bad communication!

I have a HP Photosmart e-All-in-One Printer series - D1 and I have an Asus republic of gamer laptop of Vaux of series G-75. I am running windows 8. My problem is that my printer say it connected but when I try to printe a document it always say that I'm offline... Even my so-called Solution Center I get disconnected... But the printer 4 green bars and I printed 2 wireless test report and I spent about 7 lines, my signal quality is excellent, so I'm at a lost on why the printer say it went to print and the solution Center say is a go! Used the printer before and add no problem I'm @ has lost on the why of the PLEASE HELP.

Well! I did the job

I have uninstall everything in the re - install and so far it works. For how long I don't know! For now I'm happy...

I want to thank all the people who have tried to help me.

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    Is there a contraindication to install Windows XP Pro on a Satellite 4070CDT with Max off the coast of the RAM (192 MB)?

    I tried and it seems ok at first glance, if I have a strange problem with a Cardbus real of Xircom Ethernet 100 + Modem 56 often get an error indicating a hardware failure. Just by pulling the card again for the most part solved the problem for a while, but it is very unpleasant and a constant waste of time. There seems to be a problem (bad) communication between the card and the laptop.

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    I see no solution for you. The only possible solution is to try to install SP1. You'll be maybe lucky. Otherwise, I think you expect too much of this oldie ;)

  • -Removed-

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    Your question is beyond the scope of this community.

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  • My canon eos 30 d flashes too powerfully and whiteing my photos can someone help

    Hi all

    When I take pictures my eos 30 d is too powerful for automatic photos I take and whiteing on the subject

    I looked in my manual and can't see the answer

    If the device worked properly, then started to overexpose in mode auto, most likely, you have changed some settings...

    Go to the menu, select and use 'all clear camera settings. You can also go into the custom functions menu, select and click 'Reset all custom functions'.

    As a last resort, you could do a "reboot" of the camera. It's a bit like rebooting a computer to clear incorrect instructions that are stuck in the memory.

    To do a reset, first turn off the camera, then remove all of the batteries, including the money bit "battery memory" which is in a drawer inside the main compartment. Turn on the camera and press the shutter button once. It fires without batteries, of course. But this drains any residual power in the circuit.

    Turn the power off, reinstall the batteries and turn it back on. Check the date and time. If you got a restart appropriate, they should be set to zero.

    If you do not have a proper restart, you can use the same procedure, but instead of pressing the shutter button just leave the battery for about an hour. This should allow any residual power to drain it and cause a complete reset, too.

    It can erase some of the settings you have made inadvertently, causing problems. Or it can erase a statement stuck in memory, string just as restarting a computer clears its memory and help it work better. (After all, devices digital photo is essentially the laptops. )

    You might also consider relocation (upgrade, if necessary) the camera firmware. Sometimes, it can be damaged and giving problems. If you go to the website of Canon and research for 30 days, in the software category and downloads you will find the latest version of the software for the camera and instructions on how to install it. Follow the instructions carefully. It is not difficult, but it must be done according to the instructions, or there is a risk of "bricking" of the camera.

    Finally, it could be a bad communication between the camera and lens. Some flashes use data of distance from the lens to help the force of the power of the flash. Remove the lens and clean the contacts. Usually the best way to proceed is to wipe the contacts Golden at the rear of the lens with a clean cloth which is slightly moistened with a few drops of isopropyl alcohol (rubbing cheap alcohol is fine). Just pay attention to leave the lens optics and do not touch the mirror inside the front of the camera or the screen right above the mirror.

    Also, you can check the pins 'spring' corresponding to the contacts on the lens to work correctly. Gently press on each spindle and watch it springs in place. Sometimes, these can be sticky, causing problems of communication between the camera and the lens.

    Factory default of compensation and/or reboot the camera that you will lose a few other settings you did and you will need to go into the menu to manually redo all the parameters you use regularly.

    All these are things you can do yourself and which costs nothing to try. They may or may not help. If so, great. If not, you will need to have a repair technician look at the camera. Either find someone local who can work on it or send it to Service Dept. Canon

    Alan Myers

    San Jose, California, USA.
    «Market softly and carry a great lens.»
    MATERIAL: 5DII, 7D(x2), 50D(x3), some other cameras, various lenses & accessories

  • I will NEVER buy another HP product again, until they bring back all operations to America!

