App store popup does not close.

Does not close the pop-up 'Upgrade for os x El Capitan'. It forces me to the app store if I click on it. How can I get rid of him? I am running 10.9.5 on an iMac 2.66 GHz.


The same window view was on my end 2012 Mini (Server i7) this AM and I first opened the

App Store, but thought that it won't go away by that alone. There can be no. So I clicked on the button

in the view of window and he raised point to the App Store of El Capitan. I then read

through and then rest of the App Store has from here and leave the App Store.

The notice window went. And I read more than I wanted in the low-score comments

which have been posted on ElCapitan OS X. My Mini comes with the Mavericks, & is still there.

No rush to upgrade, since my model has indications (another problem discovered user) when

updated at ElCapitan regarding material and graphics; This has not been addressed.

So, if you tried the button in the notice and went to see El Capitan in the App Store, then

Choose one of the main display options in the App Store before leaving, which can make it go away.

At least until tomorrow, when you wake up the computer again. Mine is rarely rebooted.

I hope it will work. Don't know if you need to do anything else that put a piece of

Black Ribbon on the package insert or create a blind spot in your vision, selectively ignore it.

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    I achieved this goal by creating a button with partialFireAction event and event action written inside the window popup controller.

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    Are you having the same problem with the iPhone when using mobile data just updating an application? Or is it only when it is connected to your home network through a Wi - fi? The Mac access the update with a direct Ethernet connection or wi - fi like iPhone?

    By the end of 2012 Mac minis, macOS?  Watch, 38 mm silver AL, Watch BONES 2.2.2; iPad 2 Air & iPhone 6 + iOS?  Apple Airport Express

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    The problem is that when I try to download a free app from app store ask me the password and does not work so I can't download any new script.

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    Best regards.

    Hello bdepaco,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I see that you have any questions, change your password ID Apple via iTunes. Have you tried to change your Apple ID account page? Take a look at the following article for the steps:

    Change your Apple ID password

    Once you have changed your Apple ID password, it presents a few additional measures to be taken.

    What to do when you have changed your Apple ID email address or password

    Best regards.

  • VI front panel does not close when it is done executing, when this vi was called by reference.

    I created a simple vi set to indicate the problem I'm having. I run dynamically under vi to leave a main application. Simply the main application is my test exec and the Subvi I call dynamically is different tests. In the example I have write here the criterion vi is called Test electric 1(vi). I configured this electric Test 1 vi to see the front when it is called and close later while initially closed.  Problem is that it doesn't close before.

    Other things to keep in mind

    • I want to be able to run the vi test and do not wait until it is done.

    I'm using LabVIEW 2012 SP1.

    Basically the fence after that call questions only if the VI is called as a Subvi (as if you open you a VI and run it, it does not close when it's done).  Are two ways to work around this or have your app high lvl close the VI when it's done, it's explained here:

    or having your VI close when it's done.  A reference of the VI and the front panel: Close call node.

    I hope this helps.

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