AAA addressing limit


I'll put up our ACS server to authenticate access to networking with GANYMEDE + and it works fine, but when I create the network devices and the AAA Clients I like include the row set that these devices will be in (we have 200 + devices DMVPN). When I do thi I get an error message whenever I open the ACS server telling me "Managed Device exceeded" under the Administration of the system > Licensing > Base Server License. I was told it was a cosmetic thing to the Cisco TAC.

I'll be okay to add as many addresses that I need? I really don't want to have to go and add all addresses for each network in the network device - even if this would result in less than the limit of 500 devices.

Thank you


Hi Patrick,

There are two types of licenses the Base and the largest deployment license, with the base license GBA will tell you that you can add 500 devices, however for the countries candidates 5.x each IP address is a device, so if you add a router with range: to EC is the same as adding 255 devices , so if you add more than 500 devices, you will get this information on the outdated "Managed Device" message but it is only cosmetic and you need not worry about this.

The largest deployment license the have a limit of devices and it will remove the message "information", but it will be for you to decide whether you need it or not.

Let me know if it helps.

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    My question is, why is there a limit of 256GB vmfs?  They do not realize the disks themselves up to 2 TB EACH days?  I don't want to lose 8MB each time I have to write a 2 k text file!  I also want one bigger than the table of 2 TB (seriously, 2 TB is MAX LIMIT POSSIBLE? Why did do that?) ... This isn't exactly make me want to start buying more products VMWare if I can't do even a few mounts simple drive because the table is too large.

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    Yes, a VMFS volume with a block size of 1 MB does limit the size of an individual file in the data store to 256 GB.  But is it really this limitation?  Many applications just so much space.  Of course, there are file servers and other types of data sets that may require more disk (databases, of imagery, GIS, etc.), but in my experience, those who seem to be the exception rather than the rule.

    If more space is needed, increase the block size of the VMFS in time format is a trivial process.  Expand a VMFS datastore beyond 2 TB is also a trivial process (the 2 TB LUN address limit is due to the implementation and use of the SCSI-2 command set).  This may require a larger size of block in a first time - to address a full 64 to VMFS data store (LUN 32x2TB), a block size of 8 MB is required.  A block size of 1 MB is that of ~ 16TB in a VMFS data store.  As has been mentioned, sub-block allocation (one of the neatest features of VMFS, if you ask me) is automatic for smaller files, so space is not lost at the level that you may believe.

    As mentioned elsewhere, drive more than 2 TB is directly accessible by the client if necessary through NPIV or iSCSI in the comments.

    At some point in the future, VMware could start using the full set of SCSI-3 controls, which will allow many more large LUN to be processed by the VMkernel.  vSphere provides the SCSI-3 limited controls, specifically for Windows Server 2008 clustering, but does not implement the SCSI-3 device addressing scheme.  As for all the statements 'which is to come', there is no working crystal ball, and more great address feature can perhaps never - we'll all just wait and see.  I'm just speculating at this point.

    How many virtual machines not really need a lot of disk space?  I am convinced that there is a little, but is it really that big of a deal for most of them?

  • Attention to the users of Toshiba in India

    Hi all

    Take precautions extreme when purchasing WATER Toshiba laptops or any other place. Because if you the area to buy it for use in countries such as India (with an international warranty), I want to say, you could be in trouble. I'm fed up with their service in India (1800-118674).
    I bought a Toshiba A300 laptop computer series (with Windows Vista Home Pemium pre-installed for DHS 4499) hoping that I would get a free update for Windows7, as says global website of Toshiba. But, to my surprise when I tried to sign up for the free update I received a menu to pay another $39,90.

    But it does not stop the question. I am currently in India and only Toshiba service centers are currently is in Bangalore and Chennai, which is 600 kilometers that I stayed. And you must register the customer first and then with in 3 days you must declare the laptop or you need to re - register, for them to take care of your laptop.
    More than what they have customer care people would nt say you nothing more where are service centers. (I had a question regarding the upgrade of windows 7, and they said something like...) "WE CANNOT TELL YOU WHAT ANYONE ON THIS..." GO TO THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES... YOU WILL GET THE HELP... IS THAT CLEAR?... IS THERE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW... "It was more than enough for me... So I said thank YOU.)

    In any CASE someone here please help me in this regard. I just wanted to know this. I have a Toshiba laptop and that has 4 GB of pre-installed RAM. And Toshiba gave me a 32 bit OS (which has a maximum physical memory addressing limit of about 3 GB). So needless to say that the remaining GB 1 is get wasted. So I would switch to Windows7. But I would like to know if I can get a 64 bit OS. Because if one 32-bit again, the remaining memory is always going to be used. I better go for Linux OS with a capacity of 64-bit rather than an upgrade of Windows7 (32 bit).

