Why the text on my browser is so small?

I just download Mozilla Firefox on a Windows 8, but for some reason any text in the browser (NOT the actual Web page text) (I mean the menu, titles of tabs bar) is VERY small. I was wondering if there was any means possible to make bigger? I hope you understand what I'm describing. Thank you.


You can right click a pref on the topic: config page and click Reset (the prefs indicates a value of empty string).

This pref will be deleted the next time you start Firefox.

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  • Why the text on my home page becomes smaller

    At the bottom right, there is a '%' symbol > it click n select a larger number of %.

    Does it work? For the benefits of others looking for answers, please mark as answer suggestion if it solves your problem.

  • Why the text "adobe after effects" made its appearance in my rendered composition?

    Why the text "adobe after effects" made its appearance in my rendered composition?

    Probably because you have applied a predefined text animation and did not change the default text for this.

  • Why the text size option has no effect?

    Hi, the text is really small. When you browse display option settings and make the text bigger using the a button has no effect on the actual pages. The text is still tiny. I tried do download 'no small text' but do get the message that it is incompatible. Is there a solution? Thank you.

    I have version 29.

    It is difficult, but that the Office font size change affects only 'some optimized Desktop Web sites '. It is really misleading.

    There is no way to adjust the font size on websites mobile optimized, which I assume you are trying to adjust.

  • After the upgrade to version 9.0, why the text in the Awesome bar is gray and a part of the text is black?

    Some of the text is grayed out in the Awesome Bar, this page is grayed out except for mozilla.org is black. It is present on every page.

    The beginning of new behavior in Firefox 7 is to highlight the area (i.e., mozilla.org) in the address/URL/location bar for easy identification.

    Users can revert to the old behavior by setting browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled to false in about: config

    1. type of topic: config in the URL/address bar and press the Enter key
    2. If you see a cautionary, accept it (promise to be careful)
    3. Filter = browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled
    4. Double-click the pref in the lower panel of toggle it on 'false' OR , do a right-click on the pref in the lower panel, then choose "Toggle" switch it on "false."
    5. close the topic: config tab

    If this answer solved your problem, please click 'Solved It' next to this response when connected to the forum.

    Not related to your question, but...

    You may need to update some plug-ins. Check your plug-ins and update if necessary:

  • Why the texts to someone iCloud email sent in a green box in iMessage?

    On my old iPhone 5, I sent iMessages to someone iCloud email address and my text boxes were blue, as they are on an iPhone. I try to send a message to that same email on my current iPhone iCloud 6 and the text box was green. This person still has an iPhone then why are they sent green as an 'SMS', but it is still going to be another iPhone?

    Have you tried toggling of iMessage power on the phone?

    Also, see some of the suggestions in this thread: iMessage on my Mac sends more messages. It only sends text Messages, even to contacts who have apple ID

  • Why is the size of the text in my bars, menus and small office?

    This morning when I turned on my computer, the size of my text was tiny! When I say this, I don't want the text in internet explorer, because it's normal size, but I mean the text on the inside the tabs, the text on the bar Favorites and the other eveyr menu, the text of the name in the actual window and in my address bar. In addition, the text on my desktop (the words under the desktop icons) is tiny as well. Even the words on my Start menu are tiny.

    It's weird because everything in my browser and other programs are normal size. I tried to adjust the resolution and goes to personalization > display > and change the dpi and will just 'small', 'medium', but which explodes everything on my screen. I fear, I may have some sort of virus or something that is causing... Anyone know the cause of this?

    (PS. When I say that, I'm not talking SMS language in the browser, i.e. controlling and a magnification of DO NOT solve my problem)

    I think this may be the case. But anyway, I tried to use a restore of the system for a week back and fortunately it worked. All my fonts are back to normal size, but I still don't know exactly what the problem was. But I'm just glad it's resolved. Thanks Gerry!

  • Why the text in the fields of the contact form changes position in the different States?

    Dear Muse Maniacs.

    I used the SIMPLE CONTACT widget. In design mode in the Muse of all States to look (void, no vacuum, orientation,...) very well. After the export of local browser, BC oder my hosted URL, the text position jump between these States.

    Site URL:


    Feel free to watch this video screencapture to check my settings in my file of Muse and compare it to what happens in the browser:

    Adobe Creative Cloud

    Definition of Muse:

    Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-09 um 21.43.28.png

    Preview in the browser:

    Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-09 um 21.05.20.png

    Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-09 um 21.05.54.png

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Best regards, Moritz

    Thanks a lot for your comments, Mylenium.

    By "adjust text settings", you mean this way to solve?

  • Why the text fields are not shown in the exact position where I place, being in a position different from the design view and preview?

    Enclosed is the difference in preview mode and Design Mode.

    Please note that I noticed the same phenomenon occurs on the "IRINA" template that I downloaded for use in training.Looloo1.JPGLooloo2.JPG


    Well, what you are is the correct behavior. The image is scaling due to the width of the browser. This is normal because the text does not meet the resizing (yet). You should be able to fix this in the next version of Muse. Or you can join the public beta version now and try it.

  • Why the text header is deleted on the compilation?

    I have a text header on my functions/procedures/packages, with stuff standard name, developer, etc. of the version history. When I open the file in SQL Developer and compile my object, the section of text at the top is removed? Anyone know why this is happening?

    Thank you


    Is this before the "CREATE or REPLACE?

    If so, it is not actually part of your PL/SQL object. The database considers only the text beginning with CREATION and ending with the END as part of the object.

    You can query user_source to confirm.

    Of course if is not before CREATING, an example of what you experience will help us diagnose this.

  • Why the size of my browser minimized become so small that it is unusable?