    I wanted my next computer be at HP because I knew that those who worked at the factory in Vancouver, Washington.  I never stop thinking they were sending all their manufacturing outside America.  I ordered my PC and laptop online with extended warranty.  I can't tell you how disappointed I was!  I thought I was by command line is built just the way I needed, maybe that they did what I asked, but I have no way of knowing.  I don't know what my PC is only two years old and this is the second time I had to get it fixed.  This time I had to spend an hour talking to a guy in India.  Now, I'm not at all harm, but I feel that if a company wants to do business in America, they should have technical assistance that can clearly speak the language of the American people.  Even if this man was professionally polite, it was a nightmare trying to understand him.  It's just not good costume service!  The problem is that my PC froze and I diagnose scan of it, he says the S.M.A.R.T. test failed with code 303.  What the man says, was that it was a software problem that has not been covered by the extended warranty.  The short of it is that I could pay a thousand dollars for a new computer (certainly not a HP) or I could pay $300 to get service and protected from software for next year.  I feel that I've been screwed over, but the worst part is that being, it was so hard to understand this guy, I don't know if the screw above is simply a byproduct of bad communication.  As I said, I'm not prejudice, but this Indian accent bad guy still sounds in my head and the worst part is that he really wanted to do a good job.  Why can not go back to the real American companies?  I hope that my next computer will be in the United States and what the employees of the company will be American, I would be willing to pay double for it.  Sorry, HP, but I gave you a chance and unless you are willing to give me a new PC and laptop built from scrap here in the USA by Americans, I don't think we will do much more than business in the future.

    A very disappointed customer

    Hi @DeMartMan ,

    I sent you deliver to be wound and check your private message when an HP employee reaches out for you.



  • Is there a software guarantee on XP?

    Call from the software publisher indicating my performance problems were associated with an expiry of the operating system security.

    Call from the software publisher indicating my performance problems were associated with an expiry of the operating system security.

    There is not any guarantee on Microsoft software - the agreement you have to click to initially install each piece of software specifically rejects any form of warranty.

    Your software vendor may offer some kind of guarantee - which usually is actually a service rather than a guarantee contract.
    Hand, looks like your software vendor is just trying to give you an evasive, but it may just be bad communication on what actually causes the problems of 'performance '.

  • MD3200 interruptions of supply current


    We had a few failures with MD3200 PSU (50 units), power supplies stop working while starting or if we get the power failure, the power supply can start working, after reviewing the questions, we discovered that when you disconnect the Raid Controller, wait a few minutes the beginning of power supply to work properly.

    my questions:

    1. This could be a bad communication between the raid controller and power supply/fan modules? update the firmware to the latest firmware may solve this problem. ?

    2. is there any procedure to circumvent the power of the controller and run the power without any control? and if it's dangerous?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Halim_younsi,

    What is the current version of the firmware that you run on your MD3200? If you are running old firmware as then I would upgrade the firmware to a new version because there are a few updates that was connected to the power.

    As for your second question, I'm not aware anyway to bypass the controller the controller must control the fans to cool down the unit.  The system fans are part of power supply and if you go around then you might cause a thermal event or something else.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.


    I am in need of help of customer / technical support. I tried loading on Internet explore and Google Chrome, and both said that my only support option creates a ticket on a public forum (for my private number)

    error adobe.png

    Here is the crux of the problem. I pay Adobe $ 14.99 a month for a service using Adobe Acrobat PRO DC and I'm unable to EDIT the PDF. On the desktop app, it shows the button "learn more." When I click it, it takes me to the screen to pay for it. After I click on it and go through all the steps, it brings me to an error message saying that I am already subscribed.

    I then disconnected return in the drive on my desktop. It still does not.


    I signed up initially to use the low end version and the same day, I've upgraded to the Pro DC version. I paid the original $80 or more $ for the first service. And it charges me $ 14.99 monthly subscription (I wanted to pay for annual subscription, but go back and try to do it is not an option on the Web site of Adobe.) DC Pro and I'm unable to use ALL the features included in my subscription.

