Work of the drivers for the sound, wifi, or Apple (with the numpad) keyboard for Windows 10 partition?

I have a new iMac 21 "with El Capitan installed. I created a partition Windows 10 but in the case of Windows, I can only get sound through headphones (it seems by default helmet optional). Also I can't use WIFI, but I connected LAN and work. Finally, my keyboard is the Apple keyboard with numeric keypad, which works very well under OS X, but does not recognize the numeric keypad in Windows. Can someone help me find the right drivers? As a note: I didn't install through Bootcamp in OS X (kept getting errors during installation), I was able to succeed through the Super Drive, so no, I can't install the drivers through Bootcamp assistant in Windows.


There is no wizard Bootcamp in Windows. It is only on the side of OS X. You can download BC6 drivers for a USB (regardless of the Deputy BC) of the side OS X using BCA and run setup.exe in the Bootcamp folder.

What were the issues with BC Wizard tries to install W10?

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    I have 2 laptops Toshiba, Qosmio X 300 - 14U and Satellite T130 - 12 K, and my question is:
    I use the 64-bit drivers for Windows 7 from the Satellite on the Qosmio?

    Thanks in advance

    Hi frakri,

    What drivers tell you exactly? Display, chipset, sound, etc. ?

    Theoretically, it should be possible, but it s according to the material. For example if your Qosmio has the same chipset as satellite you can use these drivers. Otherwise it wouldn't work because the hardware is different.
    First, check the features!

    In addition, you can get all the drivers here: > support & downloads > download drivers

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    Bought my laptop at home about 3 years that came with windows 8. I've replaced the operating system with windows 7 that I hated the feel of windows 8. Everything was fine until this year, when my internal hard drive is gone. I replaced with a new drive hard and loading the new windows 7. Must connect to the internet so that I can get all the latest drivers for the laptop. I am able to connect via an ethernate cable but unable to connect via wifi. I tried to download the latest drivers for this model but can't download drivers for windows 8.

    How to find the right drivers for windows 7. My warranty ran out last year. As this portable windows 8 is there a chance that I could upgrade to windows 10. I'm not savvy computer as I often to ask my co-worker or my COMPUTER service assistance.



    You're welcome, Richard.

    Here is the driver for the wireless card you need...

    This package contains the installation package driver for wireless LAN Qualcomm Atheros AR9000 controller series in the laptop models running a supported operating system.

    File name: sp61411.exe

  • Re: Satellite A300 - where to find the drivers for Windows 7 x 64?


    Where can I find drivers for Windows 7 x 64 for my laptop?

    I know that most of the Vista drivers are compatible with Win 7, but there are no drivers Vista x 64 too.

    Thank you


    I checked the Web from Toshiba site and there are many models of Satellite A300 which A300 model you have exactly?

    Some models are supported 64-bit Windows, then maybe you should choose an another A300 models because they are similar, in my opinion. So try it and post your result. The Vista drivers are working on Windows 7.

  • Satellite A300D-17F - where to find the drivers for Windows 7?

    Hello all brothers!

    My question is do not find drivers for Windows 7 and the Satellite A300D-17F.

    Yes it's my notbook, but there are no drivers for it on the download page. Do you know why, or what can I do?

    Thank you


    I checked the Toshiba page and your model belongs to the PSAKCE series. So the Toshiba site doesn t show Windows 7 drivers for the moment. Maybe they will be soon released because each day more and more drivers for Windows 7 will be available.

    If you want you can try the drivers for a different model A300D. They may work because I don't see a big difference there.

  • HP envy 14-2090eo: can I use the same drivers for windows 8 and 8.1

    When I check in drivers which operating systems there are drivers available for my Hp Envy 14-2090eo, it says Windows 8 (64-bit) and Windows 7 (64-bit), "and im currently using Windows 7 64 bit" but does that mean the drivers to support these 2 Windows 8 and 8.1 of Windows operating systems, said in a different way "» : are the same drivers for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1?

    Best regards from hpenvy1


    Your model has the AMD/Intel switchable graphics.

    It is unlikely that the W8 AMD graphics driver will work on W8.1.

    Normally, you can use some of the drivers W7/W8 on W8.1, but the graphics is very doubtful - not switchable graphics anyway.

    You can run the windows 8.1 upgrade wizard and see what it reports.

  • 4540 proBook s: can I get the drivers for windows 10 for my probook 4540 s

    Can I get the drivers for windows 10 for my 4540 s probook

    Windows 10 will include more if not all the necessary drivers, just installed on a HP PC and has each of them with the exception of the guard hard drive software, if one is missing in Device Manager, Windows 7 drivers should work.

  • Re: When the drivers for Windows 7 will be available?


    I have a question maybe someone from Toshiba to read. When they add for example (value Package) drivers for Windows 7 x 64!
    About downloading drivers for Qosmio G 50 nothing!. It's sad that other corporations on the version Windows 7 drivers? And Toshba NOTHING!

    Check this box:
    _Windows 7 upgrade: support for Toshiba Laptop Models_

    These are series of laptops that are supported by Windows 7 drivers
    + For models Toshiba PC PAS below, Toshiba offers a support "limited pilot" on a new installation of the operating system Microsoft Windows 7. +

    This means that Win 7 drivers will be published, but not for all series...

