BlackBerry Smartphones Facebook for blackberry Question?

The love facebook app, I use facebook a lot and its great while I travel. But when I'm sitting at my laptop using facebook is a far from stop harmful which crosses to the blackberry application?


And thanks for the tip - will certainly make use

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  • BlackBerry Smartphones Facebook for Smartphones BlackBerry app does not!

    So, I've recently updated the v. facebook app on my BB Curve 8520 and I seem to have some difficulties to use it since then. It worked absolutely fine this morning, but now when I open the application, it takes too much time to load the news feed and will charge no wall of my friend or mine at all. Right opening chat. He keeps a new attempt, but it never opens!
    Any immediate help in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • First thing... Go to the Facebook for BlackBerry > Options > disconnect. Close the application and reopen and reconnect.
    • Second, do a simple reboot on the BlackBerry this way: with smart BlackBerry poweredphone, remove the battery for a minute and then reinsert the battery to restart.
  • BlackBerry Smartphones Facebook for BlackBerry notifications

    With the version is latest Facebook for BlackBerry, possible that I can delete notifications of my camera without deleting messages on my facebook account?  Previous versions of the application allowed this.

    Notifications will remain on the device indefinitely?  When I installed the update last night, a bunch of old messages from the two months has popped up.

    Too many notifications facebook on my device consumes battery very quickly, so I'm hoping to understand how to solve this problem.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you.

    Hello loebh and welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    With the new version of Facebook for BlackBerry, messages can be reconciled with the Facebook server, that is why when you remove one of your BlackBerry, it removes also your Facebook.

    If you do not have the nofications in your Messages application, you can remove this option by going on Facebook > press Menu > Options and uncheck connect to the messaging app.

    Hope this helps

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Facebook for BB v1.9 deletes messages on Facebook

    When I get notifications on my BB for messages on Facebook and I delete in my folder on my Blackberry, they also get deleted from Facebook. How can I stop this from happening? Did not have this problem with the old version, but I don't know how to uninstall v1.9 and back to 1.8.

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    Inside the FB app, tap on and select 'Options '. Uncheck the element linking the application of Message of BB FB (and read the warnings there).

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Facebook for Blackberry Playbook

    Does anyone know how to activate the option to post photos/videos/etc of my playbook through the facebook app? I don't know if I've set up wrong but its telling me that my application file authorization is disabled. I can't find an option anywhere on the app or on facebook to change this. Help!

    Go to settings (icon gear at top right on screen), click on protection in the list on the left, then the Application's permissions.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones old Version of Facebook for Blackberry "BOLD" 5

    Dear team,
    Kindly help me on how to download the old version of Facebook, who will be the opening of the screen NO browser.
    Thank you.

    Dude, I already answered your question on the other thread:

    I am not a moderator, but I would say kindly that you try does not reproduce the son, otherwise it is difficult to help.

    Good luck and I hope the link works. Make sure that access you it from the browser of your device.

  • Twitter and facebook for blackBerry Smartphones

    Hi admin, I did the upgrade to facebook and twitter on my blackberry tourch 9800 applications, since, so I can use them cus I keep having this message eception exception, I can see icon facebook and twitter is not what I can do to solve the be found.what me!

    Hello! Welcome to the forums.

    Follow this thread for Facebook

    For your twitter application, try to download it again and see if she invites you to replace the existing application, click on replace.

    Good luck
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  • BlackBerry Smartphones cannot connect to Facebook for Blackberry

    I hope someone can help me.  I can no longer connect to Facebook for Blackberry.  I get a notification that my combination of email ' password is incorrect, with a 'hint' that the passwords of Facebook are breaks (2401) I know my combination are correct, that I use to log on via the browser or a desktop computer.  A understatememtn is frustrated because I've had this problem for about a week now!

    I did the following:

    • uninstalled the FB app
    • delete the book of serv ice
    • made a pul battery
    • reinstalled the FB app

    No chance!

    Try to go to Facebook on your PC and set the password to something really simple (for now) with no numbers or cap letter.

    Then try again?

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphones facebook question

    Starting yesterday I started to have problems to display notifications FB in my BB message folder.  The notification comes up saying "posted by Facebook user in"Unknown Album".  It has a date of 31 December 1969 19:00.  This messages for all notifications.  I have not changed something pertaining to my settings.  It doesn't let me see the notification.  I uninstalled and reinstalled, but problems continue.  Any suggestions?

    chipstr1 wrote:
    I'm guessing that this might be a virus or another type of problem.

    To influence the BlackBerry there are no viruses yet created. This isn't the problem.

    Probably, it's a bug in the application or the connection to FaceBook's servers. Things changes of Facebook and the FaceBook for developers BlackBerry have to run to catch up and understand what the change and make adjustments to the beta, application, etc.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones cant download Facebook for BB - 8520 Curve


    I have a BB 8520 Curve, I need a little help please. I downloaded FB for the curve, but it does not work I don't have internet on my phone, so I only use it with wifi. I found a FB is for this option (at least what I understood), version, I think than 1.5. But when I downloaded it, it said that my phone doesn't have this option... How could I download a version that works? Thanks in advance!


