XPS 13 9350, stop at 80% load (plugged in, not supported)

Hi supporter,

I bought a laptop DELL XPS 13 9350 of Bank of Microsoft (NY), last week. But it stops at 80% load. I read all the topics on this forum, but my problem is not solved. Yes, I did:
-Update window
-updated BIOS version 1.4.4
-BIOS > setting > battery general information: excellent health, 80% (Idle), AC adapter / CC = 45W
-Power management > Configuration of the main battery Charge: Standard
-all step here

except (step 5 & 6).
-J' ran diognasis test in BIOS: all past.

What could I do next? Thank you

Contact Dell for a replacement of the battery warranty.

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  • Computer doesn't "load" (plugged in, not supported)

    Today (15th) my computer has stopped charging. Well, he is in charge, but will not go up from 55 per cent won't go lower than 55%.

    I don't understand how this happened or how to fix it. I'm afraid to let my computer die and then not have restart.

    Product name: HP Pavilion dv6-3019wm Entertainment Notebook PC

    Product number: wq684ua

    Windows 7 64 bit

    I was able to remedy this by performing the following steps.

    Device-> battery management - uninstalled Microsoft ACPI-Complient control method battery-> deleted my battery of my laptop - waited about a minute-> could return to and digitized fo hardware changes.

    Computer is now in charge!

  • The battery of my computer does not load. I changed the battery and I changed the AC adapter, and I always get this message: "0% available (plugged in, not supported)" I don't know what the problem is.

    My computer the battery does not charge.  I bought a new battery and I changed the AC adapter but the battery still won't charge.  This is the message I get:
    0% available (plugged in, not charging) don't know why.


    1. What is the number of brand and model of your computer?

    Let us try the steps mentioned below to see if the problem is resolved.

    Step 1:

    a. Click Start; type devmgmt.msc in the start search box and press ENTER.

    b. expand the batteries category.

    c. under the batteries category, right-click in the list of Microsoft ACPI compatible with battery control method and choose uninstall.
    WARNING: Do not remove the Microsoft AC adapter driver or any other compatible ACPI driver.

    d. on the Device Manager, click Action and then click Scan for hardware changes.

    Windows will scan your computer for hardware which has not installed the drivers and will install the necessary drivers to manage the battery power. The notebook should now indicate that the battery is charging.

    Step 2:

    If this does not work, try power cycling of your laptop by following the steps below.

    a. remove the battery from your laptop, and then press the power button to all 15 sec.
    b. now connect to the battery and check if it works.

    I suggest also, please contact your computer manufacturer to see if they have any suggestions about it.

  • PC portable Compaq CQ58-260SA: 0% available (plugged in, not supported)

    My computer laptop battery had drained and then I went on vacation and for shelter, it displays either "0% available (plugged in, does not support)" or "0% available (plugged in, load)» Both times he is not actually in charge. As soon as the power adapter is unplugged the unit stops because it is unloaded.

    I read a lot of online solutions and none have seemed to work like uninstalling compatible Microsoft ACPI control method battery and restart the computer - I tried this several times with and without the battery or attempts have been proven.

    The adapter works just fine as the notebook starts up without battery with just the cable perfectly well.

    Are there solutions for me to be able to charge my battery?

    How old is the battery? They do not last forever. Probable date for a new.

  • portable computer does not support. Yet battery monitor says "plugged in, not support.» What are some options?

    my laptop is connected, and yet power monitor says "plugged in, does not support." What are some solutions?

    Hi Joseph,.

    Something similar just happened to me. The first time they fixed it, they have replaced the adapter and the problem is solved. 5 months later it started to happen again and this time they replaced the battery, the motherboard and the milling table (thanks to heaven, it is still under warranty). Fortunately, thanks to the new adapters, battery started to load and the experience does not seem to damage it in any way (but you should keep your eyes on it anyway just in case).

    How they were able to say on my laptop - a Dell E1705 (other than just experience and common sense) was to go into the BIOS (starts, it should be a brief Flash on the screen telling you how to enter the BIOS setup or menu of the BIOS (usually F2) and check the battery information. He showed that the power adapter 'unidentified' instead "90W" list which should be when it is working properly and that the battery was not complete and not charging well plugged. They changed the motherboard and the roll the second time because it could also cause the adapter is not being recognized by the battery (or battery not not recognize the adapter).

    The beep is caused by power and its configured settings to warn you of a low and critical battery condition. In a normal situation, the computer will work right next to the power adapter and does not the battery (it is a way to help maintain the battery life is to run periodically and refill if we leave normally plugged in most of the time). If you remove the batttery entirely, the laptop will power? If this isn't the case, it is certainly at least the adapter or the motherboard. Eventually the battery will get if low, that he's going to sleep or hibernation, or the system stops (you should shut down normally before him to cold shutdown like that). If If, then I expect the tone to go further because it will detect is no longer a low battery charge, because there is no battery - but then you'll want to be sure to use either a battery backup UPS, or at least a surge protector otherwise already in place because if you lose the laptop battery will crash hard and this is not good for her.

