ASDM transfer settings to another PC


Work has updated my laptop and I need to transfer my old.

Q: do anyone know how I can transfer my ASDM configuration so I can't re-create all devices I've managed?

Thank you.

Sorry - I was off by a directory. Search in:


You should see a file "deviceinfo.conf". There are IP addresses and user names you have chosen to record via the checkbox in the Launcher.

There is also a "preferences.conf" file that has all the preferences you put through the user interface (an overview of the CLI, packet analyzer path and name etc.).

The files require you not to change, but you should be able to copy safely on your new PC.

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    Hi Ingo

    Sorry, but I don't see in your composition of validation between BT and Toshiba. Do you use a Toshiba designed BT Stack?

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    Original title: using files and Settings Transfer Wizard. Oops


    I suspect that Naman R misinterpreted your post. My interpretation is that you have used the Wizard Windows XP file / transfer settings, no Windows Easy Transfer.

    Assuming you still have available transfer fluid, which is a kind of external drive (USB, probably), there is no reason why you should transfer the settings again, but in the correct user profile.

    With respect to the transfer in the account manager, all the parameters of implementation of changes should be reversible system restore (start - all programs-Accessories-System Tools System Restore). Data can only be deleted while signed in as an administrator. Do the system restore before doing the right files and transfer settings, otherwise it will also cancel these changes in settings that have been applied to the appropriate user profiles.


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    Hi KaraDay,

    When you use the files and Settings Transfer Wizard in Windows XP, it only transfers a copy of the files and settings on the computer.

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    The command "settings of another user" will do just that, it will eliminate your current settings with those of another user; you don't want to do. You simply want to leave the first sign of your account from the CC application and connect with your professional account. All this will do is change who the software is licensed for the moment, it will not change your settings. Then, because your settings will be the same as they were with your personal account, you simply open first and synchronize your settings to the cloud. If you have no existing parameters with your professional account then first do you that if you want to upload or download, it will simply download your settings. If you want to be sure you can back up your "profile-CreativeCloud' and the 'profile-"username"' folder on your desktop so that you can experiment without worry of losing your settings. If something goes wrong, you can simply copy the files back to your Documents folder. After all this is done you can reconnect you to your personal account. I do it regularly at home, but I go the other way. I disconnect from my personal account, log in to my work, download settings, new sign in my account, and then for good measure, I download these parameters to the cloud.

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    Program should be installed in the operating system you need to run in.  Your files can be transferred or left in there are current place of residence.  Settings and files can be transferred via Windows Easy Transfer.  Your files could be simply copied across if you wish.

    How to use Windows Easy Transfer to migrate files and settings from one Windows computer to another Windows Vista (or Windows 7) based computer

    Description of Windows Easy Transfer for Windows Vista

    As far as programs are concerned, you might look at that and see if it is viable.


  • Is there a way to save all my tabs at once and transfer them to another computer?

    No, I'm not talking about having to first laboriously click each tab, bookmarking them, following the instructions to transfer your Favorites file and them by clicking on each bookmark to reopen your tabs. I wonder about a one click way to save all my tabs and the download on another computer, just like Firefox on opening/closing.
    Thank you

    This can be done through Sync.

    Select the types of data you want to synchronize - Tabs is the first element of the list.

  • Transfer iTunes to another PC - multiple questions content


    I bought a new laptop (Windows 10) and want to transfer my iTunes to the PC (Vista), via hard drive (and leave duplicates on hard drive for back to the top).

    I've got 20,000 songs and hundreds of playlists.

    On the first attempt, I'm done with no playlists and 9 000 pieces.

    On the second attempt (by replacing the new library with the PC), I found myself with playlists up to 2014 and only 9,000 tunes

    On the third, 17 000 songs and lists full reading - but only until 2014.

    I can only assume that I am not transfer to itls up-to-date? I tried to export the library and playlist to make sure they are u-t-j but I am not sure it is the right method.

    Any ideas? Can't the Chuck on the old PC until I am sure than that.

    Thank you


    Migrate a library iTunes from one computer to another

    These are two approaches that work normally to move an existing library to a new computer.

    Method 1

    1. Save the library with this trick of the user.
    2. Remove the old computer if you no longer wish to access content protected on it.
    3. Restore the backup to your new computer by using the same tool used to back it up.
    4. Keep your current backup in the future.

    Method 2

    Connect the two computers on the same network. Share your old computer < user music > folder and copy the folder of library full iTunes in the < user music > on the new folder. Yet once, remove the old computer so is no longer necessary.

    These two methods should give the new computer, a clone of the library work which was on the former. What about iTunes is it is still the 'home' for your devices library you should not have problems with iTunes will erase and reload.

    I recommend method 1 because it establishes a current backup for your library.

    Note If you have iOS devices and that you have not reached your contacts and calendar all in all items, then you need to create a dummy entry in your new profile and iTunes expected to merge existing data from the device.

    If your media folder has been separated in the main folder of iTunes, you may need to do some preparatory work to make it easier to move. See make a library of portable split.

    If you are in the unfortunate position where you're able to access your original library or a backup and then see recover your iTunes from your iPod or an iOS device to get tips on how to configure your devices with a new library with the maximum preservation of data.


  • I use vista ultimate Premium transfer settings and files. The Chinese lanquage pack still work?

    files and settings transfer

    using files and Settings Transfer vista ultimate Premium the Chinese lanquage pack still works

    No. does not work in the Home Premium edition.


    Language packs require a license and are only available with Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows Vista Enterprise.

  • transfer settings and files of windows media player from vista to Windows 7

    I have strong music collection and have changed the settings of data original mp3.

    My question is how can I transfer all my settings and changes to the files of Vist to Win7.

    Di I do a clean instal then transfer files or I do an upgrade to make sure that the wmp data equals exactley.

    Any help would be appreciated

    Cordially Chris B

    The metadata backup tool does not care what version of WMP. It uses its own XML format, which can be used for WMP 10-12 (and probably even future versions).

  • Transfer settings Outlook on a hard drive from XP to Windows 7.

    My card mother XP and/or CPU crashed and I find myself trying to transfer my Outlook of the old hard disk settings to the new computer Windows 7 I bought. I can't use easy transfer because I have no way to access the XP OS on the old hard drive (forget to dual boot Win 7 - computer Dell, I bought his own ideas on this topic and Dell will not support this). I know that I can just copy the pst file but in Windows 7, appears not to load the personal file by default and I must manually open those files and cannot sync with other devices like my iPod Touch. Maybe there is a trick to install my Outlook 2003. Any suggestions?

    Here is the Vista Forums.



    Office at the above link forums

    Outlook Help Forums at the link above.

    They will help you with your Outlook questions when repost you in the Office Forums above.


    For any question on Windows 7:

    Link above is Windows 7 Forum for questions on Windows 7.

    Windows 7 questions should be directed to / stationed there.

    You are in the Vista Forums.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    Copy them in the Public directory. Then log in as another user and copy the files in the Public directory so that the user Documents, etc.. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • Can update new installation failure Win7, I transfer files from another pc to solve?

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    I have a flash drive that I would like to transfer files or use as a backup, is this possible and can tell you me the steps or link me to something that can explain it using microsoft software only.

    Please and thank you for your help.

    I tired using the installer from microsoft windows update and that froze just too when I tried to download updates manually.

    Windows 7 update problems? First read this.


Maybe you are looking for