    Unfortunately without the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), you will not be able to use the Facebook for BlackBerry app, or any other application requiring BIS, on your device.  Your only method to access Facebook on your BlackBerry, if you use only wifi is to access the Facebook mobile site at

    Sorry, the news is not positive, but at least you can use the WAP browser to view the mobile site.

  • Solution for blackBerry Smartphones on issues with Facebook for BlackBerry v.

    Hello! I stumbled upon several threads on the questions users affected by the right after they upgraded they are Facebook for new construction (v.
    Issues such as the screen frozen, impossible to scroll and java error message lang at the opening of the app.
    And several members have accepted my suggestion as a solution. So I want to share with you guys.

    Unfortunately, soft - reset, reset hard and the application of uninstalling/reinstalling doesn't solve the problem.

    So one way to solve it is to downgrade. And the lates, I could get is v. (if you have the latest version in this post the links here).

    So delete the app first and reset your phone.
    Then install the older version.
    OS 6 Click here:

    7 operating system click here:

    OS 7.1 click here:

    Good luck, hope this helps!

    Hello! I stumbled upon several threads
    on the questions users knows the right
    after they improve Facebook
    the new version (v.
    Issues such as the screen frozen, unable to
    scrolling and java lang error message
    at the opening of the app.
    And several members accepted my
    suggestion as a solution. So I want to
    share with you guys.
    Unfortunately, the soft - reset, hard-
    Resets and uninstalling/reinstalling
    the app does not solve the problem.
    So a way to solve it is to
    downgrade. And later I could get
    is v. (if you later
    version in this post the links here).
    So delete the app first and reset your
    Then install the older version.
    OS 6 Click here:
    7 operating system click here:
    OS 7.1 click here:

    We all are waiting for Facebook, in the hope of resolving the problems. For now, enjoy the older build.
    Good luck, hope this helps!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Facebook app has no icon "favorite places".

    My wife has a BB Torch, and we do not find the "Favorite places" icon on the Ribbon or banner of the Facebook app.  I pressed the menu button and control options, but there is nothing in there.  I tried to check the updates from the front but it was leaving tick check automatically.  GPS location is enabled in system properties.  Any suggestions?

    Hello RobWalker001,

    Sorry to hear about your problem.

    I suggest to uninstall the Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones application and then reinstall on for the BlackBerry® browser.

    I hope this helps. Nice day.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Facebook application

    Can anyone help? I upgraded my blackberry for the "BOLD" yesterday and you have downloaded Facebook for the smartphone. I can't find the Facebook icon on my desktop! I thought that perhaps it had not been properly downloaded so I tried it again and got a message saying I already got it. On my old blackberry, I had an icon on my desktop but fails on my new "BOLD". Can anyone help?

    Hello. Try the downloads folder. It should be there.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Facebook - App Notifications and email (fbapp v1.8.0.49)

    Hi all

    Have recently upgraded via the updater for Facebook v1.8.0.49 appworld

    In the previous version when a notification came through Facebook it would make appear an icon on the home screen of facebook and NOT send an email to the email address on blackberry.

    For example, I have an email address BIS set up on my camera ( and also have the blackberry facebook app messaging service enable (checked) in the facebook app and also the "blackberry Smartphone notifcation" checked in the facebook of PC through iexplorer.

    Before only facebook notifications came as the app or facebook knew it was the same address, since the upgrade I now get both an email to my BIS email account and a notification icon appears.

    I change anything in the options.

    (now tried logging in and out, reticking options, etc, nothing)

    Y at - it a new option, or is this a bug of upgrade. The application of face book has only delete the email and now sends to the device?

    Since typing this my wife with the 8520 just told me that she has the same problem.

    Does anyone else have this?

    This isn't a major problem as long as at least I'm getting a nowt rather than email and notification.

    Congratulations to all

    Read this article to see if there is something that could help you.

    Several users have reported problems with the Facebook for BlackBerry notifications not to produce correctly with the new version 1.8, even with the settings correctly.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Facebook 4 * bleep * ed my BB calendar

    I have a Bold 9900 running software bundle 7.1 2108 (2807 bundle * bleep * ed speed up my system). I installed the latest Facebook for Blackberry just for the Facebook group: no sharing with anything. All of a sudden when I synced my BB desktop device, my calendar has been replicated with all new entries having a field "send: Facebook" I can't change. Now new entries in my main Outlook calendar are transferred is no longer on my camera and new entries in my camera (presence of a field "send: Facebook") do not appear in my outlook calendar. WTF?

    Options > device > advanced system settings > service book does not allow me to change the entrance to Facebook [CICAL]. Nor do the Options > device > advanced system settings > default Services area. Calendar > Options. I can see 'accounts' by default and Facebook under Calendar > Options but I can't edit them.

    Not that I wouldn't know what to put in there since it assumes the user manual that you have an e-mail address associated with you BB (data from my provider package excludes explicitly by e-mail and web browsing).

    Help, please!

    Problem solved by:

    1. Delete Facebook [CICAL] in Options > device > advanced > maintenance book
    2. Synchronization with the desktop computer
    3. Full power off the device and do a battery pull

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