Set the image of the 2d image control

I do a few installers of pallet for ease of distribution for some libraries that I wrote. I'm following the example of screw (search finder example "palette API").

I feel a certain sense of frustration by defining the new icon from the palette; the constant of the icon is a 2d image control, but I can't find a way to put my picture in there, and I can't put it programmatically as the image 2d screw control let me just draw shapes in there.

Oh for a constant of comics, a little unusual, but just for the heck of it.

(1) unpack attachment and save to disk.

(2) If you use open LV10 photo or mass compile directory.

(3) drag the file image Constant.xnode your DB.

(4) drag a PNG/JPG/BMP file to the constant and take advantage of the results

(5) right-click to "Flatten" to a constant of the normal image if you want to use the VI on a machine without this XNode.

(6) If you wish, add photo Constant.xnode to your Palette, be sure to select all the files so that the .xnode files are visible when you add a VI.

Yet, you don't want your users to be mucking with the cover and not the block diagram?

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    I know that SetCtrlIndex does not work on a Textbox control.

    However, I have to use a Textbox control to display a variable number of messages, each representing a different warning, because of the horizontal scroll bar which is not available on a ListBox (and some messages may be very long).

    I want to the attention of the user on the last of these messages, so at the end of the text box, but I'm not able to do this.

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you


    Hi Wolfgang,.

    your suggestion was very helpful because with further investigation on the SetCtrlAttribute for the text box, I discovered an attribute that seems to work

    SetCtrlAttribute (Panel, control, ATTR_FIRST_VISIBLE_LINE, lastTexboxRow);

    Thank you


  • Set the value of cluster control in secondary school


    Is there a way to set the value of control from one cluster to a high school?

    I enclose my screw in LV8.0


    If you have a reference to the VI being put into secondary (which there or it is not in the secondary, right?) you can use it to get a reference to the façade of the VI. This in turn will allow you to read an array of references to all the controls and indicators on the front of the Secondary VI. Cross this table by looking at the text property of the label: for each reference in the table until you find the one for the control of the cluster.

    Now, use the specific function to more class to convert reference generic control of the pole to a cluster reference. You can use it to get an array of all the controls within the cluster. Now, go through this table by looking at the text property of the label: for each reference in the table until you find the one for control quevous want to set and you are there...


  • Setting the properties of elements of façade in XControl to a VI that uses the XControl

    Hi all

    I'm new to XControls and I try to use them to make a generic digital indicator that fit into a matrix of waveforms of a similar measure and allow the user to display the first value of a waveform, it chooses by selecting the name of the desired channel in the waveform table. I have the XControl work, with a ring filled automatically with the NI_ChannelName of the input waveform array fields and the value of the ring being used to index the waveform table to select the appropriate data.

    What I want to do next is automatically set the value of control of ring in the XControl to the value that the user has selected the last time he ran the VI that uses the indicator. However, the properties of the control ring do not seem to be accessible from the VI that uses the XControl, and none of the XControl General properties seem to be accessible from the front VI in the XControl. The value of the ring is not part of the entrance of DataIn cable waveform table, so I don't have a good method to pass data to the control of the ring outside of what is in this table of waveform. I might add the value in the waveform table, if this helps, but indicators XControl do not transmit their return DataOut appellant VI to allow me to record the user selected value.

    Is there a good way to read and write the properties of façade elements in an XControl of VI that uses the XControl?

    I apologize for not posting my code; the computer with LabVIEW license is having network problems at the present time. I'll post the code when I can.

    Thank you!


    In your State cluster typedef container, include a reference to a control of the ring.

    In your vi of façade, in the case of change of Direction, create a reference to your ring and connect to a plan by which he sends out the view state.  Also be sure to write true to the status changed in the result of the Action.

    In your xctl, select New-> property.  Name it after the property in the ring that you want to access.  Use the view clustered State (in your new property VI) to access the reference to the ring; son of a property node.  Change the control value in the appropriate type & connect to the property you want.

    Be sure to connect the path error through everything that might cause an error.

