4500 HP Envy printer: How to print in black only

This printer has the ability to print in black only?

Can not find the color control.



The Setup program can vary from the printer to the printer but at the bottom (for Windows):

(a) double-click the desktop printer icon.
(b) click on set preferences.
(c) click on advanced.
d select "Black ink" only for printing in grayscale options.
e click Ok /apply .

Note: Same black ink, printer still uses only a smal amount of color inks, specially during the warm-up of the process.

Kind regards.

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  • 4500 envy: Envy 4500 want to print in black only

    Color cartridges are expensive and I don't want to use it unless I absolutely need. If I print a plane jane document, if I can't choose black only? I got a Deskjet 932C before that and I could do it. The documentation for this printer is a joke!


    You can set up to print black ink only as a default value. Please try:

    (a) double-click the desktop printer icon.

    (b) click on set preferences.

    (c) click on advanced (in the paper/quality tab).

    d select black ink only in put to the bottom of the window in grayscale

    (e) click apply/Ok

    Please note: printer remains little other inks during the heating of the process to keep it in good health.

    Kind regards.

  • How to print in black only

    HP Officejet 6600

    How to print in black only.

    the printing interface is very poor.

    I replaced a Canon printer, and printing options are clear.

    I think back for a Canon printer!

    To print the black ink only follow the steps below.

    1. Select Start menu
    2. go into devices and printers.
    3. right click on the printer, select printing preferences
    4. in the lower right corner, select Advanced
    5. and then under features of the printer select print grayscale a dropdown list will appear to black ink only.

    Let me know how it goes.

  • HP Officejet 6700: Can no Option to print in black only/how I do this?

    I remember this option used to be, now, I don't see more it - how to print in black only?

    Thank you.

    I found this:

    It is now under file, print, preferences, advanced, printing in levels of gray, then black ink only drop box.

    I want to thank me my help an it... couldn't have done it without me.

    : )

  • Ofice jet pro 8500 has more: officejet pro 8500 printing in BLACK when a color is out.how t usually do print in black only?

    8500 will not print in black only when one color is out. How to print in black. I tried to reset the color management to just black but it still won't print. the page is coming from my asus laptop wireless

    The Officejet 8500 has individual inks with separate printheads and "plumbing" to connect.  It requires ink in all colors to keep the plumbing for all air and/or damage the printheads.

    Not the answer you want to hear, but you will need to replace the depleted cartridges.

    The here document contains information on how the ink is used, in the terminology of this page the Officejet 8500 is an IIC printer.

  • HP 6600: Print in black only

    HP 6600 all the cartridges are in and only yellow is everything. I don't see that not setting a black than gray. That means I have no other choice but to and get a new color cartridges. Frustrating thinking I could still at least print in black only.

    Hey there @Nasher09!

    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

    You will need to pick up another yellow cartridge.  Your printer uses a separate print head.  The print head is what sprays ink on the page.  You must have all of the cartridges installed and complete in order to print.  The 6600 Officejet uses all the same print black and white cartridges.  Without full cartridges print head will become damaged or dry.  There are some printers as the 4500 ENVY and Officejet 4730 using a 2 cartridge system.  These cartridges have integrated print heads.  These printers works in a single mode of cartridge and print black ink only, but your system printer 4 ink will not.

    Thanks again for posting and enjoy the rest of your day!

  • OfficeJet 6700: print in black only

    I am wanting to print in black only. I removed the color cartridges printer doesn't like that we

    So, how can I disable the color cartridges?


    Hi jozz71,

    If you are wanting to use the black cartridge for printing, you can follow step 2 in this document to change the print settings to print in black and white:


    Please be aware that you don't need two ink cartridges to print.  The printer uses little color for printer maintenance.  This interview is described in the document I have attached.

    Once the color cartridges is completely exhausted you must replace it in order to print.  After this setting the printer to print in black and white will minimize the used color and make it last longer.

    I hope it's useful for you.


  • OfficeJet 660: My printer does not print in black only

    I want to print in black and white, but my printer does not print because my yellow ink is empty.  I tried to change the color to black and white, but it still won't print. Seems ridiculous that all would have to have something in it just to print in black and white.

    You have an Officejet 6600?  This printer has a print head permanent and separate ink supplies.  Little ink is required in all colors to print, even if you print in black only and only one of the colors came out.  (When printing in black color print head is always waving around in the air.  There are few available ink to prevent the nozzles from drying out and butcher them.)

    See here for more information on how the ink is used.  In the terminology of this document, the Officejet 6600 is an IIC printer.

    Sorry, you need to replace the ink color depleted.

  • Print in black only

    HP Officejet Pro 8500 has more.  How do you print in black only?

    Hi dolphin1,.

