13 and 14 Firefox installs incorrectly on my windows 7 starter edition. Also, I can not the Scrapbook addon to work. Can you tell me why?

I tried to install Firefox 13 and 14 on my netbook, a starter for Windows 7 operating system running. The installation starts to go smoothly since the file setup.exe; but after the installation appears to be complete, and I press the button "Open Firefox" program of firefox can be seen to start opening because it accumulates approximately 50 MB of private bytes RAM on the windows task manager or the service program of "process explorer" from sysinternals. However, the firefox window never opens and so firefox does not appear to be installed properly. "" Also I had problems with getting the album ' addon to install properly. " I have another computer, a laptop, XP family and I can get Firefox to 13 or 14 to install but it is on the other computer that I can't get the 'Scrapook' addon to install correctly. There is no notice on the Addon page saying the addon "Scrapbook" does not work on Firefox 13 or 14 and the addon installs, but not properly, so it does not work.

I have old files Firefox setup.exe, and if I'm successful to install an older version, firefox 3 or 4 on an external hard drive. I got this old firefox to work on XP Home Edition on a hard drive external laptop and can successfully use the addon "Scrapbook" in this way.

I don't understand why I have problems with Firefox 13 or 14. I think I first noticed the problem with Firefox 12 "Scrapbook".

Thank you marcsances for your reply very comprehensive. Your advice jogging my memory, so before I have done as you suggest, I reinstalled Firefox 14 and then uninstalled using the windows 7 program/control panel uninstall installation. In doing so, the Firefox uninstall window opens and when asked to choose to uninstall any program or all personal settings etc. too, choose to uninstall all personal settings too. I then reinstalled Firefox 14 and the Scrapbook addon and they now work correctly.

I daresay that your instructions are quite right, in this case, I don't have to go through the command prompt.

Thank you.

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