    When you drop an instance of the xctl and create a property from this node, your new property will be available.

  • DisplayImageFile() does not change the dimensions of the image control


    I put in an image with DisplayImageFile() control image + assigning to the attribute of control ATTR_FIT_MODE = VAL_SIZE_TO_IMAGE. The image size is larger, then the size of the control and I want the control to resize to the size of the image.

    It works fine except when I ask the dimensions of the control with GetCtrlAttribute (panel, control, ATTR_HEIGHT, & height), I get the original size (before calling DisplayImageFile())...

    It seems I missed something basic...

    Environment: LAB Windows CVI 2012, Windows 7

    Thanks in advance


    I don't know if you still experience this problem or not, but I came across this discussion now and wanted to point out that this could happen if your picture controls if it is covered by another control or is it hidden altogether (and there might be other similar situations that I can't think of right now).

    When this happens, the CVI runtime can pull the image directly on the image. Instead, he plans an asynchronous action that will redraw this section of the Panel from the back to the front (if it's just overlapped, not hidden). It is only in the later action that the image is applied to the control, and it is only then that the control is resized to fit the image. This may seem immediate to the casual observer, but, because it is asynchronous, you can't try to get new size immediately after calling DisplayImageFile, because the image is not yet in control at that moment.

    Ironically, this occurs only if the control has already been set to the image size at the time you call DisplayImageFile. If this isn't the case, then the new size is applied when you later change the mode made programmatically. Whereas if the adjustment mode has been already updated the image size, trying to programmatically set the same value of the image size has no effect and nothing happens then.

    If this is what is happening, one way around this would be to call ProcessDrawEvents or ProcessSystemEvents immediately after the call to DisplayImageFile. Unless the control or Panel has been hidden way explicit, which will require the drawing action will take place at this time, and you should then be able to get the new size of control at any time after that.


  • Missing screws in the 3D 2010 image control?

    Hey everybody,

    I tried to follow this guide to the developer for visualization of Labviews functions:

    I discovered that many screws shown here for 3D picture control are not available for (free) module in Labview 2010, even with the control and simulation tool. What is the case for other users?

    Examples of 3D picture control screws that I can't find in Labview 2010 block diagram functions are:

    'building of '.

    'create '.

    'Add a '.

    'Create '.

    'Add a '.

    'create '.

    «camera look»

    'create positional '.



    However, I can find the following screw:

    Geometry menu

    'create '.

    'create '.

    'create '.

    'create the height '.

    'create '.

    'create '.

    'create '.

    Object Menu

    'create '.

    'find the '.

    Transformations menu






    " scale".




    'clear the '.

    Menu of aid



    'create a clip '.

    ' '.



    File loading menu

    «load ASE»

    'load the vrml ".

    "load STL".

    So my question is why can't I access the first list of the screws in 2010, are hidden with screws again features somehow? Or am I missing a library or where these functions abandoned for the 2010 version? If they have been abandoned, is it possible to build a scene and drawing from scratch in the 2010 version?

    Thank you very much!


    Control of the 3D image is natively available for LabVIEW 2010. The question that you are running is because you try to open a VI that uses the first NOR-Labs 3D Picture Control, which was replaced by the native 3D image control. These functions are "obsolete" and manually replace your code with new API of navigation. You can also try using the old Toolbox, but keep in mind that this is not supported:

    Examples of the new API is located in:

    C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\LabVIEW 2010\examples\picture\3D Picture Control

    and you should be able to find most of the VI need to change your old Toolbox to the new.

    I hope this helps...

  • 3D image control does not display the full image.

    I'm having a problem with the control of 3D image not showing my entire 3D model.

    At first, I thought it was 'FOG', but when I put the SceneObject Fog.Function to 'No. Fog' he has no effect.

    I tried several settings, but I can't seem to find anything that affects what I'm looking for.

    I included some photos to show what it is I'm looking for.

    If I Zoom in control of the 3D image, I see more of the image in the background.

