archivelog mode and hot backup

in g R2
This is the hot backup:
online backup

A backup of one or more datafiles taken while a database is open and the datafiles are online. 
When you make a user-managed backup while the database is open, you must put the 
tablespaces in backup mode by issuing an ALTER TABLESPACE BEGIN BACKUP command. 
(You can also use ALTER DATABASE BEGIN BACKUP to put all tablespaces in your database into backup mode in one step.)
would we in log mode archive to do an online backup?

Thank you.

user522961 wrote:
in g R2
This is the hot backup:

would we in log mode archive to do an online backup?

Yes. It is a must!


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  • Select the datbase archivelog mode is open

    Hello world

    Gently, I have to ask if possible to enable archivelog mode while State open for oracle 11g database? and if so... What is education?

    Thanks in advance

    Published by: user11254543 on June 8, 2011 23:51

    It is not possible...
    you will have to shutdown the database.

    then open in mode mount...
    then switch to archivelog mode, and then open the database...

  • When use REUSE/SET, no.-ARCHIVELOGS in create controlfile in HOT BACKUP?

    I am an Oracle DBA intern and I have the following queries. Good response with detailed explanations, I want to get my deleted concepts!

    T1 > > while a user managed hot backup, when we create a path for recovery (CREATE CONTROLFILE) control file when we use the control file created with the following options:
    * 1. REUSE / SET *.

    T2 > > in what scenarios re - create the control file while recovering the data from a hot backup files?

    Thanks a ton!
    Kind regards

    Specify REUSE to indicate that existing control files identified by CONTROL_FILES initialization parameter can be reused and overwritten.

    SET the DATABASE to change the name of the database.

  • UNDOTABLESPACE and TABLESPACE TEMP in cold or hot backup database


    I have a BACKUP, including logs generated after the backup archive. What is the use of the UNDOTABLESPACE and TABLESPACE TEMP datafile data file backup? When it is used?

    Kind regards


    I have the archives which have all entries are committed in it. Undoinformation is necessary for the restoration and recovery of the database? Can u explain more clearly?

    The archives are as congested entries of redo logs. And the redo logs contain all changes to the database. Information cancellation will be there in the segments of cancellation that there can be some uncommitted transactions active in the segments of cancellation. Cancellation information is necessary to put the database in a consistent state. It is one of very important storage similar to the control file and system tablespace to bring a database

    Edited: Imagine a scenario. You make a backup hot at 07:00. And there are a lot of transactions happening before and during hot backup. For ex, I run a massive update to a table. This will cause the recovery to write logs of recovery that will be eventually written to logs archived. Now, you finish the backup mode. But I have not validated or cancelled my transaction. Say to the reasoning, I roll back the transaction.

    Now, you restore the backup. Do you think that my transaction will be in inconsistent state? Redo logs and archiveed newspapers had my transaction changes/redo entries. If you are not using undo in recovery segments, what will happen to my operation that I rolled back? Without cancel, half of my transaction (even if they were not truly committed) will be sitting in the database. This is where undo tablespace helps us in rolling back the transaction during your recovery. Remember, the cancellation information "peuvent" not all in recovery if you do not a complete database recovery. But Oracle should know that. If you need to undo tablespace in your backup set.

    I hope it's clear now

    Published by: VenkatB on Sep 15, 2011 10:17

  • Benefits of the PDB to the backup of the fence? More necessary Archivelog to Archivelog mode?


    I have a little, no doubt simple, issues.

    So far, I did my backups on my test database while I closed the pluggable like this database:


    But I couldn't find any documentation that says that it is better to first close the database. So should I really have to close? It seems to work when it is open. But in a production environment, I suppose it might cause problems when users always access the database?

    My second question is: when my database is in archivelog mode, do I really need to add 'PLUS ARCHIVELOG' on each backup command?

    Thank you!

    1 it is not better to close the database. RMAN is an online backup tool, your backup will be consitent without worrying if your database is open or not.

    2 you should always backup your archivelogs. Why do play you with your database recovery.

    Don't forget the two laws of Murphy

    1 everything that can go wrong will go wrong

    2 Murphy was an optimist

    If you don't back up your archivelogs you will need to do online continuously.


    Sybrand Bakker

    Senior Oracle DBA

  • Hot and cold backup

    Hello, in my system (oracle 9), we take, we take backups hot quite frequently.
    We also take cold weekly backups.
    Today, our system requires more running time, and so there was a discussion if we stop taking cold or no backups.

    Can someone please advise, whether cold backups are necessary in this case? do us injecy any additional risk risk of loss of data if we stop cold backup?

    If not, when and under what circumstances cold backups are necessary?

    Many databases never get a cold backup due to time requirements.

    As long as you continue to take hot backups and keep your logs archive saved should be no reason why you should continue taking cold backups.

    There are databases that I supported who have never had a cold backup.

  • Is there a difference between a Hot Backup and online backup?

    Version: 10 g 2

    Is there a difference between a Hot Backup and online backup? These terms are not interchangeably used? Could not find a wire similair in OTN.

