Windows Vista search - results of research on relevance sorting Office

Thank you advance.

How can I sort the search results of Vista by relevance.  I understand, sort by file type, date, etc, but how do I sort results by relevance - see the most relevant results first?

Would it be possible for you to 'tag' data in the comments column. That's exactly how Live and other research, do it. When your search phrase matches a tag, you get a star. Some people use "metatags in web pages to"mark"their site. No reason why you could metatag not your data.

Messages rating helps other users

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  • How can I stop Windows Vista Search Results including files that have already been deleted?

    I use Windows Vista Home Premium Version 6.0.  When I use the windows search feature (navigate from the 'new' start icon) search results include files that have been deleted.  This is quite annoying because it dilutes the value of the search result.

    Does anyone have a solution to this?  I have seen similar posts but no real solutions... any help would be much appreciated!  THX

    Rebuild the search Index to remove these "deleted": results

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Scanner Compatability__I'm trying to get my scanner Visioneer 9320 to work under Windows Vista without result. Help please.

    I'm trying to get my scanner Visioneer 9320 to work under Windows Vista without result.  Help please.

    Hi Viver,

    While I have been researching the issue, I met that the scanner model is not compatible with Windows vista and also similar told by the visioneer in the link to their website below.

    You will need to contact the visioneer to see if they have no update or the hotfix released for Windows vista.

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.
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  • my windows Vista Home Basic Edition does not show the Office when I log in. it shows only a green screen

    Original title: green screen

    my windows Vista Home Basic Edition does not show the Office when I log in. it shows only a green screen. I tried all the options in F8 mode with no result. How can I fix it without losing any information on the hard drive?


    1 - do you mean that you get the green screen even in safe mode?

    2 did you recent hardware or software changes to your computer before this problem?

    If you are unable to start desktop even in safe mode, then you try to perform the verification and startup repair.


  • Windows Vista search files

    I have Windows Vista Home Edition, SP2.  Since four of the eight, 50 per cent, the files are empty, the following files in the folder of eight Research can be deleted?  Everywhere: (there are more results won't hold in this view.)  Refine your results with the search box or click to see all results...) ; Indexed locations: (too many to count.  Range of dates: 02/11/2006 through 22/01/2012); Recent documents: (16 inputs); Recent email: (empty); Recent music: (empty); Recent photos and videos: (empty); Recently changed: (18 entries); Shared by me: (empty).  I used PC since early 1987 with D.O.S. and I've never had a problem located a file.  Thank you, Eleanor

    Search folders are just links to the underlying files. If you delete a file in a search folder, it has the same effect as delete the file itself. You can delete records if you wish.

  • Windows Vista search tool

    The search in the Start Menu tool does no more work. Before he was able to find and display a lot of full and partial matches. Now, he could search for hours and still not find anything, not even when I type the name of the folder that I have on the desktop. So it may be that I am searching for non-existent files. What could be the problem? I have Windows Vista Home premium


    Did you change your computer?

    I suggest you follow the method and check.

    Method 1:

    Fix Windows Search when it crashes or shows no results

    The problems with the search

    Tips for finding files

    Improve Windows searches using the index: frequently asked questions

    Method 2:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Note: After a repair, be sure to set the computer to start as usual as mentioned in step 7 in the above article.

  • Windows Vista search refuses to repair

    I have instructed the system to reset to default index locations and then indexing will not start, checked services are defined on such automatic suggested elsewhere on similar luck thread.  I get an error code 2147218141, which seems to lead nowhere I tried all the different solutions that I can find here, and nothing works. I cannot search for files, or even search for the specific e-mail message in Outlook 2007. It is exceedingly frustrating. I am running Vista Home Premium SP2 with all current updates. Help, please!

    It's my advice in my previous reply to you:

    "If you read the update information install I you provided to see what Service Pack you have installed."

    What is installed cannot be higher that what is on the disk.

    Did you get this information? »

    You checked, but did not follow the rest of the information on the link I gave you.

    Your answer me;

    "The edition of VISTA Home Premium that I have right now is SPS2, updated this with the Service Packs from Microsoft themselves, via Microsoft Update. The original disc upgrade I was Home Premium regular, without have been issued at the time of the purchase by Microsoft service pack. »

    You must UNINSTALL the Service Packs from your installed operating system or their wake on the disc to allow you to use your original DVD to do a upgrade repair.

    Re-read the link I gave you.

