Why the same ad does not appear twice in the Analytics Beta?

I have a few announcements appear twice. But also, these ads are ads that are listed as free content.

Are the numbers that I'm looking at reflective free views and views in the downloaded folio? That's my assumption. I am not mistaken or something else going on?

When readers download the folio, they can display ads in your folio. If you have Web / Article Viewer enabled in your publication, so your readers can display ads in Web / Article Viewer. These ads will trigger an Ad event as soon as a player allows to reverse the advertising (Article reported as Ad) to see. If you have any questions, you can reach me directly ([email protected]). Please attach the screenshot of how demonstrate announcements up to two times.

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    I thought about it. Thank you for you. He appeared once I hit sync to cloud


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    You have an application enabled for iCloud Drive, able to read music notes?

    I see the music notes on iCloud Drive, if turn on GarageBand.

    System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Options > Documents:

    If GarageBand is not enabled, the musical notes do not show on iCloud drive for me.

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    Is your phone actually a 6s, or is it a 6?

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    I import a file mov in items 11 and it appears only as a black screen with audio.  The clip will play in other programs on my computer but does not matter in items 11.  The file was created on my panisonic camera.  I am fairly new to video editting and completely frusterated.  I guess it's sort of a codec issue but do not know how to proceed.  Thanks for any help.

    ' t

    Hardware Apple JPEG should play very well, as long as you have the latest version of Apple QuickTime installed. CODEC is included, and generally, first can use it.

    In addition, I did not see if you're on a Mac or a PC.

    I have not heard about mfgrs camera. tweaking the JPEG, as they do with MJPEG (MotionJPEG), but if Pannyy did change things, then their specific version of the JPEG CODEC probably will install utility disc of your camera. With some disc utility, the CODEC is a separate installation with some, it install the camera driver, if there is one and with others, the necessary CODEC installs with the cataloging/editing utility program.

    Good luck


  • Why my Muse site does not appear without images even with everything?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated (website: www.daniellefeliciano.com). I'm learning the Muse to help my students to design and I had my desktop site finished and ready to go. It seems large preview in the browser, but when I download in fact to my FTP/hosting it appears without ANY style images etc, but it sort of shows a bit of content. I tired to upload files via Cyberduck (my desktop FTP) through the Muse publishing option and by creating a subdirectory with my hosting and pointing my domain on this one. What happens here? I can't understand! I do HTML/CSS Web sites in dreamweaver for a few years and never had the pop up like that. You can see the problem in the link below, but I've also attached photos. It's bad in all browsers. I'm hosted through GoDaddy, but do not have access to this accommodation at the moment (you need to find the connection). Also, I have iPage hosting and tried to direct the site with a pointer to a subfolder, but no luck...

    Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 1.38.33 PM.png

    The preview of the file index opened from the desktop in Chrome

    Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 3.33.20 PM.png


    Oh Lord, literally, I spent hours talking to the customer service... and then I found the answer as two seconds after posting... apparently Cyberduck and Muse disagree, and I had to change all the permissions for the file. Here is an article if anyone else going through this...

    Change file permissions using a SFTP client: Web Site Maintenance: tools and Guides: IU Webmaster: Indiana University

  • Why a strange alphabet does not appear when I type in an address box. Integration is slow and hesitant and numbers and letters are often repeated on their own?

    I use the new Sierra, but the problem predates this.

    Whenever I am typing a command or an address, a strange alphabet appears with blue letters and numbers below. The stalls, insertion and numbers and letters and then repeat on their own. I can't get out.

    This problem comes and goes, no real reason for when it happens.

    It happens when I type in the Web addresses, etc., and when I type the commands of the operating system.

    Can you give more information on mac hardware.

    You can download and run the latest version 3.0.5 of Etrecheck (etrecheck.com)

    and post it here please.

  • Why my SATA drive does not appear as SCSI in Vista 64 on my HP 6142p

    I have a HP Pavilion 6142p with a 640 GB SATA main drive.  On my Vista 64 system info, it presents itself as SCSI.  I want to add another internal drive and upgrade to Windows 7, but it's kind of a red flag for me.  I searched the General internet, but the only similar stories, I've found are for a jmicron bios. What happens here?

    Edit: is it because the bios SATA1 unit in RAID mode?  If I install another drive, to suddenly support level RAID 0 or 1, and that I can choose which?

