Apple s 4 - I accidentally deleted messages a friend altogether. Is it possible to retrieve those deleted messages?

I accidentally deleted messages from a friend. Is it possible to retrieve ALL messages from this friend of my phone?

Restore the phone from a backup taken when messages were present.

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  • I accidentally deleted all messages text (iMessages) of my husband. How can I get back them? I don't want to lose their :-(

    I accidentally deleted all messages text (iMessages) of my husband. How can I get back them? I don't want to lose their :-(

    I accidentally deleted all messages text (iMessages) of my husband. How can I get back them? I don't want to lose their :-(

    If you had a backup in iCloud or iTunes that contain messages you can restore the backup device to retrieve messages.

  • How can I block a message from accidental deletion?

    How can I block a message from accidental deletion?

    The safest way is to not use the Inbox for long term storage. Make folders for your important and warden messages and move them out of the Inbox, and in these cases. This also prevents your Inbox for this purpose, so that it has been designed.

  • I accidentally deleted my bfore reading e-mail, is their anyway to get the messages back. Junk & trash files are emty

    I accidentally deleted my messages in my Inbox in. I need them back. I checked the unwanted files and trash, but not luck.

    I'm sorry to say, unless download you them to your computer (using thunderbird) and a master in restoring data with portions of your hard drive which is counted as dead space or can bring to a data restore (both directions, your chances are slim at best), you have to say goodbye to your messages.

  • How can I pick up my Messages icon.  Accidentally deleted.

    You need to reinstall my message icon.  Somehow you erased today.  Still can get and receive messages but go to contact and click on message.

    The Messages app is pre installed by Apple, so it cannot be deleted.

    Drag across all your screens and check the folders nested, if you have a.

    If you can't find it in this way, glisser drag down in the middle of any screen, then type Messages in the search field. If all goes well, it will be displayed.

  • I accidentally deleted all my settings and the apple iphone 6 s ID. Now I have to activate my phone and start from the beginning. But I don't have my EA sim with me right now and cannot organize any sim EE. How can I activate my phone without sim card?

    I accidentally deleted all my settings and the apple iphone 6 s ID. Now I have to activate my phone and start from the beginning. But I don't have my EA sim with me right now and cannot organize any sim EE. How can I activate my phone without sim card?

    Sorry, but you can't activate an iPhone without a SIM card installed. It is simply not possible to do.

  • Restore accidentally deleted text to a previously recorded message Hotmail

    I just accidentally deleted most of the text of an e-mail message Hotmail that I am writing.  I had saved the message several times before deleting the text.  I can restore the deleted text?

    Thank you.


    I suggest you according to the question in this forum and check if that helps:

    It will be useful.

  • Accidentally deleted Z10 Text Messages blackBerry shortcut to home screen

    Hi, my friend has accidentally deleted the shortcut TEXT the from the home screen - how can I restore it?

    See you soon

    You must reload the operating system in order to retrieve it. You can still get text Messages from the hub. I rarely use the icon anyway.

  • How to recover accidentally deleted outgoing message mail

    I was in the middle of writing a long message and accidentally deleted more than half of it.  So I made the worse situation to save the rest/first paragraphs, the message... don't don't know if it is possible to retrieve the entire document?   Help, please?

    You don't mention your e-mail program, but unless you were that compose and continuously to save changes made in the draft, it's gone.
  • Accidentally deleted Notes file iPhone 6s. Where deleted Notes are stored?

    iPhone 6 s

    iOS 9.2.1

    Accidentally deleted the file 'Notes '. a message appears indicating that the deleted note is permanently deleted within 30 days.

    Where the file is stored?

    Hello Diana-Desiree,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I understand that you have accidentally deleted a note stored in iCloud.  Whenever you remove a note in iCloud, it is moved to a notes section recently deleted.  To help recover the deleted note, please follow the steps below.

    Recover deleted notes using the Notes Update application

    If you use the Update Notes , you can retrieve and modify notes iCloud you deleted in the last 30 days on or your iOS devices 9 or OS X v10.11. However, you can retrieve notes you permanently deleted (as described in "Notes of Remove deleted immediately using the application update Notes," below).

    1. Go to Notes on, then recently deleted, click on the left.

      If you don't see recently deleted in the list of folders on the left, you have not all recoverable notes.

      If you do not see a list of folders to the left of the list of notes, you use the original Notes and can not recover the deleted notes. See "Delete a note by using the original Notes application," above.

    2. Click on a note on the right, then click on back in the top of the window. The note moves to the Notes folder.

      To recover directly in one folder other than Notes, drag a note of the folder recently removed to another folder.

    iCloud: remove a note

    See you soon.

  • Accidentally deleted app game Center

    Help! I accidentally deleted my iPhone off game Center icon 6. How to get or download the app?

    xmyleneee wrote:

    Help! I accidentally deleted my iPhone off game Center icon 6. How to get or download the app?

    Settings - General - reset - Reset available to the home screen.

    If you are the game Center app on ios 10 was discontinued by Apple.

  • I accidentally deleted my boot partition

    I tried to install Windows 10 using Bootcamp but it failed and I had to start. I thought I had deleted the Bootcamp partition, but I accidentally deleted the main boot partition for Mac OS. When I try to start my Mac Apple logo appears for a while, then finally I do not see an entry sign.

    In an attempt to solve this problem, I started my Mac upward into recovery mode and reinstalled Mac OS on the partition that I created for the thought of Windows, I would be able to access my files and pass them to the new facility. Mac OS installed fine, but I now have a 800 GB partition, I can't access. He appears in disk utility, but I can not unlock or fix it.

    Question is, can I repair the boot partition and to come back to how I was before I screwed up?

    Or, is it possible to unlock the main so partition that I can access it from the new installation, back up everything can start all over again?

    What do you backup before you start this project?

  • How to restore accidentally deleted from dictionaries


    I accidentally deleted iPhone dictionaries.

    Could help me please on how to restore accidentally deleted from dictionaries?

    I tried to change the language of the phone and then he rebroussée way, but it did not work. On the other hand, I did a hard reset, even once again. No result unfortunately.

    Thanks a lot for your help on this

    Since IOS 9.3.4 came out, it was impossible to download dictionaries. We will have to wait as Apple come up with a solution. Please send feedback to Apple on the link below.

  • I accidentally deleted the iCloud device (my iPad not lost or stolen... but it's very very locked down)

    So, I accidentally deleted the iCloud device (but my iPad is not lost or stolen). This all started because I forgot my password and I want to reset the unit. In the process, I have deleted my camera from the iCloud website (stupid self-help sites and my idiocy). in any case, I am about to connect my iPad to iTunes so that I can update and restore my device (which will erase my password and give me a new start... right?) BUT I don't know if I actually restore since, as I said - I deleted icloud . Before I go ahead and update/restore via iTunes, I want someone to confirm or deny or not I'm completely screwed and all my stuff was gone. While I can start crying now rather than later.

    Thanks in advance.

    See the following: If you have forgotten the password for your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, or your device is disabled - Apple supports

  • How to restore accidentally deleted dial color

    I accidentally deleted my iWatch color dial.  How can I restore it?


    It is not possible to directly restore a deleted custom dial.

    However, you can easily add a new color dial and then repeat the customizations:

    • When displaying the time on your watch: firmly on the face of the watch, swept to the left until you reach the new watch face option > press the new button '+' > highlight color (using the digital Crown) dial > press to select it.

    If you want, you can customize can also watch face complications.

    More information:

    Customize the face of your Apple Watch - Apple Support

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