    "How to perform a repair for Vista Installation"

    • This will not work if you have the SP1 is installed unless your Vista installation DVD includes SP1, or create you a Vista SP1 slipstream installation DVD (see below). When SP1 is installed, it will give Vista a version newer than what's on the Vista installation DVD original number.
    • You can only do an upgrade installation if the currently installed Vista is a version identical or older than what is on the Vista installation DVD.
    • To create a Vista SP1 slipstream installation DVD to use to do a repair install (upgrade), see: How to create a DVD of Installation of Vista SP1 Slipstream. Note that this still does not work to use a repair installation.
    • Another option is to uninstall the Vista SP1, and then run the repair facility and install SP1 again later. To uninstall SP1, see: Microsoft Help and Support: how to uninstall Windows Vista SP1 as a troubleshooting step
    • This will not work if you have the SP1 and SP2 installed unless your installation DVD Vista includes SP2.
    • To create a DVD to install Vista SP2 wake to use to do a repair install (upgrade), see: How Slipstream Vista SP2. Note that this still does not work to use a repair installation.

    Either uninstall Service Packs installed or follow their tips here and create a Slipstreamed DVD.

    And read this:

    "How to uninstall Windows Vista service packs as a troubleshooting step"

  • Change the default setting selected on the ground of 'Culminating point search results' in research

    Anyone know any changes "under the hood" that can be done to make the "highlight search results" field in the search value unchecked and unverified? I see in the recipe SSL where for him to appear or not appear (and change the color of the highlight), but nothing about what makes the unchecked in WebHelp result value (or other forms of the help output where it may appear).

    I have it! -Yes, it's in this file whform.js - it's this section (hope of line 228 - it is OK):

    If (gbHighlightSearch == true) {}

    "sForm +="."+ gsHiliteSearchTitle +"


    If you remove the "checked" on this line bit, it sets the State of the 'unchecked' box in the search pane.

  • Give me my correct product key for my windows vista 64 bit, I use on my toshiba Office Qosmio X 305 - Q705 operating system

    I need my correct Windows vista Home premium 64-bit product... which will correct the error, such as fact but with error and 404 error, this page is not availible.

    It's not Microsoft, and we have no product key to give you.

    If your 64 bit Vista pre-installed look for a sticker on the underside of the case, which will contain 25 characters of the product key.

    Or look in the battery compartment.

    If before is not your problem, I suggest that you explain your problem in detail and include error codes.

    See you soon.

  • Windows Vista - search failed to initialize?

    Hi all. I went to my computer the other day and when I typed in the search bar, it is said 'Search cannot initialize' and basically refuses to get anything. I tried a few solutions, but these come short to half way through the tutorial because of a few things.

    One person said 'research', which of course cannot be searched via the start menu because that's the problem! Laughing out loud. I can't find anything.
    Another step that I saw in a different tutorial says to restart the index or something involving to go into Control Panel, then system and maintenance, but when I go into the system and maintenance, there is nothing to find. It says "There are no items to display." So, basically, system and maintenance is empty.
    Who is supposed to be an automatic problem specially for my problem solver (I thought it wouldn't work, but thought why not give it a try?)
    He ran last night and he seemed to take quite some time, so I let him do his thing of the day after. I go back to the computer, and he claims that all problems have been resolved. It fixed problems related to coding, windows search not start, restart windows search, windows search does not search, etc.. Large. Very well. So, I'll test this claim out and find that it has not fixed all the. I get the same exact error message when trying to search for anything.
    So, please, help me on this. Is there a way to solve this annoying problem? Having no research on your system, it's like having no google on the internet. It's just debilitating. And it takes forever to find everything manually. I also tried restoring system to go to an earlier point in time, BING, another problem. There is only a single restore point - which was an update of windows. I restored to that but it solves nothing, and when I return to the system restore, it is right back in the restore points, so I guess that windows automatically updates right after the update is cancelled. With the point of not more than a restoration to return, (which will not solve the problem), I fear of system restore is out of the question as well.
    ANY HELP? Thank you

    Hey I solved the problem by rebuilding the index.

    To remove and recreate the search index:

    1. ReachControl Panel
    2. SelectIndexing Options
    3. Click on Advanced (this will open the Advanced Options dialog box)
    4. Select it Rebuild button.
    Don't forget that I had to click on "Classic Mode" before to do because the modern version would not display all items. Some may not have this extra step, but I had to. I am writing just so that anyone else having this problem can see how to fix it! Thanks for your help, if!
  • Windows Vista has problems to install the update for Office home and Student 2007

    I can't widow vista to install an update for Microsoft office home and Student 2007. I have to uninstall and reinstall the program from the cd that came with my pc and that has not worked. Can you tell me why I have a problem with it.

    I can't widow vista to install an update for Microsoft office home and Student 2007. I have to uninstall and reinstall the program from the cd that came with my pc and that has not worked. Can you tell me why I have a problem with it.