    1. the RAID controller appears as SCSI in the bios Setup (bios makes it look to Windows in this way).

    2 once installed a second drive, ctrl-i at boot time will bring up a window of RAID configuration.

    I have Intel sata controllers in my PC then your PC might have a different way of activation RAID but you have a choice.  The RAID on my PC menu appears so when my hard disk controller is configured in RAID mode.  If I set the mode to AHCI or IDE hard disk controller, it disappears.

  • Why my CS2 registration does not appear in my account?

    I registered the product, but in my account section products registered, nothing shows here. Is a function because it is an older version of photoshop, or is it a mistake? I tried to sign up again while I was positive I did the installation, and the result I got was a message saying that the serial number is already registered. This isn't a serious problem, but I would really like to know if someone could be so useful. Thank you!

    Hi Liana,

    The CS2 products activation server is no longer available, so we provide a new configuration file and a generic serial for CS2 products number that doesn't require registration. Please refer to the following article for more information on this.

    Error: "Activation Server is not available. CS2, Acrobat 7, pass a hearing 3

    Please post on the Adobe Forums

  • Why my dialog box does not appear?

    When I using IE8 opens a PDF on the web under Win7, Adobe Reader has been loaded and my plugin loaded either.

    But when I click on the 'about' button of my plugin there is no popup dialog.

    The dialog box is created without any control, it could not be the matter of control.

    The dialog box was created with the MFC technology.

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you.

    Sorry, I saw that you were referring to the reader and not in Acrobat. I have no personal experience with Reader plug-ins.  Adobe must sign on player plug-ins, but I understand that your plugin can do everything what he could do in Acrobat as long as it is not save the PDF file or create comments, unless the PDF "enabled player."  Otherwise, an MFC dialog box should work.  However, in your last message tells you that it was written with the ADM as you said initially that he was MFC.  My dialog box is 100% Win32 (CDialog) because the ADM had some problems techniques and also because ADM has been deprecated in Acro 6 or 7, so I don't know if a dialog of SMA will work in a browser.


  • Why my youtube video does not appear on my wordpress site on firefox udesign?

    I have a site of udesign I downloaded my video to through youtube. It was working fine until I did the last update. all forums instruct all the world to use the code, but with my theme I don't even no where to put the code. I've also read about html5. What is a potential reason? I don't know what to do at this point. Help, please!

    From your initial description, you used a specific YouTube button or a widget on your WordPress site to embed the video.

    The other way to do is paste the code from YouTube (below the video, in the sharing options) to see if it works better. You can start a new article and just use Preview rather than change your homepage, until you can verify that it works.

    When you change your post - I don't know udesign, I know only the regular WordPress - you should see two tabs: Visual and text. The text tab lets you paste in the HTML code. Then you can preview and see if she leaves.

  • Why a black line does not appear when I turn it on, but goes off when I start a program

    When I turn on my machine, I get a vertical black line on my back drop. When I select a program the line disappears. Can you please help me with this problem. Thank you

    Hello Georgehebden,

    Thanks for your post.  Try to start computer in Safe Mode with network and download / install the latest video driver for your computer.  Please let us know the results so that we can better help you get this issue resolved.

    See you soon

  • Why my iPad folio does not appear in my android app?

    I can't understand this? Can anyone help?

    In my opinion, there is no reason to do so. Leave Android devices at the scale of the folio of 1024 x 768 and do with it.

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    I wonder, why is my application does not appear in the world of the app for different countries? I'm at the Canada and I can see my app in top 3 but my cousin's in India and he can't see my app in App World.

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    Can someone please check?

    The application name is "StockDaddy".


    Thank you!

    Please ignore, my brother had no OS yet installed 10.1 on his phone! Sorry for the red flag.

    BTW, please see my application, "StockDaddy", which allows you to easily keep track of your inventory investment.

    PS, it is certainly worth checking out!

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    It was the strangest thing, but I think I solved the problem. Use the CC version 2015.1 on a Wacom tablet using Win 8.1 and inadvertently from the same batch of photos, I had downloaded twice and it was very confusing because it did not prevent the duplication of files, but the files where not really there. I didn't know whether to remove or delete the files with question marks for fear of destroying a link or something so merged files and now everything works as it should, once chosen in the library that the photo appears in develop mode.

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    Original title:... After repeating I'm fixing m not able to play my music... Please help me solve the problem