    If I had not already put in half of the purchase price already, I would just create another account.

    Would it not easier to solve my problem by ordering a refund from ADOBE and creating a new account to order annual DC PRO? Or should I expect from someone who has the chance to be qualified to read my announcement of PUBLIC forum and be able to help me.

    PUBLIC OPINION would be great!

    (PS: Sorry for the caps, but wanted to focus on a few key points).

    And it's probably bad community, however, I could not find an Acrobat PRO DC, only the phone Mobile from DC. And this isn't a Mobile number.


    I assume you are using the player to change the PDF file and learning as more option on the player directs you to the other page with the error that you stated above.

    If you have Acrobat DC, so you must run the Acrobat DC editing feature and not CD player.

    If please use Acrobat DC and let us know if you still have problems.


    Sukrit diallo

  • Can I test right after getting an integrator ID in a development application?

    We used initially the right DPS Server to test our application, and everything was fine. We then set up all our scripts right on our server and received an integrator ID (right now!), but we receive undeclared that app cannot connect to the server. The only script that puts the last hand is SignInWithCredentials (the application is directly to our Inegrator server for this first), but then our newspaper shows that the script according to (payments), which, I don't think that happens once the device authenticates via the server from Adobe, and who comes from our Integrator the right Adobe server, does not - in fact is not called. What stage is missing here to get all of the right scripts to call and respond through our application development?

    Thank you


    Hi Sherman,

    The first step to test your Direct payment with Postman, this will ensure that all calls of your endpoint are correct.

    Here is an article: Digital Publishing Suite help | Test your live API V2 payment that will guide you to accomplish this.

    About your application, if the SignInWithCredentials si les SignInWithCredentials appelez call works now (the authToken is generated) then is may be a bad communication between services.

    This could be a certificate (root certificate is not valid) or a problem of setting on your server.

    I see you are already in contact with colleagues at [email protected], who will guide you on how to resolve this issue.

    Thank you


  • Why are they different? Help!

    Hi guys! I somehow never really learned about color management, and whenever I try to search (Googling questions/terms or search these forums) I just can't get my head around it. I got a style guide to work from print, web, and materials of the screen, and I hope I can get some tips on the best way to proceed.

    It is a screenshot of the color information in the PDF file I have provided:


    This is a screenshot of what happens when I create samples of CMYK values / RGB values / colors Pantone process in InDesign and fill shapes with them (more a more blue color that we use):


    I guess I can understand why RGB is different, but I do not understand why CMYK/Pantone colors are different from each other. If it's supposed to happen? Is this monitor settings, color profile settings? I played a bit with some things, but they basically always look like that.

    I also received 2 files of logo EPS in our central office, 2 colors and 4 colors. For me, they appear as different colors (orange and blue) in InDesign and Illustrator since one is Pantone and CMYK is. But when I import the EPS files in photoshop, they look alike. Is this the same problem?

    I use these colors in a lot of web - applications, graphic display, things we print in-house (laser or copier printer), things that we have printed (usually numerically but sometimes 4 color), print points (often the tone), as well as give information to people (teachers, administrative assistants) with a wide range of levels to create similar. What colors should I use for style guide documents (PDF, but I know that some people will print them)? What colors/logo files should I tell people to use if I don't know what they do with them? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks to both of you guys! Certainly a great help and I have a somewhat clearer picture of the works of the color in the world of Adobe, and how they gave me to manage files and color values.

    After a lot of running around, I got a response of the plant to one of my big questions - they HAD the intention to have the RGB/Hex values be ENTIRELY DIFFERENT COLORS of the PMS/CMYK, so that they are consistent accessibility for web and screen contrast. The obv that very badly communicated by including all together on a single color values. (the HTML version of web style guide they have released this last week the values of color the exact same layout and size as the original image I posted, but using the RGB/Hex values listed for the color actually blocks... which is not better...)

  • How to compress and decompress the host

    Sorry if this sounds like a newbie question - but I am.

