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e9110t Power Supply Upgrade

Good, finally found the power mentioned in my last thread and is been installed today. The only thing is that nothing lights up. Am I missing something? I reconnected it allt he same points with old food and here I am able to use my computer. It coul

An integrated graphics card

Hello. I want to update my PC a6200n to medium-end PC. I'll buy the parts around Christmas and in January, but I am careful planning, which I just can't teach how me to. My PC is known to have an onboard graphics; a Nvida Geforce 6120se or a little l

Add external speakers

I have a HP all-in-one 200qd series (200-5380qd). Embedded speakers comes with the system, but I want to add external speakers and a subwoofer. I can't locate the appropriate ports. Can it be done? Thank you.

HP Pavilion HPE h8m series PSU & GPU upgrade

It's the will, he made and is it compatible question, would save me quite the headache Video card: HD 6870 Power supply I don't have an exact in mind so I'll post a few http://www.Amazon.com/cool-power-performance-CP-P600-supply/DP/B004YF9K7G/ref=sr_

A6200n recovery disks

I tried to create a set of recovery disc for my Pavilion A6200N using DVD + R discs and the operation failed twice completed the first DVD... the system reports its data collection, writing data and then check the data.  When the iron of progress has

Length of graphics card?

Hello, I own a HP HPE-510F, and my qusetion is what is the maximum length of a graphics card I install in the case. I intend to buy an EVGA GTX 570 and there are two different models of it, a 9 "one with a thumb and a 10.5". I'd rather have the 10.5

Recovery from aborted HP system recovery

A friend tried to solve a problem that arises with its Compaq Presario SR1838NX desktop computer. She hit F10 when you start and went up in the HP System Recovery screen. At that time, she reads the information indicating that the procedure would be

Problem of reinstallation disk/Pavilion HPE 480t

Windows 7 Pro 64.  My main drive begins to slow down-, I found that some system files have been either damaged or missing. I looked at doing a restore windows to an earlier time - does not work. Cannot locate recovery discs I did purchase this machin

BIOHD1 error code

I have a HP P6631P with an AMD Athlon IIx4 635 processor operating system running Windows 7 home premium 64-bit, I've had the computer for 11 months, everything was great until yesterday. I pushed the power button and Windows tried to start but has f

recover the lost memory

I had this problem with little mΘmoire opinion. I want to know if there is a way I can get rid of the old photo or old programs that I don't use to acquire a return memory to run other programs?

SYSPREP problem

I ordered the recovery disks for my HP Elite HPE 112y and installed ok until a message came. SYSPREP. I clicked on ok and he began to do his own thing, so I either then seconds from the end it says FATAL error and stopped. After this windows event to

lost all his laptop

I lost all my sound on my hp g60 - 443 CL even when I turn it on, it does not all sounds... I think that I have Windows 7 64 bit.

His system problem HP DV7

The SOUND SYSTEM remains weak and will not strong as speakers will be. The volume of the sounds system is adjustable, but only amplitude of low volume. How can I get the sound system to match the speakers? I tried the mixer and the sound system will

Please recommend a graphics card of 1 GB to the appropriate address.

Hello I have a desktop HP - Pavilion (P6040IN) 3 GB RAM, 500 GB of HDD, processor Intel Core 2 duo @ 2.8. I would like to adda 1Go graphics card can you please suggest some models that are perfect for my system.

Beats audio keyboard shortcut comes into conflict with MS Office

I just found out that the audio Beats is in conflict with a common keyboard shortcut in Microsoft Office, and I can't find a way to turn it off or reassign in the controls of beats.   Specifically, CTRL + MAJ + leftanglebracket, which reduced the siz

Recommended graphics card for HP Pavilion p6644y Special Edition

I bought the above refurbished PC and love it. The exception is not graphics card for games. He has (1) PCIe X 16 vacant slot and I need to know what (games) graphics card recommend in addition to this power supply upgrade would be needed. I was chec

Buzzing noise & freezing...

On some games & even sometimes I look at you tube clips, we get a humming noise deaf through the speakers & at the same time the game/video freezes / slow down.   Any idea what would cause this?  Also, have you noticed the mouse seems to go a little

need help to upgrade my HP Pavilion a6419fh PC for games

I have win 7 32 bit ulimate What video card I put in this pc for gaming?

NEED HELP! HP Pavilion p6714y new PSU POWER & Graphics card issues

I want to update my PC for games like HomeFront and the series Battlefield. I currently have a 250 Watt POWER supply and a Nvidia GeForce 6150SE integrated... what would be my best bet to replace these? I have about $300-400 I can pass. Any suggestio

Vista to XP downgrade. No sound.

After formatting my drive and get rid of Vista, I have fresh installed XP Pro but cannot get the sound card drivers. The HP site does support that drivers Vista for my PC. Anyone know what is called the Touchsmart IQ790.uksound card? Or - its edge so
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