  • Need drivers for Windows XP Home edition on the Russian language for Satellite M35x-s149

    Help, please. Can not find the drivers for windows XP SP3 or SP2 on the Russian language for TOSHIBA Satellite M35X-S149.

    I agree with sanremo, your model is designed for the American market, so I don't know if you can find a driver in Russian but look on this posted sanremo m Web site.

    In the worst cases, you should choose an English language pilot, but this shouldn't be a problem.

  • Satellite A135-S2276 - cannot find the drivers for Windows XP

    Hello! I can not find the drivers for windows XP for this laptop. -Does anyone know where I can find it?

    Hi stalker (what crazy nic)

    Satellite A135 is unknown to me, but it seems that the American model.
    Did you look on the Web from Toshiba site we?

    Please visit this link:

    It s a page download driver Toshiba us.

  • Satellite P200 PSPBGU: where to find the drivers for windows xp ethernet

    Where can I find drivers for windows xp ethernet? I tried many drivers, but no installed.
    Help please
    PS Everest says that the ethernet card is - realtek rtl8139/810 x fast ethernet card


    I found this entry in Device Manager:
    Realtek RTL8101 Family PCI - E fast Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0)

    Google simply for the XP driver I m you will find another compatible

  • HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15-b142: I can't find the drivers for Windows 7

    I need the audio drivers, Usb and internet but when I select the operating system have windos 8 and 8.1 of windows, I need drivers for windows 7


    There are two model 15-b142.

    It has an Intel processor and chipset and an AMD processor and chipset, so they need USB 3 completely different drivers.

    One you have?

  • HP Pavilion n072sy-15 Notebook PC - where to find all the drivers for Windows XP and Windows 7

    Who knows where to find all the drivers for Windows XP and Windows 7 for HP Pavilion n072sy-15 Notebook PC?


    XP will not install or run on a PC with an Intel 8 series chipset, so you need not be concerned with finding drivers.

    Here is the link to a template that you can use the W7 x 64 bit drivers from.

    When you install the graphics drivers, first install the Intel HD graphics driver, reboot and then install the graphics driver nVidia.


  • Canon CanoScan 9000F Scanner could not get current drivers for Windows 7 x 64 to work

    I just bought this machine and I am unable to get current drivers for Windows 7 x 64 to work. Cannon wrote it's the operating system, HP says it is the Scanner Software. Any help for this problem. The drivers have been downloaded from the Canon website.

    This scanner is not identified as compatible Win7 in

    Canon claimed she had drivers for Win7 x 64?  I guess they did as you must refer to the version 16.0.1 so exactly what did say to blame the operating system [the two certifying their pilots as being compatible with Win7x64 & blame the BONE seem to be contradictions].

    I guess HP is the manufacturer of your PC.  I would say that you go only to get a resolution back to Canon & solve the compatibility problem.  They have a users Forum?

  • How do I go about obtaining drivers for Windows 7 if I update to Windows XP?

    If I update to windows 7 I have to shell out $ 60 as I did when I reinstalled Windows XP for drivers, so I can connect to the internet? If so is there a better way to go about installing the drivers? Keep it simple with me please, I don't know I have no I know as much about computers, because I think I do.

    original title: Xp to Question 7.

    Short answer... No, you will be always be sure to get the right drivers for Windows 7.

    Long answer...

    As you may know that a 'pilot' is a computer program that allows computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    Device drivers are hardware-related and operating system specific.  What this means for you, is that you must have a driver for each hardware device on your computer AND each of these device drivers must be written for the operating system that you choose to use on your computer.

    Microsoft has been trying to collect and integrate device drivers in its Windows operating systems, but it does not - and really can't - incorporate a device driver for each possible piece of computers that someone could incorporate into a personal computer.  In addition, although some device drivers included with a particular version of Windows might be able to do a given device of the work, the built-in drivers could not do all the features of the available hardware device.

    For the reasons stated in the previous paragraph, when Windows is installed on a new computer (or re-installed following a disc format - the so-called 'clean install'), there are probably enough drivers added to the computer to the top and do work, but not all the features of the hardware will not work correctly and some peripheral hardware may not work at all.  Thus, whenever a Windows operating system is installed (if it is Windows XP or Windows 7), it is important to have in hand all necessary device drivers so that the computer can be used as intended.

    When you perform an installation of Windows, in general we might want to have on hand for the drivers for the motherboard (also called the chipset driver), video card, sound card and maybe cards NIC (including wifi network cards), as well as, of course, for devices such as printers, scanners, external modems, etc.

    If the computer is done by a 'direct' so-called OEM (brand computers are you'll probably recognize as Sony, Lenovo, Dell, HP, etc.), the computer manufacturer may have agreements with various manufacturers of components to provide custom device drivers.  This is particularly true for laptops.  For this reason, it is important to get the drivers for these computers to the web site of the manufacturer of the computer.  Fortunately, the manufacturer usually has a way to determine the specific hardware configuration to a specific computer (for example, Dell one uses ID he calls "Service Tag") and will be collected all the drivers for your computer in an easy to deal with the package.

    If you have a custom computer, you will need to determine the manufacturer and the model number of the motherboard, video card, sound card, and the NICs (especially wifi network cards), included in the computer and get Windows 7 drivers from the manufacturers of different components.

    See this article, especially the section "Download drivers"-->

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