    Because of bad communications, I would like to transfer files from a customer in the data store ESX4i in zip file.  for example, the virtual machine is 80 GB but when zipped it's less than 8 GB.  I can't depend on 80GB transfer over the network potentially for hours without getting dropouts etc..

    I know that I can transfer the file zip through the CLI (alive).  My question, once it is there, how I decompress the file.

    I think I can drop towards the mode not supported on 4i ESX host and use gunzip - I can do the equivalent using the CLI or the vsphere client?

    Similarly, can I zip the contents of a data store folder and simply transfer the zip file?

    I know he supports the two ESX(I) 4.0, do not know if there are major changes of this 4.1 support, you'll want to test and see. The documentation is probably the next place to look and there is actually a forum for questions about the ovf tool -


    William Lam

    VMware vExpert 2009,2010

    VMware scripts and resources at:

    Twitter: @lamw

    repository scripts vGhetto

    Introduction to the vMA (tips/tricks)

    Getting started with vSphere SDK for Perl

    VMware Code Central - Scripts/code samples for developers and administrators

    VMware developer community

    If you find this information useful, please give points to "correct" or "useful".

  • BDP-S570 and SACD

    Hi, I'm new on this forum, but long-time Sony fan and supporter. I recently bought a new Sony BDP-S570 BD player to go with my old Philips 32 '' LCD HDTV, the new Sony KDL-46HX800 3D TV and the STR-DA4600ES receiver. I have also several audio SACD discs I wanted to play with this configuration.
    Here's the problem I have:
    I currently have my receiver output HDMI connected to my HDMI TV Philips entry. I have my BDP-S570 connected to the Sony STR-DA4600ES HDMI4 entered. I put the BDP-S570 to output SACD PCM since this receiver that I discovered after I bought it does not support the SACD DSD decoding. Anyway, in PCM mode when I try to play any disc SACD, I see video playback on the TV screen, but there is no audio output. If I put the drive to play only tracks CD (as opposed to the SACD titles) of the disc, then it plays audio in stereo via the PCM mode very well.
    I narrowed down it to her get to play SACD by disconnecting the HDMI TV to receiver connection. If I remove the connection HDMI to the TV, the BDP-S570 SACD multichannel audio stream to the receiver. If I turn on the TV the audio stream disappears again. If I connect the player to a compatible old receiver from Onkyo NR-905 HDMI 1. 3A, she plays SACD audio fine even with connected HDMI TV. So it seems to be a bug in signaling of handshake in my Sony (receiver and BD player) components.
    Sony support, please have your engineers check this aspect of the game of the SACD through your own line of Sony STR-DA4600ES of receivers with an old connected HDMI TV. It simply doesn't get it!
    Sorry for the long-winded post but no other way to describe the details of my configuration to explain it all. Is there a fix in the works for more reliable SACD playback on this player BD BDP-S570 3D? Oh, BTW, I installed the latest firmware update from 13/02/2011 or there abouts. Receiver was last updated available also new out of the box. Please tell me Sony is concerned and is looking to fix this incompatibility in the next version of the firmware! Thank you!

    I just update my situation with this problem of reading SACD I posted. I see nobody else was interested, but I'll post my resolution and conclusions.

    I got my BDP-S570 to play multi-channel SACD through my receiver STR-DA4600ES now by removing a HDMI switch which is connected between a video output HDMI to my receiver and my TV HDMI input jacks. It's the HDMI switch which was somehow not the right signals to the system causing the BD drive to not stream of SACD PCM signals to the receiver. As soon as I removed this switch HDMI from the signal path, it al started to work and read its SACD via the receiver.

    Also, I just noticed that the BDP-S570 is streaming music network in multichannel format now on Pandora music! I never saw blue light multichannel light upward when streaming music on the internet before. I don't know if it is also a symptom of the switch HDMI sending bad communications signals to the player OR if there is a change in the last update of the firmware that I installed on my BDP-S570. It's streaming multi-channel music on Pandora as I type this post!

