activate an IPad opportunity

I recently left my IPad on a plan and have no chance with lost American, I bought an IPad on EBay.  When I get this what steps should I take to make this "mine?"  I'll be able to put in my own access code?  I'll be able to register this with Apple?

The first thing you need to do with the iPad opportunity, you bought is to ensure that it is not locked activation. Turn on the iPad and see if you get the screen of 'Hello '. If you follow the prompts to set up. If you encounter a message on the iPad being associated with an Apple ID, which is not yours, then the iPad activation is locked. Return it for a refund.

If you try to activate an iPad or iPhone and she asks a previous owner Apple ID and password, you met Activation lock. It is a security feature that prevents thieves of the configuration and use of an iPhone or a lost or stolen iPad. You have no alternative. You must contact the previous owner for permission to use the device. If you are unable to contact the previous owner the unit back where you bought it and get a refund. You will never be able to activate the device, and no one can help you do.

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