    I clicked on something in google and all of a sudden receipt of warnings about a virus attack. It seems to have been blocked because everything looks OK, except that the size of my browser minimized is now tiny and is completely unusable. Can I reset the size of the browser minimized and if so, how?


  • Need help on why the text size continues to change as I'm typing or research. Need help on why the page disappears when I try to send email or when I try to view a page online.

    Can someone tell me how to fix these issues?  When I type a message by e-mail or through a Web site, I get the microscope & then the text size change automatically if small I can't read.  The other problem I have is that I continue to in getting kicked off the e-mail page or Web page without hitting any other buttons.  When I type an email, and more text size change, I get a message box asking me if I want to leave the page, click ok or if I want to stay on the page, click Cancel.  I always click Cancel, but get kicked off the e-mail page anyway and have to start over.  This happened to someone?   I asked Acer (my brand of windows 7 computer) for help, but they say the warranty that I treat these & have to pay.  I asked Microsoft to help on this, but I have to pay.  I got this Acer Aspire 7540 for about a month.  Cannot get help anywhere.  Anyone know what to do or where I can ask for help?

    Hi Phylomel,

    -Since when are you facing this problem?

    -Do you have yo umake any changes made to your computer before this problem started?

    -This only happens when you access email through Internet Explorer?

    -This happens on all the websites or any websites?

    However, you can try to optimize the settings of Internet Explorer on your computer and check if that helps you solve the problem. Access the link below and follow the steps to optimize Internet explorer.


    Also, you can check if the CTRL key on the keyboard is sturck and if the program is based on shortcut keys.

    You try to use the on-screen keyboard and check if the problem persists.

    Steps to start the on-screen keyboard on:

    1. click on start.

    2. open the control panel (Classic view).

    3. click on ease of access Center.

    4. click on on-screen keyboard

    You can also try starting an online virus scan to check if your computer is infected and remove infected items and check if it helps you to solve the problem. Go to the link below to run an online virus scan.


    I hope this helps. Let us know the result.

    Thank you and best regards,


    Srinivas R

    Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Why the text tool does not work?

    whenever I choose the text tool that doesn't work. It allows me to create the bar, but the curosor doesn't even blink. I type and its Blanck. I hit accept the test I typed shows on the layer, but not on the screen, I need help. I've even updated, reinstalled. I need help I am ready to throw my laptop. Please someone

    Is this a new problem with an old facility?

    Or a new facility and the Type of tool has never worked?

    What is the size of the image in pixels and resolution?  Something that sometimes happens is that people get the wrong units and I think they are pixel setting when it is in fact centimeters.  If you have a low resolution game, like the default 72 dpi, which can cause the tiny text, it might as well be invisible.  This is particularly problematic when the Type is set on Points.  To test simply do a new document with reasonable proportions.  that is 1000 x 1000 pixels, 300 dpi

    Another test is to select the text layer and use free transform, or zoom so you can see if you have a small bounding box.

    If this isn't the question and the text color is not the same as the background, then...

    First step is to reset the preferences.  (The relocation does not overwrite the preferences file).

    Also try resetting subject tools.

    Then uninstall Photoshop and use the cleaning tool before reinstalling.

  • During the rotation of captive text, why the text baselines evolve?

    In Illustrator CC, I have a group composed of several elements, including the text in the box. I flip this group 5 degrees using the transformation Panel (this seems to be a problem, either in a group or separate).

    As a result, the basic lines of text are more aligned. Take a look at the screenshot below. You will see the poor step in the 'e' to 'brand' (lines based on the n and d are above the "Bra"), and "pushed" where "n" is obviously higher than the rest of the word, and the 'a' aollaboration down below the rest, and many other words.

    If I unrotate it and then re-turns, different letters have basic problems. If I choose a different font, the same question. All the character settings are default. All paragraph settings are default. Area type options are two columns

    Am I missing something? Is there a better approach for this?



    I think that maybe it's a strangeness of artifact/rendering screen.

    You see exactly the same zoom levels?

    It comes also with images PDF/print/exported/saved?

  • Why the text of a withdrawal to cite the block on the left, not the right?

    Http://www.cosmic-creativity.com/athletic I have several quotes from block for formatting. And when I select the text and click the block quote in Dreamweaver CS6, block quote format only withdrawals on the left and right of the text too much running in the right side of the page. I tried to add a CSS padding and reduce the width of CSS box but in both the right side remains same, too much running in the right side of the page.

    How can I change the format of my block quotes?

    This works if used properly.



    margin-left: 100px;

    margin-right: 100px;

    color: #666;

    make-style: oblique;



    Heading 3

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, adipiscing elit computer. Mauris vitae libero lacus, vel hendrerit nisi.  Maecenas quis nisl volutpat viverra felis total.  Vestibule luctus mauris sed sem dapibus luctus.  Pellentesque aliquet ligula aliquet, and restore justo auctor varius.  Amongst City nunc eget lectus varius. Aenean dignissim ante ut tristique enim.

    "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, adipiscing elit computer. Mauris vitae libero lacus, vel hendrerit nisi.  Maecenas quis nisl volutpat viverra felis total.  Vestibule luctus mauris sed sem dapibus luctus.  Pellentesque aliquet ligula aliquet, and restore justo auctor varius.  Amongst City nunc eget lectus varius. Aenean dignissim ante ut tristique enim. »

    Heading 3

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, adipiscing elit computer. Mauris vitae libero lacus, vel hendrerit nisi.  Maecenas quis nisl volutpat viverra felis total.  Vestibule luctus mauris sed sem dapibus luctus.  Pellentesque aliquet ligula aliquet, and restore justo auctor varius.  Amongst City nunc eget lectus varius. Aenean dignissim ante ut tristique enim.

    Nancy O.

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