    Note: Users take care that Toshiba doesn't have a free update for all series of portable computers that have Windows Vista Home Premium or above preinstalled. Also check the availability of the service centres in your country.

    You can also contact me at [email protected]

    Hello Raje

    I'm sorry, you are not satisfied with the service of Toshiba, but after reading your ad I want to write my comment to all this.

    As a first step, you mentioned having trouble with international warranty. I put t know why you wrote this. As I see that you didn t sent your laptop for repair. My laptop last year died when I was on vacation and the local service provider has repaired my laptop without asking questions. After recording short Toshiba database they ordered parts and after 5 days, I got my laptop. So if someone is often travel through the international interest should be extended.

    When you order the upgrade, you must pay for the shipping and handling and I assume that Toshiba will cover only these costs.
    If you check other manufacturers of portable you will never find completely free service. Have you ever something Microsoft for free?

    One last and very important thing: for a long time I didn't know that Toshiba is a global company of work but in several independent companies based on sectors of the market. So here, in Europe, you have Toshiba EMEA (Europe-Middle East-Africa), Toshiba U.S., Toshiba Australia and New Zealand and probably in Asia from Toshiba. Each of them supports the clean area only.

    So if you buy portable UAE UNITED belonging to Toshiba EMEA I can imagine that Toshiba India (Toshiba Asia) cannot answer some questions about upgrade program for the EMEA region.

    In the end, I must say that everything is not as bad as you think. ;)

    In any case, good luck and have lots of fun with your A300. I have the same model of laptop, and it's really good laptop with fantastic material.

    Good bye

  • CAA allows more than 4 GB of memory in 32-bit windows?

    If I have the version 32-bit Windows aa 7 run my host PC but I install more than 4 GB of memory on the PC, then the CAA 1.6 software will be able to use the additional memory above the windows 4 GB addressable limit to a capture buffer?

    Thank you


    Hey Joe,

    Because it is a 32-bit version of Windows it will be able to see the 4 GB of total RAM.

  • Authentication of SSH without password on a PIX

    I'm looking to implement authentication SSH without password for a Solaris client can run a script to open a session on a PIX and retrieve the configuration.

    Someone has reached the SSH authentication without password on a PIX or find out if the device supports it or not?

    Thank you, Dom

    It is vaguely correct.

    Here are the details:

    Security506E - 6.x (config) # aaa HS

    AAA proxy-limit 16

    authentication AAA ssh console LOCAL SecurityACS1111

    Console HTTP authentication of the AAA SecurityACS1111 LOCAL

    Console Telnet AAA authentication LOCAL SecurityACS1111

    Console to enable AAA authentication LOCAL SecurityACS1111

    LOCAL AAA authorization command

    now, if you have configured aaa on the pix and specified an aaa for the role of authentication server when ssh is done "'authentication aaa ssh console LOCAL SecurityACS1111'...". then the username and passwords of the Ali database should be provided when ssh is done.

    If you have specified LOCAL as an authentication method, then the database username and password configured in the configuration of the firewall will be used for the purposes of authentication.

    If you have not specified "ssh" under "sh aaa" command output, then the default settings are used.

    dafault settings:

    username: pix

    telnet password: password you have defined with the command:


    activate the password:

    password, you have defined using:

    activate the password

    Please indicate if this help!


    Cisco tac.

  • I have a HP M9600t cpu and rear fan now operate at full speed. Help.

    I have a HP M9600t. Today, the cpu fan has become very strong and seems to work at full speed. Rear fan seems to be strong too but not as bad as the cpu fan. My wife says it looks like I'm landing a jet in my office. Never had any problems before this. Now the computer is very noisy. Any suggestions on how to fix? Thank you.

    Upgrade to version 5.29 BIOS and fans are still calm and time are normal. Problem solved.

    Manufacturer: American Megatrends Inc.
    Version: 5.29
    Date: 2010-09-17 (jj/mm/aaaa)
    Address: 1024KB
    Copyright: (C) 2010 American Megatrends, Inc.
    Motherboard ID: 64-0529-000001-00101111-091710-TYLSBURG-TRUCK000
    SMBios Version: not specified
    DMI Version: 2.5

    Thanks for your help!

  • confusion of the SGA


    I am running oracle on RHELAS U4.6 and the kernel is Linux 2.6.9 - 67.ELhugemem #1 SMP i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux.

    Course of the system's RAM is 32 GB and the current size of the sga is 3G.

    My question here, is that is it possible I can increase the = 4G sga_target and sga_max_size = 8G?

    More my installed OS is 32-bit

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Kind regards

    Adnan Hamdus Salam.

    Published by: adnan on February 15, 2012 02:28

    Published by: adnan on February 15, 2012 02:29

    Adnan says:

    I am running oracle on RHELAS U4.6 and the kernel is Linux 2.6.9 - 67.ELhugemem #1 SMP i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux.

