Bad resolution for HP 2159 m with MacBookPro.

After connecting the screen to my MacBookPro 2012 (Cougar) I just can't get a good resolution. I tried to use 1080 p in the settings of the screen on a Mac, but the result is so bad. It is not strong as it used to be with my old MacBook late 2006. How can I change the settings - I connect with a HDMI cable. should I use another alternative? Is that what I can do on the Mac or the screen?

Check the calbe hdmi adapter. It might be a version that allows no more than 1080 p.

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    Post your question in the TechNet Server Forums, as your question kindly is beyond the scope of these Forums.

    See you soon.

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  • Why I can't have a decent resolution of my Macbook Air with an external monitor?

    MacBook Air 13 "(early 2014)

    I bought a Samsung S32E590C 32 '' nice monitor but cannot get above 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz (1080 p) using Thunderbolt to HDMI. The resolution is so low that I can't use the screen correctly. I'm afraid I won't be able to get a better resolution with my Macbook Air and will have to sell the monitor...

    Suggestions please.

    Hi sansthwaites,

    Welcome to the communities of Apple Support! I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with your MacBook Air and your new view. I'm sure we can help you understand what can happen.

    Based on your model described, it seems that the beginning of 2014 MacBook Air should be able to produce a somewhat higher resolution for a monitor external, as shown here:

    Graphics and video Support

    • Intel HD 5000 graphics card
    • Dual display and copy video: simultaneous support for native resolution on the built-in display and up to 2560 by 1600 pixels on an external display, both at millions of colors

    MacBook Air (13 inches, beginning 2014) - technical specifications

    However, the max possible resolution may be limited by the type of connection, or the specific adapter you use. For example, this Mini-DisplayPort-HDMI adapter supports up to 4 K (~ 3840 x 2160) resolution:

    Belkin 4 K Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter - Apple

    .. supported .While this Mini-DisplayPort-HDMI adapter only supports 1920 x 1200: AmazonBasics Mini (Thunderbolt) adapter DisplayPort to HDMI: computers & accessories

    Then how you connect to an external monitor can certainly affect the maximum resolution available. In this case especially, however, I suspect that the issue is actually the screen itself, as it appears from the Samsung S32E590C screen to list a 1920 x 1080 max resolution:

    Support - curved screens S32E590C | Monitors Samsung

    I hope that was helpful.

    See you soon

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    To help solve your problem please do the following this should reset the resolution settings:

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    Look for Desktop Mobile

    Clear data

    Restart the phone

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    Thank you


    I found the solution. I used only the 'Oracle BC4J areas' library to import the Houston to date data types.

    After adding "Oracle JDBC" such as the library, the errors disappeared.

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    Lightroom does not really work with images cloud storage.

    If you want to archive the images in the cloud, you will need to do this manually and get the images manually. (Which means there are plenty of chances to make a mistake, and so I do not recommend this unless you are sure to 100%, you know what you're doing in both the fine mist of things and with Lightroom)

    Or you could buy an external HD, which are relatively expensive and move the photos here.

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    Thank you


    Scratch that question. I was mucking with pilots earlier and he just needed a reboot. Now works at 1/4.

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  • Resolution for Media Player

    Hi all

    I am trying to use a Media Player (Mini WD TV), actually play a movie that I went to After Effects.

    I want the movie to be played exactly the same in the media player in the preview, for each element in the film is exactly in the same position.

    Because the media player let me choose between PAL or NTSC (no 640 x 480 o similar is available, I have only the door 'Video' available on the projector that I use) I can't find the correct resolution for the composition.

    Any idea that could help?

    Thank you very much in advance!



    Sorry, but I can't really help you with your hardware parameters.

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    The optimal resolution for offset numbers are regularly mentioned here (aim for 300, you go out with 250 easily etc) but what about ink jet large format?  Of course, you can come out with a little less when something happens on a poster, because it is not wanted as close.  The rules of base there?

    Note: I'm not interested in what they can reproduce, I know they are all different and some may produce incredibly detailed stuff, I'm wanting to know when I need to tell the client "your image is not big enough, he's fetching the shit".

    I used to work in a store of large-format output. We asked 150 dpi, but it's mostly just a rule of thumb, too. I printed once slightly larger than life photos of models as wallpaper for a store of shoes at 75 dpi, and they were very good.

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    I guess that like other products I've used, the best answer here is the native resolution of your source that is I hope that what I mean.

    Now, when I make via media encode, it asks me the "frame size" / resolution for Blu - Ray disc output.

    Also when you open a new project in Encore, he requested similar information.  I'm in NTSC land.

    I am familiar with the standard HD and the resolutions and the final outcome of this project is a Blu - Ray disc played on the HDTV.

    However, what is the best media settings encode resolutoin and still "image size" for a Blu - Ray with an HDV source disc?

    I've seen several articles and videos from Adobe on these parameters, and they explain what they are, but not what are the recommended selections.

    Once you work on a project in PP can as an observation, you change the settings/resolution of the project?

    Thank you

    PS... Didn't know which forum to post this in as it spans all 3 products!

    Your source is 1440 x 1080 MPEG2. Your final destination is H.264 - BR with 1920 x 1080 (i.e. with square pixels), because the h.264 compression is more efficient than the MPEG2, so you can either get better at the same rates or the same quality with maturities with H.264. Audio is of course a 5.1 AC3 file.

    I would skip the intermediate step suggesting Ann and export directly to your final destination with the MRQ. If you do this PR, guests of MPE accelerated for scale and effects/transitions, that you can use and you will have the smallest possible loss of quality.

    Please keep in mind that still is still a 32-bit application, so that can make the extra difference between PR and FR for transcoding. By encoding in PR jump you a transcoding step IN.

    In my case with elements PAL, I would use these export settings:

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    Hello. I have HP DV6-1256tx, I want drivers for my laptop compatible with the next Windows 8 operating system. How to download, can somebody help me please...

    Give me the link or something where I can download the drivers...

    Thank you

    Edriss Dave

    HP does not currently have drivers for Windows 8. You probably won't need them. Windows 8 is not coming. It's here!

    Just do the installation on a spare hard drive and bring the original HARD drive to a safe place.

    . Windows 8 has drivers built in for most laptops and desktop computers. I did have to look for a driver in two facilities. One was an HP mini and the other was a Toshiba laptop.

  • Are you aware of a possible bug in the version 3.6.23? In the browser, for example, "two /" appears with the slash through the 'o'. Is this a known bug? Thank you

    Are you aware of a possible bug in the version 3.6.23? In the browser, for example, "two /" appears with the slash through the 'o'. Is this a known bug?

    When the same text is seen in another browser, it is displayed correctly as "two."

    The same question is displayed on another computer.

    Thank you.

    Sounds that you use a font that supports ligatures (Palatino?).

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