    I don't know if this is a limitation of the 3D image control or a setting I can change.

    It seems to be your plan of demarcation.

    I forgot how to set it up, but there is a property somewhere node that defines a cup for youi view plan implemented.  There might be a function of the camera, I'm not quite sure...

    EDIT: Found, is as follows:

    Note  To prevent objects 3D appear deformed, avoid the scaling of items not in the plans of delimitation. Near demarcation plan, which defines the nearest plan of the Viewer, the default value is 0 units. The extreme demarcation plan, which defines the demarcation plan further from the Viewer, the default value is 10000 units. You can use the Projectionerspective method to set the values for the plans of delimitation by program

  • Error 15 with COLD LAKE in nisyscfg.lvlib:Set the System Image

    Recently updated the code that worked for imaging cRIOs in LV and LV 2012 2011 should be replaced by the new and improved nisyscfg.lvlib screw: define a System Image, get a System Image, etc,...

    I get the following error message when my installed executable tries to imagine a cRIO: ' 15 error occurred at the library function node call in nisyscfg.lvlib: Set the system (folder) .vi:1-> nisyscfg.lvlib Image: System to define Image (file) .vi:1->'. Displays the possible reason: ' LabVIEW: resource not found. "

    What products/installation packages are required for the system of screw configuration? I'm including NISysCfg_Runtime and NISysAPI_Framework.

    Thanks for your time.

    Problem solved! Correct installation packages are: NISysAPI_Framework, NISysCfg_Runtime, mDNS_Responder, NI_Curl, NI_SSL_Support, NI_TraceEngine, NI_RPC and the mxRmCfg.dll.

  • Set the background image of a cluster? [LV 2013]


    Researcher, said, "why don" t you turn the image on the front panel and then decorate the image with the controls? See? Problem solved. "And the door closes.

    So, I take the picture, scaling properly and voila! It is now the background image.  Then add controls.

    The horizontal and vertical scroll bars to move controls... but the background image is not followed.  So if someone touches the scroll bars (they are required) then controls and image are aligned.  Worse yet, their modified track manually is a pain in the eye-hand control.

    I could put in a button titled "realign" and have it reset the position of the scroll bar. Or have the scrolling screen VI bar position (look at the FP zero spot) and some treatment to shift the image of the picture.  What is its painful.  Is there another way around the problem?

    HM. A cluster? Clusters follow the scroll bars. But I can't seem to put a background image a cluster. The background color can be changed... but I don't see a way to paste a picture.  I tried customizing the cluster control and attempted to use the same method to add an image as on the front panel (with the right button of the scroll bar, follow the instructions). This has changed the background of the typedef would control.  Saved.  Tried to use it. LabVIEW will > BEEP<  and="" nothing="">

    I really want to avoid building this complex picture of decorations.  Especially when the image has chemical compounds in the boxes: how to index and the letters and numbers?   That... and the image is one of these steps 'it's refinement... ».

    Thank you for your time.


    You don't give enough information on how this actually looks like and I don't have any experience with background images, but I would simply say, you drag the image file in the public Service and use the command menu in the toolbar to move backward (Ctrl + Shift + J) and then it must maintain position relative to other objects. You can then use the same menu to lock, so that it is not moved accidentally. You can also place an image control in the back and load the image in the code if it changes a lot, but this isn't a recipe for positioning the elements properly.

    I also generally agree with Martins that scrolling is a flag. If you need to scroll, you look and see if there is a problem and other solutions.

  • the protection of the KING region in the image control.

    I use the return on investment on an image rectangle.

    As you well know, the KING can move or change the size by clicking and moving the mouse.

    But when the user clicks a position outside the KING, the current KING will reset and disappeared from the image control.

    Is there an idea on how to get information about the event or property to protect the KING?

    (Region KING detects the manipulation of the mouse event).

    I just wanted to keep, move or translate the present KING with the handling of the mouse.

    My application must have an entry a consistent ROI in real time.


    I just put extra code to check if the current KING is valid or not to cash the size of the table of the global rectangle.

