Apple TV (4th Gen) App store (Singapore) does not work after last update tvOS 10

I tried a hard reset or empty everything and re-updated my Apple TV.

However, I am always faced with the same problem to have 'white' pages or does not respond to 'Top Charts', 'Categories', 'Search' and 'purchased apps. The only page I can access will be the page 'recommended '.

Just tried a restore through iTunes. It always behaves the same. I have also this checked the dealer NuBox apple their game demo is having the same problem as well.

Can we all here in Singapore with the same generation of gen Apple TV 4 having this same problem after TVOS 10 updated? Would it be a bug in the new TVOS?


I have exactly the same problem of hv too... apple told me something wrong with Apple TV Apps Store for some regions, including Singapore.   Waiting for hotfix

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