A Firefox for Android download will work on an HP Touchpad?

I just installed the latest Firefox on my desktop. I also have a new HP Touchpad, which uses the WebOS. The Firefox for Android devices will work also on the Touchpad? If not, is there a version being designed for him?



Mobile Firefox is not compatible with WebOS, and I don't think there is a plan to develop for WebOS currently.

Thank you

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  • Firefox for android mobile phone said app can access the following on your phone... take pictures and videos? Is there a work around? If not have to uninstall.

    I have Firefox for my laptop and wanted to use it on my phone Android mobile phone. When I saw under permissions that the application can access photos and videos and can take photos and videos that seemed very odd. Does anyone know of a work around to keep the app to take photos and videos without my permission? I do not want to uninstall but can allow the intrusion of privacy.

    We have a help article about why this permission is here: how Firefox for Android uses the requested permissions?

    Specifically, some sites may give you the option to attach or embed an image directly from the camera instead of going through a folder of pictures already taken. In order to support this feature, Firefox requires permissions to access the camera. However, according to this article, Firefox will ask your permission before leaving the site to use the camera. I don't think I have ever seen this in action.

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    I have Firefox 34, the app I want 2.0 needs? Apparently. Anyone have a link where I can get an older version?

    This particular addon is available for firefox desktop & not for firefox on android (developers will need to focus on the mobile browser.

    you find here the addons that work for your mobile device: allplayer

  • I can't select or copy text on Firefox for Android 26.0.1 (device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2) OS: Android 4.3. Long press on the text does not work. )

    Can't select or copy text on Firefox for Android 26.0.1.
    Device: Samsung Galaxy 2 Note.
    OS: Android 4.3.
    Long press on the text does not work.

    I would ask someone to check that...

    I'm glad to hear that your problem has been resolved by using the beta version.

    If you have not already the case, please mark this thread as solved by the solution of marking.

    This will help other users experience similar problems helps to find faster and more efficiently.

    I hope that you will continue using our products and we thank you for contacting the Mozilla Support.

  • Will be released 13 of Firefox for Android?

    Download fate 13 Firefox on Android? The reason I ask is because for some strange reason, the stable version in the Google game store is still at version 10 (quite old now).
    I want to have the best features of Firefox, so I hope that 13 will be released and not overlooked like what happened in 12 or 11.
    Version 10 is also pretty slow, where the reason why I want to improve.

    10 Firefox for android has been updated with security patches, is the latest stable version. The developers decided to put a hold on the release of new versions while they finished 13 of Firefox. This is why there is no 11 or 12. There is no exact eta, but I bet it will be in beta (which is on Google game) in a week or two and published officially in 6 to 8 weeks after that.

  • Will be Firefox for android get firefox Hello? Or will never happen because telefonica is not interested to have in firefox for android?

    Firefox for android will get firefox Hello and when? Or will never happen because telefonica is not interested to have in firefox for android?
    Hello, Firefox is the right thing and it would be much larger if it is available on android for direct use from phone to phone.

    I don't have an ETA for you, but it is spoken, here is a list of bugs to integrate the UX, etc.:

  • How to view pdf files without having to download on firefox for android

    I use a program of electronic medical records using Firefox for android on a Tablet Samsung Galaxy Pro 12.2. I need to view the pdf files of patients on the tablet. So far, the only way I've been able to do this is to download the file first. It would be more effective if I could just view the PDF on the Galaxy Tablet without having to download it. Is it possible to do this with Firefox for android? Thank you.

    Adobe has never made a PDF for Android plugin. Which is what is needed to achieve the desired behavior. I have already cited the only option that comes closest.

    The files are downloaded. Using a plugin browser does not prevent the data being stored locally on your computer.

  • Why Flash Player does not work with Firefox for Android Beta?

    I activated the plugins (not just tap to play, enable) under display settings, but when I try for example www.speedtest.net , told me that I don't have Flash installed. Flash works fine with Firefox for Android(non-beta), I can use www.speedtest.net very well. I have a Galaxy S4 I9505 running Stock Android 4.4.2 official Touchwiz. I hope that this problem can be solved! Thank you very much!

    Hi haoyangw

    Speedtest.NET works very well on my S5 Galaxy runs Android 4.4.2 (I don't have a Galaxy S4) on Firefox (release) 30 and 31 of Firefox (beta).

    Please try:
    1. try to reinstall flash

    2. try to disable the other modules you may have

    If this does not help, you may have a bug. If you are technical please fill in a bug at bugzilla.org

    Without worrying you please let us know if 1. and 2. above for help.

  • eval (Javascript) function does not work on Firefox for Android plugin

    I'm trying to migrate a desktop plugin in Firefox for Android plugin, and I need to use the function "eval". When I run the plugin on mobile, it blocks when eval(). That's what I do:

    String adaptionFunction = getConcreteFunctionName();
    eval (adaptionFunction);

    The first line returns something like this: __Application__.newList)
    I also tried, but did not work:

    var tmpFunc = new Function ("adaptionFunction");

    What can I do? This same code works fine on the desktop.
    Thanks for your time,


    There was a problem of logic, and eval works very well. I can't delete this post, so I answer here.

