Why can't I enter the country code of my phone number for the 2-step verification process?

I just upgrade my iPhone 6 to 10.0.2. In the home screen, you asked me to provide my phone number to register in the system of validation in 2 steps. However, + 82 (South Korea) is not on your scrolling list.



Hey aramkim80,

I see from your post that you are not able to enter the country code for the South Korea when setting up for your Apple ID security two-step verification of your Apple ID as much as possible is always a good thing, so I understand your concern.

Take a look at this article: frequently asked questions about two steps checking of Apple ID. This article presents a list of countries is available in two-step verification. I do not see the Korea of the South on the list of countries currently supported, it's why you're not able to do this.

Hope that answered this question for you.

See you soon.

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