Application does not connect to the server using WAP2.0


I used following code to get the suffix of the url that is required to connect to the application server using WAP2.0

                //WAP 2.0
            String uid = null;
            ServiceBook sb = ServiceBook.getSB();
            ServiceRecord[] records = sb.findRecordsByCid("WPTCP");
            for (int i = 0; i < records.length; i++) {
                if (records[i].isValid() && !records[i].isDisabled()) {
                    if (records[i].getUid() != null &&
                        records[i].getUid().length() != 0) {
                        if ((records[i].getCid().toLowerCase().indexOf("wptcp") != -1) &&
                            (records[i].getUid().toLowerCase().indexOf("wifi") == -1) &&
                            (records[i].getUid().toLowerCase().indexOf("mms") == -1)   ) {
                            uid = records[i].getUid();

                    System.out.println("Connected using direct WAP2.0....");
                return ";ConnectionUID="+uid;

I am same ConnectionUID as present in this complete book in Options in the device.

Even application does not connect to the server using WAP2.0.

Let me know what other things should I check to make application to connect to the server using WAP2.0.

My phone is BB 8900 and OS 4.6.1

WAP connection will pass through the gateway of the carrier.  This gateway can oppose your respect, or might be trying to optimize the data, or can display a login page for you.  Try the same URL that you use in your program, directly with the WAP browser on the device and see if that runs through effectively.

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    (2) receives more work after the update?

    In the future you can keep your FW up-to-date more easily by selecting the option 'Automatically' for the settings of update of product in the update section of the product in the Web menu.




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    I was wondering what is happening and if there is an inexpensive way to get it running again?


    p.s. There is an Apple Store here in El Paso, if it's a long drive where I live.

    If you have problems with the applications of stalling or crashing,

    double click on the "home" button

    -slide up on applications to force leave their

    Re-boot ipad.

    Press on and press and hold the sleep/wake button until a Red slider appears, and then drag the slider. Press and hold the sleep/wake button until the Apple logo appears.

    Force power down if above give it trouble you.

    At the same time hold the sleep/wake button and the Home button. Ten seconds or more.  Keep until the Apple logo appears.

    more information on the re-start:

    This these tips from MichelPM to improve performance:

    Restore factory settings by loading the latest version of the ios that will support your machine:

    (1) make a full backup of your device if necessary.  Is two times better - cloud and computer.

    (2) three methods of restoration of your ipad.  [simple as abc]

    2.a) "you can use iTunes to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to factory settings and the latest version of iOS." & local = en_US

    2.b) be a little more insistent: "you can put your device iOS in recovery mode, then restore it via iTunes.:

    3.c) as a last resort, you might consider DFU (Device Firmware Update).  This could void your warranty.

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    In recent weeks, whenever I try to make a model in Media Encoder, it fails to connect to the server of dynamic links - this happens when you add to the queue of EI (it adds the comp, but won't connect, once I hit rendering) or when you import directly from Media Encoder (sometimes he manages to read the project add the model file and then fails to connect).  The error log says "cannot read from source, it can be moved etc.".

    I tried the following:

    Pass all plugins (I don't have that some installed Trapcode plugins and a couple of old plugins of the trial) of '... common library' for the plugin in the application folder.

    Clear cache of AE and me.

    Disable the firewall.

    Test with very basic compositions.

    Reset me.

    Nothing works and make the files without loss of EI (10-200 GB) becomes impractical and blocks until the AE for hours - nobody knows what might help others to reinstall everything (very slow internet connection, could take days).

    I doubt that it is connected, but I also have license issues major since the move to the country and therefore duty cancel my subscription and re-subscribe with a new account (different username etc..).  Half the time the apps that I use (AE, first, Illustrator and Photoshop) will not open, responsible for account Adobe comes constantly, opening and closing. Normally signing off CC and removing the OPM.db file works, but not always.  Need me an average of 20 to 30 minutes to open any application Adobe, and sometimes they just do not open at all.

    I am incredibly frustrated to spend more time trying to AE to work I work in an AE - I don't want to not scream (Why oh why oh why adobe!) to you folk, but I feel like a fool to pay each month for software which opens at all, or that does not work when it does.  I should mention that on my iMac more recent (2015), with exactly the same applications and plugins (but who never had my old account on it) everything works pretty well as it should.

    Suggestions (apart from those you can find forums to research - I tried all MS) would be much appreciated!

    Updated - I think I've fixed it (either by the way it took me ages to find this post, because someone had moved without letting me know, I got so stuck in a loop of browser redirection, as Adobe had allowed me to change my username to that already in use.)  I'm not fan No. 1 Adobe this morning...).

    Three things I tried, one of the last 2 must have worked.