    Course of the system's RAM is 32 GB and the current size of the sga is 3G.

    My question here, is that is it possible I can increase the = 4G sga_target and sga_max_size = 8G?


    More my installed OS is 32-bit

    On 32-bit systems, the maximum addressable limit is 4 GB only. If you increase the SGA_TARGET to 4 GB and even set the SGA_MAX_SIZE up to 8 GB, the memory available for you on a 32 GB RAM system so always limited to 4 GB only. So, if you do not use more than 4 GB memory, move with the 64-bit system.


  • Site of Muse linking to the Google domain

    I created my site in Muse, but I bought my domain through Google name. Because Google is not the hosting site, I update my Google's DNS records to ask him to point this domain for my Muse site.

    The directions Adobe, I found say to use these three addresses to connect wth the Adobe servers hosting:




    I guess I have add those in the console DNS on Google under "Edit host records. I can add the three addresses, but Google has also two additional fields associated with these records: name and record Type of the host. Does anyone know what I should put in there?

    BTW, my options for record type a (address), redirect the AAAA (address), CNAME, URL, URL Frame and Txt.

    Thank you!

    To link to your domain in Google, your Web site host, go to "Configure the DNS" and under "Name servers", select 'Custom Nameservers' and add the addresses that you have received in the fields provided.

    If all goes well that answers that question for all of you who are still looking for.

  • X32bit Oracle Clusterware/PAP Windows Installer or Windows 64-bit?


    What is your suggestion to install Oracle Clusterware RAC on Windows.
    Why choose 32-bit Windows?
    Why choose 64-bit Windows?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages?


    I would certainly recommend 64-bit Windows, the main reason is the memory address limit.

    In my view there is no benefits to use Windows 32 bit with Oracle Clusterware/RAC.

    32-bit processors are 32 - bit wide address registers (can handle up to 4 GB of physical RAM).

    You can use a workaround by allowing the addressing, 4, using settings in Windows (AWE/EAP). But if I want to use more than 4, I'm going to 64-bit Windows.

    The 4 GB of addressable space per process is divided into user and system space. By default, the system space is 2 GB and the private user space is 2 GB. Each user process share the same system 2 GB address space.

    Services of the Clusterware, ASM and listener will consume at least 1 GB of memory initially.
    If you create an instance to use 1Gbytes and you have 50 connections you will have problems with connections to the database that is causing the following error.

      TNS-00510: Internal limit restriction exceeded
        32-bit Windows Error: 8: Exec format error
     TNS-00507: Connection closed
        32-bit Windows Error: 109: Unknown error

    Reason: Use of memory problems. that is from memory.

    Another point:
    With 32-bit Windows using the 11.1 Clusterware/PAP, you can set automatic memory Management (AMM) (MEMORY_TARGET) but you cannot use if you create 2 Instances on the same host.

    Check this note...

    * ORA-27102, OSD-00031 impossible to extend the Memory_max_target and Memory_target spent 2GB [ID 842881.1] *.

    Oracle solution: Please install the 64-bit on a 64 bit server operating system, there is therefore no limitations of memory

    I think that's the reason that Oracle is not supported Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11.2 on 32-bit Windows. You cannot use ASM 11.2 on 32-bit Windows.

    Without a doubt there is no reason for me to use 32-bit Windows to support Oracle Clusterware.

    There are a lot of involved services that require a large memory and memory on 32-bit limitation.

    At present all the latest processors are 64-bit supported. Then install Oracle Clusterware/RAC x 64, even when you're using less memory 4, you have advantages.

    The use of 64-bit advantages are:

    64-bit Windows versions have implemented up to 16 terabytes of virtual address space
    programs 64-bit use 16 terabyte tuning model (8TB user / kernel 8TB)
    No performance penalty for the large memory capacity
    Connectivity to unlimited users
    64-bit versions of Windows allow addressing of memory sizes physics important without using EAP

    * Configuration of Windows memory: 32-bit and 64-bit [873752.1 ID] *.

    This document gives a better understanding of my point of view.

    Kind regards
    Levi Pereira

  • Is there a limit to how many addresses can I place on a group of multiple users in my address book?

    I have just started using Thunderbird and want to set up a number of groups in the list in my address book so that I can just click on the name of the list and the email goes to several people.

    Is there a limit to how many addresses can I put in each group? Alternatively, if I can put as many addresses as I want in each group? Thanks for your reply.

    Thunderbird has no limit.

    See _ _FAQs_:_Create_Mailing_List

  • Bandwidth limit for MAC addresses

    Is there a a way to limit bandwidth, based on the MAC address?  I would like to limit certain MAC addresses or a group (invited) to about 10% of my available bandwidth.

    Thank you!