    Update: I think the BD drive his downmix PCM multi-channel had put instead if 2-channel PCM. If this can explain why I see multichannel streams now too and has not seen him before. HDMI switch issue was also this masking of screening until previously I suspect. Now with HDMI switch out of the picture, it appears as a multi-channel as it supposed to.

    Update2: Well I just tried to change the setting to "DownMix" multichannel stereo PCM BD drive. Then I turned off the BD drive and turned back on to ensure that it restores its settings. I pulled to the top of the current internet music and video broadcasts and guess what? The Sony receiver is always get a stream PCM multi-channel (surround sound)! So it isn't the "DownMix" setting, which is the only cause. Apparently after I loaded the last firmware for this player, it plays now all this internet stream (music and video sites shows) in Multchannel surround sound mode.

    Update: too bad people, I found my answer. The cause of constantly multichannel PCM streaming of all my network connections was because I had the BDP-S570 DTS parameter defined on ' Neo: 6 Music ' instead of 'Off' in the settings menu. I set this to "off" and all the music from the internet is now back to regular 2-channel flows. for info. case solved.

  • I spent hours on web sites looking for advice clean my iMac - they were all dead ends.  I send a question to this 'Community' first, but must have done it badly because there was no trace of it.  I have the effect on this model beach ball

    I spent hours on web sites looking for advice clean my iMac - they were all dead ends.  I send a question to this 'Community' first, but must have done it badly because there was no trace of it.  I now have the beach on this computer ball effect.  Are there places I can delete cookies etc to help out?  Thank you for your help.


    Don't know what's happening, you do not give a lot of information, but if you have the constant beachballing (spinning wait cursor), which could mean that the hard drive is dying.

    Open in Applications > utilities. Filter, called "String Matching," right, high enter "I/o" without the quotes. What happens when you do this?

  • Bad rotation with Newport PR50PP Platinum rotation controlled by SMC100PP motor controller - is that a communication or a hardware problem?

    Hello world

    It is a long shot, but I can explain my problem and I hope that someone has seen this problem before.


    I use a rotation of Newport PR50PP turntable that is controlled by a motorcontroller SMC100PP through LabVIEW. In my experience, I shoot the scene 180 degrees to the right in increments of 36 and then turn to "zero" counterclockwise. This "zero" point must be the same 'zero', I started to leave before the rotation. The problem is that it is off by nearly a whole degree. I need to always start in the same place.

    The big problem - computer / Platinum rotation it's originally 'zero '. I record the unit of internal rotation of the scene after each movement and he tells me it's the same 0.00 that began.

    Q: is this a problem of communication between LabVIEW and the PR50PP or a mechanical problem?


    • The change of rotation is repetitive and linear. I repeated more than 15 times and got about the same offset.
    • How I discovered this problem - I have a half plate on the rotation stage and looked between cross polarizers. I recorded the Cos ^ 2 model of intensity of each scan. Each pattern is rotated to the front even if the computer reports that they should be at the same position.
    • I'm under LabVIEW 2011 and by using the controls provided by Newport SMC. They communicate via USB of series.
    • Joined a technical description of the problem that my labmate written upward.

    Any idea is appreciated.

    ~ Liz Cloos

    Hello world

    After running additional tests, I discovered that it is NOT a problem of LabVIEW. The plate wave inside the rotation of PR50PP plate was a little loose and gave the appearance that the zero is changing. The ribbed plate kept turning slightly after each change of direction.

    Thanks for trying to help.

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    Hello world can someone tell me how to replace my dvd player in my A100?It's a massive delicate work or I can do it easily? I'm completely lost without it, and it seems a pity to pay a price that is stupid to get the thing repaired.I noticed a number

  • How to merge the event structures?

    I have a program of VI script that reads a text file of records and displays a structure of the event.  It works very well because it creates all the controls and indicators I need associated with the defined registry and code backend (i.e. the struc

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    I got rid of my Yoga 13 and I was wondering if there is a way to do a factory restore with the ability to use the OKR since it does not work. It seems I have my oem recovery partition intact. Thank you

  • Write to binary files

    I want to save data in a binary file. This VI takes into account several channels and displays them in a bar chart. The generated waveform out with precision, but the generated text file does not save the data. It's only a few characters long, and I