a stamp.

    Make sure you change the type of file extension to one in which the file is saved on the system as it is default defined as "Acrobat PDF files (.pdf). If it is saved as a PDF so no need to change.

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    Kind regards


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    You must choose an archive under product type.
    Then, you will find the drivers.



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    Configurations for Windows full offline is on www.mozilla.org/firefox/all that it was not intentional to have listed stubs here it was an involuntary change due to do something else.

  • Where are the tutorials for learning windows?

    I want to learn windows.  Where can I find guides for using windows?

    What version of Windows are you using?

    Two recent operating systems (Vista and Windows 7) both come with a function of "Help and Support" very easy to use which is accessible from the Start Menu. You can find a wealth of information, it updates the items via your internet connection and can be very useful in learning even the basics of operation.

  • Where are the drivers for Windows 8?

    I have a HP Pavilion dv7-6178us Entertainment Notebook PC. I can't find drivers for this laptop for Windows 8. Anyone know where I can find them? This machine is less than a year, so an upgrade path should be available.

    Thank you


    The system has been upgraded to Windows 8 by doing exactly as described in this document for the upgrade method?

    If a system is officially expected to receive Windows 8 depends on various factors, including when the device has been manufactured and not only the sold date. Much of this is based on internal tests of Windows 8 units. If it turns out that Windows 8 does not play well with some hardware components, then it cannot receive official Windows 8 drivers and software. The reason is that the reputation of Microsoft and HP go up on the user experience of this laptop with Windows 8. HP said it is registered for Windows 8, so he was not properly tested and delivered a bad experience, then that user HP and Microsoft will be tarnished based on the bad behavior of Windows 8 and incompatible hardware. Unfortunately, this often happens with major operating system changes. The metro system that uses Windows 8 did not exist before Windows 8 and it will change the hardware requirements as well as software. A similar experience happened with the transition from Windows XP to Windows Vista. A lot of hardware and software was not compatible despite XP compatible mode in Vista.

    That being said, I've upgraded my old laptop bought in 2010 for Windows 8. For the most part, Windows 7 drivers worked without any problems once .NET Framework 3.5 has been activated. You can try to use the Windows 7 drivers to see if that makes a difference in the meantime. It was a similar method used when Windows 7 is released. Many people had success using drivers Vista to 7, but not all the world is.

    To activate the setting, go to the start and search screen to uninstall a program. Expand the settings option to reveal this option.

    Once which is open, select Add/Remove components windows on the left and check that the .NET Framework 3.5 is enabled. It is usually disabled by default in Windows 8 with my experience.

    Once this is allowed, try the Windows 7 software and drivers. It is not guaranteed that some will work and some won't. Bluetooth drivers for my laptop were not compatible with Windows 8, and I had to use what Windows 8 pilots were there for her. I also noticed that my fingerprint reader works anywhere, with the exception of the login screen which is where it has been used most in Windows 7. Your experience may be different, because there more than likely very different hardware that my laptop has.

    Yet once, it is not approved by HP, but it can work for your needs in Windows 8. Windows 7 can provide the best experience until Windows 8 official drivers are released. Just to note, it is possible that your laptop will not receive Widnows 8 drivers. I don't know the results internal analysis which may be held or a roadmap for mobile before the release of Windows 8 and Windows 8.

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    I just had a really annoying couple of hours to find out that the next step in my quest to get all four of the USB ports on my HP Pavilion dv7-3065dx Entertainment Notebook PC working again is to reinstall the USB driver.  The problem is this driver seems to be hidden safely in a place where dangerous people like me can't get to work.  Can someone tell where I can get this driver?  Please, humor me - I just fell off the turnip truck and I did what is obvious to search "drivers and support" area of HP one USB for a HP Pavilion dv7-3065dx Entertainment Notebook PC running win7 64 bit driver.  He isn't here.  So where is it?

    You don't need a special usb driver. It is part of the main chipset driver and eventually the operating system itself. If you have problems with the usb ports does not work, it is most likely hardware. However, one thing you can try is going into Device Manager, all that can be uninstalled, the uninstall usb devices, restart and allow drivers to recharge. When I have a laptop with usb problems I boot from a Linux Live CD or a pen and see if the usb ports work with Linux. If yes then your Windows is corrupted somehow. If this isn't the case, then it is material.

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    I'm sure it's a stoopid question, but I'll ask anyway...

    When my laptop was new he had a few good, simple background. Since then, I changed it to show my own pictures, fish tanks.

    I would like to restore the simple wallpaper, but I can't find the files.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Thanks in advance.

    I do not know what operating system do you use but to choose the wallpaper Toshiba is simply.

    Right click on desktop > Personalize > Desktop Background > photo location: Toshiba wallpapers. Photo favorite chose and confirm with OK.

    WINDOWS 7:
    Right-click on the desktop > personalize > themes installed. Choose a theme from Toshiba, then you will find the option to background wallpaper. Open it and choose photo available for some theme.

    I hope you will discover how it works.

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    Try again. It is reported that the problem is solved.

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