    I'm using 32 bit Vista Business SP2 and in Control Panel / sounds / Sounds there is an option for low battery alert. The default to have this. In this case, you can turn off to avoid the beep. In addition, you can go into Control Panel / Power Options, click the plan settings and click on battery. It will provide you with levels of low battery and critical battery and you provide measures to be taken in such a case. If you are unable to operate the system without battery and it is so weak that the alerts began, you probably fell to 11-5% remaining. You can adjust actions to nothing for bass and stop to criticism that 5% is about as close as you want to get to the point where you can hang. Then, you just need to wait until it is repaired and the appropriate parts are replaced.

    Even if you have still some life in it, it is best to contact the manufacturer (they the some have the right parts) or a computer of reputable workshop to get a good diagnosis (perhaps by phone at first), a determination of what must be fixed, the applicable fees, schedule, if it is still under any kind of warranty , and what needs to be done in which order of repair. They can find the adapter is OK and it is just the battery (or vice-versa or two or more). But that's essentially where you need start.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

  • 98% available (plugged in, not supported)

    When I do an online search, this seems to be a common problem with the computers acer laptops.

    Obviously you can't remove the battery because it is integrated in the S3, as many people have suggested to do this with removable batteries to reset.

    the question seems to be intermittent.

    Sometimes he says 100% responsible, but other times it says 98% available (plugged in, does not support).

    even if there are a lot of people complain about this online, I can't find a solution to this problem.

    Help, please.

    Thank you.

    Hi Igbalfa

    This problem is not particularly an Acer fault - it's an anomaly of Windows!

    Portable stop cable & remove power. Under your laptop, there is a battery pin hole to reset. Use a PIN or a paper clip to reset the battery. If it only does so in addition:

    1. Plug in the power & restart
    2. Go to Device Manager (right click 'Computer' & select Manage)
    3. Under section batteries, made a right click all (or similar) compatible Microsoft ACPI control method battery listings and select uninstall.
    4. Computer laptop stop & disconnect the mains
    5. Reset your battery (see above)
    6. Plug in the power & restart

    I hope that the message will be gone & it should load now.

  • Brand new Windows 7 system: battery plugged in, not supported

    I just got a brand new Acer Aspire 5542-1462 with Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed. I have almost exclusively while plugged operated. Battery in the notification area icon indicates that the battery is at "97% (plugged in, does not support)." How can I get the battery charge? Is there a threshold above which it does not load? Some features of the system if they will help you:

    AMD Athlon II X 2 M300 2.0 GHz
    4 GB OF RAM
    ATI Radeon HD 4200 graphics card
    battery Li-ion 6 cells

    My power profile is balanced with the only change so that everything always remains that plugged while. This is my first Windows 7 machine after years with XP, so I am new to the operating system. I searched around the internet and here and can't find anything.


    This is how it works:

    1. When you turn on your laptop, if your battery is more than 95%. you will get the message "connected but no charging current.

    2. When you turn on your laptop, if your battery is less than 95%, you will see the message "blocked and charge" until the battery reaches 100% (not 95%). That is why sometimes, even if you see that your battery is at 97% and load, this means before starting your laptop, the battery was less than 95% and reached 97% since then.

    Apart from the above explanation it seems some problems with the mentioned error. So, try the following steps as well.

    1. click on Start and type device in the search for field, and then select Device Manager .
    2 expand the category of batteries .
    3. under the batteries category, right-click in the list of Microsoft ACPI compatible with battery control method and choose Uninstall .
    WARNING : do not remove the Microsoft AC adapter driver or any other compatible ACPI driver.
    4. on the taskbar of the Device Manager, click on Search the hardware changes .
    You can also select Action > search the hardware changes .

    Give that a try!

    $C God will not look you over for medals, but for scars. Each winner has scars; I do this either on the same heart

  • Satellite L750 - 22 X - battery plugged in, not supported


    I bought a refurb L750 of Curry / PCWorld back in October 2012.

    As soon as I came home, unboxed and hooked up my laptop I noticed that my battery status is ' 0% available (plugged in, does not support).
    I tried to restart, unplug / reconnect, etc..

    I took it in less than an hour of purchase and the guy looked and "fixed".
    He said he looked on the forums of Toshiba and I saw there was a driver problem that caused this problem.

    Problem is that this question came back as of today and I can't find the solution.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!



    Have you tried to calibrate the battery?
    Disconnect the power adapter and keep the laptop the power from the battery-powered only.
    The battery must be completely discharged.
    Then plug the AC adapter and check if the battery is charged.

  • Lenovo G50-70 plugged but not supported on windows 10

    I upgraded my lenovo G 50-70 to 10 Windows. I encountered a problem, power laptop computer watch icon is plugged in, does not support. I couldn't find the drivers of energy management for windows 10 on support/download page. Help me solve the problem.