    You will need to click the paper/quality tab, and then click the Advanced button to change printing in grayscale in black ink only. Keep in mind that this printer has a replaceable print head and must have all the colors ran through it to keep it in good working condition. If you only run the black only there is a chance that the printhead can get clogged in the color of the jets, which in turn can cause print quality problems.

    Written by Bob_Headrick on the wire note: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Other-Printing-Questions/Officejet-8500-won-t-print-Black-ink-only-if-other-colors-are/m-p/1706581#M67899

    HP, as other printer manufacturers, offers you with permanent print heads printers requiring ink for all colors, avoid the print heads.  HP, like some other manufacturers, also offers printers with user replaceable print heads.  These may of may not require ink in all colors in print, even though damage may occur if the print from the cartridge empty.  Finally, HP as some other manufacturers also offers printers with the printhead into the ink supply.  He is replaced at each change of cartridge.  These printers will happily print with a diet low, empty or many deleted completely same models.

  • Printer does not print in black only

    I have a DellP513W printer that I'm trying to change the printing preferences - I go to start - then right click on my printer (Dell P513W).  When I go to print options - Print Setup it gives three options - print using ink all available (he is the chosen one, and I can't change it), print in black only (it's that I want to come back, but I can't change for her) and colour printing.

    I have Windows 7.

    When I try to print or copy anything, it says that I have to change my color cartridge - I won't buy another color cartridge b/c I want to print in black only!

    Does anyone know how to change the printing preferences, so I can print in black only?

    Thank you.

    You've discovered the secret of 'dirty' most inkjet manufacturers have included in their printers.  The printer and the printer driver do not print if one of the cartridges missing or empty.  This is normal, because manufacturers tend to make more money on ink than printers.   In my area, some ink cartridges are more expensive than a new printer.

  • Can I print in black only with my Deskjet D4360 Printer?

    Hello, I have a Deskjet D4360 printer, and I don't see any setting where I can print in black only!

    I have an old iMac running on OS x 10.5.8

    What can I do?

    Thank you.

    Hello SteveButabi,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I understand that you do not want to set printing in black ink by using the Deskjet D4360. I will do my best to help you! Please follow this document from HP about changing the parameters of printing from Mac OS X. Click on your operating system, then click on step 4: change the print settings in the print driver. Find the tab color option and that there should be an option to print in grayscale.

    Please let me know if you do not have this options available. I will seek forward at the hearing on your part have a beautiful day!

  • Brother HL 3040CN printer problem - will print in black only

    Brother HL-3040CN printer. Bought new March 2010. 3 spare new brother replaced October 2010 color cartridges. Two/three weeks ago printer stopped printing in color. Reading on printer says 3 color cartridges are empty. Print in black only. Have you contacted Brother Rep., they conducted diagnostic tests via the telephone line and came up with the same conclusion, 3 color cartridges are empty. The printer is to use domestic only, printing envelopes, letters and Internet articles. I do not believe 3 color cartridges have been used in such a short time. Thank you.


    The amount of ink consumed depends on the content you are printing. If the color content is high on a few pages then it is possible for the cartridge is empty.

  • HP Envy 5530: I replaced the black cartridge in my printer. She refuses to print in black only now.

    I ran all the standard tests. Black printing will produce only on cartridge color if used singularly. Print heads have been cleaned. Printer has updated its auto preset and no analysis of a printed item will be printed nor will be a printed document or the other. All prints have tried so far were in black ink. All worked perfectly until the change of the ink cartridge. Replacement cartridge used was a standard 301 HP black cartridge.

    Try here.


    Let us know.

  • My printer does not print because my Magenta is weak. How I know to print in black only?

    My printer told me that the Cyan cartridge is empty. So I wanted to buy all 3 colors, but the store had no Magenta in stock. "So I changed the Cyan, but my printer says: order supplies" if I put the yellow and now the printer says "order Magenta" when even they are weak, no vacuum. How can I work around this problem and just print in black? My printer is a HP Color Laser Jet CP2025.

    {Thread moved to applicable forum}

    Read the documentation that came with your printer, or which is available on the web site of the manufacturer of the printer if you want to know the features of the printer.  Examine the dialogues of the driver properties (by right-clicking on the printer in printers and faxes or printers and devices folder (depends on your version of Windows and you never said that) and choosing Properties or printing preferences > printing preferences.)  Somewhere in these properties will be an option "levels of gray.

  • Print in black only when necessary... then

    I had HP 9800 software installed by HP for my printer HP Officejet 4600. I would like to print text in black only. How can I do this?

    No problem, and good to hear.

    Could you please click on 'accept as Solution' if you feel that my post solved your problem, it will help others find the solution. Click on the "Bravo thumbs up ' on the left to say thank you for helping! '" Thank you.

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