    It can be done by combining the IP - MAC liaison and control frequency by IP address.

  • AAA/RADIUS of debugging for a special mac only address

    I have a question - is there a way I can debug aaa, RADIUS, communication eap on a switch to a particular mac (endpoint) only address?

    Thank you.

    EAP authentication

    In order to troubleshoot the interaction between the WLC and the authentication server (RADIUS external or internal to the EAP server), use the command debug AAA all turn on, which shows the required details. This command must be used after the client to debug command and can be combined with other commands to debug as needed (for example, transfer).

     (Cisco Controller) >debug client 00:00:00:00:00:00 (Cisco Controller) >debug aaa all enable (Cisco Controller) >show debug MAC address ................................ 00:00:00:00:00:00 Debug Flags Enabled: aaa detail enabled. aaa events enabled. aaa packet enabled. aaa packet enabled. aaa ldap enabled. aaa local-auth db enabled. aaa local-auth eap framework errors enabled. aaa local-auth eap framework events enabled. aaa local-auth eap framework packets enabled. aaa local-auth eap framework state machine enabled. aaa local-auth eap method errors enabled. aaa local-auth eap method events enabled. aaa local-auth eap method packets enabled. aaa local-auth eap method state machine enabled. aaa local-auth shim enabled. aaa tacacs enabled. dhcp packet enabled. dot11 mobile enabled. dot11 state enabled dot1x events enabled dot1x states enabled. mobility handoff enabled. pem events enabled. pem state enabled.

  • How to open a port and limit the range of addresses that use it on PIX 515?

    I have a Pix 515 v6.3 and a new piece of software that I'm getting soon need aura 5080 open port for incoming & outgoing HTTP traffic. The server will be in my DMZ to

    I would like to restrict inbound access to this port so that it can be used in 4 specific IP adderess foreign through and also, if possible, limit the outbound destination using this port to a single specific foreign IP address

    Could you please tell me the best way to do it.

    Thank you in advance for a relative novice to PIX.

    PIX (config) # access list acl-outside permit tcp host host MyWWWPublicIP eq 5080

    PIX (config) # access list acl-outside permit tcp host host MyWWWPublicIP eq 5080

    PIX (config) # access list acl-outside permit tcp host MyWWWPublicIP eq host 5080

    PIX (config) # access list acl-outside permit tcp host MyWWWPublicIP eq host 5080

    PIX (config) # access - group acl-outside in interface outside

    PIX (config) # access list acl - dmx permit tcp host eq 5080

    PIX (config) # access - group acl - dmz dmz interface

    static (inside, outside) MyWWWPublicIP netmask 0 0

    See also:

    PIX 500 series firewall & s = Software_Configuration

    Configuration of the PIX Firewall with access to the Mail Server on the DMZ network



  • On 3750 AAA sever address fell after reboot sometimes.

    We have switches Cisco 3750 G and parameters to use Cisco ACS Some switches once they have restarted and we know that the config is registered at the address of the server for the AAA authentication is removed. We are running IOS c3750-ipbasek9 - mz.122 - 40.SE. I started to pass switches to c3750-ipbasek9 - mz.122 - 50.SE5 to solve a problem with the statement strong declines of Solarwinds. I haven't seen so far no problem with the new version but have not worked for a few days. Any help on that would be great.

    Hi Ryan,

    Looks like you hit the following bug: CSCsm21320

    which is set at 12.2 50.

    Let me know if you have any other questions:


    Mohammed (note the useful messages)

  • Is there a limit on the address how can I have

    I seem to be losing my addresses in my address book.  I checked to make sure that my office is not casting my palm and vice against. Yet sometimes I notice that addresses seem to disappear.  I wonder if there is a limit.  I have read that nowhere in my manual, but I still wonder.  I have over 600 addresses now and whenever I get to about 640 or so I seem to be losing address when I add more.  Why this might be happening?

    Thank you for all the advice!

    Yes, repeating events count. If anything it is put an end to the repetition, so it doesn't matter too much to him. I also got error, it's 27,000 total but 10000 by PIM (calendar, Contacts, memos, etc.). I hope this helps.

    Message is about: Treo 800w (Sprint)

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    I try to install a PCIe-1433 and I'm not able to get (1) image, and (2) a single camera 0 is available. I install the Software NI Vision Acquisition on a CD, dated September 2011 that includes NEITHER-IMAQ 4.6.1, NOR-IMAQdx 3.9.1 and NOR-IMAQ1/0 2.5.

  • Windows Vista SP2 error: 8000ffff

    Hello! I recently uninstalled SP2 on my x 64 Vista (Home Premium) machine. However, Sidebar and IE no longer works, so I tried to reinstall SP2 through Windows Update. It downloaded and installed, but then threw me an error: 8000ffff. Then I tried to