    Invalid KING means no size of table or the same position of x 1 and x 2 (for y, the same thing.) of the rectangle.

    I know this isn't a perfect way to keep the KING, but it is OK for me virtually.


  • Save picture in the image control

    Hello world

    The labview picture control has a context menu that includes the option so save the image. I found that it works very well in the development environment. If I click on it, a dialog box opens that allows me to choose where to save the image. However, once an exe file is built, the option will still be there but clicking on it seems to do nothing. Is this a known bug, or would it be a problem with my installation?

    I'm under Labview 2012 SP1.

    Thanks for the help,


    Hi Gary!

    I can confirm your observations. It's the behavior of my app, im using LabvIEW2013.

    Best regards


  • property of the mouse to the image control

    In LV 8.5 I noticed that if you reset your image to the default control (using the menu drop-down), the position property of the mouse no longer works, it will always return 0.0 no matter where the mouse is in control.  You must destroy and recreate your image control to fix right here.

    Perhaps this problem has been fixed in later versions of LV but I didn't know any documentation of the present.

    Good afternoon Garvacious,.

    When you say that the pop-up menu, I guess you want to tell the menu that is displayed if you right-click on the control.

    I just tried this in LabVIEW 8.6.1.  My position of mouse cursor reads 0.0 when the mouse is over the control and -1, -1 when the mouse is not over the control.  It is a bug.  I have filed the appropriate internal documentation (Corrective Action Request #167102), while R & D is aware of the issue.

    Thanks for letting us know about this behavior.  I'm sorry for any inconveniencce this bug you has done.

  • marquee selection in the drawing image control

    I would like a vi that draw a marquee selection with the mouse in a control program image.

    This works so far if the user begins to drag inside the image control. The code is actually robust against

    start the image and entering again. Unfortunately this isn't the case if someone starts to slip outside

    peak control. then drags succeeding is arrested after the mouse moving a few pixels (about 1 to 10) and the

    rect selection gets fixed.

    No idea what could be wrong with the vi? Thank you!

    Your problem is with the fact that you have a structure of the event inside the other. This is generally a no-no and should be mentioned in the help (there is a warnings section).

    Specifically, the structure is part to begin to get events when the VI goes into run mode. This means that from then on, the internal structure will start enqueueing mouse all events on the image, so that when you start outside and go inside, structure remembers this event, but won't have to deal with until he actually runs. When she is not running (because there was a supported external mouse event), it will load the mouse previous event immediately.

    The basic solution is to use a unique event structure. You can use a cluster and a registry change to keep state data and don't forget what state you're in, if you need a timeout, etc., so that you know how to respond to each event.

  • How can I determine the position of the mouse in a 2D image control

    I have an app where I would like the user to be able to interact with objects in a 2D image control with the mouse.  To do this, I need to translate between the screen coordinates, which are transmitted with the events of mouse and in the control of 2D image.

    The problem that I am running is that I can't find a way to determine the screen coordinates of the top left corner of the drawing/client of the 2D image control area.  I tried to use the 'Position' of the image control property, but this results in a mismatch because of the difference between the upper-left corner of the image control (including the label, etc.) and the upper left corner of the drawing area.  See attached VI.

    Does anyone know how to get the coordinate of the screen from the corner of the drawing of the control of the photo area?

    Mark Moss

    I tend to use the mouse in the image control property to get the position.  Deals with things like the passage of origin for you.

  • How could I possibly remove the default image in the image control?

    I use the image control and a bit of code to create a zoom on a picture effect. Everything works fine however I get a picture of labview when the Vi is loaded for the first time. I'm trying to get a blank area instead cause it looks like not really tidy!

    I have attached a picture and my code.

    Thanks for your help

    The image is configured to be the default value of "Photo". In other words: you must get rid of the default value. You can do this either by:

    (a) 'Image' of delete and recreate. Disadvantage: You have to re-create all the nodes property associated with this control.

    (b) load an image empty and select "data operations > use current default value.

    hope this helps,


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