    Yes, these terms are used interchangeably.

  • RMAN backup with no archivelog mode

    Hi friend

    I made this backup several times before, to save a test database that is not in archivelog mode.
    My procedure are:

    rman target $ /.

    RMAN > run {}
    stop immediately;
    bootable media;
    backup format ' / u02/RMAN/%d_LVL0_%T_%u_s%s_p%p' database;
    remove obsolete;

    But strange, now I have error:
    ORA-19602: no backup or copy of current file in NOARCHIVELOG mode

    Thank you very much


    You havnt marked my answer as correct!

    Boyfriend so bad. Joke.

    Kind regards

  • Hot backup maintained by users script? 11g (Unix) good measures?

    I'm looking for a script to hot backup maintained by users for GR 11, 2 under Unix. My client does not want to use RMAN.

    I think that the main steps are:

    -alter system switch logfile
    -change the system log archive current
    -alter database begin backup
    -alter database backup controlfile (and also the backup on the track)
    -copy the data files, archives, remake, controlfiles to another location
    -take the database out of hotbackup mode
    -J' have also capture spfile and other config files

    Recovery is just restore to the original location, at STARTUP and backup of the end.

    Basically, there may be cases where we have archives that have been made after the hotbackup we want to apply. In this case, it is RECOVER database with the HELP of BACKUP CONTROLFILE until CANCEL in order to apply the archives.

    His right?

    After you take the database out of Hot Backup, you must switch logfile (preferably several times) and backup generated archivelogs.
    You can back up archivelogs while the database is in backup mode but you must also back up the first archivelog (s) after the backup of the end.

    Hemant K Collette

    PS: Oracle provides documentation.

    Hemant K Collette

  • Need help with RMAN archive destination error during hot backup


    Oracle 8.0.6, Win 2000 Server.

    We take the cold daily backup as our backup strategy. We wanted to implement the backup hot. If one day, I turned on the log mode archive and set the directory to archive in F:\drive to store all archived generated. I took the backup and put the database in noarchive log mode. We continued with offline backup.

    After a few days, I wanted to test the hot backup again. I created the directory of the archive in E:\archive\ instead of F:\archive\. When I started the hot backup, all files have been copied except the archives.

    The error was:

    RMAN-03022: compilation command: sql
    RMAN-06162: SQL statement: alter system archive log current
    RMAN-03023: executing command: sql

    RMAN-03022: compilation command: backup
    RMAN-03026: recovery error release of channel resources
    RMAN-08031: output channel: c1
    RMAN-08031: output channel: c2
    RMAN-00569: = error message stack follows =.
    RMAN-03002: failure during the compilation of command
    RMAN-03013: type command: backup
    RMAN-06089: journal archived F:\ARCHIVE\ARCH1_0000327116.ARC not found or at odds with catalog

    Complete recovery manager.

    RMAN is looking for the destination of the journal archive old i.e. 'f:\archive\ '. I don't have the backup of the old archives of destination. I put the new destination to archive E:\archive\ in the initorcl.ora file, rman is always looking for destination F:\archive\.

    Please suggest what to do. How can I remove old information from archive of controlfile and say rman, look in the new archives destination i.e. E:\archive\

    WOW 8.0.6.
    Maybe you can run a cross?

    change archivelog than any overlap;

    Found some docs online for 8.0
    She does not mention the overlap.
    With the change command, you should be able to do the cleaning as well.
    If you have moved the archivelogs to the new location, you can use catalog according to the doc.
    Kind regards

    Edited by: tychos on mrt-27-2011 08:26

  • A development database hot backup

    RDBMS version:
    Operating system: Solaris 5.10

    One of our development database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode, and we want to keep it this way. Every Sunday, we want to make a complete this DB RMAN backup. Since developers (WE, India, China) could be working from home on Sunday and need to connect to the DB, we cannot stop this DB. I think to create a hot RMAN backup script that will be
    1. Place the DB in ARCHIVELOG mode temporarily
    2. Startup (OPEN) the DB and Take a FULL BACKUP including the archive logs with a script
     run {
     allocate channel m1 TYPE DISK connect 'sys/fls'  FORMAT   '/u05/rbkp/ptcp_%U.rmb';
     backup as compressed backupset database tag 'full'  plus archivelog; 
    3. After the Hot backup is done, the shell script should place the DB in MOUNT stage and revert back to NOARCHIVELOG mode   and startup
    The RMAN full backup taken using the strategy above held for restoration and recovery?

    I can't put the commands for the placement of the DB in ARCHIVELOG mode in the RMAN run block. I can?

    You have a valid backup, but you will not be able to perform a FULL restore. You said that you will return noarchivelog mode after the backup. When your database requires recovery of the media in this mode, you will have more often a gap between the last saved archivelog and real online newspaper. If you can only make one point incomplete recovery - until the last archivelog available in the backupset.