    Hey bluefeather1964

    It comes to the installation of vista operating system instance

    You'll have to repost in the windows update forum

    and tell them everything error codes and the KB numbers when repost you it

    This is the normal error code 646, that you get with the office updates

    Walter, the time zone traveller

  • Why is it when even the version of Skype on laptop that runs Windows 7 same version on pc even if windows vista-why it is in the video offline Office call is green enabled but not laptop

    I have instaleed version 2003-2012 skype6.0.0.126

    laptop is a 64-bit windows

    Desktop is 32-bit windows

    any offline contacts on my office have active green video call. It's the same contacts in the laptop and the same status offline. But the video call in Skype to laptop is dark and inactive.

    I also tried to install the most recent version in the laptop and it's same thing

    Any solution please


    Check out these articles and communicate with Skype:


  • Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit Service Pack 2 - Office suddenly abandoned internet (via e-thernet), does not connect unless I have stop and restart manually

    A few days ago I pressed the space bar to wake up my (HP pavilion m8100n) office, and I met several things at once:
    1. the icon of the internet was just two monitors blinks back
    2. a box pops up saying "an audio input jack has been disconnected" (when NO such thing has happened!) and now I have no sound and just an "x"symbol next to the symbol of volume." I tried connect headphones, still no sound at all.
    3. my wireless mouse works most completely (again, I don't have anything) I had to use my Intuos3 Tablet mouse click autour.
    Then I restarted the computer, unplugged and replugged the usb for wireless mouse thing, solved #3.
    #2 is still pending.
    #1 takes a strange turn.
    The computer more remained in mode 'sleep', even if I told him to go to mode 'sleep', and every time he woke up upward, I had no internet (just two monitors flashing back and forth.)
    I went to the Device Manager and unchecked the box that allows the computer to disable internet to save energy, at least now when it comes out of sleep, he maintains the internet.
    The computer also doesn't stop- every now and again, he normally stops when I said to, but more often now I have to force it to close hold the button down.
    The question of the internet has gotten worse. While we had a few problems because of the company's Internet, we called and it is resolved.
    I know the router is not the problem because that all computer laptop in the House can connect to him easily.
    My computer always had problems with wireless cards, is also connected to the router via e-thernet.
    The only way I can work around the issue now is to stop (be it by asking the computer to stop or forcing), from, he and hope I get internet.
    If I don't have internet and instead just get the flashing monitors symbol, I tried to tell the computer to restart, but this does not resolve the issue.
    When it restarts, there not even internet.
    I still close, wait and start again, and * hope * I have internet.

    When I have no internet, and I'm trying to diagnose and repair, it always ends up by saying "Windows cannot solve this problem."
    When I click on network and sharing Center, he says that I'm connected to a 'network unidentified' - which is meaningless, because when the internet works, it says that I'm connected to the private network of our House.
    I tried Googling autour, but I really can't find someone else who has the problem as well as the problem of the e-thernet restart/stop.
    Any help with this would be massively appreciated, I do commissions online my source of income and I need this computer to work, because it's my graphic computer.
    (I've included all this other info in case it helped to identify the problem.)

    All my ports usb does not as well, I found this and it seems to have fixed everything! Even the problem of noise!

    Sorry to have wasted your time, thank you for the quick response, however.
  • My window 7 Home Premium is missing icons for sorting office

    I have TWO PC, HP running family Premium 64 bit, laptop and desktop computer.
    My laptop has a "icons of sort..."  In the menu content when I right click on the desktop.
    My office is "missing" so.

    the content on the desktop has: VIEW and no sorting, but I have so many icons, I need to separate so I can clean them.

    HOW can I get the icons 'FATE' back on this desktop computer?  Where at - it go?  My two systems are approximately the same version and updates to day so not sure why the difference.

    Do you have any third-party desktop applications, such as fences from Stardock, installed?

    I read other people with this problem and who were the cause.

    Example, see next to the last message

  • Windows Vista Ultimate ineffective search

    After you select a drive or folder, Start-computer-research doesn't produce effective results.  A test, I even searched a file name that I can see in the folder and it is not the list.   Data sheet: Vista Ultimate 64-bit (authenticated and all that).


    That folder is probably not in the Index and should be added, or you should use the advanced search, or
    Research has a problem that needs to be fixed.

    Windows Search does not work or research are slower

    Troubleshooting Windows Vista search & indexing errors

    Reconstruction of the Index in Windows Vista
    How to enable or disable the search Index in Vista
    Improve Windows searches using the index: frequently asked questions


    Tips for finding files

    How to use advanced search in Vista Options

    How to restore the page button on the Start Menu after installing Vista SP1

    How to restore the context Menu item search after installing Vista SP1

    How to create a shortcut on the desktop search in Vista


    Win Key F opens advanced search

    Searching in Windows Vista, part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

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