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Can I assign the text in a multi-state object?

I want to assign InCopy files for captions that are part of a slide show, but I can't seem to create assignments for the text boxes in a multi-state object. Is this possible?

Folio archived iPad - big mistake

In my view, that I did a big mistake when I archived my folio on the iPad in Adobe Content Viewer.My desire was to remove it from my account so I could provide a new folio.I am now unable to create folios in Indesign 5.5.I think my archiv

Hide the items in the menu table of contents

Hello!I'm doing an iPad magazine and I have a question about the menu table of contents.One of the FAKE paintings, go to an index page for one of the parties in the magazine.So, I wouldn't have the other articles in this section to display in the men

valid no directory is not found

HelloI got an error "warning: no valid directory could be found."Wich error am I doing?Garry

Creating a page to scroll smooth in my folio

I'll put up a portfolio with only horizontal pages.I'll well regarding I have ad files 1024 * 768 pixels. But I want to ad a 1024 pixel page * 2000. In the settings of this document it automatically register this page as 'portrait' rather than 'lands

animation is not an excerpt from works

animation in indesign doesn't work in preview article

folio preview error

Invalid value for parameter 'portraitDocument' of the method "exportMiniFolio". Expected, but received document Store/overlaypreview.folio /Local. /Users/natala/Library/Preferences/StageManager.BD092818F67280F4B42B04877600987F0111B594.1someone knows

Swipe upwards and downwards

HelloCan I make a shot upward and down instead of left and right?If so, how do I?

naming of folios: subtitle missing

HelloI have created a number of folios and loaded onto the iPad, but when I display the name of the Folio poster in Adobe Content Viewer but below it is a small asterisk, and for the life of me I can't find a field of empty text associated with the f

Folder is not valid for import

CS5Beginners Question: I downloaded DPS and Colin gray 3 beginners video tracking.When I try to import an articles, I get the message:Content generationThe Frontpage folder is not valid for importIn my Frontpage folder is only the Frontpage 724 x 102

Problem with the 360 Viewer

HelloI just downloaded the trial version of Indesign CS5.5 since I wanted to try the overlay creator feature. What I read online, 360 views can be created using the creator of overlay. Now, here's where the problem is. I don't see an option to create

Download folio for iPad problems

I did a folio with the InDesign CS5 and Folio Builder (7.0.4 also works.. :).)When I check my folio, I see everything I've done.But:I can't publish this folio, althougt I should publish 1 folio for freeand when I log in the Adobe Content

Link Hypertext & Web view

In the new InDesign 5.5, the link Hypertext & Web view only seem to be able to work in the Overlay of the Creator window Preview / Panel.But when I saw it by Folio Builder and the iPad, both of this interactive overlay does not work.The rest of the f

Overlayeffect work in Desktop Viewer = always work in the Tablet?

I'm waiting for the new Viewer for iPad, supporting the new folio Builder. So now I only works with the Office Viewer.The 'object state slideshow,' effect of slip is the decorative effect that I created.In some cases of the State, I TIREDLY 2 objects

Creator of interactive overlay

HelloAnyone know where I can download the utility of additional AIR, the creator of Interactive superposition?I downloaded the content generator and tutorials a month ago and have only got round to play with him now and it seems that I need the creat

Buttons and video

I kept a visible button after a hit target & his hidden page on load. but on the device, it loads the page and hide the other button does not work. and also with videos, he simply presents himself as an image. nothing happens if I see on an InDesign

the cost estimate for Enterprise Edition

HelloI work in a multimedia agency in company is interested in having the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite in Enterprise Edition.We have customers from 5-6 who wants to publish the magazine on shelves of media.Could you give me more info

Download error during the download for iPad

I took publications that I created on the pre-release program and have installed the new tools on CS5.I managed to import my publication and I can watch online on, as well as in the Folio Builder in CS5.I did a preview in CS5 and it makes t

Fail when you try to play the folio of the Adobe account

Hello!When I try to download the new file on the iPad, with the Adobe Content Viewer.I got a message telling me that a file is missing or is not valid (in Swedish).I clicked "Refresh" in the viewer generator, and the version comes from Adobes tutoria

Adobe Content Viewer - can display the vertical presentation?

Is it only possible to get a glimpse of the horrisontal magazine, no vertical with the content viewer Desktop?
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