  • Firefox for Android works on my android LePan Tablet?

    Firefox for Android works on my Tablet android Le Pan?

    Give the bitly link I gave a test on your tablet.

  • Hey, how to use the files as in Firefox for Android?

    Hey all. Since the add-on of Ghostery for Firefox Beta for android (36) has not worked, I contacted Ghostery customer service, and they responded with a beta version of the Ghostery add-on to see if it would work. There is a file as... I was wondering, how can I use it in Firefox for android? To make use of this add-on? Thank you!

    Hi Ererer

    I have never installed an add-on third party directly to the Android operating system (only on the desktop). If you find the as in your folder Android downloads or via the Android file manager if it is in a different directory, try tapping on it and see if it will open in Firefox for Android and settle. Don't know if it will work because this cannot carry on Android and I do not see in our documentatino: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/find-and-install-add-ons-firefox-android

    Please let me know if the above works.

    See you soon!

    ... Roland

  • Firefox for Android (4.2.2) - what are the problems with the presentation of the Web site?

    For the vast majority of websites read Firefox for Android did a great job. But for some websites there are the following two issues - either the website opens but not all content correctly (buttons missing, menus does not, fault of formatting), or Firefox for Android crashes when video or flash on the chosen site is enabled. As the video works perfectly on other sites, I can only imagine that there is something on some sites that Firefox for Android is not satisfied...

    In addition, properly installed Flash Player for android 4.0 of Adobe's Archive ( still crashes as well.

    (YouTube works perfectly, by the way!)

    Which checks that I can do or what settings can I change to fix this problem?

    Thank you for your question, it strikes a few topics that I would be happy to help you with.
    For the first:
    not all content correctly (buttons missing, menus does not, fault of formatting).

    This will depend on the Web site. Buttons and menus can be designed to use javascript and the formatting can be dynamic according to the plethora of screensizes that designers of web sites planned for the website to be seen by.

    Firefox for Android crashes when video or flash on the chosen site is enabled

    It will depend also on the Web site. Some sites will be equipped with a built-in video player and others will use the installed video player. Flash compatibility is also related to the hardware of the device. He needs an ARM7 over my head.

    What we can try to do to change that. Try another video player for sites giving questions. If its possible to download a local copy and watch the video on the video player of choice. It is also an option to try to ask the site Office of some sites won't load not well. If the site detects a drive by default, you can try VLC.

  • Given that v37 Firefox for Android crashes soon after startup

    I use a HTC D316d (CDMA) with Android 4.3 in China.
    Up to v36, Firefox to work without problems, but v37 crashed seconds after starting. I reset all the data, but without success.
    Then, I installed the nightly version (38 at this time here), and it worked without problem.
    It updates everyday, and now with v.41, the same problem again, Firefox hangs at the first page loaded.
    As I put the bookmark page as my home, I can open Firefox. It will crash in a few seconds the display of web pages like de.yahoo.com or www.google.com.
    There is no error message, the phone comes back just to her homepage.
    No idea how to solve the problem?

    I think that the new Manager will memory out of the operating system, but for now, it is possible to realize the management of memory with https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jrummy.apps.memory.ma...

    Also with regard to the amount of memory is needed for Firefox for Android. The most recent I could find is:
    "The binary is about 35 MB, uncompressed after installation, it's about 60 MB"

  • No Firefox for Android of Firefox desktop sync passwords?

    I do understand that my Firefox for Android is able to get the passwords stored in Firefox desktop.

    I configured on both sync and works correctly for the tabs and bookmarks.

    Passwords, I don't know: I don't seem to be able to access those that are stored on my laptop to mobile.

    Here are a few reasons why passwords are not synchronized.

    • Using the functionality of master password on Firefox for Android. If you don't know what it is you using it. If you are fairly long disable for Firefox for Android to sync once, and then re - activate the password.
    • Site is to save the password for you by using cookies. The remember check me box on the login page of many sites. Firefox Sync will not sync cookies.
    • The site has another mobile page. www.Facebook.com is another touch.facebook.com site Firefox will not share a password for a site on a different subdomain, because there is no guarantee that they are both managed by the same company.
  • If Firefox for Android has not been optimized for 4.3?

    After having updated my Nexus 10 to 4.3 Monday, everything works well except for Firefox. I have two 22.0 and Beta installed, and the problems are identical in both. Keyboard lag, characters appearing not to if I typed in the search/address, blank white bar screens well it shows the page has finished loading, the previous page always shows even if the poster address bar a new page was supposedly loaded, ugly scrolling. Chrome browser works perfectly as it is. I rebooted several times and no joy. I have not uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox, but I don't know who would do good. I will try that next, but I wonder if there is a known issue with Firefox for Android is not yet optimized for 4.3.

    Hi all:

    I wrote an article of SUMO KB on the 4.3 Android and Nexus 10 questions.

    See you soon!
    ... Roland

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