BlackBerry Smartphones strange question need help ASAP!

I have a strange problem with my Blackberry "BOLD" 4 9900, sometimes when I receive or make a call, the phone is connected and I don't get 2 hear the person at the other end, and vice versa, the only solution for this is hard reboot the phone that is like taking the battery and have it pop back in and then things works very well and it's soething that happens daily is there a way to diferrent without restarting the phone and why it happens instead of 1 m, also I got the replacement of the device like the previous, it was cut and after investigation of blackberry, they gave me a new device. The version of the OS in the mine is (2108), I was invited by the service 7.1 bundle downgrade and backup center 1646, which I am not ready to do what it takes forever and I have to reinstall all the software back and set up e-mail. What would you suggest?

Also the latest BBM version which is is installed, my phone that has WiFi but unlike previous versions where they had a backup and restore under backup management option that is no longer there, there at - it a way to get that back, I had uninstalled and reinstalled BBM but still does not work and the desktop software is not save BBM groups or pins?


Bold_4_9900 wrote:
Well thank you for the steps of IMRT I'll take an impression outside until I do it just to be double sure and I installed restart me that works well but has 2 questions in my mind. Why my phone should behave mumb silent n when I get a phone call or have to do one and the is to run return is of restarting it.

This happens usually when application runs in the background, or because of any unknown third-party application installed within our system, or due to lack of memory. Reboot to shoot some time A battery is enough to solve this problem. If press and hold the Menu for a few seconds, it will appear a screen that will display all the programs running in the background, usually five will always be there (host, BBM, Message, phone, browser) you can always check if any other applications. are running in the background, if they then close them properly.

We should always try to close Applications correctly - avoid using key end to close the applications because it just minimizes the application and let it run in the background. Instead, press the Menu key, select close or Exit to exit the application. Do not leave your browser open on a page of Web active when not in use. If programs are running in the background, that this will lead to problems that you are experiencing now. Please take a look at this Article, I don't know that it will help you overcome your problems:

KB14320 : How to maximize the battery life and available memory on the BlackBerry smartphone.


Bold_4_9900 wrote:
Also, you mentioned the OS upgrade to make the site of Vodafone UK as it approves Indian have not come out, I hope it's a generic file and has nothing to do with zonal or regional my phone settings.

There is no generic OS! The link I gave you is an official OS from Vodafone UK, install it without any hesitation he will not affect your device 

Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Hi shelran,

    Welcome to the BlackBerry support community forums.

    It's very sad to hear of your soaked BB device. I hope it still works!

    Check the article below to learn how to restore the data on the device-

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    Do this way:

    See the link below to download it and follow these simple instructions.

    First find your operator and the system operating file that you want to use.

    Make a backup of your device first, using Desktop Manager > backup. Close the office at the end Manager.

    1. download the OS files to the PC then install on the PC by running (double click) the downloaded file.
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    Welcome to the community

    This has been a recurring problem for the phones Blackberry OS5 and below. Please click the link below:

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    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    I'm afraid you'll need to reload the OS device on the phone.

    You last backup, you can restore it later.

    Click here: KB11479 white or black on the BlackBerry screen

    Thank you


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    Welcome to the forums, Peter!

    You want to download and install the Office BlackBerry (DM) Manager from here.

    You can then configure DM to synchronize your Outlook contacts on your device.  This link will help guide you through the configuration process.

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    Hope that helps!

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    ((the problem))
    but with the new, only an email works which is a gmail account.
    the other two emails a MSN and LIVE mails do any work.
    and always when I ' am trying to implement one of them it keep show me this message:

    ((Address invalid email or password):

    Please check your e-mail address and the password. The information provided is incorrect.
    If the error persists, contact (your e-mail provider).))
    I am sure 100% that my e-mail address and password are correct.
    I tried two weeks know how to solve this problem, but I couldn't.
    now I'm here and please I need a solution.

    Thank you.

    Are you sure you have the password?

    Why not go into your hotmail account and a new password here, something really simple and then again try to add it to your BlackBerry.

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    Hi junola09,

    The error that you are experiencing with your address book indicates a problem with the software and it is advisable that reinstalling the software to correct this situation.

    Back up your data by using the Desktop software then follow KB11320 to reinstall the operating system (or KB19915 if you use a Mac).

    Before restoring any data when reloading the software is complete, you can access your address book to make sure that the error no longer appears and see if you are able to access BBM and App World.

    Please note that if you use BBM 7, you must use the same ID BlackBerry to restore your contacts. Ensure that you are able to access your BBID to

    I would like to know how the load.

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    See you soon

    If you got your Blackberry wiped, then you have 507 error when starting again, simply connect your Blackberry to the BB Desktop Manager and reload the OS

  • BlackBerry Smartphones automatic power need help

    Hi, I've had my BB for a few weeks now & love it. But the days of lastfew when I turn it off, I get a message detailing a time & date that it is scheduled for re - turn on. As part of the Auto on / off, I have disabled this feature, but yet I still get the auto on time message (is not even for the 'valid' time setting is.) Any organization, you have ideas please? I tried removing the battery but no joy.

    No, this wasn't it.  But I have now sorted - it was a calendar entry!

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    Could you possibly help me please?

    I had a blackberry 9320

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    And also my application management won't let me not reset my fire wall guests Ant guard saying reset

    By default the permissions without what do? I havnt had my discs either...

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    I can't tell you how you got in this situation, but what you describe resembles a restriction of the COMPUTING policy... Please check here:

    • KB30076 How to check for an it on a BlackBerry smartphone policy

    If there is a COMPUTING strategy and you are on corporate/BES, then you have to go talk to your BES admins... they are in control.

    If you have a COMPUTER policy but are not in BES, then you will need to make fairly drastic measures to clean it... and you don't need your original discs... just a PC and access internet.

    First, download and install the PC Desktop software:

    Now, the behavior of your BB to your PC a backup:

    Now perform a ResetToFactory

    • KB31291 How to reset a BlackBerry smartphone to factory using BlackBerry Desktop Software Settings

    Now run a restore of your BB of the backup that you have brought to your PC... but don't forget and NOT do a restore roughly. Don't restore these databases you need and more precisely to avoid those that relate to the COMPUTER policy:

    • KB10339 How to use BlackBerry Desktop Software to restore data from a BlackBerry smartphone from a backup file
    • KB03974 List of database for the blackBerry smartphone

    Now you should be in control on all these parameters.

    Good luck!

  • Help blackBerry Smartphones! I need to remove the BB Messenger... dang I had never installed it!

    Hi, I searched everywhere a way to get that off my phone, have a lot of things out there is not that much room, she becomes a little slow when it is full, so, if I could get that app 2.5 MB my phone is turned OFF, it would help a lot. Don't know why I installed it so I don't have any friends who use the dang thing! Help, please!

    Thank you very much!

    I feel like a * beep *, am usually the person that people are going to help with phones, computers, and I can't get off this stupid thing my phone now!


    KB10376 Remove applications from the BlackBerry smartphone

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