Why no picture is healthy Nikon camera avi?

Sorry for my English.

If I import the avi on XP, I see the photo only to hear the sound in first Elements 7 (frameworks are in green). In Vista, everything goes well or under xp with media player, I can see the avi. Avi is Nikon Coolpix S200.

For a MJPEG CODEC, I normally recommend the Morgan or the MainConcept. However, it seems that the Morgan MJPEG CODEC works well with some Adobe programs. MainConcept MJPEG CODEC seems to be the best solution, especially with some Nikon MJPEG files. This seemed to solve the problems with the files of the new D-90 MJPEG for most people.

In addition, there is always the possibility that some program installed later will crush a good CODEC and bring things to no longer work. Given that the MainConcept CODEC is sold (it's about US$ 30), I would like to keep a copy of the file installation practice (in my Files\CODECs file downloaded on my machine), so I could re - install, something has to mess up the installation. CODEC can be a bit tricky, especially when they are used by an NLE application. Most of the players have an easier with them (their priority settings, etc. do not seem as big issue), while many NLE fails just to use it, if something goes wrong.

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