Windows Vista to Windows 10

Hello! can I know the steps to upgrade my windows vista to windows 10 computer?

Please help me :(


How to buy Windows 10:

But first make sure that you have the correct configuration and your computer manufacturer provides the right drivers for 10.

" System requirements Windows 10"

Microsoft deploys Windows 10 available as free upgrade to Windows 7 features, Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 8.1 qualified. It will be available from July 29, 2015

"FAQ Windows 10.

See you soon.

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  • Music from Apple on Windows Vista


    I want to subscribe to Apple music etc, but the upgrade will not take effect, apparently due to the fact that my laptop running Windows Vista. Of course, this is not normal? How can I subscribe to the Apple's music on the Windows Vista system without being forced to invest in a costly upgrade of my operating system?


    You cannot use Apple music on Windows vista. iTunes 12.3 or later is required for Apple music. If you want to use Apple music you need to update your operating system (computer?).


  • Windows Vista-> Windows 10


    I have a problem with my Windows Vista to Windows 10 computer upgrade.
    Microsoft has said that it cannot obtain free Windows 10 update, if you have Windows 7/8.1, but you should be able to get on Windows Vista, I think...

    When I open the installer of Windows 10, or media creation tool, that's what's happening:

    10 Windows Installer:

    Media creation tool:

    My computer specs:

    Can you please help me to get 10 Windows on my computer.

    This isn't a problem of Firefox support. Take up with a ten Windows support forum.

  • Thunderbird will still work if I upgrade my Windows Vista PC to Windows 7?

    Thunderbird is installed and works fine on my Windows Vista PC. If I upgrade the operating system Vista to Windows 7, TBird still works as it is? Can I install a new version of TBird or make other changes to it?

    Good. You can then mark the thread as "Solved" Please?
    Thank you.

  • When does end for Windows Vista?

    I have 9 that is set as my default browser and understand the extended support will end in April 2017 according to Microsoft. I was not able to upgrade to Windows 7 on this P.C. & would like to know if there is no date scheduled for Firefox Support in Windows Vista? I set Firefox as my browser default if Vista will be supported for several years if taken in charge as it is now. What kind of support will be offered, as appropriate, in the future?

    A date has not been set. Actually WinXP SP2 & 3 are still supported by Mozilla for Firefox. I doubt if Mozilla support for Vista will end anytime in the near future.

    Overall, Mozilla does not select arbitrary deadlines to end operating system, Windows 2000 was the last to fall by the wayside on the need for Mozilla to update the program that was used to set up Firefox. The new version has not only supported Windows 2000 or Windows XP and WinXP SP1.

  • import from windows mail emails from a broken vista pc

    My 32 bit Vista computer died - power, card mother etc. I have Acronis Disk full backups on a daily and external drive Acronis cloud of my files 'user '. What I don't have is a Windows Mail systems working group to export my old emails. When I run Thunderbird, are there emails in any way I can get these old backup, even if it means going from one place to another to get them.
    As a temporary measure, I am now on a Windows 7 64-bit system.
    If someone can help, but needs more information, let me know.
    Thank you.

    If your drag / drop off the mail will find themselves in some folder you \drop in.

    A better solution would be to use the add-on from the import export tools if you have several nested folders as it will import a folder and the subfolders. The add-on will recreate your folder structure. It you choose to import the messages in a folder and its subfolders.


  • 13.6.0 is the same in Windows Vista like in Linux?

    A friend uses Thunderbird 13.6.0 under Linux. I get emails on AOL, and because they come as text files and not HTML, AOL is able to display them with wildly different lengths of lines, never more than 72 characters, regardless of the width of the window and no graphics (smilies). The 72 character line length, which is the default in Thunderbird plain text seems to confuse AOL mail view. This does not happen in Yahoo Mail or G-Mail. I suggested that he could check the box to Rich Text / HTML and not text gross to < < tools > account settings > Composition and addressing > box > >. He said that there are there. We both have the same version (13.6.0). Linux is involved in this? His version 13.6.0 offer different settings? I can find the checkbox here on Thunderbird with Windows Vista, but we can't seem to find out its based on Linux version of Thunderbird.

    Are the slightly different menu, if the names are sometimes.
    _Linux,, _and_Mac

    Version 31.6.0 is the most

  • I want to copy Thunderbird from Vista to Windows 7, including all messages and address book

    I tried to do this by using Windows Easy Transfer, but it did not work properly. Only, he transferred the configuration of Thunderbird base and loaded messages that have been left on the server, but not the address book or email on Vista I want to keep. Frustrating!

    You must manually move your profile.

  • Windows Vista 64 bit does not install last version of iTunes

    I just updated my iPhone, the recent phone must have the latest version of iTunes installed, I currently have 12.3 but I'm unable to download the latest version, I have Windows Vista 64-bit on my desktop, can anyone help?

    I don't think that Vista will support the latest version of iTunes, which is necessary for the latest version of iOS. I will check something quick and get back to you. What iPhone do you have? What happens when you try to download the latest version?

  • How can I transfer a Thunderbird Vista files and folders to empty the Installation of Windows 7 Thunderbird?

