Apple Apps Pro not usable since the last installed updates


On 19 December 2015 the following has been installed on my computer: 1) 2015 update security-006 version 1.0.  (2) Itunes version 12.3.2. (According to the App Store update page; this one was installed twice).

Computer has begun to install updates automatically while I was working on a track. I chose to not not to allow the computer to restart and led updates to continue at a later date.  I finished work, off the Mac til the next morning.  When I tried to work, suddenly LPX operates now that it has a weight of 1000 live births by dragging it down.  CPU and HD m remain lit all the way to the top and take a long time to calm down.  Sound level meters don't update in real-time and data audio and midi will be properly synchronized.  I hear a blurry/airy sound on the left stereo channel (it looks like warp any) during audio playback as well. Tried rebooting, shutdown/restart etc... Disk utility says no problem detected.

Any thoughts?


Logic Pro X, OS X Yosemite (10.10.5), Symphony TB 16 x 16, ExpressXT Midi


Make a backup using Time Machine or a cloning program, to ensure that data files can be recovered. Two backups are better than one.

Try to set up another admin user account to see if the same problem persists. If back to my Mac is enabled in system preferences, the guest account will not work. The intention is to see if it is specific to an account or a system wide problem. This account can be deleted later.

Isolate a problem by using a different user account

If the problem is still there, try to start safe mode using your usual account.  Disconnect all devices except those necessary for the test. Shut down the computer and then put it up after a 10 second wait. Immediately after hearing the startup chime, hold down the SHIFT key and continue to hold it until the gray Apple icon and a progress bar appear. Startup is considerably slower than normal. This will reset some caches, forces a check for directory and disables all start-up and connection, among other things. When you restart normally, the initial restart may be slower than normal. If the system is operating normally, there may be 3rd party applications that pose a problem. Try to delete/disable the third-party applications after a reboot using the UN-Installer. For each disable/remove, you need to restart if you do them all at once.

Safe mode - subject

Safe mode - Yosemite

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    This solve your problems? Please report to us!

    Thank you.

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    Try resetting your device. This will not erase your data stored on that device.

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    Alternatively, you can go to settings - general - reset - Reset all settings

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    Hi TimLaidlaw,

    1. this happens with a window of the specific application or with all windows of the application?

    2. what happens when you try to enlarge the window?

    You can try to maximize the windows and close it. Try to open it again and see if you can get a view full-screen.

  • Creative cloud does not start since the last update (

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    Thanks for your reply.

    My problem is now solved. It seems that this was due to an incomplete installation of the updated version of the CC. After the update, I had two versions of the CC on my PC, none of them work.

    I don't know why the installation did not finish.

    In any case, I downloaded CC of the Adobe site, as if it were a first installation. This new facility has solved the problem.

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    Best regards


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    Hello @gammy7,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I read your message and understand that the connection is different on your HP Pavilion dv7t-7000 after an update of Windows 10. I'm happy to help you with this problem. First of all, please perform a reset.

    Microsoft - Get Started with Windows 10

    Microsoft - Help on behalf of Microsoft

    To change your notebook to a local account, identify yourself, follow these steps:

    1. go into "settings".

    2. go into 'accounts '.

    3. Select "change your picture account profile settings.

    4. choose "sign with a local account instead.

    5. fill in your current password and then click "Next".

    6. Enter Local account information and then click "Next".

    7. click on "sign out and finished."

    Thanks, I look forward to your response with the result.

    If this post helped you, show your appreciation by selecting the thumbs up!

  • USB 2.0 drives not recognized since the latest Windows updates

    I tried 4 different USB 2.0 on 4 different and no computers drives won't recognize readers for the latest Automatic updates.

    1 PC with Win 7 64-bit all service packs

    2 computer laptop w / Win 7 32 bit all service packs

    3 laptop w / Win 7 64-bit all service packs

    4 desktop w / Win XP Pro 32 bit all service packs

    All versions are professional, all devices are fully patched and recognise the mouse USB, HD', other USB devices.

    3 of the flash drives are Sandisk Ultra USB 16 GB sticks, one is nine of its packaging.

    1 is a 8 GB generic to Symantec given as a promo, but it is brand new.

    All these discs worked in these devices before the last major thrust of update.

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    Please keep us updated on the status of the issue and apologize for the lack of communication.

    As you mentioned that this problem occurred after installing Windows updates, then I would suggest you to restore your computer to a restore point that was created before the date and time when you started to notice the problem.

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    Note: When you use the system restore to restore the computer to a previous state, programs and updates that you have installed are removed.

    After restoring the system, try to manually install the Windows updates (try to install one by one) to identify what update caused this problem.

    To do this, please follow the steps from the following link:

    Install Windows updates in Windows 7

    Hope this information helps.

    Please reply with the results, in order to help you solve the problem.

    Thank you

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    The other problem is with the YUPP TV App.

    After my latest firmware upgrade June 4, 2013 live channels on the YUPP TV app does not work peoperly. It says loading and will market every 5 to 10 seconds. On demand videos are very good. This began to happen immediately after the upgrade on June 4, 2013 (M14. R.0136). but after that, there was a more updated firmware that says that connectivity issues fixed on 08/06/2013 (M14 Version. R.0138). I've updated on my player. Yupp TV questions are still there. YouTube has been fine since then, but then the Youtube above issue started happening since yesterday and I have reported to the Youtube community as well.

    Could you fix Yupp TV, I'm sure that updating the firmware.  Also please check if Yout tube is with the firmware...

    Let me know if you need additional information.

    Thank you

    At least I'm not alone, until a few days earlier, alls well, now, I have the same problem, so that makes three of us.  New default factory setting does not so I think a firmware issue, all other channels & functions outside of youtube look... very annoying

  • Pinch zoom opening and closing (mac) does not work in the last beta update

    Anyone know why pinch open close to the pavement of mac suddenly not zoom the last updated beta?

    Preferences that control this action have been reset to empty strings.

    You can use the related browser.gesture preferences to change these values to restore the old behavior:

    •> cmd_fullZoomReduce
    • Browser.Gesture.Pinch. in.shift-> cmd_fullZoomReset
    • Browser.Gesture.Pinch.out-> cmd_fullZoomEnlarge
    • Browser.Gesture.Pinch. out.shift-> cmd_fullZoomReset
    • Browser.Gesture.Pinch.Latched-> false

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