    1. I checked the host file, it was empty, but apparently rogue adobe references often cause this problem.

    2. I checked my installation in the creative menu cloud language - it was strangely grayed out, so I confirmed language than English, this could well have caused the problem that I've used French as the language of installation (I work in English, but teaching in French...).

    3. I think that this might have been what solved the problem - I renamed the folder SLCache (Support HD-Library-Application Adobe) in SLCache.old (effectively removing) then restarted the computer.

    Now the questions link license and dynamic seem to have disappeared, Dynamic Link is very slow, but it has always been.

  • Unable to send message AT &amp; T - does not connect to the server. Anyone else having this problem?

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    I tried deleting the account and the recovery, but that has not helped. Does anyone else have this problem?


    Thanks for the tips.

    Even set up a new account did not work. Despite AT & you s claim that it was not a problem with their servers and taking me through a number of measures to ensure what was the origin of the problem, he as magically disappeared as soon he came a few hours after all the machinations. So, still do not know what caused it, but it disappeared.

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    The first thing we want to make sure is that all your data is safe. You can perform a backup to iCloud or iTunes. Use this article to help with this: backing up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

    Once your data is safe, try under Troubleshooting in this Apple support article: get help with Mail on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

    If you have any question, you may want to try this reset: If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch connects to a Wi-Fi network. Use the section titled still not 'connect?' and follow the steps to reset the network settings. This brings the network settings to factory default. Then, you can try your email.

    If your Yahoo email account is an IMAP account, you can check the settings here: Apple Mail search parameters, then you can delete the account and set up again. This article should help you with that. Follow the steps described in the article, but remove account, then you can add the account of the rest of the instructions. Set up an e-mail account on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

    Thanks again and have a great day.

  • The e-mail application does not connect to the Dreamhost servers. Perhaps because of how they configure their SSL certificate for their subdomains.

    Certificate SSL of Dreamhost for their mail servers only at one level of subdomain while many of their clusters of e-mail exist on a second level subdomain. In my view, this translates into an error message 'bad security' of the e-mail application.

    I contacted DreamHost and they say they are unable to solve this problem, or that they will allow me to install an SSL certificate on my virtual domain pointing to my cluster e-mail (even if I had to buy a).

    I understand, it is possible to manually add certificates via adb in a way similar to this:

    However what I read this: 1. does not work on the ZTE Open 2. Can only fix only navigation not the web mail client.

    Is there any option that is available to me short of switching hosts?


    Are you familiar with Firefox OS? The reason why I say this is because the e-mail client cannot create an excaption certificate. In fact, it's design. It's design:

    This request for support to Mozilla was placed specifically for the product Firefox OS, for which there is only a single mail client.

    That said many people in the Mozilla Bugzilla, have been able to show me how to find another alias for those servers that actually works and in fact corresponds to SSL certificates. Although Dreamhost support could not provide me with any such information, and such information is not actually in the DreamHost wiki.

    I have a repeated insistence of Dreamhost possibility I should just live with the exceptions of SSL certificate, when there is real existing valid server names to match the certificates in question, silly.

    The fact that you post this solution for one product, so that it is not yet applicable beyond useless. It serves to muddy waters.

  • BRAVIA internet video link does not connect to the server

    I have a KDL-32xbr6 (Yes, it has a DMEX button on the remote control). Just buy a DMX - NV1. Connection is "by the book". The wireless bridge is a NetGear 3001 bought a month ago. This Wireless Bridge works fine when connected to a computer and has no trouble at all a link to my 4G version jetpack. This device has abundant speed and is used by other Bravia owners to access the internet. Yet, when it is connected to the DMX - NV1, the system cannot connect to the 'server' (some server that can be). I spent about 4 hours, spread over 3 days exceeding this ad nauseum with the online chat. And we continue to go right on the same things over and over again. DMX has so much power and network illumintated lights green. When accessing the network, the Green Network flashing. So, it IS out in the network. But after the timeout, it always comes with a message "configuration failed due to the delay" on the TV screen. (Which is exactly what it says - I don't remember the exact job right now). Instrumentation in settiings presents the new appropriate icons (internet video settings, etc.). So that part is OK. I did a system reset several times on television and DMX. I did the cold repowering (unplug, wait a minute, reconnect) of all devices several times. I even tried to delete the security on the router/modem encryption and went 'none' for a test, just in case there was some sort of encryption confusion. The system seems to be absolutely spot on, but when we try to make his connection to the 'server' it can do. And don't suggest even trying out an online software update, you must first be able to connect to 'server '. Has anyone experience this problem? It is quite a haruumpher. Driving me crazy. I'm sure it's something simple. But what is it? Thanks in advance for any help in this matter.

    Can you please answer back with the MAC address of the DMX - NV1. I would need to check the activity of the unit to try to find out what's wrong.

    Thank you.

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