Where can I find driver for MS Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard 1.1 model 1014

I am running XP Pro 64-bit, 8 GB of Ram.  I recently had to format my HD and everything... to reinstall all the software programs and hardware connected.  This includes the keyboard listed in the title of this message.  Everything works... MS Wireless Optical Mouse 2000... and all the keys on the keyboard, with the exception of the key 'Sleep' on the far right end.  I used the CD packed when I bought the keyboard and the mouse packaged together.

When I go into settings where it shows the list of ads of the keys, the sleep key is not in the list!

I uninstalled the keyboard using the Panel of configuration/Add / Remove programs.  Then, I ran CCleaner and restarted my computer.

I then download and installed the driver only POSSIBLE listed on the MS site, and I noticed that the list did NOT say 1.1 that the Sleep button still does NOT work.

I then uninstalled the newest driver and once again used the original CD, restarted my computer.  Nothing has changed.  All keys UNDER the intended MS sleep function key.

I checked the properties, hardware, driver, Control Panel, keyboard.  It shows driver.

This keyboard operated perfectly from November 14, 2008 when I built this desktop computer and it should once again!

How can I correct/eliminate this problem?


You have whatever it is again plugged into the PC?

You are still able to get in mode sleep without the use of this shortcut key?

You may need to reinstall the system drivers, like you, for example video card drivers.

In addition, in the data sheet of the product (in the link provided above), you will notice this line: shortened sleep functionality is available if your system supports power management and it helped, and that all devices are compatible with power management.

This is why I am asking if there is that anything that is plugged into the PC that might be turning off standby.

Also, since you said it was perfect in the past, have you tried a system restore to a point in time in which it was working fine?

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