  • The hot backup process


    I have a Dev on Oracle 10 g ( on Solaris 8) db, for which I want to set up a simple backup process hot. My question is: for simplicity, instead of putting each tablespace in backup mode and to take it out of backup mode, can I put the entire db in backup mode and copy the data files and control and take the Pb of backup mode:

    -J' my intention to do so hours offline when activities are lower and db is small and there is enough space to make it so again is generated (compared to each tablespace in backup mode) that this is acceptable. Thus, the following process is valid:

    (1) connecting to the db as sys
    (2) alter database begin backup
    (3) copy all of the files and control the db for the backup
    (4) change the backup of the end
    - or after it is necessary to issue the - modify the statement of system switch logfile also? -If so, what is the purpose of this statement?

    Also another question is: I don't have enough space on the db server hosting backups so after you put the db in backup mode, I transfer the file in Microsoft windows server for solaris. -Is possible with rman?
    The reason why I go to managed user backup, of rman is that we do not store the backup on the db Server nor we have any tape, but we have a windows machine that can be used to store backups. so in this case, is it possible that rman can be used?

    Thank you very much

    When you use RMAN, you don't have to put a tablespace (or database) in BACKUP Mode.

    With RMAN, you can create of BACKUPSETs, in this case, backups can be smaller than the actual database files as RMAN does not save the blocks that have never been used (that is to say, the blocks above the last measure in a data file). In addition, you can create AS COMPRESS in order to introduce more compression.
    Alternatively, you can creat backup as Copy, in which case backups are the same size as the data files that you might have with scripted backups (UserManaged).

    You MUST run your database in ArchiveLog mode.
    You MUST save each ArchiveLog.
    You must save your controlfiles as backup controlfile separate. However, even if you do not configure CONTROLFILE AUTOBACKUP ON, whenever you back up the SYSTEM Tablespace (that I advice every day), the controlfile is going to get backed up in the same backup set. For added convenience, I prefer controlfiles backup as separate backups so that they save files are easily identifiable.

  • Closed APB hot backup


    Could someone please help me to clarify the following:

    Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 5.46.41 AM.jpg

    The above is the new guide features 12 c University student.

    Is not "alter database begin backup" called "backup of user management?

    "Hot backup" AFAIK means online of RMAN backup and requires that the database is in log mode archive.

    Also the instructer said "If the PDB is closed, you take a hot backup, that APB is not save, because the files are not in line.» "If the file is not open to the database, RMAN cannot hot backup.

    I just test rman backup in when the PIC is opened and it included also all the PDB, including those that have been closed and in mounted condition. So what is the correct history?

    Thank you!

    Unfortunately, I can ask is no longer the instructor, but I noticed yesterday that I have actually ask your instructor about the same question a year ago. The answer was however really does not correspond to the question. In any case I guess it was just some confusion about the context.

    From what I understand, there are two ways to make a hot backup. One is called "user managed backup" by putting the database in backup mode by using the "alter database begin backup" statement and the other is to use RMAN. Two hot backupl methods require that the database is in log mode archive, but RMAN, by default, unlike "user managed backup" includes storage in offline mode.

    This means while a database is hot backup mode using "user managed backup", cannot close a PDB file and doing so will trigger an error ORA-01149. RMAN however has no such restrictions and will automatically include the backup of the PDB closed.

    I hope that my conclusion is correct and I am considering this thread supposed replied.

  • During the upgrade in ARCHIVELOG mode

    Hi all

    During the upgrade of the database 10 g and 11 g... I'll put my mode to archivelog noarchivelog mode database to save disk space.

    That this task is improving or speedsup improvement process or any impact.

    Suggestions please.

    Kind regards

    PL identify accurate versions of "10 g" and "11 g", as well as your OS version

    During updates of database, for most databases, it is recommended to disable archiving because this will speed up the upgrade process. See the exceptions listed by MOS Doc below. Jose has recommended as the upgrade is a case all or nothing - if the upgrade fails for any reason, you need to restore from a backup and start over. Once the upgrade has completed successfully, in archivelog mode must be switched back on again.

    Best practices to minimize downtime during upgrade [ID 455744.1]


  • Hot backup

    We take the backup hot at 18:00 (daily, filled in 1-2 hours).
    At 23:30 all archive log files will be separately BackupExec backup and the log files are deleted from the file archive of the Oracle.

    Day before yesterday, for some reason, the copy of the data file hung up (after alter database begin backup has been published in the Hot backup script)
    That the copy has been hung up, 'alter database end backup' has been issued, the PB was in backup mode.
    The average while the deleted BackupExec database journal archive file Archive of the Oracle.

    Yesterday hot backup was completed successfully, only alter database begin backup failed (ORA-01146: cannot start online backup - folder 1 is already in the backup)
    After the hot backup 'alter database end backup' was published successfully.

    Given that logs archiving failed whien database is always in backup mode, will all the data generated duing the applied to the data file backup mode?

    Please notify.

    Thanks in advance,


    You hear all changes (including the dml, ddl) applied to the database during the backup mode...


    Hemant K Collette

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