    I use TB on my Vista machine.
    Recently, I downloaded Thunderbird on my Windows 7 computer.
    However, this facility is empty - no file or folder.
    What is the best way to complete the instance of Windows 7 with
    details of the default Vista that has worked for years.
    Thank you.

    This installation is empty

    Can explain you more detail? You have problems to install Thunderbird?

    To copy your profile from the other computer, follow these instructions.

  • Where can I find my favorite Firefox etc in Windows Vista?

    My laptop running completely died without warning (motherboard). I removed the hard drive and was able to read it via a USB box on my new laptop running Windows 8.1, I can't find my Firefox bookmarks.

    I read all the posts that seem relevant and I have tried the solutions but none doesn't seem to work. In short:
    (a) where on Vista are they stored? the full path would be useful!
    (b) should what files I copy across 8.1? What's a file, several or all?
    (c) including one or more folders on 8.1 are going to? They replace the existing files?

    I have a lot of important bookmarks otherwise I'd start again.

    One thing I know now... REGULARLY BACK UP YOUR BOOKMARKS!

    Thank you

    I have now solved this problem, but the information was not particularly explicit. I have copied the Vista file through to the correct location on W8.1, but had a few error messages (sorry did not had the time to do a note). In the end, I did things work by renaming the W8.1 file by adding "Old" to the front of the name of the folder and rename the folder of Vista (which was something completely different from that of the W8.1 file, but without the 'old' in mind, of course.

    There may be ways easier, but after a few weeks, I was just happy to come to the conclusion that I wanted.

  • Cannot access ftp with my windows vista and firefox sites

    On Windows Vista with FF and OracleVM with Ubuntu LINUX/FF. get same error on both Ubuntu
    and the Windows partition. I made my mistake checking on Windows & FF
    Any ftp site, including sao - gives the time limit check error message.
    Checked the window firewall and config port 20 and 21: NO DIFFERENCE
    Tried and NO DIFFERENCE
    Responsible for FireFTP and tried above sites: get the message unable to connect, please try again
    By cor - el on earlier thread tried

      IT WORKED!

    Then tried
    Warning windows server unsecured; has asked during the trip. Then received message of hea - www.harvard Port 443 NOT FOUND

    COR - el or someone you suggest a solution?
    Thank you very much

    Problem was with the COMCAST router firewall. Their technical support fixed within 5 minutes after my third try with them.

    Thanks for your help.

  • FireFox works with Windows Vista?

    Question is not on the machine I use now - so I did not open the window "troubleshooting." The question is about old computer Vaio laptop to my wife with Windows Vista operating system. He travels very slowly. You may want to use FireFox and possibly the speed of navigation. Use Chrome now and want to move tabs and bookmarks (etc.).

    Is it possible and it might make the system a little faster?

    Hi Earl,
    Yes, Firefox is supported on Windows Vista and it will be important in that its power to Chrome.

  • How can I prevent the Foxfire loading automatically when I turn on my computer which runs on Windows Vista?

    Foxfire load automatically when that I start my computer after all the other essential programs. I would like to know how to disable the start menu link that allows the program to load when the computer first starts because the Foxfire browser is not necessary when I first start the computer. Furthermore, when I first start my computer, it is not necessarily connected to the internet and it's just a little embarrassing to see foxfire charge when it is not necessary. In addition, it takes up valuable memory in RAM when it's running, so slow down my machine. Please, someone show me how to keep this program to start when I start my computer. Moreover, my system is Windows Vista and Foxfire does not appear in the startup folder. Only by going to clicking on Foxfire default program page it does not show that Foxfire has a hidden defect that makes it to launch at startup of the computer. What I'm looking for must not see when I start my computer.

    Firefox has no opportunity installation to run at startup, you can check the different methods that Windows uses to launch programs. For details see

  • 26 of Firefox crashes out of Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit.

    No matter if I click on the red X, go to file-> exit or press Alt + F4 to exit Firefox under Windows Vista Ultimate 32 - bit. It almost always produces an error message that Firefox has stopped working.

    I can't find how to post a JPEG Screenshot of the error here.

    This will not occur under Windows XP Pro.

    Otherwise, the browser works fine in a BONE.

    Those are the two reports of the crash on Adobe Flash Player.

    You can check for problems with the latest version of the Flash plugin and try these:

    • disable an eventual extension of the browser for Firefox Plugin RealPlayer Record and if installed RealPlayer update
    • Disable protected mode in the plugin Flash (Flash 11.3 + on Windows Vista and later versions)
    • turn off hardware acceleration in the Flash plugin
  • After having upgraded to Firefox 24 it now won't start at all after clicking on the icon. My OS is Windows Vista premium. It will start in safe mode.

    Upgrade to Firefox 24 and now nothing works at all despite uninstall it and reinstall several times and lose all my favorites etc. However, it does not start in safe mode. At first, I thought it was my Norton 360 Security, but after 2 hours in contact with them, I'm still in the same position. When I double click on the Firefox icon I see the moment where the cursor and then it disappears and nothing loads.

    My OS is Windows Vista Premium and I use Windows internet explore for the time.

    HELP Please!

    Thank you nellus91.

    I used the Microsoft Safety Scanner first, and it found nothing. I then used TDSSkiller and he found the problem.

    Problem solved.

    Thank you.

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