    Link to photo/image

    Mod comment: Over size photo converted to establish a link. Please visit About-Posting-Pictures-In-The-Forums

    Thak in charge you for taking.

    In fact, he worked with the bios update.

  • Battery not charging on Hp dv7 (plugged in, not supported)

    Hello. I have a laptop Dv7-1250es. Yesterday, I needed to be on it and I forgot my charger at home, and I used a friend, who has a Dell laptop (the charger has a little more tension, but I thought it would work). Plugged in, turned on the laptop, and when he was about to hit the office, he violently stops, so I did not try to turn it back on again.

    Then, when I got home, I plugged my charger and the laptop works, but the battery won't charge. I tried several things, such as uninstalling the driver on the Control Panel, or clean the contacts, but the battery icon still says "plugged in, do not load (0%).» If I plug in the power adapter, the laptop stops, if battery does not charge.

    I also downloaded HP Battery Check, and he says that the battery is Ok, but then, below, it says "status: Unknown.  Could it be the circuitry of interal, that something is fried inside?

    I tried the old motherboard with the new single DC power Jack and plug the battery on the Board of Directors. Result? Always flashing and the battery does not charge. So, my final feeling is that the battery is dead. It cannot be anything else. I'll buy a new one then.

  • Computer says plugged in not supported

    My laptop is about 4% battery and said pluggred do not load. I have a HP Envy with windows 8.

    unplugged and plugged back in and it suddenly works again

  • Laptop plugged but not supported (batttery is good)

    I have the Acer Aspire 5810TZ-4657 model running on Vista. Everything works fine except when it is plugged in, he refuses to charge the battery.  I removed the battery and rebooted. My computer does not load at all. I know that the battery is good because it was working before and hold a charge for more than three hours. Now every time I have unplug my computer, I lose and restart the course. Is this a bug of Vista?


    Check with support from the manufacturer of their books online and the drivers and their forums system
    (as applicable) for known issues. Some manufacturer issued BIOS and other updates to help the battery

    Acer - USA - Service and Support - drivers

    Acer - worldwide


    Control Panel control - plan change Options - power plans - power - advanced settings
    Parameters for the drainage and the use of parameters (this is how much to use and not how much or how)
    long to load).

    In fact, what causes a lot of wear on a battery empties it too low on several occasions. With today
    systems overload are not a problem.

    Here are some tips to help and troubleshoot battery issues.

    Old battery? Unplug the power to the computer - remove the battery and clean the contacts with a pencil
    eraser (do not use this, if your battery is fine slots - just clean up the edges of the knife which fit in)
    them and be careful). Batteries are old, or it could be a problem with the computer.
    Check with the support of the machine system, and many of them have on line forums.

    New Lithium-Ion type battery usually last longer if you do not unload then less than 30%
    However on a laptop that not extend their life a lot. Best is to use the a/c adapter
    When this is possible.

    I use the free version of BatteryBar to monitor my battery. Click on the green button on the
    Yellow box on the right side of the page to download the latest stable version.

    BatteryBar - free version available

    Another good program

    Vista battery saver - free

    Problems with the lives of its use and the battery of power - Mr Fixit

    You can also check with the manufacturer of system and forums that many use their own
    proprietary software to monitor the battery and they could be known problems with your battery.


    Try this - to make a Restore Point

    How to create a Vista System Restore Point

    How to make a Vista system restore

    Then Control Panel - Manager of devices - Batteries - Double click on each item - drivers - tab
    Update the drivers (which can do nothing) - then do a right click and UNINSTALL each.
    RESTART which will update the driver stacks.

    Problems with the lives of its use and the battery of power - Mr Fixit

    I hope this helps.

  • Battery plugged in, not supported

    It just happened the other night. The battery is connected, but not charge. I did the whole disconnect AC, stop, take out the battery, etc. went to Device Manager, the whole 9 yards. When I do a battery HP battery test out as well. I don't know what is the problem and why it does not work. I got it for less than 2 months (HP Pavilion dm1-4142nr).

    Good morning dm1zalex,

    I regret that you have determined, it is the motherboard and need repair.  I suggest you contact HP support for assistance.

    If you want to test the card just to rule out it here's an ink to help you.  Using and testing the power adapter AC.

    Please call our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number Plan of the Technical Support site .

  • Satellite L450 - battery 18% available plugged says not supported ".

    Laptop L450-181, is literally two years and two weeks! gutted... help!


    It might be possible that your battery begins to malfunction
    This may be possible with old batteries, as far as I know each battery begins to lose the performance after being accused of 400 - 600 times.

    But maybe you can recalibrate the battery once more, that you must discharge the battery until the 0% would be shown, then plug the AC adapter and begins to charge the battery until the battery led turn to (green or blue in some cases).
    But if this is not possible, well, the battery should be replaced.

  • Lenovo U400 battery plugged in, not supported

    Most of the solutions I found on the Internet involves the removal of the battery, but this is not possible with the U400. Is there a way to fix this?

    Hi nsicurella,

    have you tried this one?


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